tagGroup SexCamping...Plus Three...

Camping...Plus Three...


When we first headed out on the trip, I really, honestly had only one thing on my mind---is it gonna happen? A man needs to be honest about these things.

I tried my best not to look at you while I was driving. Short shorts...your legs folded up haphazardly in the seat...flimsy spaghetti top leaving little to the imagination. I simply drove and let you run the radio and stole glimpses at your mouth moving when you sometimes sang along.

We rolled uphill, out of the desert and into the foothills, leaving the main road when the time came. When we stopped at the last little village for a final civilized pit stop, I sat in the pickup and watched you walk away with something between artful appreciation and animal hunger, my eyes glimmering privately behind my shades. From there we drove around to the back side of the village and found the gravel road that wound its way up into the warm New Mexico mountains, wondering if it was gonna happen now that I finally had you all to myself. . .

Of course getting you out here had already taken some serious doing. I promised camping. I promised good weather. I promised free and easy and secret and no strings...but really I couldn't think of anything more desirous than three nights alone with you in the warm woods, so here we were. And with the me-and-you cause finally looking up, I was feeling pretty good about my chances on is-it-gonna-happen?

So here we were, camped out at my special spot, discovered many years ago while riding through these mountains with my dad and brother, a spot I had instantly vowed to bring a special girl to at some point in the future. Which was now.

I just finished setting up the tent. Everything is unpacked and you're already settled in a camp chair with a my small copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey.

"How are you liking it so far?"

You turn a page. "So far so good."

I stand still for a second to stretch and take a few good, deep breaths of thinner air. The forest quiets and a small sound of running water reaches our ears.

"You wanna see where the stream goes?"

I see your eyes lift off the page and can tell you're weighing the options. Hm, get up and walk around or stay here and be comfortable? Tough call.

But the running water does sound appealing, and the sun is getting warmer between the trees, so you say ok and get up to follow me down the slight slope into the wash. Nature is sometimes better than art, anyway. The stream is running full from recent rains, and we follow the late summer water lazily down the hill, through the trees and come up to the small, overgrown waterfall. The plant roots mushroom out to form a lip over the edge of the rocks, and the stream waters trickle over them to shower down into the pool a short fall below. From where we are, there's a small view out between the mountainsides, down into the opposite foothills that I know eventually bottom out in the hot, flat White Sands valley.

"Is there a way down there?" you ask.

"Yeah. It's around this way..." I walk back uphill and find the rusted old pipeline running between the rocks.

"This is part of the rainwater collection system for Alamogordo. They installed it way back in the day when the military came in. You kinda have to use the pipe to climb down the rocks...careful, it's a little leaky and slick in some spots..."

We pick our way down the ledge, circling around the sound of the falling water till we arrive at the bottom. There's one last cut down to the stream that we have to manage. It's muddy and a little steep, so I help lift you down, but we still get some dirt on ourselves before we make it to the mossy, rock-strewn streambed. It's much hotter down here, deep between the trees and roots. Humidity rises off the thin water, causing our clothes to cling to our bodies.

The small shower of falling water looks delightful from the edge of the shallow pool. I peel my shirt off, kick my shoes and socks up onto a flat boulder, then start to undo my jeans.

"You mind if I do some underwear bathing?" I ask, but when I turn around to look, you're already stepping out of your pants. I grin to myself. Nevermind...

The streams of water feel nice and cool on my skin, raising tight gooseflesh all over my chest and shoulders. It's just cool enough to be comfortable, so I step fully under the fall and let the beads run wet fingertips down my back and legs. I close my eyes and lean my head back, feeling the sun and water on my face at once. Absolutely wonderful.

"Excuse me."

I open my eyes and look over my shoulder. You're about a foot from my skin in nothing but your panties. I blink a few times, then step aside to let you under the water. I go over to the big rock and lean back in the sun, thinking how crazy exotic you look in that little pool with all the wet rocks and green grass and trees far above your head. At first I don't let myself watch you run your hands over your body, but really...a man should be honest about these things. So I look. A lot.

And of course my imagination takes over, and soon I'm picturing us naked, leaning against the soft, slippery rock face behind the falls, your legs wrapped around my waist and my lower body pumping away between your thighs, sliding you up and down on the smooth, wet stone with each thrust. My hands are gripping your slick, firm ass from beneath, my lips tasting your neck and shoulders as we entwine wetly beneath the falling water.

I snap myself out of it when you look at me and say it's not polite to stare.


"No you're not." Your thumbs run around your pantyline, moving the wet material around on your waist and ass.

"No, I'm really not."

You giggle and step out of the water to come dry off.

"Girls like you should just never wear clothes. Ever."

You grin and pull your shirt down over your head. I can't help noticing the shapes of your nipples against the damp cloth. Maddening.

As we climb back up to camp, I can't get the image of you out of my head. Can't. Can't. You're climbing up the rocks above me and all I see are the wet panties bunching as they run down between your legs, the teasing outline of your sex fluttering in and out of sight as your perfect legs work their way up the trail in front of me. The lean line of your back arching smoothly, wetly up to dripping hair clinging all around your bare neck and shoulders.

The sun is going down by the time we get back. The twilight falls rapidly in the forest, and darkness overtakes us while I make a fire and you settle back down with your book. The high summer air is still warm around us, and I spread a thick, quilted blanket on the grass near the fire and lay back to look up at the clear, clear mountain sky.

I'm watching you surreptitiously, still thinking about it, broken record repetition of how hot fucking amazingly hot you are and how I want you all the way to the insides of my bones...

Your head perks up subtly and you look out into the trees, listening.

"I think I hear someone."

I blink, shake my head a little and follow your gaze out between the trees.

"I doubt it. The closest town is the one we left way back there, and it's up the mountain, not down."

We continue to be still and listen, and I start to pick it up, too—the sound of footsteps in the leaves, subdued muttering. Definitely people. I stand up to get my flashlight out of the tent.

It sounds as if they're down by the waterfall, and soon we can hear them climbing, scrambling up the rock trail in the dark, a falling rock crashing and not-so-subtle "Fuck! This fucking pipe is slick, man..."

I rummage around in my truck but can't find the flashlight.

"Hey did you see the black flashlight when we were unpacking?"

Your gaze never leaves the direction of the male voices coming up to us from down the trail. "I think it was in your back pocket..."

I give up the search and turn to await the visitors, leaning against the driver's seat in the open door of the pickup cab, lighting a cigarette and holding it with one hand while I slip the other behind me and under the seat.

They come into the edge of the firelight cursing and grumbling at each other, three young men, probably early twenties, with camo gear and backpacks. I can just make out the army insignia on the shoulders of each guy's jacket.

"Hey, how you guys doin'?" I say from the truck.

The tallest one, a lean black guy with dark brown skin, answers back heartily.

"Not too bad, not too bad. Would be better if this dumb motherfucker knew how to read a map..."

The dumb motherfucker was a sandy haired, deeply tanned white private, judging by his chevron. He just frowned and hung his head.

"Sorry to bust in on you folks. We were supposed to be takin' a long hike from Alamo Peak back down to the base, but we got lost so we were just tryin' to find our way back to the road we crossed earlier. Dumbass..."

The blonde guy grumbled and kicked a rock out into the bushes.

I take my fingers off the butt of the pistol under the seat behind me. They seem all right. "Well you were almost there...the road is about twenty yards further that way, but if y'all wanna rest a bit before you go, you're welcome to it."

The third member of their little group, standing a little closer to the fire, has been staring at you ever since they walked up. You're just sitting there, staring back. I shake hands with the other two and the black guy shoves him to get his attention. "Kim, goddamnit...say hi to the man. Never mind him, he's Korean."

"Fuck yourself, Jackson." He takes his eyes off you for about two seconds to shake my hand, then goes right on staring. The blonde one notices you and stops pouting, his eyes just as steady as his pal's.

Jackson continues to speak for the group as they take seats around the fire. "Sorry, miss. You'll have to excuse my dumbshit friends. They ain't seen a girl in a few weeks...wouldn't know what to do with one if they had..."

"Fuck yourself, Jackson."

The talkative one continues to chat as they sit, and the others continue to look you up. You look back with steady neutrality.

"So, she your girl, man? You a lucky man if so."

I kinda shake my head. "Not exactly. I wish I could say yes, but she doesn't seem to wanna belong to anybody, you know?"

You listen to us talk about you with casual attention, still playing looking games with the others. When you speak, we all instantly shut up and listen.

"You guys want some pot?"

I roll my eyes. Of course she would offer to share my bag of nervously airport-smuggled good city stuff.

Their spokesman answers for them. "Aw, no thanks. We get tested at the base. No fun for us. You go ahead, though." Excellent.

You shrug and start to load a pipe, their gazes rapt as you put your lips on the pipe and draw deep. I take your pass and take a long pull, feeling it seep into my blood, soft cotton sensations spreading from the inside out...so nice.

Jackson starts to chat you up, and my mind wanders as we pass the pipe back and forth. Where did I put the fucking flashlight...I know I had it when we got here...I was setting up the tent and...mm, I wonder if that's her lip gloss on the pipe...or maybe she just tastes that good...shit, the fucking flashlight...maybe it fell out of my pocket when we were climbing...yes! That must be it...

I get up to go looking for it. In the dark. High. As I walk away, he's asking you if you've ever been with a soldier before...

I have no idea how long I stumble around on the trail looking for the flashlight. But at some point I finally give up again and wander back toward the camp. As I get to the edge of the firelight, I notice that the smooth-talking corporal is now sitting next to you, with his hand on your leg and saying something very quietly in your ear. His hand is moving up and between, stroking your thigh, closer and closer to the edge of your shorts.

You giggle a little and hold your legs together, swatting his hand away, but he puts it back harder and holds your wrist while he puts his fingers up into your shorts, rubbing between your legs. Your lips part and your legs spread ever so slightly, and that's all they need to see. The other two come over and start to put their hands on you—your neck, your shoulders, your legs, groping your tits and rubbing your damp sex through your clothes. Each bends down to take his turn kissing your nervous, excited mouth. You squirm a little but they hold you down, working together to strip your shirt off and kiss all over your chest, sucking both your bare nipples hungrily, making you gasp.

The blonde one pulls your shorts and panties down off your legs, and you're naked between them, with his blonde head buried between your legs and the others pulling their cocks out for each of your hands to stroke. I'm frozen with fascination in the trees, the sight of you naked with two hard dicks in each hand making me instantly rock hard in my pants.

The one between your legs straightens up with his own hard dick and rubs his thick head against your clit, then starts to push it in. You mumble unintelligibly, maybe to protest, maybe to beg, and the other two hold your legs apart while he stuffs it in you and starts to pump his hips. After a few strokes in and out, your eyes open and you look right at him and wrap your perfect legs around his thumping ass, stroking the other two while he starts to really fuck you, hard and deep.

I can't help watching as they lift you off the chair---Jackson laying back on a blanket on the ground for the other two to lower your wet, tight pussy onto his long, jutting black dick. The others keep fondling your body while you ride him, cupping your tits, rubbing your clit, stroking up and down over your ass...you moan a little when one rubs a finger around your tight asshole. "You like that, baby?" he asks, and your gasp and nod say yes.

He puts a small finger inside, loosening you up, spreading your wetness up around and inside. It excites your motion, making your hips grind insistently on the hardness between your legs...

When the Korean one gets behind you and starts to rub his cockhead against your ass, you shudder as his smaller erection starts to spread your hole open ever so slightly, wider and wider until his stiff dick slides up into you, filling you up, making you gasp and cry out a little with the hot, sharp feelings shooting through your lower body.

Watching them start to fuck you that way is driving me crazy, but I don't want it to stop so I simply watch and keep my own throbbing hard on to myself. The corporal is still talking in your ear, asking if you like it, baby, if you like fucking two hard cocks with your tight little holes, and you nod your head and say "uh huh, uh huh...yes, yes...please don't stop..." and moan as they use you hard and good.

They take turns, rotating around to fuck you up and down and trade places and holes. You have all of them in both places, in your ass and stuffing your pussy, their hands all over you. At one point you're laying back on one of them, his dick up your ass and another fucking between your widespread legs, and the third guy is sucking on your clit while the others pump in and out. You scream a little when they make you cum

Finally they all pull out and leave you sprawled on the blanket, moving up toward your head.... With all three standing over you, you rise up to your knees and start to suck their dicks with your perfect, lusty lips, bobbing your pretty head on their slick, hard cocks, one after the other, taking them in your mouth and throat and begging for their cum with your muffled, cock filled moans...and when the one you're sucking on groans and grabs your head to thrust against your face, I know his cum is shooting down your throat, and the sight is too much for the rest of us, my fist pumping my cum out onto the forest floor, the other two soldiers depositing theirs all over your face and body. For a few foggy seconds, everyone just stands in hot silence, then they all zip up around your panting, cum soaked face and body. They immediately pack their gear and head off quickly toward the road, leaving you kneeling on the blanket, very fucked and naked and looking like you can't believe what just happened. After a minute or so, you stagger to your feet, pick up your clothes and tiptoe to the tent, disappearing inside.

I wonder how long I should wait before joining you in the tent. I wonder if I should mention that I saw you. I wonder if I should tell you how much it turned me on to see you fucked. I wonder if I should take my turn.

Either way, it should be an interesting camping trip...

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