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Camping Trip


I woke up when the sun peeked thru the clouds, casting a bright ray straight thru the window in the tent. I blinked, and tried to clear the sleepiness out of my eyes. Stretching, I felt every ache and pain that I had gained from hiking the day before. Trying not to make to much noise, I sat up and looked over at my companion for the hike. She was still curled up in her sleeping bag. God she was beautiful! Her hair splayed out on her pillow, her face so peaceful as she slept. As quietly as I could I got my boots and snuck out of the tent.

Right into a very damp morning. Everything in the camp was covered in dew. I was thankful that we had stored most of our things in the tent, or in waterproof bags. Looking out over the mountains the view was breathtaking! There were clouds drifting below us making it look as if the mountain tops were poking through a sea of white fluff.

A bunch of wildflowers caught my eyes as I stood there stretching. With a smile I headed over to admire them. The brilliant colors were a stark contrast to the muted greens and browns surrounding the site. I picked one that reminded me of lapis lazuli, a very deep and bright blue. It had a delicate smell, one that made me think of a summer glade in the middle of a forest. I quietly climbed back into the tent and laid the flower on the pillow near Jennifer. Her lips curled into a slight smile as she slept.

Jennifer…how strange it was to be out here in the middle of nowhere with her. I’d meet her back in high school, and had had a crush on her from the moment I saw her. Long blond hair, petite and with a smile that lit up her eyes. But alas, we never hit things off back then. But a couple months ago we had bumped into each other in cyberspace. After many exchanged emails I invited her to go on a camping trip I had planned. We meet at the beginning of the trail and had spent the better part of the day hiking up a couple thousand feet. I still didn’t know how trip was going to work out. Seeing her yesterday had rekindled a lot of old feelings I had for her. I was pretty sure the feelings were mutual, but didn’t want to push things to fast. I was as giddy as a schoolboy around her and didn’t want to loose the friendship we were renewing. Course none of this woolgathering was helping to get breakfast ready any faster.

I set about rekindling the fire and getting breakfast ready. Luckily the embers were still warm from last night’s fire and I was quickly able to get water boiling. As the smell of coffee filled the campsite I heard stirring in the tent…I figured she’d know when the coffee was ready. The rest of the meal came together quickly. By the time I was finished, the flap to the tent opened and out Jennifer stepped out yawning. She smiled over at me and thanked me for the flower, which she had tucked behind her ear.

Stretching with her arms over her head I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. The cool mountain air made her nipples poke through the thin t-shirt she was wearing. I quickly tried to get my mind on breakfast as I felt a twitch in my pants. Trying to hide the tent that was beginning to form in my sweatpants, I handed her a cup of coffee and set out breakfast.

While eating we discussed our plans for the day. We broke out the map and after finding where we where, were decided to try a faintly marked trail that appeared to cross a stream near a waterfall, and wound its way up the back side of the next peak.

We broke camp quickly and got started before the sun managed to burn away the clouds. Without the clouds the sun quickly heated up the day. Before long we were sweating profusely as we carried our packs up the side of the mountain. I almost missed the side trail we had been looking for, but luckily Jennifer had stopped to get a sip of water and noticed what appeared to be the side trail a bit off from the one we had been following. We hiked back and saw that a fallen tree had blocked the split from the main trail and you mostly couldn’t see the side trail from the one we were on. It was fortunate that Jennifer had such good eyes, and had stopped where she did.

We started off up the new trail and it was easy to tell that it hadn’t been used very heavily for quite some time. I took numerous stops to take pictures, and give us a chance to rest for a bit. We were both quite a sight by the time we stopped to grab lunch. I had stripped down to shorts and a t-shirt, and was still covered in sweat. Jennifer was likewise down to shorts and a tank top. Sweat beaded her brow and her right arm and leg were splattered with mud where she had slipped into the stream during one of our canteen refills.

We were close to where the trail was supposed to pass a waterfall, and hadn’t made it as far as we thought we would by lunch. We had planned on being a good bit past the waterfall so that we could make our next campsite by dusk. We broke out some granola bars and some trail mix and sat down on some rocks to take our lunch break. Taking our packs off and setting them down was SUCH a relief! It felt nice to just bake in the sun and listen to the sounds of the forest around us. I saw Jennifer rubbing her shoulder, and offered to rub for her. Giving me a grateful look, she scooted over till she were sitting beneath me on the rock. Washing my hands with a bit of water, I started massaging her shoulders. I could tell she was a bit tender where the pack straps had been. I alternated between using my fingers and a deep tissue technique used to un-tighten the muscles she’d been abusing all day with her heavy pack. I heard her sigh as I hit a particularly sore spot. Her head lolled about then hung forward as she surrendered to my touch. Looking down I noticed her tank top had fallen forward a bit and I could see down it. Perfect light colored mounts were revealed, the top still barely covering her areola. Drops of sweat rolled down her curves to the valley between them.

Once again I felt a stirring in my loins. I looked and was horrified to discover I had semi-hardon from my voyeuristic peeking down her top which was outside the netting in my shorts! Here, she thought I was simply helping her get rid of some aches and my cock was out of my shorts and inches from her head! How would I explain if she turned and saw? She turned her head, opened her eyes and looked up at me, starting to thank me for the shoulder rub when her cheek rubbed against my exposed cock. The feel of her soft check rubbing against it caused my cock to jump to attention. Her eyes went wide as I started to stammer an apology. I quickly tucked it back up the leg of my shorts as Jennifer recovered from her shock. I knew my face was beet red as she shook her head as if to wake herself up and finished thanking me for the shoulder rub.

The tent in my shorts was quite noticeable as we picked up our packs and prepared to continue hiking. I was embarrassed but intrigued by the glances I kept seeing her make toward me. Things quickly returned to normal as we started hiking. Within an hour we heard the sounds of a waterfall. The trail crossed a quick flowing stream, but the waterfall wasn’t in sight. We left the trail and hiked up the stream a ways. As we rounded a bend we could see the waterfall. It was beautiful! The water came out about 15 feet above the pool it fell into. The pool was probably 20 feet across and looked to be deep enough to swim in.

We took our packs off a little ways away from the pool and sat down on some rocks to relax in the cool breeze coming off the water. I went to grab the camera to take some pictures, and when I returned Jennifer had taken her boots off and was wading into the water. She announced that she was tired of being dirty and was washing off as long as we were there. Sounded like a good idea to me, but I wanted to take a picture or two of the falls while the light was so good.

I got one good picture of the entire falls when I heard a splash and looked to see she had dove underwater. I snapped a picture of her swimming, and then suggested she go under the waterfall so I could take a picture of her there. With a gleam in her eye she swam to the edge and walked over to the falls with her back to me. She turned around as she entered the falls, the falling water pressing her now almost sheer tank top against her like a second skin.

I couldn’t breath, but managed to press the shutter button while staring at her. She was grinninglaughing as she raised her arms above her head and arched her back. Her firm rounded globes jutted out from her chest. The hard nipples clearly visible from the cold mountain water. She slid her hands down her body, through her hair, down her shoulders, cupping her breasts…then laughed and pulled her hands away while inviting me into the water, saying it felt great. She dove from where she was into the pool.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I figured why not, I was tired of being sweaty and dirty. I put the camera away, took my shirt and boots off, and walked out into the water.

WOAH! Was it cold! The hard-on I was once again trying to hide quickly disappeared as I walked out into the cold mountain water. I waded out to where Jennifer was floating on her back, her head and cotton covered nipples breaking the water. Her eyes were closed as she relaxed, the warm sun on her face while the rest of her floated in the water. Her erect nipples fighting against the cotton of her top. She opened her eyes as she felt me get near her.

“Get any good pictures?” she teased, as she turned her head towards me. I quipped back to her “Yes I did, but the view is much better up close than it was in the camera.”

I reached and lightly ran my fingers across her leg under the water. She stopped floating and we ended up inches apart. She looked up at me and all I could see was the depths in her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly. I could feel my heart beating faster and my stomach do flips as our lips parted and I felt her tongue probing against mine.

What started as a tentative kiss was quickly transformed into a passionate embrace. One hand slid through her hair as the other pulled her closer to me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. Our kiss was broken with gasps from both of us. I looked into her eyes and saw my own passion mirrored in hers. We kissed again, our hands roaming each other’s bodies. Hers’ running up and down my back, mine around her waist pulling her close to me and up the back of her tank, reveling in the smoothness of her skin.

Her breath was as ragged as mine as I kissed my way down her jaw line. I felt a low growl rumbling in the back of her throat as I nibbled her ears. My lips traced a path down her throat, using both hands to keep her afloat as she arched her back, allowing me to kiss lower. I kissed down her cleavage, and then placed my mouth over one of her nipples. Sucking thru her shirt, I felt a shiver go thru her body as I flicked my tongue across her engorged nipple. Kissing my way lower, across her taut belly, I bit her tank and pulled it out of her short using my teeth. With my teeth in the front and one hand in the back I managed to pull her wet top up over her head.

Throwing her shirt onto the rocks I pulled her up and kissed her deeply. Her bare nipples burned like coals against my chest. The feel of her bare skin against mine was electric. I reached down into her shorts, grabbed her bare ass and pulled her against me. She…purred is the only way to describe it. A rumble deep in her chest as she her nails scratched trails into my back. Her legs unwrapped from around me and I took the opportunity to pull her shorts and thong down her legs. As she kicked her legs free she pulled my shorts off freeing my now rigid cock to float freely in the water. We threw our cloths onto the rocks and I pulled her against me as she started to kiss my chest.

I traced my fingers down her sides, around to her back to cup her ass. So small and yet so tight, I could feel the muscles moving beneath my hands. She kissed my nipples and wrapped her legs around me again, her hips pressing hard against mine. I ran one hand up her back, wrapping my fingers into the hair against the back of her head and lifted her face so I could kiss her.

Our tongues darted in and out of the other’s mouth, exploring, challenging. I squeezed her ass against me as I rocked my hips, feeling her pussy spread as my cock rubbed between her lips. The feel of her bare body pressing so hard against mine was intoxicating. Her teeth biting my bottom lip as our bodies rubbed against each other. Her breath, heavy against my face as she ground her hips against me.

I looked deep into her eyes as I said “I want you now, I can’t wait any longer!” “YES, Please yes!” she moaned back as I lifted her body up and lowered her onto my rigid member.

“OOOHhhhh….” She gasped as I slid into her, inch by inch. Her nails bit into my back as she hit bottom. The heat inside her was incredible; I couldn’t feel the cold water from the heat between our bodies. We started bucking against each other like animals. Guttural sounds emanating from our throats. She started rotating her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. I grazed my teeth lightly against her neck as she held my body against hers. Her heels digging against my back, trying to pull herself deeper into me. Time stood still as water splashed around our two bodies, combined as one.

I felt her body stiffen as she lifted her face in a silent scream. The walls of her pussy tightened and spasmed as an incredibly powerful orgasm wracked her body. I kept my rhythm up as wave after wave of pleasure swept thru her. In between orgasms, she moaned “Cum with me, Please…cum inside of me!!!!”

Which pushed me over the edge; My knees felt weak and all I could see were color spots as I orgasmed, pumping cum inside of her. She groaned as another orgasm hit her, her pussy milking my cock of all it’s cum.

Luckily we were in water as I don’t know if my legs would have held up otherwise. We stayed wrapped together like that for an eternity. Till we could feel the cold of the water and my cock slowly shrank out of her.

As we started to stir we looked into each other’s eyes and no words were necessary to express the emotions within them. We kissed much softer this time and untangled to get out of the water.

Feeling pretty sure no one would be coming by to surprise us we laid out next to each other on a large rock to dry off. The sun warmed our bodies, and burned off the water. I looked at her and took in how incredible she looked. Her sculptured legs, smooth, tan skin rising to meet at the V below her waist. I hadn’t even noticed earlier that was completely shaved! Taut stomach up to soft breasts, perky enough to stand up, even while she was lying down. Her soft neck to her beautiful face, and her eyes! I could have drowned in them forever if I got the chance.

I reached out and wrapped her fingers into mine, way stayed that why for quite a while, resting and relaxing. Letting the sun warm and dry us, watching the clouds roll by in the blue sky.

I think I dozed of for a bit, as I awoke from a dream of making love to Jennifer. Before I had completely regained my senses I realized the warm sensation around my cock that I had been dreaming about hadn’t disappeared. I opened my eyes to see the top of Jennifer’s head slowly bobbing up and down at my waist. I moaned lightly at the sensations she was sending thru me. She looked up when she realized I was awake.

As I started to say something, she quietly ssshhhhed me. “I thought about doing this in high school, but haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since seeing you at lunch. Just lay back and enjoy” she said as she winked at me. Then slowly licked around the head of my cock. Her tiny hand wrapped around my shaft, slowly stroking up and down. Her lips left a trail of saliva as she kissed her way down my shaft, kissing my balls and sucking one softly into her mouth. I’d never had anyone just WANT to go down on me. But, she made me feel like I was doing HER the favor by letting her continue. As she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slowly lowered her mouth onto me, I groaned in pleasure. She looked up and kept her eyes locked with mine as she took ALL of me into her mouth. My breathing started to get quicker as her tongue danced across my cock. Without hurrying she was sending incredible sensations shooting through my body. As her tempo increased I felt a growing pressure in my balls. I reached down and brushed her hair out of her face and warned her that if she kept that up I was going to cum very soon. She looked up at me and slowly deep-throated me a second time. Her hands grabbing my ass as if to pull me as deep into her as possible. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I felt the pressure release as my breath caught in my throat! Pulse after pulse of cum pumped into her mouth! I couldn’t move, I couldn’t make a sound as possibly the strongest orgasm I’d ever had exploded through me! A sound like an animal escaped my lips as every muscle in my body contracted. When I could see clearly, Jennifer was still sucking on my cock, cleaning up all the cum that she gotten out of me. Every muscle in my body was limp. “Oh my God!” I managed to whisper. “I’ve never felt anything like THAT before.” She smiled and replied that she was glad I enjoyed it. It was as good as she had always imagined it to be. I couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to, so we laid there on the rock, her head resting on my stomach. My hand slowly stroking the curve of her back. But before to long I realized that if I stayed out naked in the sun for much longer I was REALLY going to feel it later. Jennifer sat up when I did, and the white triangles of skin around her breasts were already turning a bit pink. We talked for a bit and decided that we didn’t want to hike any farther, the location around the waterfall was beautiful and isolated. We’d spend the next few days here, exploring the surrounding area, and each other. We put our now dry cloths back on and dug into our packs to get out our camp gear. Jennifer got the tent up quickly while I gathered wood for a fire. Within an hour we had the came set up. The afternoon wasn’t even half gone so we hiked our way up to the top of the falls and up the stream from there a while. While circling back to the falls we found an overlook with an incredible view and took a few pictures while admiring the view nature had provided. We stood next to each other, arms around each other’s back and watched the sun start to set. The colors as the sun descended behind the neighboring mountain top were indescribable. Wanting to get back to camp before it got dark we reluctantly left the overlook and quickly made it back to our camp.

I got the fire going while Jennifer got dinner ready to cook. Once we got some water boiling we were quickly able to prepare some beef teriyaki w/ rice. We mixed the mocha mousse pie and let it sit so it would be ready when we were done. I asked Jennifer to get some more water from the stream, mostly to get her out of the camp for a few minutes. By the time she got back I had dinner ready on a flat-topped rock we were going to use as a table. Her eyes widened as she saw what I had done. Two candles from the emergency pack were lit in the middle of the “table”. A small bottle of white wine rested in a bowl of cool mountain water. I poured the red wine into some plastic wine glasses as she stood at the edge of the camp, mouth open. I stood up, and winked as I said “Your dinner is ready, my Lady.”

At first all she said was “Wha…Where…?”, but then played along, hooked her arm in mine and let me lead her to the “table.” I dusted off her “chair”, another rock of course, and seated her. The dinner was as romantic as I could make it while in the middle of nowhere. No music except for the tinkle of the waterfall and with the occasional owl to accompany it. The candles lasted just long enough for us to finish dinner and eat dessert.

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