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Camping Trip


It’s the middle of a very hot summer, we've decided that it would be good to get away from everything and everyone for a few days and so we go camping. On the first night we are sitting around a small campfire that we spent hours trying to make, the flickering shadows surround us, as the moonlight shines across the nearby lake. We are completely alone here, surrounded by trees and right next to the pretty lake with its clear, cool water.

I tell you to face away from the lake and to stay where you are until I call you, not knowing what I’m up to but wanting to find out you smile and play along. I run over to the lake taking off my clothes and leaving them along the path so that you will see them as you walk over to join me.

When I am completely naked and in the refreshing water of the lake I call to you to come and join me. You follow the trail of my clothes to the edge of the lake then you strip slowly, as I watch as you remove each piece of clothing. Joining me in the water I see the look on your face as u feel the water gently lapping against your naked body and u start to get a little excited.

I swim towards you, playfully splashing water at you and again I tell you to close your eyes and stand still, I duck under the water just in front of you and run my long painted fingernails up and down your cock, watching as your erection starts to grow.

I surface from the water and look into your eyes kissing you deeply, passionately as our tongues explore each other. Sucking your tongue into my mouth as I reach down and stroke your cock feeling it throbbing in my hand. You moan softly and I feel your big strong hands grabbing my tits, your fingers gently pulling and twisting my hard nipples, rolling them between your cool wet fingers. Both of us are breathing heavier. Your hand slides down my stomach to my hot, wet pussy as u gently rub my clit, your fingers sliding in and out of me easily from my wetness as I try to grip them with my pussy. Still stroking your cock and running my nails over your balls, soft moans escaping from both of us, as we continue our long passionate kiss.

You lift my leg up over your arm and pull me closer to you as I guide your huge throbbing cock towards my pussy. Rubbing your throbbing head against my swollen clit, around my puffy lips, your hand on my arse pulling me even closer, forcing your hard cock inside me, my wet pussy surrounding you gripping you tight as we rock back an forth. You thrusting into me and pulling back so you are almost completely out of me, thrusting hard back inside me as we look into each others eyes. Our moans getting louder as we fuck harder and faster, the water splashing around us while we kiss passionately once again, your tongue is hungrily exploring my mouth, kissing down my neck towards my breasts. My nipples are rock hard and you suck them into your warm mouth, the sensation of the heat against the cold of the water is amazing as your tongue swirls around my nipples the water laps around our hot, sweat drenched bodies as the intensity increases.

My nails dragging down your back as we start to cum together, my pussy milking your big cock wanting to feel your hot cum explode inside me, wanting to cum on your cock. Both of us immersed in the pleasure, cumming together. The hot cum contrasting the temperature of the cool water. You slide out of me and we stand in the water, bodies pressed together. Kissing slowly and deeply, lovingly. We swim to the edge of the lake, lying on the bank, still naked, your fingers playing gently with my still hard clit; you slide two fingers deep inside me as I gasp gently as you pull them apart and then back together deep in me. I start to shake as I begin to cum again, your fingers all sticky with my juices, we pick up our clothes as we walk back to the tent hand in hand. I whisper in your ear that you are such an amazing lover and that I love you.

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