Camping Trip


We came to a clearing covered in soft green grass. We were miles from the campsite, miles from anywhere. It was a perfectly secluded slot and it was here that my dad decided we'd be best to stop. We dumped out bags on the edge of the clearing and my dad began to pull off his shirt and unbutton his pants.

'Come on son, get naked,' he said, 'You can't just give your ass up to Tim and let that be the end of it. We need a piece too.'

'I'm first though,' Tim demanded, already naked and already wrapping his hand around his cockshaft, making it hard, 'I broke him, so I get first shot at his fag ass.'

'Fine,' his dad, my uncle agreed, also completely baring his hairy naked body in the wide open outdoors, 'But first of all, he'll be swallowing my cock.'

Eagerly I stripped off until all four of us family men were naked in the clearing, surrounded by trees with the sun shining down on our naked bodies. I could see Tim glancing at his dad and mine in their nakedness, no doubt sizing up their cocks against his. I too eyed the three naked growing hard penises of my family with a lustful glare.

'Right, my homo cocksucker son, get on your knees and suck some dick,' my dad said.

So, I did. I got on my knees in the soft grass and reached out to take a dick in either hand, my dad in one, his brother in the other. I pulled them close until the two brother dicks were almost rubbing up against one another and then began to lick over and between the two glistening heads. Tim, meanwhile, was getting up behind me once more. He spread my legs and in a few seconds, with a gasp of mingled pain and pleasure, I could sense my cousin pushing his hot hardness up inside me.

Soon my cousin was pounding my dirty incest loving ass like he'd been doing it for years, slapping against me hard as I gobbled my mouth from my dad's cock to my uncle's and back again, getting them slick, wet and glistening. I heard a grunt from Tim and he shot a load of spunk right up into me. He slid out of my open cum filled ass and sat down naked across the clearing to watch the rest of the show.

I had no moment's breather, however, as, as soon as my cousin had done fucking me, my dad, with his bigger dick, took his place. Now I was really getting used, my body being slammed back and forth between my uncle in my mouth and my dad in my ass, seeming to be seeing who could fuck me harder and, all the while, my cousin's cum leaked over Dad's cock and down my naked thighs.

'Well, well, another little fag show,' I heard a voice I didn't recognise from across the clearing.

I looked up, but could do little to move, sandwiched as I was between two hard pieces of family cock. On my hands and knees, doubly penetrated, I watched as a forest ranger walked over to where we certainly where putting on a dirty, kinky show for any passer by to see if there ever were passers by up here.

'You know, there's a special camp on the other side of the woods for the likes of you,' he said, conspicuously eyeing us up, 'Doing this anywhere else and I can have you arrested for public indecency.'

I began to panic. What the hell would my mom think when she heard her husband had been arrested fucking their son in the ass! I flushed red at the thought and my erection didn't abate at all. Neither, I noticed with it still buried deep inside me, did my dad's.

'Or I can take you all down to the fag camp and we'll have done with it,' he smirked, 'Just let me have a piece of that pretty queer ass over there.'

He pointed at where Tim was sitting across the clearing, still naked with his cock still a little sticky with cum from where he had exploded in my ass. He looked shocked and disturbed by this suggestion.

'No way, man, I'm not cockloving fag like him,' he pointed to me, I could hardly deny his accusation given my position spit roast by cock with a raging hardon of my own, 'I'm not doing it.'

'You'd better,' his dad told him sternly, 'Or who knows what'll happen.'

'Dad, no,' he pleaded.

'Wait, Dad?' the warden noticed, 'You mean you cocksuckers are a whole fag family! Well isn't that just dirty as fuck.' He grinned, obviously enjoying our kinky family humiliation. I couldn't help but notice that, while this was happening, my dad was starting to build up a rhythm fucking my ass again, 'OK, I don't just want your ass, boy,' the warden went on to Tim, 'I want you sucking your daddy's dick at the same time.'

Looking sullen but willing, Tim walked over to join us. He got down on his hands and knees beside me and I couldn't help but smirk at the guy that called me a fag for taking his dick having to get one as well. The warden dropped his pants and got down next to my dad, between my cousin's legs. His dick was long and thin and already hard from watching our incestuous gay show.

Tim yelled out loud as the warden penetrated his ass, but only for long enough for his dad to stop his mouth with his hard dick. Now it was my cousin that got the benefit of getting a cock at both ends, and the joy of getting to eat his dad's dick. Still, I wasn't too jealous, I was still getting my sticky ass ploughed by my own dad's hardness.

My cousin squirmed uncomfortably as the two cocks took control of his holes. I knew, however, that he was starting to enjoy it. I'd seen his cocksucking skills first hand the night before and I couldn't believe he wasn't as excited as I had been to taste his own father's hard arousal on his lips. As for getting his very first ass pounding, I could only guess from the fact that the dick that had just lately filled my ass with cum was once again firm and hard that he was enjoying that too.

My cousin and me both knelt there moaning with satisfaction as our dad's had their way with us, mine tearing up my ass with a violent passion, his filling his throat while the warden slammed into his ass. Remembering back to the night before and the start of this all, I reached over in the middle of the orgy and started stroking my cousin's erect dick. After a minute or so he reciprocated.

'Well, Stan, looks like your son's just as much of a queer cocklover as mine,' my dad laughed to his brother, 'A dick in his ass, another in his mouth and a third in his hand. He just can't get enough.'

'Oh I don't know Dad,' I gasped, riding my ass up to meet his thrusts, slamming our hard, sweaty bodies together, I was suddenly feeling quite competitive about being the family cocklover, 'I don't think cousin Tim is quite such an eager family cockwhore as me!'

I leaned into where Tim was sucking off his dad and began to kiss and lick that thick shaft even as it entered my cousin's mouth, tasting my uncle's pre-cum and my cousin's saliva all at once. Pretty soon it was me that was sucking on my uncle's dick, me that had three dicks on the go at once. Tim, however, surprisingly, wasn't giving up without a fight and continued to go at his dad's dick even as I tried to suck it.

'Oh yeah,' he gasped, giving up any pretence that he wasn't loving taking family dick as much as I was, 'Give me your cock Dad, shoot your cum in my fag face!'

That was all the incentive my uncle needed and he quickly shot a great stream of sticky cum right in his son's face, not sparing me from a second jet that landed right on my lips.

'Looks like you've raised a pair of proper little queers,' the warden laughed as he filled my cousin's ass with a hot load.

As we looked into each other's eyes and licked my uncle's cum off our faces, I shared a moment with my cousin when we knew this is what got us off completely. Our hands started to pump furiously on each other's cocks until we'd both blown a load on each other's hands and both started licking our own hand clean of the other cock.

As I came over Tim's hand, my ass constricted and tightened further around my dad's thrusting dick and that was enough for him to fill me with a second hot steaming load of lovejuice.


Once we'd rested and got ourselves cleaned up, the warden was as good as his word. He said he'd lead us to a secret campsite through the woods that was a retreat for gay men to get away from their normal families. He said that we were hardly the first people to come up into the woods looking for some fine queer ass to fuck and that now there was a whole community of it.

It was getting dark when we reached the campsite and everything seemed to be in party mood with a load of tents gathered around large campfires and lots of people passing drinks around. Of course, it was obvious that this wasn't any normal camp. Everyone there was a guy and, what's more, they were all naked.

'It's a nudist camp,' the warden explained, 'Better dump your clothes here.'

We'd all spent enough time naked and screwing each other that any inhibitions a normal family might have didn't really exist between us any more, so we didn't waste long in ditching our clothes and getting as naked as every other camper in the gay, nudist site.

While we were doing this, we were joined by a welcoming party, a group of men of all ages and sizes, only united by how all were naked, all were sporting at least a semi-hardon and all were eyeing up our own nakedness quite hungrily. I looked around and noticed that people round here weren't shy about showing their affection. Two of the guys in the group that had just come over had their dicks in each other's hands, most of the rest were at least stroking their own meat. Behind them I could see, and hear, one man quite loudly enjoying having his ass penetrated by a man almost twice his size. I could feel my own dick get hard at the sight of it all.

'Hey Chuck,' said the man at the front of the group, aged about fifty with greying hair, a scar on his chest and a cock that must have been eight inches long even if it weren't fully erect, 'Some fresh meat?'

'Oh yes, Ray,' the warden, to whom this was addressed grinned, 'A whole family of dirty fag fuckers.'

'That is pretty fucked up,' Ray laughed a throaty laugh as he rubbed his dick with pleasure at the thought of hooking in a gay incestuous family group, 'This sweet ass is mine,' he went on, slapping his hand on my bare ass cheek.

'And I'll take this big guy,' said a second man, wrapping his arms around my uncle's hairy shoulders. The man was about 6'5 and built like a boxer, with a black monster cock as thick as my wrist.

'Oh no,' a panicked look crossed Uncle Stan's face, 'We're not into that. We like to be the ones doing the fucking.'

'Not here,' Ray laughed, 'Everybody bottoms on their first night.'

Stan bit his lip nervously but I noticed he didn't suggest leaving. Within an hour he was sat by the campfire having a hell of a time. Or rather, Joe, the big black guy was sat by the fire, sat with his enormous dark pole stuck right in the air and Stan, my tough fucking uncle, sliding down on it with his own big cock looking small in comparison, flapping around contentedly.

'Oh boy, oh fuck yes,' my uncle moaned, riding that black meat for all he was worth, 'Fill my tight ass man, give me that big black cock. I want it deep inside me!'

So, it seemed like my cousin and me weren't the only ones in the family who liked to get a dick inside them. Tim, for his part was being passed around like a dirty joint, his ass pounded for a minute by one guy before he was thrown into the lap of another, going right around the campfire. My cousin rode more dick in that hour than his slut sister had in her whole lifetime.

And what about my dad? Well, he still had his tasty cock right where it belonged, in his son's eager mouth. Only now, we weren't alone, just family. I lay there on my back in the flickering light of the campfire and my dad lay over me, his thighs around my head and his dick lowering into my mouth. Above me, I could see my dad's ass and the thick, hard erection that was right now making him as much of a cock taking bitch as I was.

In our 69 position, even as I swallowed my dad's dick I got the thrilling sensation of dad returning the favour, of my hardness being swallowed in my dad's mouth. He continued to blow me even as I did him and even as his ass was fucked hard by the hot hard cock, except for the occasional moment when his mouth stopped and started licking the enormous fuck pole that belonged to Ray, and was, right now, ripping my ass even more open than my dad had managed himself.

For a moment I wondered, lying there getting all kinds of dick, what had become of our clothes, where we were going in the morning, whether my mom, the wife of the man with his dick in my mouth and his mouth on mine, would panic when we weren't back.

For a moment all these concerns of the real world came to mind, then I looked around, saw my uncle riding that big, black dick, saw my cousin with one up his ass, two in his mouth and two in his hands, saw my dad's dick in my face and another up his tight hole, and I thought, this is the most incredible time a family could have together. As my dad's tongue slid back from Ray's shaft to mine, I felt like I never wanted it all to end.

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by Anonymous03/31/18

I wonder if the son would ever reveal that he was hoping to get a BJ from his female cousin, Tara

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This was fucking epic

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