tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamping Trip and a Friend's Wife

Camping Trip and a Friend's Wife


From the time I was old enough to drive, my friends and I had gone camping on the banks of Lake Jocassee. In high school the trips were mainly for fishing but as the college years came and went the fishing had become less important and the drinking had taken center stage. It was not unusual for things to get a little crazy but other than a few harmless hook ups and some wicked hangovers it was all good fun. All that changed last summer when one of my friends brought his wife on our weekend.

We were all in our mid twenties and Sam was the first of us to get married. We figured he was out of the annual camping trip as his wife had never been before and she seemed a little too mature to hang out with all of us unmarried types whose lifestyle was a long trip from one party to the next. Not only that she did not get along well with a couple of the girlfriends who were coming. To my surprise she and Sam agreed to go and the date was set.

We followed tradition and I was in charge of the alcohol. This year I had mixed up a vat of grain punch supplemented by coolers full of beer. My girlfriend at the time was a flight attendant and she could not make the trip which meant that I was joined by five couples and would be the only one who would be going to bed alone each night -- at least that is what I thought.

We arrived at the campground late on Friday night and everyone set up their tents. My tent became known as the Taj Mahal because it was the biggest and was by far the best furnished. I had an air mattress fit with a nice fitted sheet and a large down comforter to keep me warm on the chilly mountain nights. The liquor and beer was positioned strategically right outside the door of my tent. The first night was pretty low key as we all prepared for a big day on Saturday.

Saturday dawned warm and beautiful and we loaded up the coolers on to Sam's ski boat and spent the day taking groups out for tubing and water skiing. I spent the day sipping beer and ogling the women who were all looking good in their bikinis. Sam's wife Karen in particular was stunning. I had never really thought of her as hot, probably because she dressed very conservatively, but she looked great in her bikini. It was white and tight and did a great job of displaying her bosoms. She hid them well in street clothes but there was no hiding those D cups when she stripped down to go tubing. Unfortunately she wore a t-shirt and shorts when she was not getting in or out of the water. It was a great day on the lake and everyone was feeling good as we made our way back to the campground for the real party to start.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs but mostly we drank. Sam in particular was pounding the grain punch and became really drunk as the evening continued. Sam broke out the cigars as we sat around the campfire. This was obviously the first time he had cut loose since he got married and he was taking full advantage. Karen had changed into a pair of cotton gym shorts and a t-shirt and I noticed she was getting irritated as Sam got drunker and drunker. She had a good buzz like the rest of us but was not in the same state as her husband. She tried to get him to go to their tent but he would have none of it. He got louder and louder as he drank and soon the other couples drifted off to their tents leaving me alone with Sam and his pissed off wife.

Around midnight a light rain started and that was enough to end the party and I helped Karen get the stumbling Sam back up the hill and into their tent. I walked back to the Taj Mahal and climbed in for what was surely going to be a great night of sleep with the rain pelting the outside of my tent. No sooner had I stripped down to my boxers than I heard Karen voice on the outside of my tent.

"Dan, are you in there?" She asked.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asked as I unzipped my tent flap.

"I need your help with Sam. He threw up in our tent." She said angrily.

I grabbed my flashlight and trotted over to Sam's tent. The rain was a little steadier and it was cold against my upper body. I shone my light in and it was not a pretty sight. I shoved him over to the side of his air mattress and covered him with the unsoiled sleeping bag. It smelled horrible and I quickly backed out of the tent.

"He is going to have to sleep that one off." I said.

Karen responded with great frustration, "I am going to have to hike back to the car because I can't sleep in there."

"You are welcome to sleep in my tent if you promise to behave." I said in a weak attempt at humor.

"Actually, if you don't mind I think I will. I probably need to stay fairly close to Sam in case the asshole gets sick again." She replied, surprising me completely.

I was feeling a little awkward but we really did not have much of a choice. The cars were over a mile away and there was no way she could stay in the tent with Sam. So we walked back to mine and climbed in. I was pretty cold by the time I pulled the down comforter over us. I was still only wearing my boxer shorts and was doing all I could not to think that a mere inches from me was a stunningly attractive woman.

"I am freezing." I said. "It must have dropped twenty degrees when the rain started."

"I am cold too." She said.

A little grain punch courage surged through me and I asked her, "Do you mind if we spoon until we warm up? This comforter is not big enough to let us keep our distance."

"It's cool with me but don't get any crazy ideas with my husband twenty yards away. Although, it would serve him right." She said with an innocent chuckle.

I moved behind her and she pushed her back against my chest. Immediately I felt her warmth and it was wonderful. My arms were wrapped around her but I was careful to stay far away from those beautiful breasts. Unfortunately I could not help the arousal creeping into my groin. I knew she could feel me swelling and I had to say something.

"OK, I am sorry that I am starting to get aroused." I said with some exasperation. "I can't help it and I promise you I won't try anything."

"Don't worry about it." She replied. "I would probably be offended if you didn't."

For some reason, as soon as she said that my arousal went into overdrive. I have a decent sized seven inch cock and it was at full mast within seconds. I had to reach down and readjust myself.

"Excuse me." I said as I adjusted my cock upward.

She simply lay quietly as my engorged member pressed against her ass. For what seemed like an hour we lay there not moving. I could tell that she was not asleep and there was no way I was going doze off in my state of arousal.

"Are you awake?" Karen whispered.

"How did you figure?" I replied sarcastically.

"It has something to do with the tree trunk pressing against my fanny." She said with a laugh.

"Sorry." I said, "I am not sure I have an answer."

Then to my utter astonishment she replied, "If you can keep a secret I think I can give you a little relief."

I could not believe my ears. Karen was offering to take care of my hard on while her new husband lay drunk in a tent nearby. It occurred to me briefly that I should refuse the offer but I could not help myself.

"I can keep a secret if you can." I whispered.

With that she reached back behind her and freed my cock through the hole in the front of my boxers. With a very tender touch she began stroking the head of my penis.

"How does that feel?" She said very matter-of-factly.

"Incredible." I gasped. "This is not going to take long."

Within seconds I felt my orgasm coming on. As I exploded all over her hand she continued her gentle strokes. When the last of my convulsions had ended she kept her hand on my cock.

"Can you pass me your t-shirt?" She asked.

"Sure." I responded as I grabbed my shirt and handed it to her.

Karen wiped off her arm and cleaned me up as I lay there still stunned by what had happened.

"That was a big one." She said as she handed me back my t-shirt. "I can understand why you could not sleep but that should be no problem now."

"Yeah, thanks." I stammered stupidly.

I closed my eyes still in a state of disbelief. We stayed in our spoon position and much to my embarrassment I could feel myself swelling again. I separated from her by a few inches so she would not feel it and continued to try and go to sleep. It was hopeless. Within thirty minutes of one of the biggest nuts of my life I was rock hard again. I kept going over in my mind what Karen had done and it simply shot me into another state of hyper arousal. I decided that the proverbial cat was out of the bag now and I decided to see what I could get away with.

My right hand was laid over her and my forearm rested on her right hip. I pulled my arm back so my hand rested on her hip and I began to slowly rub her. I knew from her breathing that she was not sleeping and the fact that she did not stop me told me all I needed to know. I gradually increased my strokes until I was running my hand from the top of her right hip down the outside of her right leg. I became bolder and began reaching around her thigh and gently rubbing the front of her thigh all the way up to the base of her shorts. I could not go any further because she was lying on her side with her legs together. I made the decision to go for it all.

I pulled myself against her so that she could feel my cock once again pressed against her ass and at the same time I pulled her right leg back toward me to give me access to her pussy. She did not resist in the slightest and allowed her legs to spread slightly. She had implicitly given me the go ahead to let my hand roam to her forbidden area. I pushed my right hand on to her panty covered pussy through the leg hole of her cotton shorts and gently began rubbing her. Her breathing quickened and she rolled back toward me so that now she was on her back with her right leg lying over my leg. I now had full access to all of her. I did not rush it. I continued to run my fingers lightly over the outside of her panties tracing the length of her slit. Her panties were nylon and I could tell that she kept a full bush. Her breathing quickened as my teasing fingers played around the outside of her pussy. It was not long before her hips were moving slightly to meet my touch and I could feel her body repeatedly tense up. After a few minutes I began to hear the faintest of moans usually coinciding with my fingers dancing over her clitoris area. I could not believe that this was going on with her husband and my friend only a few feet away.

All her inhibitions were now lost in pleasure. She was physically reacting to the way I was lightly running my fingers up and down her slit and I knew that she wanted me to move under her panties. I decided to make her wait. I sat up on my elbow and pulled the hem of her shirt up to expose her chest. She accommodated and even helped me pull her shirt up. There was enough light to see that she was wearing a bra and my hard on ached at the thought of freeing her large melons. She was one step ahead of me as she unclasped the snap between her tits allowing her bra cups to fall to the sides.

My only concern at this point was whether she was on the pill. I did not have any protection and even in my heightened state I was not even considering having unprotected sex with Sam's wife.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked.

"Yes but we are not doing that." She replied.

"OK, not a problem." I responded letting her know that I understood this was going to fun but not that fun.

I focused on her lovely tits and began nuzzling and licking at her nipples. I was surprised at her reaction. Each time I took her nipple into my mouth she would go electric. Both hands would grab my head and I could tell that it was taking tremendous effort for her not to cry out in ecstasy. I had been with a lot of women who liked to have their nipples sucked but I had never seen such a forceful reaction.

Since she had told me that we were not going to have sex I decided to do everything I could to tease her into insanity. I slid my right hand back under the waist band of her shorts and again began lightly stroking her pussy. She raised her hips and slid her shorts down her thighs to free my hand. I was still running my hand on the outside of her panties and licking at her nipple when she grabbed my cock with her right hand. I would time a hard suck and bite on her nipple with my fingers tracing around her clitoris and her whole body would convulse. She would grip down hard on my cock each time one of these pleasure waves would course through her. I decided to go under her panties.

She offered no resistance as pushed my hand under her panties and ever so lightly began caressing her pussy lips. She was very wet and my fingers slid along the outside of her slit with perfect lubrication. I moved up her opening until I felt her pleasure bud. Her legs were now spread wide open with her knees slightly up. As I circled her clit she pushed her hips up off the air mattress in an effort to increase the pressure of my touch. I refused to allow her to increase the pressure which only heightened her arousal. While I sucked on her nipple I would keep my hand working her pussy motionless and then I would stop playing with her nipple and start massaging around her clit. She was nearing the breaking point.

It was time to put a finger inside her. I used the same technique that drove my girlfriend wild by easing the tip of my middle finger inside her and pushing against her pelvic bone while lightly flicking her clit with my thumb. I pulled back against her pelvic bone so that my finger was close to slipping out of her causing the muscles in her pussy to convulse in pleasure. When I took her other nipple into my mouth she began almost sobbing with pleasure. She was gasping for air and I could see tears were running down the sides of her face from the corners of her eyes. I had never seen a woman so overcome with pleasure.

I was incredibly aroused as well and decided to see if she had changed her mind about fucking me. I moved to a position where I was kneeling between her legs and continued fingering her and playing with her clit. I grabbed the waist band of her panties and began pulling them down her legs.

She offered token resistance and muttered, "No, we can't do this."

I did not say a word but removed them anyway and returned my attention to her soaking wet pussy. I brought my mouth to her and began running my tongue the length of her opening and flicking at her clit. I inserted my middle and fourth finger inside her and focused my mouth exclusively on her love button. With long strokes I moved my fingers in and out of her causing her to moan loudly. I was glad the rain was hitting hard on the tents drowning out any noises coming out of mine. It was now time.

With my fingers still inside her I moved up to her tits and began sucking her nipples. Once again, this seemed to be the activity that brought her the most pleasure. As I sucked and bit on her nipples I removed my fingers from inside of her and began massaging her clit. I brought my cock head to the entrance of her pussy and used my hand to rub my head up and down her opening.

"No, no, please, we can't do that." She moaned even as her body rocked with pleasure.

She reached down and grabbed my cock to keep it from going inside her. Both of our hands were wrapped around my prick working against each other. I was able to keep the head at her opening and continued to rub it the length of her slit. She muttered her disapproval but did not stop me. She was fighting herself and the conflict was making me want to fuck her even more. I decided to force the issue.

While still sucking on her nipples I pushed her hand to the base of my cock and guided several inches inside of her. I could feel her pussy walls grip my cock but she continued to pant her resistance.

"No, please don't do that. We can't do this." She gasped again between sighs.

I did not heed her words and continued to push my cock deeper inside of her. She continued a rather passive verbal resistance while her hips betrayed her. In one motion I forcefully removed her hand form my cock and pushed all of my seven inches deep inside of her.

"I am in you Karen." I said as I brought my head up to hers.

Even as she repeatedly whispered "no" she wrapped her legs around mine and clutched at my back. Her hips ground against me as her orgasm neared. Tears rolled from her eyes.

I had never before forced myself inside a woman and the situation was incredibly arousing in a way I had never experienced. I was fucking my friend's wife while he slept nearby. The fact that it was so wrong made me almost drunk with sexual aggression. I was never one to talk dirty but I could not help myself now.

"How does my cock feel inside of you?" I spat into her ear. She did not respond.

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" I continued.

She shook her head but still she moved with me. The conflict inside of her was making me dizzy. I could feel her orgasm begin and wondered if she would pass out from lack of breath. Her pussy walls clamped down on my cock as I forcefully thrust in and out of her. She stifled her screams by bringing her hand to her mouth.

"You can't help yourself can you Karen?" I said as her orgasm continued. "Keep coming you little slut."

I shocked myself as it came out of my mouth. I did not know why I was saying these things to her but it just felt right. As the convulsions of her orgasm subsided, I stopped pumping so I could feel each time her muscles involuntarily clenched my cock. I knew my cock was much bigger than her husband's and for some reason this turned me on.

"You like my big cock don't you Karen?" I whispered in her ear. "It's a lot bigger than Sam's isn't it?"

"That's enough!" She shot back as she began to sob underneath me. "Get off of me."

"I am not getting off of you until I get mine." I said as I began pumping my cock in and out of her. "You just had the biggest orgasm of your life and now you want to act like a prude."

Through her sobs she responded, "Please stop, you are scaring me."

I pulled out of her and I think she thought that I was honoring her request but not at all. I knelt up and grabbed her legs to turn her on to her stomach.

"No, stop it Dan, what are you doing?" She screamed in a whisper. She knew she could not make a scene with Sam and the others close by in their tents.

"I am going to fuck you from behind Karen." I said matter-of-factly while forcing her to roll over. "And I think you had better do as I wish or I might just tell a few buddies what a slut you are."

Karen rolled over and offered no resistance as I spread her legs. I grabbed my cock and guided it into her entrance and began hammering away at her pussy. She lay underneath me not moving.

"Get on your knees." I demanded as I knelt behind her.

She did as she was told and I reinserted my cock. As I pounded her pussy she held her tits against her chest and sobbed quietly.

"Let you tits hang Karen." I demanded as I pulled her arm away. "I want to see those things swing you little slut."

With that slammed into her pussy with all the force I could muster and felt my orgasm coming. I blew my load into her while reaching around and firmly kneading her big tits. After I had finished my orgasm I collapsed down beside her. She began gathering her things but did not say a word. Almost instantly after I had cum my aggression was gone. It was almost as if someone had flipped a switch.

After a few minutes of silence I lamely said, "I don't know why I did that."

Her response shocked me. "Because you hated what you were doing to your friend." She said sadly. "It was my fault."

And with that she slipped out of my tent leaving me to wonder.

When morning broke I feigned a massive hangover and packed up my gear. I helped Karen and Sam pack up their tent as well and Karen did an incredible job of acting normal. We never made eye contact and not much was said amongst the three of us. Sam was still feeling awful and never suspected a thing.

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