tagToys & MasturbationCamping Trip Ch. 1

Camping Trip Ch. 1


I decided to take a camping trip so here I was in this packed campground by myself. I had gotten to my campsite just before dusk, and had somehow gotten my tent put up, and everything else put into place before dark. It was a nice night not to cold but comfortable. I reached my hand into the ice-filled cooler to pull out a beer only after I had built myself a nice fire. I looked around and saw couples laughing, drinking, and just spending quality time together. I envied those women, yearning to have a man in my life. But I had made the choice to be alone enjoying it until now.

I sat in front of the fire with a cold beer in my hand, and a sweatshirt draped around my shoulders, just letting thoughts enter and exit my mind. I listened to the crackling and snapping of the wood, and watched as the flames danced, looking up only when I heard people walk by. A lot of the campfires were out by now, and most of the drunken campers had staggered to bed, only hearing a hoot and holler down the way.

I had I don't know how many empties scattered on the ground from missing the trash bag, but I was feeling happy, and horny at this time. I decided to go change, getting ready to crash, as I would be the next drunken camper to stagger into bed. Once in my tent I removed my clothes and then finally unsnapped my bra and removed my panties. I like to be as free as possible when I sleep. I pulled my short nightshirt over my head, and went back out into the dimly lit romantic campsite.

I sat on the picnic table, not sitting very lady-like I had my legs spread a little as I toyed with the idea of touching myself, I looked around to see if anyone could see me, and then I reached down as now my night shirt was well above my thighs making it that much easier. But since there was still a fire going at the site I was facing I decided to turn around so that I was now facing my fire once again. I brought my hand to my clit, and just brushed a little "Oh how good that felt", wanting to have an orgasm, I began rubbing my clit a little harder, I could feel the wetness beginning to come to the surface, as I made way past my clit into my love hole. I lay back onto the table and brought my legs up as well, bending them at the knees. Oh, if anyone walked by they would get an eyeful of pussy.

I brought my nightshirt up so that I could have the night air tease my nipples making them look like anthills of my own. With each hand, I spread a pussy lip, and with a few fingers of my right hand, I found my clit only again. I moved it side to side rapidly throwing a circle in every once and a while until I felt the quake of my body begin, I moaned into the darkness as my love juices flowed. I removed my hands and sat up quickly when I heard you say " Great job", so what do you do for an encore? You asked.

I was trying to think of something to say but you had startled me so. " Ummmm let me see here," I said. So, you want to watch me I thought to myself as my hand reached for the small flashlight behind me. I turned so that I was on all fours on top of the table now, I spread my legs a little bit more and I told you to come closer, but not to touch or else the show would be over. With that, I took the end of the flashlight and started slowly inserting it into my wet cunt, making sure you could see everything. I told you to hold the end of it and then I moved back and forth on it ramming it as I would a stiff cock, oh god the ripples on the handle felt so good as it moved in and out of my pussy. My tits swinging as I rocked back and forth on this fun new tool. I looked back at you and by the look on your face; you were very much into watching me fuck a flashlight. Oh Yes, I moaned as I moved even faster, but then I suddenly stopped, and told you to fuck me with it, and with that I was once again on my back with my knees to my tits. You were doing me with the flashlight as if it was your own cock, I told you harder as I found my totally erect clit. My moans becoming louder but I didn't care at that moment I wanted the entire campground to hear that I was getting fucked.

I wanted to cum all over that damn flashlight so I told you to fuck me faster, uh, uh came from my lips as I could feel myself preparing to cum. I worked my clit as I had done before and then I felt it as my moans became screams, my body tightening, I grabbed my tits and squeezed hanging onto them until my pussy muscles stopped squeezing. I laid there panting until my breathing slowed to normal. I sat up and noticed that I was not the only one who had had an orgasm. Wow was all that you could say. I scooted off the picnic table with the flashlight still in your hand and said meet me here tomorrow night, same time for part two, and with that I went to bed.

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