tagLoving WivesCamping Trip Ch. 2

Camping Trip Ch. 2

byJam X©

Lori had a fitful night of sleep in anticipation of what waited for her in Jacob's tent. Jacob, her husband's boss, had arranged this relaxing vacation for them along with about 15 other families. She had expected a nice quiet week, but instead it started off with a bang. While he husband, Tom, had been out waterskiing the previous afternoon, Jacob had come to wake her from her nap and invite her down to the dock. However, he opened the tent and found Lori asleep on her sleeping bag...naked.

It was the first time in the 5 years since his divorce that he had been with a naked woman, especially a beautiful woman that was 13 years younger than his 40 years. So, Jacob quickly got turned on. That led to him seducing his right hand man's wife. From Lori's point of view, it was some of the best sex she had ever had, though her experience was limited to that of her husband.

Now, here it was, the next morning. Tom packed up the car and left by 8:00. He had to go back to the city on a little work-related errand that Jacob had suddenly created. It was an hour to the office, an hour back, and guessing that he'd be there at least half an hour, simple math said that he would be gone until at least 10:30. So, as per the instructions that she was given, as soon as Tom's car pulled away, Lori crept out of the tent and over to the tent on the adjacent campsite. The one that Jacob was sharing with his 19 year old son, Matt. She tapped on the outside of the tent.

Jacob's voice came from inside, "Come in..."

Lori had dressed just as Jacob had asked her to. She wore a yellow sundress with thin straps over the shoulders. The material was very thin, so that it was apparent that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Also, it was short enough that when she bent down to crawl into the tent, she had to be careful not to flash her bare pussy to anyone. She was glad to get into the tent as soon as possible to reduce the chance of anyone seeing her.

Once inside, she was greeted by a wonderful sight. Jacob was lying on his back on his sleeping bag, nude. His 7 inches of cock stuck straight up in the air. Lori smiled, "Looks like you've been expecting me."

"I've been like this since yesterday," Jacob laughed. "It was great and I can't wait to get started."

Lori grabbed his hard cock and immediately put it in her mouth. This was the first time that she had ever initiated oral sex without prodding. Tom always had to practically beg on the rare occasion that she'd give in, but she had enjoyed the feel of Jacob's cock in her mouth and wanted it again. She bobbed her head up and down his hard shaft, stopping now and then to run her tongue up and down each side of it. She even strayed down and licked Jacob's balls, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth.

Jacob stroked Lori's hair, "I love it. That feels great."

Lori licked up the shaft again, pausing at the tip, "Glad you enjoy it."

"Tell me something. Have you ever been with two men at once?"

Lori laughed, "Until yesterday, I'd only been with one man period in my whole life."

"Honestly? I feel honored."

"Why do you ask?" Lori asked as she once again took his cock into her mouth.

"Perhaps it is time you try it," he replied with his voice raising slightly at the end. Lori stopped with his cock deep in her mouth and looked up at him, questioningly.

Just then, the tent flap opened and Matt crawled in. Lori quickly moved to pulled her dress down to make sure she was covered. "What's going on?"

Jacob smiled, "I think you know. It'll be fun."

Lori wasn't sure, but Matt was already taking off his clothes. It wasn't but a minute or so and she found herself sitting between two naked men. One 12 years older than her and the other 8 years younger. Both men were fit, although Matt was slightly thinner. Both men had nice skin, although Matt's was softer looking. Both men had similar looks and hair, although Matt was younger with less gray in his hair. Both men had hard cocks sticking up in the air, although Matt's was a little longer and Jacob's was a little thicker.

Lori still wasn't sure, but the four hands that were starting to caress her body were helping her make up her mind. Jacob pulled up the bottom of the dress, revealing her pussy to the two men. He ran a finger up her slit and across her clit. She shivered.

"Seems like you're already wet enough." He smiled. He pulled the sundress over her head and pushed her onto her back.

Lori felt like she was in a trance as she let herself be guided. When Jacob moved up next to her head, she reflexively opened her mouth and guided his hard cock into her mouth. As Matt got between her legs, she instinctively spread them wide to give him access to her pussy. He rubbed his 8 inch cock up and down her pussy lips for a few moments, teasing her. Then he lined it up and slowly pushed it all the way inside her pussy.

Lori couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Not only was she experiencing a new thrill by having a cock farther inside her than ever before, but she had a spare 7 inches thrusting in and out of her mouth. She felt so sexy and slutty at the same time, that the feeling overcame her and she erupted into her first orgasm. It wasn't the best orgasm ever, but it certainly was the easy one she'd ever had. She didn't even have to concentrate on it, the intense feelings of the situation were enough. Now, as Jacob thrust his cock into her mouth and Matt started to piston in and out of her pussy, she could feel that another orgasm would not be far behind. This one was building much bigger. Matt pumped his cock into her pussy faster and faster. Jacob slid his hand down across her breasts and through her pubic hair. As soon as he touched her clit, she exploded. As this orgasm ripped through her, Lori's body began to buck and her pussy spasmed around Matt's cock. Father and son exploded into their shared sex partner at the same time, sending huge loads of cum into her. A few moments later, all three collapsed.

Lori had cum oozing from her pussy and running down her cheek where it had overflowed from her mouth. "That was incredible," she panted.

Both men grunted their agreement.

"It felt great, I could feel both of you shooting your cum into me. I've never felt Tom like that," she said as she stroked Matt's semi-hard cock. "And," she grabbed Jacob's cock in her other hand, "That's the first time I've ever had someone cum in my mouth. I've always been afraid to do it, but that was fun. Didn't taste nearly as bad as I thought it would."

Matt chimed in, "If you liked it, perhaps you'd like some more." He waved his once again erect cock toward her. Lori smiled. She wasn't sure she liked the idea of sucking a cock right after it was inside her, but she tried not to think about it as she got and her hands and knees, crawling over to him. Leaning over the pole sticking up in the air, she started to tentatively lick it, but soon was going at giving Matt a full blown blowjob.

Jacob, meanwhile, had also gotten hard again and saw an opportunity. He pulled Lori's hips up and plunged his cock into her pussy from behind in one push. Although Matt was longer and her pussy was full of cum, the extra width still caused her to gasp. He banged her pussy hard and fast from behind with his big balls bouncing against her clit. Lori was back in heaven, filled with 15 inches of cock. She felt like it was one long pole going all the way through her, sawing back and forth. At the rate that he was going, Jacob knew he wouldn't last long, even though he had just cum a few minutes ago. He reached around and started to finger Lori's clit, making her moan around the cock in her mouth.

The moaning turned Matt on and he too quickly began to approach his second orgasm of the morning. He shot his first shot of cum into her mouth, but as Lori's orgasm hit her, she pulled her head off his cock and moaned, so Matt sprayed the rest of his cum all over Lori's face. Considering it was his second load, it was still big enough to give her a decent facial.

Jacob wasn't far behind, adding his copious load of cum to her already overflowing pussy. He pulled out as she was cleaning off Matt's cock with her tongue. Her well-fucked pussy stayed open, allowing the cum to flow freely. The combined loads of sperm ran down the insides of her thighs and dripped down to the sleeping bag below.

Jacob handed Lori a towel and she cleaned up as best she could. "I can't believe that 24 hours ago I had only been with one man my whole life and now I've had two men at once, twice even, and neither one was my husband."

"And it was great, wasn't it?"

"I never imagined sex could be this good," she replied with a grin.

Lori slipped the sundress over her head and tried to make herself look presentable. Jacob had pulled on a pair of shorts and tshirt. Matt, alone, stayed naked.

Lori asked, "Aren't you planning on getting dressed?"

Matt looked at her and smiled, "Actually, watching you get dressed, I was just wondering how I could possibly talk you into one more time..."

Lori laughed, "If you think you can get it up again...just ask."

Matt stroked his cock a few times and it hardened quickly. "May I fuck that tight little pussy of yours again, Lori?"

Lori laid back on the sleeping bag and pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist. "Go ahead. Use me for your pleasure. I want this one just to be about you getting off. Fuck me."

Matt wasted no time crawling back between her legs, his hard cock leading the way. He slid into her and buried his cock all the way inside her body. His thrusts were hard and fast. Lori expected nothing from this fuck, but another load of cum in her pussy. However, the feelings of that big cock inside her got her going again and she found herself wanting--needing--to cum again. Afraid that he would beat her to it, Lori dropped her hands to her pussy and quickly began masturbating with Matt fucking her harder and faster. In a matter of moments, she burst into one final orgasm just as she felt Matt sending jets of cum deep inside her once again.

Finally satisfied, Matt began to dress. Lori pulled her dress back down. Jacob said, "You'd better get cleaned up before Tom gets back. I don't think he'd like finding you full of cum."

Lori smiled, "No, I don't think so. I'll see you later." She crawled out of the tent and walked toward the shower building. She hoped that no one approached her, because they would easily notice her lack of underclothes. Not to mention, her mornings activities were all too obvious as Matt's cum was flowing freely from her pussy and down her legs as she walked.

Back in Jacob's tent, Matt said, "Dad, that was great. She is hot. Think we'll ever get the chance to do that again."

"I'm sure she'll be willing to do whatever I want her to," Jacob replied. He reached over into a pile of clothes in the corner of the tent and pulled out a hidded camcorder. Popping out the tape inside, he added, "Anything."

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