Camping Trip with Dad


After a few minutes back in the water, and all the mud was gone, I was about to get out again when I realized that I would still need Dad's help; and that meant he would need to look directly at me to be able to help, and then I would be exposing myself to him for the third time in a day. What was I to do to get around this problem, I wondered, as I stood in the water with my hands covering my breasts?

"Listen, I know you are embarrassed at having me see your breasts, but you seem to have only two choices; either stay there for the rest of your life, or else you trust me to not look, while I help you out; what's it to be?" he laughed, before continuing. "And apart from that, remember, I am your father, not some dirty depraved rapist. You are safe with me little one!"

Dad was right, I had no other choice, plus he was my father, and I knew I could trust him, no matter how many times he saw my breasts naked. I dropped one hand down, and pushed the other one out to meet his. He helped me out of the water, not once looking directly at my boobs, as far as I could tell. We walked back to the campsite and I had my arm around him all the way. I felt so happy and lucky to have a father like him.

Dad went to light the fire, so I grabbed my bikini top from next to my sleeping bag, as I needed to get out of the wet singlet, and I then walked towards the tent, so I could change. As I was almost at the entrance to the tent, I pulled my wet top off and walked in.

"If you are going to persist in showing me your breasts like this, why not just leave it off?" I heard my father say.

I could not believe what was happening. It appeared that when I went to get my top, my father had needed to get the coffee, so he walked into the tent before I got there, not knowing I was about to go there to change. Now for the fourth time in the day, I had exposed myself to my father, and this was just the second day of 28 that we were to be here. Dad apologized, as well as quickly turning his back to me. I quickly put my top on and left the tent.

The rest of the day was tense, not on my fathers' part, but more on mine. I could not believe what had transpired this day. As it got later, and we were sitting down to have supper, Dad turned to me and said something that shocked me.

"Darling, if this is getting too much for you, I will understand if you want to go home. I guess this was a bad idea from the start. I am used to getting around naked at times like this, and while the sight of a nice formed set of breasts are nice, it does not mean that I am a pervert or such, it is just natural. But I know this has been a hard thing for you to come to terms with today, so I guess it would be best if we left," he spoke.

"Dad, you're so sweet, I love you so much. I don't really want to go home, it is just that I can't believe how things have turned out today," I replied as lovingly as I could.

"Thanks for saying that, but you realize there are bound to be many more times things like this will happen out here? So far it has just been you making a few simple mistakes, and I have seen your breasts, but you know there are no showers or toilets here, and that we have to make do with the river and behind a bush or tree? What about when invariably you or I accidentally walk around a corner and the other is, ummmm, well, the other is using the bathroom? It does happen you know. I remember the last time your mother came along, Geoff not once, but three times went for a walk, only to return an hour or so later and inadvertently walk around the same bush your mother was squatting behind; and we had all been naked anyway. See what I mean?" he explained.

Dad went on to explain many more stories about past experiences that had happened, like Geoff stumbling across him and mum making love one day, to Dad only last year walking in on Geoff while he was masturbating. He told me how these were things that people did everyday of their lives, everyone knew they did it, but no one ever saw it, or at least not back in the cities where we have doors and locks. Here it was all different, that was why he liked it so much; it was as nature had intended us to be.

I took in all in as he told me, and then I sat back and thought for a long time before finally reaching behind my back and undoing the string to my bikini top. I lifted it off and threw it onto my sleeping bag. As I removed it Dad turned his head away quickly.

"Dad, you are my father and I love and trust you explicitly. You are right about what you said, these things will happen all the time, so I figure it will be better if I just take my top off now, and keep it off; that way, after the initial shock for me, and you too maybe, we can go on from there and it wont matter how often you see my boobs," I explained to him.

He did not turn back to look at me at first; instead he kept his head turned and spoke.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable or embarrassed. I know if I were not your father, but a guy your age, or your boyfriend, then you would feel better, but I am your father, and that will make it hard on you," he uttered.

I could not help but laughed when I heard him say that. I explained to him that it was easier for me to go topless; who knows, maybe even nude in front of him, as I knew, loved and trusted him, but I would never do the same in front of any other guy unless I were married to him. I could not believe how much of a scared, but respecting father he was to me. I loved him more and more every second that I spent with him.

After asking once more if I were sure that it was OK, he finally turned around, but for the next 30-minutes he looked directly at his feet, not once raising his eyes to mine, or my boobs. I finally gave up. I stood up, walked across to where he was sitting, and then I reached down and placed my hands on each side of his face, and I forced him to look up; but instead of making him look at my face, I made him look directly at my boobs!

"Dad, the sooner you just look straight at them, the sooner I will feel less uncomfortable, and you and I can then continue to just be father and daughter again and enjoy this month together!" I declared.

He finally opened his eyes in agreeance; he looked at my boobs, and after a few moments he thanked me and said how it was now his turn to be the one who acted like a silly child. I bent down and gave him a small kiss on his cheek and told him how much I loved him, and then I returned to my seat. At first feeling a bit nervous at what I had done, I quickly changed my mood to one of feeling that I had broken through the father / daughter barriers, and now I was his friend and equal; it made me feel good.

After the first 10 or so minutes he seemed to settle into this new lifestyle, and we got involved with a very in-depth conversation about life in the bush compared with the city; what my plans were for the future, and then finally he worked up the courage and asked me about my personal life; things like "do you have a boyfriend", etc.

Having opened "a can of worms" by finally going topless in front of my father, but also enjoying being a friend now, as well as his daughter, I answered him honestly as though he were just a friend. I told him I didn't have a boyfriend, and then surprised myself by admitting that I was still a virgin, but had given two guys a blow-job, as well as letting them suck my tits and finger my pussy. His eyes bulged when I divulged this, but he also made me feel so good by telling me how nice he felt to be able to really get to know me at long last.

When I had finished answering all of his questions, I got the courage to ask him some personal questions as well. Guess for one thing it was curiosity about his past, but also I was wondering just how honest he would be to me. I started slow by asking him things about him and mum; how they met, and when did they start sex, etc., but soon I became bolder and asked him had he ever cheated on my mother.

"It depends on what you call cheating!" he answered. "If you mean have I ever had sex with another woman since I married your mum, then the answer is yes! But if you mean have I ever had sex with another woman and your mother did not know, or does not know about it, then the answer is no!" he added.

I sat there both bewildered and shocked. He admitted he had had sex with at least one other woman, but did he mean that mum knew, and approved of it?

"I don't understand what you mean Dad! Can you explain that for me, or am I being too personal?" I asked.

Apparently he had not meant to be so open with his words; it looked like he too was feeling that we were just two friends chatting, and not a father and daughter. A few minutes of him turning all shades of red, and he finally said that he might as well tell it all to me; as it would be wrong to leave me guessing and maybe forming the wrong ideas.

"Well darling, you must promise you will never ask or repeat this to your mother; at least not until I speak with her first and let her know I have told you all of this!" he spoke.

He had me worried; I was sure that he was now about to tell me about some illicit affairs he had had years ago, and that he now wanted time to clear the air with mum before I told her. But was I ever wrong.

"Many years ago, your mother and I went through a bad patch in our lives; money was short, problems were building and this all caused us both some problems in the bedroom. After many months of no sex, or else sex just for the sake of sex; and finally no sex, as we both were becoming a little bored. We decided we needed to talk about things and figure out where we were headed" he started to tell me.

"Well, to cut a long story short and not go into all the details, we finally decided we needed to 'spice-up' our sex lives, so we joined a nudist club. The only thing was, at the one we joined, it was more like a 'free-for-all-sex-romp' than a nudist club. After a few visits and both of us being groped and grabbed, as well as propositioned, we decided "why not give it a go" and the rest is history," my father explained to me.

I was stunned. My mother and father had both openly had sex with others many years ago, and they maybe still were as far as I knew. I asked and pushed him for more information, but it turned out that they only did it a few times, and then everything changed in their lives and they never did it again. He told me how when they joined the 'club' it was more about being nude in front of others, and not about the sex. That is why they started going bush together, and then invited Geoff and his ex-wife.

As I took all of this in I began to sense that I was getting wet between my legs. I was not sure why, but I guessed that even if it were my own mother and father I was hearing about, it was still a very hot and sexy story. I made sure that I stayed still while my father continued, but then I noticed something strange. My father had suddenly moved his feet, so when I lowered my eyes to see why, I saw it. He had an erection, and it was making one very big tent-pole effect in the front of his shorts, and it was then obvious that he did not have underwear on.

I must have been in a state of shock and looking for a bit too long, for soon my fathers eyes noticed that I was looking at his bulge; he quickly said he was tired and went and crawled into his sleeping bag. Soon after I decided to try and sleep as well. Did I say sleep? I did try, but the more I felt like I was drifting off, the more the image of my fathers bulge appeared in my mind. I could not believe that the image of my fathers erect penis was turning me on, bulging in his shorts!

When I awoke the next morning at around 4am, I had the most amazing feeling between my legs; I felt so warm and nice, but then I realized that my hand was in my swimsuit, and my finger was rubbing my pussy. I quickly pulled my hand out before my father stirred and discovered what I was doing. I got up and walked down to the river and jumped in to both cool off, as well as clean myself.

As I came around the clump of trees before the river, I heard a splashing noise coming from the water; I stopped in my tracks, and was very scared, thinking that someone else had decided to camp here, and now I would have to cover up again. I crept quietly to a point where I could see the river, and as I looked I caught sight of him.

I could not believe what I was looking at; there in front of my eyes, there he was, standing at the edge of the water naked, and it was only 4am in the morning! How dare this person invade our private place! How dare this person ruin my chance of spending some quality time with my father! I wanted to run up and push him back into the water and drown him, to make sure that my father and I could stay here alone and have a good time.

Trying to think of what to do, I could not help but look again; but this time I took in the shape of his arse; it was so damn nice looking! As I squatted there, behind my vantage point, looking at this cute naked arse, I noticed that he had one hand at his side, but the other was around at his front; not only was it at his front, but if I was not wrong, he was masturbating himself into the water! How gross! But also how erotic!

After being mesmerized for almost five minutes, he finished 'wanking' and he turned around towards me. My God! The sexy arse'd guy was my father! I was shocked, but at the same time I could not take my eyes off his still half-hard cock! It was gorgeous! As he came towards my direction, I quickly stood up and ran back to the campsite and got back into my sleeping bag.

I kept my eyes squinted as he came back; wanting for some reason to get another look at him; a closer look. I was so curious to see his cock again; I could not believe the sight of my fathers cock had aroused me; but then again, I had never seen a 'fully-grown' cock before, and certainly not my fathers!

A few minutes later I could hear my father snoring softly. He had gone back to sleep. Obviously I was a hindrance to him by being here; it meant he could not 'be himself' as I had demanded that he keep his shorts on, and then I took my top off. I guess even though he is my father, he is still a man; a man with natural thoughts and desires, and I guessed that the sight of me, his only daughter, walking around topless, was just too much for him. Still, he made me feel so much love knowing that he was not the sort of guy to do it in front of me, or try and take advantage of me.

I lay there for the next hour, not being able to sleep as I had this funny feeling growing deep down inside of me. I was only just aware of the fact that I was aroused by my father, but still, my hands began to move down towards my hot and waiting pussy, waiting for me to give it some relief. I slowly slipped my hand beneath my pants and edged my finger towards its target. Once having finished myself off, I lay back and dozed for a few moments. Then a strange thought occurred to me. I wanted to see my father get aroused again, and I wanted to see his cock!

Quietly, I got out of bed and snuck across to the car, and my other clothing. I rummaged around until I found what I had been looking for. I returned to my bed and slipped my shorts up over the bottom part of my swimsuit. I lit the fire and started the coffee going. A few minutes later I heard my father rustle.

"Good morning Dad, want a coffee?" I asked.

Before he could get up, I took his coffee over to him and sitting down, I handed him his coffee as I lay down beside him and gave him a tight cuddle around his neck.

"I love you so much Dad!" I whispered in his ear. "It is so damn great to at last be able to spend some quality time with you, and for us to get to know each other better." I added.

He turned towards me, kissed my forehead; all the time my naked breasts were pushing closer and closer into his chest, and he told me he was also glad that I had asked to come with him on this trip. I edged in closer to him and held him tighter. My breasts were pushing hard up into his side. He half turned towards me and seemed like he was about to kiss me on the lips; but at the last moment he looked down at my breasts, and then he turned his face slightly and gave me a big 'smooch' on my cheek.

"I love you too darling, and I am glad you and your mum talked me into this" he spoke softly to me.

I knew that he meant what he said, and I knew that he meant it in a paternal way. I somehow understood there and then that my feelings for my father had suddenly changed. He meant it in a fatherly way, but I had actually meant, "I love you" in a totally different way. I knew then and there that I really did LOVE him. I not only loved him, but at that very moment I would have happily loved him in the biblical sense as well.

Soon after, he got up, and the next few hours went as they had the previous two days; and how Dad had said they were to go; the only difference being that I was determined to stay topless for the rest of the vacation. Breakfast, training, a run, then we were to go fishing, and/or swimming. As we got back to the river after our run, we grabbed the fishing rods and began to fish. After catching one nice sized yellow-belly each, and then Dad cleaning and hanging them, it was time for us to have a swim and cool off, as well as get cleaned up and refreshed.

My father jumped in first, and once he had done so, I began to undo my shorts and get ready to join him; but this time he was in for a shock! Dad was about 5 meters out from the bank when he turned back to see if I had already jumped in. I had only got my shorts half way down my legs when he looked up. As I saw him look up at me, I pretended to stumble, and as I regained my balance, I turned half away from him. I finished taking my shorts off, then I casually walked back up to the tree we had hung the fish on, and I draped my shorts over the branch.

When I turned back around, I knew I had gotten his attention; his eyes were bulging; and I was sure that under the water, his cock was bulging in his shorts as well. That morning, after I had finished masturbating, I had gone back to the car and changed into the bottom half of my 'Thong Bikini'; my father was now getting a great view of my bare arse.

I turned back towards him and strolled to the riverbank. I made a point of diving in directly towards him. As I dove, I tried to judge the distance, so that I would surface very close to him; but I was wrong. Just as I thought I was almost near him, my head bumped right into his groin. I felt the impact, but at first thought I had hit a log or a rock. I raised my head from the water, and there was my father, with his hands still down below the water line, and his face twisted with a look of agony on it.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry Dad. I did not mean to do that to you! Please forgive me!" I Exclaimed hurriedly, but with all sincerity.

"It's not your fault sweetheart, accidents happen all the time, and you could not have seen me under the water as it is not very clear," he groaned back at me with a definite painful look on his face.

Instinctively, or maybe it was the 'maternal' part of me deep inside, I placed my hand under the water, to where I had just hit him, and began to 'rub it better'.

"I really am sorry Dad, it was an accident. I hope I did not hurt you!" I pleaded with him.

"Well if you don't take your hands away from where they are soon, then I don't think you will be hurting me, but I will be hurting you!" he laughed.

Right away I understood what he meant. I had not meant to be so brazen and put my hand on his cock, and I knew that I had instinctively just tried to 'soothe' his pain. I hurriedly pulled my hands away, apologizing once more, and with a very embarrassed look on my face; but the damaged had already been done. I had not only felt his erect cock; but I had absolutely enjoyed the feeling I got from touching it.

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