tagIncest/TabooCamping with Daughter Ch. 01

Camping with Daughter Ch. 01


I had been sent to an overseas office for the last five years. My wife was very understanding and had to bring up our young girl alone during that time. It was a tough five years, and I wouldn't have been able to stand it if it weren't for the pay I was receiving. Because of the hardship, the company was paying me $180,000 per year and close to ten million dollars as a bonus after the five years was completed. It made the time just a little bit more bearable.

We were at a remote site with no communication except letters. The entire time I was gone, I wrote my wife and kept up on the status of our little girl. The pictures she sent of Jennifer showed a cute little girl growing up to be a beautiful young woman. I was really lonely and depressed that I was missing out on her growing up, but I kept telling myself that she was going to have nothing to worry about for the rest of her life.

As the time grew near for me to be able to return to my family, I wrote and told them how excited I was. I told them that I wanted to be alone with them. We needed to do something together, just the three of us. I suggested a camping trip? That would be great. Two weeks out in the wilds of Yosemite, alone with nature. They seemed overjoyed with the idea.

When I finally got home, it turned out that my wife couldn't go. Sally was looking better than ever, and I couldn't wait to make love to her, but her mother had fallen ill and needed care. We didn't even get to enjoy a full day together before my wife had to disappear for another unknown period of time. The only thing we could remind ourselves of was that it had been five years; we could suffer another couple of weeks or however long it took.

Jennifer, our now eighteen-year-old daughter, looked ravishing. She had really filled out and could have been a model or a movie star. Her cute little child-like face had become beautiful; she had a smooth complexion, bright blue eyes, and a golden blond halo of hair that hung about halfway down her back. I couldn't believe it. In just five years, she had grown up.

Jennifer had been really looking forward to the camping trip, but now it looked like our plans were foiled. To my surprise, though, Sally suggested the two of us go without her. She would be all right, and she was sure she wouldn't return for at least a month. It would be such a disappointment for Jennifer if we didn't go; I just had to take her.

So, the two of us went down to the local REI store and bought all kinds of camping gear. It was exciting, knowing I was about to get a huge check and not worrying at all about the cost. We bought auto- inflatable mattresses and a four-man tent. We got everything one could possibly need and yet not too much so we couldn't hike it in a few miles.

Jennifer was so excited, her bubbly personality overflowing to everyone around us. Although she dressed very conservatively, every male head, from twelve to ninety, turned to look at her. She definitely was a beauty. Even I, her father, couldn't help but admire her slender form with nice, well-developed breasts formed on her chest. Her long, thick blond hair, cascading over her shoulders, blowing in the wind and glowing in the sunlight, was every man's fantasy. It was hard to avoid un-fatherly thoughts, and I wondered if this camping thing would be a good idea. After all, I hadn't been around for five years, and it was almost like she was someone else's daughter.

Well, the big day finally arrived. We were all packed and ready to go. The car had all of our gear neatly packed into our backpacks, and the house was locked and secure.

To my chagrin, Jennifer was dressed in denim cutoffs and a loose fitting half tee-shirt for the ride. I was a bit surprised because she had been so conservatively dressed up until that day. She seemed perfectly comfortable in her rather minimal clothing while wearing hiking boots on her feet. I was in agony looking at her long, perfectly shaped young legs, tanned to a golden color and not a blemish anywhere. The cutoffs barely reached her thighs, riding high on her legs to show me more than I needed to see, especially with my long abstenance. If she were anyone else, I would have thought she was trying to tease me, but I was sure my own daughter would never consider that.

To make things worse, her half tee shirt barely covered her bouncing unfettered breasts, allowing me to see her entire midriff underneath them. No girl her age should be allowed to have such large, firm breasts, I thought. I was awed by the way her sides curved in so perfectly at her waist and then out again to meet her hips; like an hourglass. She didn't appear to have an ounce of fat on her, and her smooth, young skin looked untouched by anything but the finest hand creams. Her firm, muscled stomach looked as if she'd been working out daily. This little vixen was going to make some young man blissful with happiness.

The entire ride up to Yosemite, Jennifer was jabbering away, telling me everything about her life and what I'd missed over the years. I learned about her school, her friends, the various sports she really enjoyed and the fact that she wanted to try out for the Olympic gymnastics team. No wonder her body was so well sculpted, I thought.

Against all efforts, my eyes often drifted to her shapely legs. She kept throwing them up in my face, it seemed. In reality, she was just excited and very relaxed with me. She loved to slouch down in the seat and throw her legs on the dashboard or out the window of the car, leaning her beautiful head against my shoulder as she went on and on about her life.

As we chatted, her movements became more and more relaxed and surprisingly intimate, considering I was her father. A number of times, she was just so overjoyed with excitement, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Then, at other times, she'd lean on my shoulder and talk while her slender, young hands caressed my thigh. She had no idea how turned on she was making me, and I hated myself for not having better control, but I'd just gotten back after five years without anybody. Sally and I didn't have time to take care of my raging hormones, and I needed a woman bad.

Shit, I can't believe it! I suddenly realized that I had a full erection stretching down my leg. Shit, shit, shit! It was running down the same leg my daughter was caressing. What was I to do? I didn't want to draw attention to it, and I didn't want to discourage her from being affectionate. She needed a father, and I hadn't been there for her all these years. What would she do if she felt it? Would she freak? Would she realize how horny her old-man was? Would this scar her for life? Oh, what could I do? I tried to think about baseball. I thought about horrible things that were going on in the world. I thought about politics. I tried to do large math problems in my head. Nothing worked. My cock was traveling fast down my thigh, right under where she had her hand resting.

Suddenly, her hand moved. She went back to caressing my leg. Thank God, I thought. At least she moved before my cock head drove its way under her innocent palm. Now think! What is she talking about? Pay attention! She was discussing some event that happened in her gym class. One of the boys had been "pants'd" in front of all the girls. She thought it was hilarious. The poor boy was standing there in the middle of the soccer field covered only by his jock strap, and 40 girls were staring at him.

Oh my God! She just stopped caressing me again. Her hand was right on top of it! She just had to feel it! My cock was as hard as a steel rod, and it was right underneath the palm of her hand, but she didn't move. She didn't jump up. She didn't act disgusted. She didn't even move her hand off of it. Nothing! You would have thought she wasn't even aware of it. Oh, God! This only made it worse, but I had to make sure it didn't move and attract her attention to it.

At that moment, she decided to sit up and change her position. Her full weight pressed against my leg, mashing my cock head between it and her tiny hand. She still didn't seem to notice. Maybe she was completely unaware. Maybe she was just that innocent.

This time, she turned herself around and leaned against the door so she could face me. Her beautiful feet, now bare for the ride, were up on the seat between us. I noticed her toenails were painted in very bright colors and with wild designs. They looked so cute and sexy, I imagined sucking them into my mouth. She was still chatting away about her life at school. She seemed totally absorbed with her stories. Could she be staring at my crotch? No! I couldn't imagine that!

Whenever I looked over at her, she was looking me in the eyes and talking a mile a minute. Once in a while, though, I almost felt like I caught her staring at the swollen bulge in my crotch. I just couldn't believe that she would be looking at her own father's manhood, but if she was, she was being very discrete about it.

As noon came around, we decided to stop at an In-n-Out Burger place for lunch. I swear, that daughter of mine must have been on drugs or something. No sooner did we stop than she was flying out of the car and bounding into the place. Every eye within a mile must have locked onto her bouncing boobs as they jiggled under her half tee, firm because of her age, but free to move about because of a lack of bra.

By the time I had gotten into the place, she was standing in line, barefoot and bouncing on the front pads of her feet. I had the strongest urge to tell her to stop jiggling around because it was driving all the men crazy watching her well-developed breasts bouncing around under her shirt. She was either a horrible tease or just the most naive little girl in existence. How was I going to calm her down without discouraging her enthusiasm and wonderful childish charm?

As I stood in line, Jennifer wrapped her arms around my arm and continued to bounce with excitement. Her breasts straddled my triceps, and I could feel their firm warmth as she squeezed me to her chest. She made a point of calling me "Daddy" constantly as we ordered and as we ate. I enjoyed the way she was showing off to everyone that she was with her father, and I was horribly proud of her. I guess being away was really hard on her, and she was taking advantage of me being back. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm was difficult for me, keeping me in a constant state of arousal, which was hard to hide. She didn't seem to notice, or, at least, didn't care.

I did notice also how she held herself. When I compared her to other girls her age, Jennifer seemed to be considerably better adjusted. Even though her enthusiasm made her appear immature, she seemed to be completely self-assured. She walked tall and appeared confident in herself. She would show her immature side without concern or fear of ridicule. She walked with her chest held high, clearly proud of her figure, yet still carrying an innocent air about her. I was definitely proud of her, even though I hadn't had anything to do with teaching her to be like that.

We ate, and she continued her constant story of her life. I think she was recounting every moment from the day I left five years before. This time, she told me about a day when the girls caught a boy playing with himself in the boy's room. What she was doing in the boy's room I had missed, but that wasn't really important. What fascinated me was the detail with which she described his state, his erection, his hand stroking it and the sudden realization that he was being watched, by girls of all people. It surprised me that she would even talk about something like this with her father, much less explaining the color and shape of his swollen glans, length of his shaft and the number of purple veins she could see. At least she lowered her tone as she went into this detail so the other patrons of In-n-Out weren't included in the description.

Immediately, her conversation changed to something the teacher said about grades and how she had misunderstood and la-di-da-di-da. It fascinated me that she discussed witnessing a boy masturbating with such intense interest and her willingness to discuss it with me without fear of reprisal or criticism; then to suddenly change the subject to another everyday event as if it was normal.

Then, for some reason, I noticed her breasts. Although I was well aware of them the entire day, this was the first time I noticed her nipples. They were hard as little rocks, poking little protrusions in the flimsy half-tee-shirt. I hadn't noticed them hard before, but they were definitely hard then. Of course it could be the air conditioning in the burger place, but somehow I doubted that; we had the air conditioning on in the truck. Could it be that the story of the boy had turned her on? Maybe she got some strange thrill out of telling that story to me.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Having an erection for the past two hours had hidden the need to empty my bladder. Drinking the cold Coke made me well aware of its full state. It took a good five minutes in the men's room before I could calm my cock down enough to pee.

When I came back out, Jennifer was surrounded by at least a dozen boys, ranging in age from about twelve to eighteen. She was having a wonderful time talking with them, and they all were keeping her well entertained. As a matter of fact, they seemed to be trying to make her laugh as much as possible. Remembering how her tee-shirt jiggled, I realized why. Her nipples, still hard as steel, could be seen sliding up and down under her shirt. The boys were having the time of their lives.

As soon as I stepped up beside my daughter, the boys disappeared like cockroaches in the light. I think they were afraid I was going to yell at them or something.

For the next half hour of our trip, Jennifer was jabbering about the boys at the In-n-Out Burger. She was so impressed with how much fun they were and how they all seemed to like her. Well, duh! She must have really been naive. Either that, or she was playing me like a fiddle because she had me fooled.

Well, the remainder of the ride was much like the first part. The only difference being that she started caressing my leg right off and leaning against me. She made more of a point of sliding her breasts across my arm than before, but it all seemed so innocent. Even when I got my erection back (like it had ever really gone away), she just continued her caressing as if she was completely unaware of what was happening. While her mouth continued to babble on about her friends at school, her hand stroked up and down my leg. She didn't hesitate or react at all when her fingers bumped up onto and then slid slowly over my erection. You would have thought my upper thigh was expected to have a bone-hard protrusion. It didn't faze her at all.

She continued her slow torture without a moment's pause. Then, suddenly, she turned herself around and leaned against the door while she put her bare feet on my lap. The heel of her left foot rested directly on my cock. Still, there was no surprise or reaction as she continued her stories.

My gorgeous daughter rolled the window down and then leaned her head out and let the wind blow through her long hair while she just sighed in relaxed pleasure. Then she stretched, arching her back against the door and spreading her arms out the window.

Shit, she's doing it to me again! Was she even the slightest bit aware that she was exposing her breasts to me? Well, maybe not all of them, but I could see right up her short shirt to her neck when she stretched like that. Everything but her nipples was in plain view. God, she was built!

Then I suddenly noticed something else that I hadn't seen before. Her denim shorts weren't really covering everything they were supposed to. My God! Either she wasn't wearing any panties, or she was wearing the tiniest thong panties in existence. An entire lip from her young, presumably virgin pussy was hanging out on one side of the seam. It was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. The puffy pink lip was just sitting there with fine, blond pubic hairs just barely covering its surface. She just had to know it was exposed, yet she didn't give any indication, and I didn't want to do anything to chastise her.

It was a very difficult situation. There I was, lusting after my own daughter who, apparently completely innocently, was exposing herself to me. What was I supposed to do? I'm sure many would criticize me for not correcting her, but I wonder if they would do anything different if they were actually in my position.

After a moment with her head out the window, she pulled herself back in. She turned around and faced front again while she rolled the window up. She put her head down between her legs and stretched her back. A moment later, she was sitting up and back with her stories.

We finally arrived at our destination. It was about three-thirty in the afternoon, and the place I wanted to set up camp was about an hour's hike in. There was a beautiful waterfall right beside this clearing and a little area where we could swim just below. Pine trees completely surrounded the area, making it private and secluded. Exactly what I wanted for my family. Too bad Sally wasn't here. I really needed her right then.

We locked up the car and hiked in. Jennifer's energy was slightly decreased, but I figured that's because of the heavy backpack. I think her "drugs" were finally wearing off. Actually, I knew she wasn't taking anything and presumed she was just high on adrenaline and excitement from my being home.

I couldn't believe how sexy she looked, even with the backpack on. The shoulder straps pushed her chest out even more, stretching her tee-shirt tight across her breasts and accentuating them. I had to help her flip her hair over the pack so it didn't get caught down her back. It had the most beautiful soft texture, I just wanted to run my hands through it for the rest of the day.

When we found the campsite I had been planning on, it turned out to be perfect. No one was there or anywhere nearby. The waterfall was gorgeous and made a wonderfully soothing sound as the water crashed onto the rocks below. The smell of the pines was enough to make a person euphoric, and the warm sun made the atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

We set up the tents and arranged the other implements (cooking utensils, sleeping bags, etc.). It wasn't long before we were set. Of course there were a lot of peeks I caught of Jennifer's perfectly shaped tits under her shirt whenever she bent over to pick things up. She obviously knew her father would never look, much less have any thoughts about her beyond a normal father-daughter love. Her legs were a sight to behold, too, as she strutted around, almost showing their perfect shape off to me.

By the time we were done, we were hungry again. We started a fire and baked a couple of potatoes while we finished our campsite. We put some cheese and butter on our potatoes and ate them slowly, savoring the flavor and enjoying the cool dusk.

Jennifer continued her constant talk, slowing as the night neared. Her energy was dropping, and she seemed ready for bed. I was feeling tired, too, and we figured it was time to turn in and get up early to enjoy the sunrise.

As I doused the fire, Jennifer went over and unzipped the front of the tent. From the corner of my eye, I saw her sit on the log we had placed just outside of our tent and remove her hiking boots. She set them just inside the tent in the corner and then peeled off her socks. Then, to my shock, still sitting on the log, she pulled her tee shirt over her head and threw it into the tent. Now naked from the waist up and as if this was as normal as eating, she stood up and dropped her shorts and kicked them into the tent behind her shirt. Yep, I had been right! She wasn't wearing any panties at all. At this point, she was completely naked with her back to me. She seemed completely unconcerned that a healthy male was just a few feet from her and watching her. Oh, sure, I am her father, but that doesn't make me impervious. After all, she was the vision of perfection as far as the female form is concerned. It was pure hell to pretend that, as her father, I didn't have feelings like that toward her.

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