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Camping with Jolene


A couple of weeks ago my wife Jolene and I borrowed her brother's RV and headed off into the High Sierra mountains of California for a few days of camping as summer comes to an end. We were going to meet another couple we know who like to camp and had reserved two campsites for the long weekend. The ride the campsite would take about four or five hours once we picked up the RV and that would put us in the campground just before dark. Jolene had dressed in a very short denim skirt and a thin white tank top for the ride north and as I was soon to find out did not have any panties on. We left the LA area just at rush hour and found ourselves creeping along in the heavy traffic trying to get out of town. The RV was much taller than our car or pick-up and this put us almost as high as the truckers as we inched our way along the freeway. As Jolene turned in her seat to walk toward the back of the RV I caught a glimpse of her naked, sweet neatly trimmed pussy. I asked my wife to get me a cool drink if she was headed toward the refrigerator. When my wife returned to the front seat she handed me a cocktail as she slid back into her captain's chair and propped her legs on the dashboard. Her short skirt was now bunched up around her waist and her long tanned legs were revealed from her painted red toes to her sweet little bush.

It wasn't long before I came up alongside a semi-truck and since we weren't moving too fast I am sure the trucker got an eyeful of my wife's legs, a fact verified as he tooted his horn as we drove along side of him. Jolene smiled at me then turned to see who was honking at her. My wife looked up into the window of the truck to see a young blonde haired trucker smiling down at her. I asked my wife to uncross her legs and give the guy a show as she tipped her drink to her lips. Following my lead Jolene slowly uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly on the dash, getting another series of short toots on the trucker's horn. As traffic moved along we soon left the trucker behind, continuing our journey in the slow moving gridlock.

I asked Jolene what she thought about the trucker and showing off for him to which she replied he was a good looking man and that it was fun to let him look at her legs, maybe he even caught a glimpse of her pussy. As we talked I noticed another rig coming up and asked Jolene what she thought about giving this guy a show too. My wife smiled that sexy smile of hers and asked what I had in mind as her fingers trailed across her chest and down her stomach to her pussy. As she slid a finger into her pussy I told her anything she wanted to show or do was fine with me, my cock was getting hard and my mind was certainly not on driving. As we came up on the trucker he was talking on his CB, probably getting a report from the trucker we left behind. Sure as hell as we came up on his truck he was already trying to get a look inside our RV window.

Pulling up alongside this big rig Jolene made no attempt to cover up or remove her finger from her pussy. This guy was just about leaning out of his window as Jolene took both hands and grabbing the bottom of her tank top pulled it up over her head giving him a clear shot of her large breasts and erect nipples. This guy laid on the horn as my wife went back to feeling herself and spreading her legs further apart. My cock was rock hard in my jeans as Jolene began laughing at her antics and at the trucker who was looking like he was going to jump out his window and into our RV. Again traffic broke up and we began sailing along the road in the RV. I watched intently as my wife brought herself to an orgasm with her fingers before slipping her tank top back on. Several hours later we pulled off the highway onto the side road leading to the campground and in a little over a half an hour had made our way to the campground. We parked the RV in the reserved spot and made our way to the little shack being used as an office to pay for our stay and see what they had in the way of groceries and such. It was much cooler in the mountains as evidenced by my wife's very erect nipples as we walked to the Ranger shack.

As I was paying for our site and asking the Ranger what we could expect my wife was poking around the inside of the store area looking at souvenirs, groceries and the like. The Ranger taking my money had his eyes trained on Jolene's thin white tank top, as did the man behind the counter at the store, my wife's large nipples pushing against the thin material. Jolene didn't find anything she wanted and after I paid the camp fee we made our way back to the RV. It took us about an hour to set up the RV, pulling out the awning, setting up chairs and a table outside and unloading the firewood and other camping essentials. By dusk we were done and sitting outside the RV having another cocktail and starting the fire for the evening. Jolene and I sat by the fire and had a couple of more cocktails before heading back inside to bed down. There was nobody else near our RV and we thought we wondered when our friends would arrive.

After dinner Jolene and I grabbed a couple of towels and our bathing items and headed off toward the showers a little bit away from our campsite. Even though we had a shower in the RV we decided that the showers at the campground would probably be a little larger and have more hot water. We were very pleasantly surprised to find the showers were private showers, very large, all tiled with a locking door. We both entered the same shower, stripping down and turning on the showerhead as our hands were all over each other. Jolene, completely soapy, bent over and placed her hands on the tiled bench as I slid my cock into her waiting pussy. Grabbing her by the hips I slowly pumped in and out of her tight box then picked up the rhythm until I was pounding her as I pulled her to me. It wasn't long before my wife was panting to my thrusts and I exploded in her pussy as she met me at each push. Gathering ourselves we finished our shower, dried off and headed to the RV just as the sun set. Pretty much exhausted from the drive and the great sex in the shower we fell asleep on the queen-sized bed naked in each other's arms.

We were woken in the morning by the sound of someone moving around outside the RV and peering through the window saw our friend George setting up a tent. Jolene and I did not see George's wife, Rose, and wondered to each other where she was, settling on the idea she was probably in the restroom. I slipped into some shorts, sandals and a t-shirt and made my way out of the RV as Jolene got up to get dressed. George was pounding stakes in the ground like he was trying to kill someone when I walked up to him to say hello. My friend looked up at me, then stood and took my hand returning the greeting. We were talking about setting up the tent and where to put his cooler when my wife emerged from the RV wearing a short robe tied at the waist. As Jolene was hugging George she asked where Rose was as she had just made coffee. George's eyes fell to the ground briefly as he explained Rose and he had been fighting quite a bit lately, maybe the last month or two, and just before they were about to leave for the camping trip Rose had left to go stay with her mother. It was easy to see our friend was depressed as he told us he thought the camping trip would give him some time to be alone and to think.

Well Jolene was having none of that as she grabbed our friend by the arm and led him to the RV telling him she would make breakfast and we could talk more inside. As my wife made breakfast we talked about the hard feelings between George and Rose, it was hard to imagine because they had been married almost six years. Our friend said it mainly centered on her being prudish, not wanting to make love, and just being a downright bitch to his friends when they would stop by. It made me think about a couple of times I had stopped by and Rose had pretty much asked me to leave within the first 15 or 20 minutes of my visit, and reflecting back I had left George's several times without staying an hour many times. My wife turned from the stove with a skillet in her hand asking what George meant by Rose being prudish and as she turned her short robe fell slightly open revealing the sides of her large supple breasts but not quite her nipples. The knot in the robe was just about undone and her long tanned legs and neatly trimmed pussy would be completely exposed if she were to take a step forward.

Like the gentleman he is George stood and took the skillet from my wife telling her Rose would never have thought about wearing such a sexy robe, much less in front of someone other than him. My wife cinched he robe tight but did not attempt to close the top, allowing us the view of her chest. George went on to say that for several months Rose would not dress or undress in front of him and when Jolene asked how they could have sex if his wife wouldn't even let him look at her George replied that it had been more than six months since Rose and he had made love. Jolene stood with her legs slightly parted, the robe open top and bottom to just about her waist, hands on her hips and called Rose an uncaring bitch before moving forward and giving George a big hug. It was all George could do not to spill the eggs from the skillet as my wife snuggled close to him. George set the skillet on the table as my wife released her grip and while standing watched Jolene scoot into the booth next to me, revealing her thighs as the robe opened even further.

We sat and had a nice breakfast as we switched the conversation from Rose and George to the beautiful Sierras and the hiking we intended to do. George said he was ready to head out after breakfast to take a long hike; he kind of wanted to be alone. Jolene and I just wanted to kick around the campsite for a while and maybe walk down to the nearby lake. We agreed that we would meet back at the campsite mid-afternoon to have cocktails before dinner. George and I cleaned up the dishes as Jolene made her way to the back of the RV to get dressed. As George left the RV I told him to be careful and I would see him in a few hours. As the door to the RV closed Jolene stepped from the bedroom wearing a very short pair of cargo type shorts and a halter top that stopped just a few inches from her belt leaving a nice view of her tanned belly. We packed a small backpack and a little cooler and headed toward the lake less than a mile away. As we walked my wife told me how sad she was for George and that she thought Rose was mean spirited and a bitch. We talked back and forth about how our friend must be feeling and being the pervert that I am I suggested that George's sex life probably consisted of his fist. My wife punched me playfully in the ribs and told me it was not my concern or hers what his sex life was.

The lake was beautiful, not crowded at all, as a matter of fact we only saw two other persons all day and they were in a canoe on the lake. About 1:00 Jolene and I decided to head back to the campsite, have a cocktail, relax and wait for George to return from his hike. As Jolene was making our cocktails I moved in behind her, untied her halter-top, let it fall to the floor, and began fondling her large breasts. My right hand slipped down her stomach and into the waistband of her shorts until my fingers were just touching the blonde hair of her pussy. As I massaged her clit with my finger I asked her what she was thinking about and was surprised to hear her say she was still thinking about George and his situation. I told her I had been thinking about George's situation also. My wife asked me what I meant and taking a bold step I told her I was thinking about watching George slip his cock into her wet pussy. My wife moaned as I pressed on her clit and kissed my way down her neck asking her if that was what she was thinking about. Jolene said she wasn't thinking about sex at the time but it was sounding pretty interesting now. About this time we heard George yell "Hello to the camp" startling us from our play.

Jolene was standing at the counter topless with my hand in her pants as George stepped into the RV, turning his head quickly and then backing out apologizing the whole way. My wife and I started laughing as George fell off the steps and landed on his ass outside the door to the RV. Pulling my hand out of my wife's shorts I made my way to help George as Jolene yelled out the door asking him if he would like a drink. As I was helping our friend stand back up he acknowledged my wife and asked for a double as he was laughing too. George and I pulled the camp chairs into a small circle and had just sat down as my wife stepped from the RV holding the three drinks. Looking up we saw Jolene's long legs disappearing into a very short skirt she had changed into and her tits were pressing against the thin material of her white tank top, her nipples standing straight out. George was focused on her tits and not much else as my wife took her seat across from him. Jolene smiled and said that since she was our cocktail waitress she thought she should dress the part as she handed us our drinks.

I gulped my first drink down, horny and wanting to see my wife parade in and out of the RV and George finished right after me. As Jolene stood to get our drinks her legs slightly parted allowing both George and I a sneak peek of her little pink panties. Watching my wife climb the steps of the RV gave us a pretty nice view of the bottom of her ass, a move enhanced as she made a point of lingering on the top step. Several rounds of drinks later the sun had began setting and the temperature was cooling off. The conversation was heating up as the talk began becoming more risqué with each trip my wife made from the RV. As the sun disappeared and darkness began setting in Jolene suggested we move into the RV where it was warmer at which to her and my surprise George blurted out that maybe the cocktail waitress in the RV were topless! I just about fell out of my chair and Jolene started laughing and telling him he was dreaming but I had a feeling a thought was planted.

We gathered up our drinks and made our way to the RV taking up seats in the cozy living room, Jolene and I on the couch and George in a seat across from us. As we continued drinking my wife leaned against me and my hand naturally made its way to her breasts, lightly rubbing her through the thin material of the tank top. My cock was getting hard and I am pretty sure George's cock was stirring as he shifted in his seat. George stood and said he had to use the restroom as he stumbled out of the RV. Taking this opportunity I pulled my wife closer and began rolling her nipples through the thin material while asking when the topless waitress would arrive. Jolene smiled that sexy smile of hers and told me I would have to wait and see as she let her hand find my crotch and give my swollen cock a squeeze. When George returned to the RV we temporarily stopped groping each other as he made us a round of drinks. As George served my wife and I Jolene asked him about the topless waitress and whether he was going to be our waiter now and if he was where was his g-string. George just laughed and fell back into his chair telling my wife the topless waitress would have to show up first!

Jolene was now sitting in such a fashion that her skirt was almost to her waist and my hand was still lightly feeling her breast. The tension in the air was getting thicker as my wife asked George if he thought she would be suited for a topless waitress job. Our friend, now drunk like both of us, said that he had often thought about what her tits looked like and thought she would make a wonderful topless waitress. Jolene asked if George had ever been to a topless bar to make a comparison whether she had the stuff or not. George stated that as well as having great tits a topless waitress had to have the right attitude, the attitude that the customer comes first. Jolene began laughing and said she was sure he would like to cum first and that customer service was her forte. George said it would be good just to cum because it had been so long and he was tired of servicing his fist. We all about lost it at this point laughing as he showed us his forearm muscle while telling us he thought he pulled a tendon, kind of like tennis elbow but different.

I finished my drink as did George as we continued our banter. Jolene stood up, smoothing her skirt down over her luscious thighs and said she had to use the restroom and made her way to the back of the RV, taking our glasses with her and leaving them on the bar. George and I were reminiscing about our bachelor days and topless bars when Jolene came back into the living room area wearing her short robe she had on earlier in the morning, barely tied at the waist. George and I watched as my wife mixed our drinks and then turning to face us pulled the belt of the robe and let it fall open. George gave a hoot as Jolene slipped the robe from her shoulders letting her large breasts and erect nipples come into view. As my wife slipped from the robe and barefoot slowly walked our way with the drinks the robe fell to the floor revealing a very tight thong that was pulled up into her blonde pussy and over her hips. Jolene came to me first and bending over to hand me my drink gave George a great view of her firm ass, her legs spread slightly, just enough for our friend to see her puffy pussy pressing against the material of her thong. I reached out and gave a slow squeeze to her breast with my right hand before she stood and asked George if he was thirst.

The distance between Jolene and George was only about eight feet but it took my wife several moments to cross the floor as she slowly put one foot in front of the other. Standing in front of George she spread her legs and bent over to give George his drink. Our friend did not take the drink but instead reached up and felt her breasts and hard nipples. Jolene leaned forward setting the drinks on the counter behind him and held herself in place as George hungrily sucked her right nipple into his mouth while continuing to fondle her other breast. I opened my shorts and began stroking my cock as I watched my wife move backward and start swaying her hips while her hands began roaming her body in front of our friend. Moving between his legs my wife asked if she had the right attitude to be a topless dancer pulling her nipples as she leaned backward thrusting her pussy toward him. George couldn't hold out and taking my wife's ass in his hands brought her to him burying his face in her belly and moving his hands over her ass and legs while holding her close.

Jolene reached back and took one of his hands from her ass and moved it to the waistband of her thong helping him slide it down over her hips on side at a time. My wife stepped out of her little thong, her neatly shaven pussy just inches from our friend's face, now totally naked. Jolene took George by the hand and pulled him up to an embrace, locking together as his hands played with her body. During this kiss my wife opened our friend's shorts and pulled them from his hips. Slowly lowering herself to her knees Jolene licked the shaft of his erect cock, circling the head before slowly engulfing it. George looked across the room at me while he held my wife by the head, slowly fucking her face as she sucked his cock. I smiled at him as I stood and removed my clothes still stroking myself. My wife sensed George was about to cum and she pulled back letting his cock pop from her mouth, still stroking it with her little hands. Looking up at George Jolene told him she wanted feel his cock in her pussy and taking him by the hand led him to the back of the RV toward the queen-sized bed. I followed behind them as my wife crawled onto the bed and spread her legs, opening her wet pussy to our friend.

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