tagLoving WivesCamping with Jolene Ch. 02

Camping with Jolene Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Camping with George

As you know we finished Friday evening with our friend George fucking my wife's tight little ass. I crawled in bed next to Jolene as she slid out from under our friend and George went to get a washcloth for her. My wife and I were kissing when George returned and laid down on her other side. As my wife lifted her hips George slowly cleaned his cum from around her ass and then massaged her pussy with the warm cloth. Jolene was in a state of being well fucked as the three of us talked about the evening, about our friendship and about how much George's wife Rose was a bitch and we were actually glad she wasn't here. After all if she had been with George we would not have ended up in bed together, fucking and sucking. The night ended with the three of us falling asleep naked, lying next to each other in the small queen sized RV bed.

Saturday morning came too soon and I slipped out of bed and into my shorts to take a piss, choosing to use the campsite restroom instead of making noise in the RV. I shouldn't have worried about the noise because as I quietly stepped back into the RV I could feel the RV moving to the unmistakable rhythm of fucking and could hear George calling my wife's name and telling her to fuck him over and over again. As I entered the small bedroom my wife was riding our friend's cock as he pumped her up and down with a death lock on her hips. Jolene was gripping his chest with her fingernails as they came together in front of me. From where I stood I could see cum oozing from my wife's well-fucked pussy, sliding down our friend's hard cock and onto his balls. My wife rolled off of George and leaning against the headboard spread her luscious legs and with her long thin fingers beckoned me to her juicy pussy. I wasted no time dropping my shorts and sliding up between Jolene's thighs to lick her freshly fucked pussy clean. I could taste the mixture of George's and her cum as my tongue danced on her clit alternately as I sucked her pussy. My wife pressed my head deep into her wet snatch as she came again all over my face.

Resting a few minutes and gathering our wits we all decided breakfast was in order and still naked we made our way to the kitchen and living room. George and I set the table as my wife started fixing another round of eggs and bacon for the second day in a row. Our friend and I were sitting at the table completely naked as Jolene served us breakfast and slid in next to me to eat. As we were eating George reminded us of the night before as he stopped to tell my wife she certainly had the topless waitress attitude and we all laughed again at the situation we found ourselves in. Jolene's large breasts and erect nipples jiggled as she laughed, reminding me how much I love her tits. We finished breakfast and dumped the dishes in the sink before sliding on some clothes. Jolene wanted to take a shower and asked if we could finish the dishes while she was gone. As my friend and I took to our chore we watched my wife head to the showers wearing a small bikini top and her cargo shorts. George and I talked while we finished the dishes about our open relationship, and how much he had enjoyed the previous night.

I explained to George that once in a while Jolene and I played with a select few male friends and that I thoroughly enjoy watching my wife have sex with and enjoy other men. George asked me who some of the other lucky men were and was quite surprised that he knew a couple of them. I told him many of the encounters my wife and I had with our friends started very similar as last night, mostly unplanned. George smiled and asked me if I enjoyed Jolene being slutty to which I just smiled and returned the question. He went on to tell me that while he had stayed at our house several times, fantasizing about fucking my wife, he had also often had the chance to glimpse Jolene in partial states of nakedness. George mentioned one of the reasons Rose and he were on the outs was because he asked Rose to expose herself to a couple of his friends, that he wanted to see her be slutty once in a while. About that time Jolene stepped into the RV and asked what we were talking about. I explained that we had been talking about last night, my enjoying her being slutty and a little more.

My wife asked what the little more was and George told her about his suggestion to Rose and her being very pissed off. Jolene asked him why Rose was so angry, was it because he wanted to share her or because she wanted to be in control or just what was it? My wife and I were both surprised when he said what he really told her was he wanted her to dress and act as he wanted her to, no questions at least once or month. Rose was pissed and left the house calling George a pervert. My wife and I were surprised as our friend is typically not a demanding person! Jolene was leaning on the edge of table between us, long tanned legs disappearing into some very short boy shorts, when she asked what he meant by wanting his wife to dress and act like he wanted. George looked at me for a few seconds then turned and looked my wife directly in the eyes, their eyes were fixed for a moment, before he spoke again. Still looking directly in Jolene's eyes George slowly said "Stand up and show me your tits, I want my friend here to see them too!"

I watched as Jolene stood from the table, not taking her eyes from George's, a test of will, and pulling her t-shirt from the bottom pulled it over her head. A sports bra covered my lovely wife's supple breasts tightly. It was Jolene's next move that surprised me as she pulled the sports bra over her head letting her tits bounce free in front of her. Jolene and George were still locked in a stare as our friend, still looking my wife in the eye, said "Come here and suck me while my friend Bernard watches". My wife now turning to look at me and smiling and then turning to George lowered herself to her knees and helped him take his semi-hard cock from his shorts before she began sucking him. I watched George take his hands and press my wife's face onto his hard cock with each of her down strokes, his now hard dick slippery with her saliva.

As my wife sucked our friend's cock, her breasts swaying beneath her, he explained he wanted to just one time or maybe a couple of times have his wife act slutty at his command, no limits. George asked me if I had ever done this with Jolene to which I had to honestly answer no, we mostly agreed or not on the situation, sometimes at her request mostly at mine. He asked me if he thought it would be exciting to have a completely slutty wife for a day, just once, maybe twice, maybe more who would behave as I wanted her to. As he started saying "A slut, a real slut, a real cocksucking slut..." he was fucking my wife's mouth with each of his quick breaths. Jolene muffled as George filled her mouth with his cum, my wife sucking him clean and running her tongue around the head of his cock. George released my wife's hair as he fell back on his seat and Jolene leaned back on her thighs. My wife tuned to blow me a kiss as she wiped the sperm from her chin and lips. Jolene stood, and then bending down kissed me and held me for a second. Breaking her kiss my wife smiled that sexy crooked smile of hers at me and then turned to face George.

My wife, standing topless at my side, facing George put her hand out to him and asked "Now what Master George?" I looked at my wife, turned to look at George who was looking at Jolene, then turned back to my wife who was looking at me. A second ticked when George turned to me to see where he could take this. Jolene slid her hands up her thighs, crossing them at her stomach and then moving them to squeeze her breasts, stepping directly toward him. I motioned my head up and down as George smiled and turned to my half naked wife. We had never done this type of thing before but it seemed like everyone was moving in the same direction. Jolene was now standing inches from our friend's face, her erect nipples protruding from between her fingers waiting for George to speak.

George looked into my beautiful wife's eyes and told her to go put on her shortest mini-skirt and a thin white tank top, no bra and no panties. I asked my friend what he had in mind and he said we were all going out, first to the store then to the boat dock on the lake, he wasn't quite sure what would happen from there. Jolene emerged from the back of the RV wearing a very short and flouncey skirt that showed all of her long legs as she walked toward us. Her large breasts were held tightly by a cropped tank top that left her tanned stomach in view, her nipples pressing against the thin material were almost visible through the almost transparent white cloth. She wore sandals on her feet revealing the red toenail polish that matched her fingernails. Here standing before us was my sexy wife with a gleam in her eye waiting for our friend's next command.

Standing up George took my wife by the hand lead her out of the RV with me following right behind. As I fell in step behind my friend and my wife I watched her hips sway back and forth almost revealing her ass with each step. We were headed through the campsite toward the store when we happened across two men who were getting their boat ready to take down to the lake. George stopped at their campsite and began visiting with them and asking about their open bow ski boat. As we stood there visiting George pulled Jolene close to him and slid his arm around her waist and moved his hand to the waistband of her skirt. His fingers were in the waistband of my wife's skirt, which made it ride lower on her hips, just about revealing her trimmed blonde pussy to our newfound friends. These guys were glued to every movement Jolene made as they attempted not to stare while also trying to get their fishing stuff together. George asked when they were going out and they said in about an hour or so they would be off fishing. He asked if they had room for three more and the taller of the two who was in the boat immediately said yes, looking directly at my wife's erect nipples.

George slipped his hand out of my wife's waistband and asked her to step up into the boat so he could take a picture of her standing behind the wheel. I knew this request was only a ploy as jour two new friends helped Jolene step on the trailer wheel then up into the boat. Her fine ass was in clear view as she bent over the side of the boat before the guy in the boat held out his hand to help her in. As she was bent over three of us had a clear view of her tits under her cropped tank top and as she swung into the boat her legs were spread allowing the tall one to take in her luscious pussy as she entered the boat. George took a couple of candid shots of her behind the wheel before directing her to get out of the boat so we could continue to the store. My cock was almost hard as my wife slipped onto the side of the boat then allowed the two men to help her down, her skirt raising well above her blonde pussy, revealing her wet lips to all of us. As we turned to leave I asked if they would wait for us at the dock to which they agreed telling us to take our time, they were in no hurry.

As we made our way to the store George asked Jolene how she was doing and my wife told him she was hot and getting hotter wondering what he was up to. At this point he looked at me then back at her and told her to remember there were no conditions on his directions. We entered the store arm in arm laughing about what the two fishermen must be thinking and were greeted by the guy working the store. He was on his hands and knees stocking the shelves and took his time standing while admiring Jolene's long legs and pretty feet. We picked up some more eggs, grabbed some bacon, some suntan lotion and were looking at other stuff in the store when George turned Jolene to face him and began kissing her, pulling her close to him. As they kissed his hands moved down to her ass, his hands moving to the bottom of my wife's cheeks, gripping her ass tightly. The clerk gave a nervous cough as they continued kissing and although I was standing in an adjacent isle the low shelves allowed me a view of my wife's fine ass clearly visible to anyone who would look. My wife's legs parted slightly as they continued, her arms were around our friend's neck as they continued their embrace, showing no sign of stopping.

My cock was hard watching this public display of my wife and as they finally broke their embrace George ran his hands up her sides and gently squeezed her breasts together. The guy behind the counter was probably in his early fifties and you could tell he had enjoyed the show as we stepped up with our groceries. As we set our items on the counter George asked the clerk how he was doing and he smiled and said not as good as he could be. George asked him why and he just smiled and looked my wife up and down with a leering gaze, his eyes settling on her large erect nipples. George turned to my wife and said "Jolene dear, please show this nice man your lovely tits". Without missing a beat my wife lifted her tank top allowing her supple breasts to bounce free and continued until she had pulled it over her head. Jolene stood in front of the clerk topless and swayed back and forth letting her tits move from side to side. Without asking the clerk slowly moved his hands forward until he was able to run his fingers over my wife's nipples and gently squeeze her tits. George told her to put her top back on as we had an appointment to attend to. The clerk bagged our groceries and thanked us, not attempting to ring up the cash register.

Back at the RV we put away the groceries and made sandwiches for our afternoon on the lake. Jolene asked if she should bring a bathing suit to which both of us simultaneously said no. We grabbed a couple of towels, loaded a small cooler with drinks and food. As George went to his tent for a couple of items I took Jolene in my hands and we exchanged a very hot kiss, she squeezing my cock as I found her wet pussy with my fingers. I asked my wife how she was doing and she said she could not believe how turned on she was and that she need to fuck pretty soon. I told her I thought she would get enough fucking before the weekend was over, as we broke apart and left the RV. George had started his small truck and throwing our cooler and towels in the back we made our way down to the lake and the boat dock. Riding the short distance to the lake both George and I found my wife's parted thighs as she sat between us.

The sun was now out and shining, the heat bearing down on us as we made our way out to the end of the boat dock and to the only boat tied off, two men anxiously waiting our arrival. As we approached the boat the tall guy, probably in his early thirties held out his hand and helped my wife step down into the bow of the boat. Jolene's long tanned legs being the focus of the four of us as she sat down in the bow seat. George and I handed our belongings to the two men as we made introductions. I introduced Jolene as my wife to Stan, the tall one, and to Jim who appeared to be slightly younger than Stan. George introduced himself to both of our new friends while pulling out beers for each of us. As Stan fired up the boat Jim let loose the lines and we started out across the lake, toasting each other to a nice day on the water. George took a seat next to Stan while I sat next to Jolene and Jim took a seat across from us.

With each wave we hit the boat would bounce up and down a fact not missed as Jolene's tits kept pace with each wave. Jim sitting across from us had the best view of her fleshy breasts beneath the thin tank top, now becoming wet with the spray from the bow of the boat. Ten minutes into the trip the three of us in the bow were fairly wet and my wife's tank top clung to her erect nipples. My wife sat with her legs spread far enough apart to keep her balance leaving a clear view her neatly trimmed pussy. As Stan cut the motor and drifted into an isolated cove the water was like glass as we came to a slow stop. This time it was Stan who pulled the beers from his cooler and as we toasted again you could cut the sexual tension in the air with one of the oars. Jolene sat in the bow of the boat, her legs slightly parted, pussy glistening, tank top clinging transparently to her breasts and four men wondering what the next move was going to be.

It was George who spoke first, "Jolene dear, stand up and take your tank top off so these nice men can see your gorgeous tits." Not missing a beat Jolene smoothly stood and taking her tank top by the bottom hem pulled it slowly over her head as her tits one at time sprang free into the hot afternoon sun. Once we had taken in the view of my wife standing topless between us George continued "Jolene I think it is time you slipped out of that little skirt and showed us what we all are going to enjoy." My wife smiled that sexy crooked smile as she squirmed out of the damp skirt and let it fall around her feet, stepping from it with one foot and then the other. Jolene stood in only her sandals, the sun glistening off of her semi-wet body and then she spoke "George, what would you like me to do now?" as she turned slowly around giving us a look at her entirely naked body.

Stan and Jim were speechless, I was amazed and George was wondering what to do as we watched my wife waiting for the next command, legs slightly spread, hands on her hips and a smile in her eyes. It was all George could do to get out words he had been waiting to say for several moments, "Jolene I think you should show Stan how much you appreciate being on his boat." My wife stepped across the short distance of the bow and slipped right up to Stan perching on her toes as he leaned down to give her a kiss. While they embraced my wife began unbuckling his pants, letting his zipper down and releasing his hard cock. As they broke their kiss Jolene dropped to her knees and began running her tongue around the head of his dick, making circles with her tongue as she looked up into his eyes. Taking his cock between her hands my wife began licking up and down his shaft and sucking him into her mouth. I stood and removed my clothes motioning Jim to do the same as I saw George starting to drop his shorts. Jolene was going to get the fucking she wanted the only question was who was going to be first.

We didn't wait long as George told my wife he wanted to see Stan fuck her now. Jolene let loose of Stan's long hard cock and turned to offer him her pussy doggie style. Stan wasted no time in sliding his cock into my wife's waiting pussy and grabbing her by the hips he began fucking her with long slow strokes. Jolene was still in the bow of the boat and I knelt in front of her offering her my dick that she quickly engulfed with her luscious lips. I was looking directly at Stan as I began fucking my wife's mouth and not being able to hold back began filling her cheeks with cum. Stan pulled Jolene back into him as his thrusts became quicker and harder, his cock erupting in my wife's hot pussy. Jim was sitting naked stroking his cock as his friend fucked my wife until his cum was running down her thighs. As Stan slipped his spent dick from my wife's pussy George was waiting his turn and easily slipped into my wife's cum drenched slit, driving as deep as he could.

I sat back against the bow of the boat and looked at my slutty little wife, cum around her lips, breasts swaying under her as George fucked her from behind, and Stan's cum glistening on her thighs from the fucking he gave her. Even though I had just shot my load in my wife's mouth I was getting aroused watching her fucking my friend. George began grunting a little as he unloaded his juice into Jolene's pussy, holding her tight against him as she milked his cock. As George moved away from her tan ass Jolene asked Jim what he was waiting for. Jim's hands were busy stroking his cock and before he could speak he shot his load, some of it landing in my wife's hair and some streaking across her face.

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