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Camping With My Wife

byThat Man©

Author's Note: The story below is a true story. What I have done is to change the names of all of us to protect our identities.

I married my wife almost ten years ago and we have had two children in that time. One boy and one girl. As usual the sex during the first years was great, normal bedroom stuff but also the quickie in the car, a blow job while driving down the highway etc.

But during the past few years I've started to have a great desire to see my wife with another man. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife dearly and she is a real looker. Just ask a few of my friends who have been at our house when we have had a pool party.

My wife really looks great in a one piece costume.

She works out on a regular basis at the gym and swims lengths at the public pool, our pool being a smudge too small for that type of training.

My wife, Jenny, is naturally blonde, but is also hairy in the most seductive way possible. She has fine, long, almost transparent, hairs on her arms and upper legs. You have to understand though that it looks fantastic on her, not long and disgusting, almost light, and not noticeable from more than one meter away.

I have always enjoyed a hairy beaver, and my wife has indulged me in this. She trims it back slightly so that when she is in a costume no hair protrudes out, but her mound pouts out from within the confines of her costume. I have seen many men watching her at the beach, wishing they were me. At five-five tall, she really looks great.

I must though, stop digressing and regale a story of what happened a month back.

I phoned my buddy and asked him and his wife to join us on a hiking trip into the mountains. He agreed and a few days later, on the planned date, we set off to the rendezvous point at the start of the trip.

Initially though it was disappointing for Jenny to find out that Mikes wife was not there. Mike explained that he had tried to get hold of all that morning, his wife had to work, or lose her job, and that after he could not make contact with us he decided to come on his own.

The initial disappointment having worn off, we got our hiking gear together, locked the cars in the base camp and set off on the brief seven kilo, first day, part of the hike.

At around half four we arrived at the first stopover of the two night hike, the trail returning to the starting point on the third day.

The camp was nice, clean and just what we needed.

Being winter the sun settled early, so we soon got comfortable, relaxed and made grub.

That camp was a no-fire zone, so we just sat around outside, caught up on what was happening in each others lives and told a few jokes.

We turned in early, around eight, and went to sleep. After the first day I didn't even feel like sex and I could tell by Jenny's light snoring that she felt the same. Mike shared the same cabin as us, there being only one, and he was also out like the proverbial candle soon after.

At five the next day we all started waking slowly. After the normal shit, shave, shower and shampoo thing, we ate a light meal and waited for first light. No hiker I know hikes in the dark unless it is an emergency.

Around seven thirty we set off and spent the better part of the day taking in the beautiful sights of nature, walking and relaxing.

We reached our destination at four again and set about preparing for the night. Because this camp was right next to a river and very green, fires were allowed and we had prepared for that. We used the available wood, made the fire, cleaned up in the river and cooked supper on the fire. It was dark soon thereafter, and Jenny and I cuddled up in our open sleeping bag and Mike sat close by.

Within a few minutes I smelled the unmistakable aroma of cannabis. I looked at Mike who was drawing lightly on the joint he had brought with him.

I looked at him and he just casually passed the joint over to me. I took a few tokes and offered it to Jenny who gladly accepted. Up until then I had only smoked the stuff with her on two occasions and that was our third. On each other occasion she had become incredibly horny within a half hour after smoking and I wondered if this time would be any different.

We all just smiled and Puff the Magic Dragon did three full rounds before becoming too hot to hold.

Pretty soon we all were feeling quite buzzy, and Jenny and I snuggled up closer under the covers.

Mike looked cold sitting on his own so I invited him to lie with us, one man on each side of Jenny.

Jenny was soon sandwiched between the two of us and we started to giggle a bit at the most stupid things.

Within a half an hour the conversation had drifted to a sexual nature, mostly initiated by her.

Soon I felt her hand rubbing my crotch and just lay back enjoying the feeling. The relaxed feeling of the cannabis washing over me I forgot about Mike lying next to Jenny as well. I just touched her hand in encouragement.

It was then that I noticed Mike also had a look of lust on his face and noticed a slight moving of the covers over his crotch area.

Jenny was rubbing us both.

I didn't seem to mind at all. I lay there, luxuriating in the feeling of having my woman touching two men.

Time seemed to stop. We each began to slowly caress her through her tracksuit and touch her sexually, slowly.

Her suit was peeled off, and soon I was tickling her tummy and Mike her bush and thighs.

I watched Mike kiss her slowly and caringly, while I gently licked her tummy and chest.

We didn't actually make love but she brought us both to the most fantastic orgasms, just with her hands and body heat. She would turn to each of us and rub us on her warm legs. Our seed spilled on her thighs, and we made her feel really special and wanted.

Mike did however climb on top of her and rubbed himself between her legs and through her lovely bush, but no real sex. It was incredible to watch him do that, without penetration, and her returning his languid kissing. I lay next to her and stroked myself and then we swapped places.

When a woman is wanton, she is, and we made her feelings excited and complete three times before we all fell asleep, cuddled next to the fire.

In the morning we continued our journey and no one spoke of the night before.

I have no regrets about the trip and just advise others that if you have the same fantasies and desires, explore, without actual sex, before actually going all the way.

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