tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 03

Camping with My Wife Ch. 03


I woke up in the middle of the night, all startled and sweaty. I was breathing heavily and could feel my heart racing. Saw the dim light of the alarm clock projected over the wall, it read 3:49 AM, didn't remember bringing the clock with us on this trip. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, I started noticing a lot of other stuff that couldn't be here. After a few moments, I finally realized that I was not at our camping tent, but back at home, in our very room. Took a deep breath, being overwhelmed by a feeling of great relief: it seemed all of that awful stuff was nothing but a bad dream after all.

Turned around, looking for Sue, she was not in bed. I noticed her standing in front of the full-length mirror, she was smiling to herself. I took a moment to appreciate my wife. At 28 she was a knockout. Long blonde hair falling straight passed her shoulders, large blue eyes, full reddish lips just made for sucking cock, a thin waist which gave her a light hourglass figure, large firm but soft breasts, 36C, a perfect tight and round behind and her legs still seemed to reach on forever. She was every guy's fantasy and more.

Got out of bed and moved in her direction, hugging her from behind. "What are you doing, dear?" I asked as I felt her sweet scent.

She leaned back to me a bit, rubbing her tummy, and replied "I'm just trying to imagine how I will look like when the baby grows."

"So we are having a baby?" I asked her a bit surprised.

She stared at me through the mirror, smiled and nodded her head. Our nice moment didn't last long, though, as I heard someone say "Yeah, congratulations." I turned around and saw Alec standing in the doorway, pointing at us, wearing an odd office boy uniform.

I jumped forward, opening my eyes. I was back at the tent, Sue was by my side still sleeping, seemed like all of that was a recursion of a nightmare over another. Where have I seem that uniform logo? I couldn't take any more of this, had to settle this once and for all.

I got dressed and headed towards the restaurant, where I knew either he or any of his friends would probably be hanging out. On my way, I noticed my cell phone buzzing. Reached to it and saw I had a new text message. It was from a private number and it read "Wanna set things right? Find the treasure.". As if it wasn't bad enough this bizarre situation and the nightmare, now I was receiving cryptic messages as well. I really didn't have time to waste, so I kept on going.

I arrived at the restaurant, only to find it closed, it was at least one hour till opening time. Wasn't about to give up that easily so I thought about looking for them at the trailer area. I headed to the back of the restaurant, since it was the shortest path leading there, when I noticed what it looked like a young couple making out. Was about to ignore the two, when I recognized them. They were hanging with Alec that time at the restaurant.

I moved towards them, my rage already starting to build up. As I got closer, I hear what they were speaking. "Come on, baby, don't be like that!" The guy said as he tried to place his hand under the girl's skirt.

"Stop it! Now!" She said in a loud tone, slapping his hand.

That was it, I grabbed him from his shirt and pushed him hard against the wall. "Not only do you hang with a moron, but you have to be one as well!" I said, in an anger burst.

"Where the fuck is he?" I asked, shaking him up. The guy started crying, as I slapped him around a couple of times.

"Look man, I don't know, I swear!" He answered, crying like a baby now.

"You are such a useless waste, get off of my face before I change my mind and paint this wall red with your pathetic blood!" I said to him, not even recognizing my own actions anymore. I let him go, he just started running for his life, without even looking back.

I looked back at the young woman; she seemed a bit shocked to witness all that.

"Are you alright?" I asked her, a bit more relaxed now.

"Yeah, I think so." She replied, half smiling. "No one ever stood up for me like this, thank you." She continued.

"You really should choose better people to hang out with." I said to her, in a serious tone.

"So I've been told." She answered looking down, as she was ashamed of her action.

"So do you know where Alec is?" I asked her, trying to focus on my vendetta.

"Guess he is in trouble, isn't he?" She asked me, as if it was a common situation.

"We have some unfinished business." I told her.

"Well, I am not supposed to tell on him, since I am his, uhm, friend." She said hesitantly, "But I guess I owe you, so as soon as I do, I'll tell you."

"Fair enough." I replied.

"I'm staying at a trailer just ahead, do you think you can walk me there?", she asked me without knowing what to expect.

I didn't want to waste any more time, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to accompany her to her trailer, since I was heading in that direction anyway. "Sure." I answered as we started walking.

We started chatting along the way, she said she was 21 years old and about to graduate from college. She had a break from her studies and decided to go here with her friends, as she enjoyed the shore a lot. After a few more steps we arrived at her trailer.

"So, do you wanna come inside for a while?" She asked me.

"I really should be going." I declined, trying to be polite.

"Come on, just for a while, it's the least I can offer after what you did for me." She pleaded.

"Alright then." I finally gave in.

She opened the door and we got inside. "Can I offer you anything?" She asked me.

"Water will do fine.", I answered her.

She turned around to open the small fridge, but knocked a glass as her arm swung over it. In reflex, we both reached for the glass at the same time, I could fell her soft hands over mine.

Just as we were there standing close to each other, I finally took the time to notice her. She was very attractive, her dark shoulder length hair was pulled back behind her ears and her dark green eyes looked at me with a sort of deep desire. She was dressed in a tight black belly shirt, which clung tightly around her nicely shaped 34 C breasts, and showcased her fabulous abs. She wore a matching skirt, that hung tightly around her toned legs, childbearing hips, and heart shaped behind.

Guess that whole situation got into me, as I leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. She closed her eyes and started kissing me back, hugging me. "I don't usually do this." She whispered to me as she broke the kiss.

"But I really like you, so this must be our little secret, ok?" She asked as I felt her soft hands undo my pants and take my dick out. She leaned down and I could feel her hot breath on my cock. She slowly and softly kissed the head of my cock, and then while looking directly into my eyes, took me into her mouth. I moaned with joy at the feel of her mouth and the sensation of my cock going deeper and deeper into her throat.

"Your cock tastes so good." She said smiling at me teasingly.

She moaned, and then lowered her head back to onto my dick. My thick cock stretched her mouth wide, but she was a good cocksucker, and she was enjoying it. Halfway down the shaft she paused. So she moved her head back up the cock shaft slowly, licking with her tongue the entire length.

Flicking her dark hair over her shoulder, intent only on the cock before her, she began kissing the head, then gently licked down the underside and back up before opening her mouth and lowering her head slowly down the shaft, impaling her mouth on it.

She began to slowly bob her head up and down my thick shaft, slowly working another inch further into her mouth each time, until she had the whole 8 inches in her mouth and down her throat.

Using her tongue to slash at the cock in her mouth, she gripped my dick tightly with her lips and started to build up speed. Eyes closed, she bobbed her head faster on my dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmph!" She moaned around the shaft while holding my hips to guide the cock in her mouth. Not having her hands on my dick allowed her to swallow the entire cock length into her mouth and down her throat, stopping only when her nose met the base of it.

The slurping noises of the cocksucking session filled the trailer, "Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp."

Her head was bobbing up and down ferociously on my cock, willing me to cum down her throat. Her moans became louder and then she felt my hands on her head, gripping her hair, pulling her face down onto my dick. She looked up into my eyes and then for the first time really took notice of my moans.

I held the beauty's head as she sucked me harder and harder, faster and faster, bobbing her head up and down my raging hard dick. She was so good at this, I knew I couldn't hold back long.

"Does it feel good? I know it does, I know I am good at this! I am a great at head!" She said as she popped me back into her mouth and worked me even harder.

I could not hold out much longer, and when she felt me tighten inside her mouth, she began to suck even harder. "Oh fuck! Oh, arghhhh!" I cried as I shot my seed into her mouth. She swallowed everything and continued to milk me until I was bone dry.

"That was nice." She said getting on her feet and straightening herself. "But I really need to go, maybe we can finish it soon." She said winking at me, heading to the door. "Help yourself with anything you want and shut the door when you leave, ok handsome?" She rushed out of the trailer.

"Wait! I don't even know you name!" I said out loud.

"It's Jewel." she said smiling as she left.

I returned to our camp, not knowing what to feel after all that. As I arrived I saw my wife just finishing getting ready. She was dressed in a black form fitting gown slit up the leg to her mid thigh, revealing her fabulous legs and contouring her nice shaped ass, and low cut up top to show off her fantastic cleavage, her hair was wild and draped over her cleavage in a failed attempt to advert prying eyes.

"There you are." She said to me smiling. "Get ready, honey, or we will be late for the cruise.", she rushed me.

I totally forgot about that, we were supposed to take an overnight cruise in one of those fancy large boats docked at the beach's pier. Maybe it was a good opportunity to get away from all this for a while, and help me think straight.

I got ready and we headed to the pier, getting on board just in time for the boat to take off. The boat was fairly large, so we started exploring the place, meeting some people along the way. We went to the casino, won a couple of bucks on the slot machine, then headed to the main deck.

It was already night, the large pool was reflecting the moon as we sat down by the bar. Sue ordered some scotch on the rocks, I told her "Maybe you should lay down the alcohol for tonight, dear."

"Come on honey, it's supposed to be our getaway trip." Sue said as she stared at me with her big blue eyes.

"Alright, a couple of doses only." I told her. She kissed and thanked me.

After we had some drinks, we went to a more private lounge and started making out. We kissed deeply as my hands roamed all over her hot body. She was leaning towards me, I could feel her large firm breasts against my chest, her hard nipples poking through her dress. I reached down, resting my hands at her perfect tight ass, gently squeezing it.

"Why don't you get the bill and we finish this at our cabin, honey?", she whispered to me.

"Sure, dear.", I replied as I was eager for that to happen.

"I'll go and get ready, don't take too long.", she winked at me and headed to our cabin.

Just after I took care of the bill, I heard my cell phone buzz again. Another text message from a private number, this time it read "He is onboard.". Didn't know whether it was true or not, I just rushed to the cabin area not to leave my wife alone. As I passed through the side deck, I saw him there; he was heading the same direction.

"You!", I said out loud. Alec faced my way, looking a bit tense for someone that was cocky all this time. "Come on, man! We both know you are not going to do anyth...", I interrupted his speech with a punch right to his face. He dropped to the ground, as he lost his balance from the impact.

I just leaped forward, hitting him full on, as he tried, in vain, to defend himself. His nose was already bleeding, when I raised my fists for the last punch. Suddenly, I felt a strong blow to the back of my head, forcing me to back off. I turned around and saw another one of Alec's friends, holding one of the boat's floaters. "Fucking coward!", I shouted as it all faded to black.


I regained conscience some time later, major headache raging on. Just went straight for our cabin, worried about my wife. As I entered the room, I kicked what it looked like an empty bottle of scotch, she must have drank it while she was getting ready, waiting for me. I saw my wife laid on the bed, as I approached her I could notice that not only her cunt was all swollen and messy, leaking large globs of cum, but her big breasts and delicate face were all covered in dried cum, almost impossible for a man to do that by himself.

I looked over to the television set, it was on, already hooked to our camera. Once again a note was attached to it. It said "Hat Trick.", a reference to the expression used in sports when you score three times in a row.

My eyes were red with rage as I pressed the play button. The video showed him getting into the room, setting the camera in a clear position. I saw my wife on the bed, she was already breathing heavily, probably due to her drinking. There was very little light, so the camera once again adjusted itself to this condition.

I heard my wife say "Honey, is that you?" He did not answer her.

"Is that you 'smart Alec'?" She asked again, smiling this time.

"You bet," as he dropped his pants and laid next to her on the bed. I could see he had a black eye and a swollen nose from my beating.

"You want to fuck me, kid?" She said, teasingly but very lustfully, "You want to bury your big dick in my little pussy and fuck me hard till I can't walk? Fuck somebody else's wife? You want to cum in my hot unprotected pussy? Fuck the shit out of me? Make me cum? Is that what you want?"

"Hell yeah!" He replied eagerly.

Sue breathed deeply, her ample bosom heaving as she sat back on the bed, squirming with lust. She reached up under her skirt and yanked down her panties, with a lustful look the entire time. "I'm gonna ride you like you've never been ridden before!" She panted, reaching over to stroke his hard cock.

"Come and get some then!" Urged Alec, enjoying her aggression. Sue didn't need to be told twice, she moved forward, straddling the teenager and aiming his erection at her pussy. She let out a scream of pleasure as she lowered herself down onto him, his thick cock filling her clutching womanhood.

"Oh my God!" She gasped, rocking her hips and slowly moving on him. Alec immediately reached up and cupped her sizable tits through her top, squeezing them as she ground her hips and rode his cock. Sue let out a gasp as Alec's hands found her nipples through the clothing and pinched hard on them. She then began to move higher up and down on his cock, bouncing with lust and driving him hard. Alec slid his hands up under the top and grabbed her bare breasts, kneading them roughly and jerking his own hips upwards to meet her bucking loins.

"Damn!" Swore Sue, "If I'd known you were suck a good fuck I would have had you a while ago!" She gasped, bouncing on his cock. I wasn't sure what she meant by that.

"You like it, Sue? You like having a big dick fucking your unprotected cheating wife pussy?" He growled at her as he held onto the tops of her thighs, pulling her back to him with every thrust for deep penetration.

"Oh come on you bastard, fuck me!" Sue groaned loudly, "Ohhhhhhh! Um! Yeah! Fuck! Soooo fucking good!"

"Yeah Sue, you like my big dick inside your sweet pussy?" Alec said as he repeatedly slammed into her harder, "You know what, I'm gonna fuck a baby into you, slut! That's right! I'm gonna cum all inside your sweet wife pussy and knock you up."

"Ohhhhh yeah! Fuck you you bastard!" Sue groaned loudly and raised her head to look at him as they continued fucking, "I love my husband!"

"You love him but you're letting me fuck you for all you're worth?" He smiled at her as he saw the anger in her eyes and thrust back into her with more force.

"Oh! You know, ummmm, I love him! OHH, fuck me! And I've been with him, oh, for so fucking long now, Oh yeah! Fuck me like that baby! Your dick is so big and hard! I've never felt anything like it! You're so fucking good at fucking me! OH yeah baby, yes! Oh yes!" Sue groaned out as she panted for breath, "I don't like you, oh yeah, but your fucking dick is so big and so thick! You make me feel so good! Oh yeah baby please my pussy, fuck me like the slut I am! OHHHHHH! UMMMM! YEAH!"

"Is that what you really want, slut?" He asked as he kept thrusting his cock hard into her cunt.

"Fuck me big boy! Fuck me good and hard! Make me cum!" She yelled while bouncing up and down his hard cock.

"I'm gonna cum inside that hot cunt of yours, Sue" He yelled.

"Oh yes, yes! Cum in me! Oh fuck cum in me, don't ever stop fucking me!" She groaned, breathing very hard, "Ohhh yes I want your cum! All of your cum! Ohhhh! Fill me up, knock me up, nail me to this fucking bed!!! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhh fuck! I'm cumming!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

And with a few final hard thrusts he buried his dick to the base all the way into her. Sue collapsed onto Alec, and as he felt her large tits press hard against his chest, squashing together with her hard nipples pressing into him, I could see his balls contracting as his dick pumped all of his hot cum deep into Sue's pussy and into her unprotected womb.

I saw Sue lay next to him on the bed, her eyes closed, all dizzy due to the alcohol and the excitement. I saw Alec get up from the bed, open the door and let his friend in, the one that knocked me cold earlier. He took off his clothes, replacing Alec in the bed as he leaned over my wife and started sucking on her breasts.

"Ready to go again, so soon?" Asked my wife, a bit incredulous.

The guy placed her legs over his shoulders, as he aimed his hard cock at the entrance or her pussy. The video went black after that, most likely the camera ran out of battery. I was about to tear this boat down, when I heard my cell buzz yet another time. The message read "Soon you'll get your revenge."


As the story approaches its final moments, I'm interested to know whether you guys are more inclined to a good or bad ending. Want to thank again everyone that contributed. Feedback is always appreciated, though if you want be a critic, keep it constructive or don't even bother.

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