tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 04

Camping with My Wife Ch. 04


"It's my turn now big boy." Sue said teasingly.

With those words she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me hard against her chest. Feeling her tits squash against my chest she groaned loudly as my dick drove fully into her. However, she quickly recovered and rolled over so that I was underneath her and she was straddling my hard cock.

Still impaled deeply, Sue let her tongue explore my mouth as she lay on top of me. She withdrew her tongue from inside my mouth and looked down into my eyes and smiled.

"You want your hot wife to bounce around on your big dick?" She teasingly asked, still only inches from my face.

I simply couldn't answer her; I stared at her in awe. Sue just smiled down at me and then pushed herself up so that she was sitting straddling me. She gently brushed her long blonde hair over her shoulders giving me a perfect view of those magnificent round 36C tits of hers. They stood proudly on her chest, defying gravity completely.

I saw Sue shiver and as she spoke; she gently moved her hips back and forth. She was so turned on by this. I just lay there relishing in the feel of her hot tight pussy. Sue turned her head to face me again and smiled wickedly as she looked down. I still couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

"Do you think I've been a good wife then, honey?" She asked smiling teasingly.

"Hmmmm," I said as I felt my dick being gripped tight by her pussy, "I think you've been the best Sue."

"Mmmmmmm, good. I think I deserve my prize now." She said to me smiling even deeper.

"I am lucky to have a sexy wife like you, dear." I replied and rested my hands on her smooth thighs

"Ohh" She moaned, "Then let's fuck, honey." And with those words Sue began to slowly rock her hips back and forth. I continued to stare at her face, and she returned my gaze by looking straight into my eyes. Her pussy felt so tight and good sliding smoothly up and down my hard dick.

Sue was lightly moaning between breaths with her hands lightly resting on the very top of her thighs as she slowly moved back and forwards.

"Ummmm, You are so fucking thick, honey!" Sue groaned lightly never taking her eyes from mine.

Sue smiled down at me and began to move her hips faster and pushing herself down harder onto my hard dick. The bed began to creak and the iron headboard gently banged against the wall.

"Ummmmmm, You like me riding your fat dick?" Sue asked me a little breathlessly, her eyes were lightly closed now and she had her head back a little.

"Yeah, I love watching you fuck yourself on my dick, dear!" I replied, my eyes still glued to her heaving fleshy mounds as they began to bounce lightly now. She was really starting to get into it now.

Sue began to pick up her pace even more, slamming her tight pussy down over and over again on my thick 8 inches. The mattress began springing up as I fucked back at her, meeting each of her downwards thrusts with a hard upwards thrust of my own.

"OOOHHHH" Sue moaned as he slammed up at her, feeling her pubic bone roughly meet his as my 8-inch dick slammed all the way into her.

"Ride me, dear, make those big tits of yours bounce." I growled at her.

"Oh! Yes, yes that's it! Fuck me! Ohhhhhh!" Sue groaned loudly.

Sue placed her hands on my chest for support as she leaned forward a little riding me harder and faster, fucking herself on my hard rod. Her tits were jiggling and swinging as she repeatedly impaled herself.

"Ummmmm ohh! I'm gonna make you cum, honey!" Sue moaned loudly, "Shoot your boiling cum deep inside my fertile pussy!"

I braced myself, gritting my teeth as I felt the pleasure build as Sue sped up, really beginning to let herself go. I knew I couldn't hold anymore as my beautiful wife was riding me hard and fast, I was about to dump my load deep into her womb.


"Honey? Honey, wake up!" I heard my wife calling to me as I opened my eyes, waking from yet another deep dream I was having.

"Still haven't recovered from last night, stud?" Sue asked me, in a teasing mood. I looked around and noticed we were still at our boat's cabin, I could see she was returning from the pool, wearing her skimpy bikini.

"Didn't want to wake you earlier, so I went to the pool deck to work on my tan some more, you've been sleeping all day." She smiled as she headed for the shower.

"Don't worry, honey, we still have a couple of hours until the ship's night club opens up."

I rushed out of bed, got dressed, took my stuff and headed out of the cabin. I had more than enough of that fucking kid and this whole situation. To make things even worse, my cell was buzzing again. Who the hell was sending me all those messages and why? This one read "He is at the lower deck."

I didn't have the time to waste figuring that out, so I headed to the side stairs, which led down to a straight passageway that ended up in the lower deck. That area of the boat was a bit more isolated from the others, which meant it was pretty much deserted most of the time, so it didn't take me long to find him.

I saw him there, he was talking to that girl I met earlier, Jewel. Couldn't hear what they were saying, but it seemed they were having an argument. She was gesturing with her hands and pointing her finger at him, he seemed concerned about her angry state. Finally, she just stormed out of there, turning her back on him, leaving him there talking to himself. He tried to follow her, but she just yelled at him again and told him to leave her alone.

I waited for her to leave through the opposite passageway and started going his direction. I could feel my heart beating fast, fueling my rage. In a burst of anger, I could only see shades of red; I knew I would settle this thing once and for all.

He saw me heading his direction, cornering him; there was no way for him to run. "Back off, dude!" He said, retrieving a golf club from under one of the stretchers.

"Don't you get tired of being a fucking coward all the time, Alec?" I shouted at him, never hesitating for a second.

"I'm serious, man, back away!" He said, clearly shaking now.

"What's wrong, Alec, don't have any of your lame friends to help you now?" I taunted him.

He took a swing at the golf club; I tried to avoid the impact, but it hit me hard to my lower side. I could feel a couple of my ribs making a cracking sound as the cold metal hit me full on.

Even that blow couldn't prevent my blood thirst. As he noticed I wasn't backing off, he took another swing at the club; this time I stopped the movement with my hands, taking the club away from him and tossing it overboard into the ocean.

He started crying "Look, dude, I'm sorry. It's just that your wife is so hot that I..." He never got to finish the sentence as I landed another hard punch on his already bloody nose.

He fell flat onto the ground deck, nose once again bleeding. "I'm sorry, dude, I mean it!" He pleaded as I kicked him hard on the ribs, returning his previous blow. I could not reason as I kept hitting him with all I got.

Suddenly, he took one of the nearby floaters, got on his feet and tried to hit me with it. I managed to avoid the hit, but his momentum prevented him to stop at the rail, going over it and falling overboard.

I looked down at the water, saw him there swimming with the aid of the floater, trying to catch up with the boat. "Start swimming, punk! Maybe you can reach the shore by nightfall!" I yelled at him.

I left him there; the asshole wasn't getting any help from me. I still needed to think about what to do with him when we returned to the beach, but that had to wait as I had to check on my wife, so I headed back to the passengers area.

As I entered our cabin, I could see Sue was finishing getting ready for our night. The thin bluish material of the small dress she was wearing clung loosely to the soft, firm, rounded flesh that made up Sue's luscious body as she stood admiring herself in at the full length mirror.

The thin dress, although loose, still shaped itself around her curves, emphasizing her large 36C tits, which stood proudly without any bra under the thin material. Her slim waist lightly emphasized by the cut of the fabric, and although it was looser than the clothes she had been wearing lately, still lightly clung to her body. And while the eye would have been drawn to the low cut, loose neckline of the dress which showed 4 or 5 inches of Sue's magnificent cleavage, and all of her wondrous tits if she bent over, the hem of the dress was so short that it ended only 2 inches from the bottom of her tight ass, revealing her black lace thong if she bent over too far. The dress itself was held up by only two thin straps, one over each slender shoulder, and could easily slip off and drop the entire dress to the floor.

Sue had finished herself off by tying her fringe back into a small ponytail while the rest of her long blond hair hung straight down her slender back revealing not only her beautiful big, blue eyed face, but also giving a completely unobstructed view of her magnificent cleavage. Once again, her long tanned and toned legs seemed to reach on forever. On her small feet she wore a pair of strappy shoes with a heel.

"Do you like it, honey?" Sue turned around and asked with a glint of horniness in her big, blue eyes.

"You look terrific, dear!" I exclaimed as I approached her from behind and reached for her slim waist pulling her hard against me, my hardening cock pressing against her ass.

Sue's face brightened with a large smile as she felt my hard dick press against her.

"Mmmm, I can feel that you like it." She cooed playfully.

"Well maybe we can fit in one more night of sex when we get back." She said as she ran her soft hand down to squeeze the bulge in my pants gently.

"We better go, but keep that thought, stud." She purred as she gave my hard cock one more squeeze through my pants before moving back slightly. I stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower as Sue finished readying herself.

It was already late at night when we finally left our cabin to the ship's night club. The music was very loud and the place was full as it seemed that it was the only available option for the passengers to hang out at the time.

My wife dragged me to the crowded dance floor and started dancing wildly, rubbing her hot body against mine. I thought I could finally relax and enjoy her company, so I pulled her even closer to me, kissing her passionately. She kept spinning around, rubbing her nice ass against the bulge in my pants, her big breasts crushing against my chest. We both started taking tequila shots as we felt the loud beat of the music taking over.

"I'm definitely going to get laid tonight!" She said as she looked hungrily at me, very drunk.

"I want you, honey!" she gasped into my ear. "I want you now! Take me, fuck me hard! Push that thick cock of yours into my juicy tight cunt and fuck me as hard as you can! I want to feel you inside me now!" Sue whispered in my ear as she gently licked my ear lobe.

She broke our embrace and smiled as she walked through the dance floor, wiggling her ass the whole time. I followed her as she headed to one of the bathrooms. Sue opened the door, checking to see if there was anyone there. As Sue noticed it was empty, she turned around the sign at the door so it read "Out of order", winked at me and entered, closing the door behind her. I was eager to join her there and finally get to fuck my beautiful wife senseless. As I reached for the door handle, I felt something wet being shoved at my face. I tried to struggle as the strong smell of ether made me dizzy, making everything spin around and eventually fade to black.


I came to my senses as I heard the loud bang of a bathroom stall nearby. I noticed that I was unable to move or speak as I was bound by Dutch tape at one of the stalls. The light at the bathroom was very dim and the sound coming from the dance floor was still very loud preventing my muffled sounds to be heard.

I turned around and I could see my wife clearly at the other stall through a crack on the side wall. Her both hands were against the toilet wall, she was bent over with her tight ass high up. I could see someone was feeling her up, roaming his hands all over her big firm tits and perfect behind.

"You want to fuck me right here honey?" Sue growled up at him as she thrust her ass back against his hard bulge, "Then fucking take me! Fucking screw your big dick into my tight pussy until you fill me up with all your cum! "

"He is not here right now, bitch!" I heard the guy say. When he leaned over her to pull her closer I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw who it was: that sonofabitch kid that Alec allowed to fuck my wife last night.

I tried in vain to break free as I watched his hands maul Sue's big tit even more and was soon joined by the other hand, until she stood there with the kid's hands groping and mauling at her big 36C tits.

"Oh, it's you again Alec baby?" Sue said teasingly.

"Alec is out for a swim, bitch! Jack's gonna take good care of you!" He answered as he lifted her short dress over her ass and yanked her panties off, feeling her dripping wet slit with his fingers.

"Oooh! Where is my husband then?" Sue seemed to be really into it, spreading her legs apart even farther as Jack dropped his pants to the ground and started rubbing his big cock all over my wife's hot cunt, getting it wet with her juices.

"He is right into the next stall, whore!" He said to her as he aligned his huge cock head at the entrance of her tight cunt and slowly started impaling her with his massive member, squeezing her tight ass harder.

"Ohh, yeah! Ummm, this is so good," She cooed teasingly, "We're having sex right next to my husband!" At that she really moaned, but kept it as quiet as she could, "It feels so good to have your big dick in me. Ummmmm" And she then bit her own lips lightly.

"You're a slut Sue and you really need to get fucked," Jack said, bringing a light moan from my blond wife, "Who do you want to fuck you? Me or your husband?"

Still moving slowly on Jack's dick, Sue moaned into his ear and began to move faster on his dick.

"Ummmmm! Oh!" She moaned lightly, "I need you so badly" She groaned at the kid pretending to be me.

Jack reached round and cupped both of her tits. Grabbing them on top of her dress, he squeezed and pushed them together roughly. Sue gasped and closed her eyes lightly. He continued to mold her breasts around in the palms of his hands, squeezing and pressing them together. Then he let them go, undid the straps holding her dress and once again cupped and began mangling those fantastic tits.

Holding my hot blond wife by her bare mounds Jack began to fuck into her with short hard thrusts, bringing grunts that were only just held back by loud music playing outside.

"Oh fuck!" Sue lightly moaned, "Oh! Fuck me big boy! Fuck me right behind my husband's back!"

"Want me to fuck you Sue?" He asked while clenching his teeth, he kept his pace slow and steady but he could hardly believe how good she felt.

"Yeah, fuck me." She replied still looking straight ahead.

"What?" He asked her in return, now squeezing her ass once more.

"Enough of this slow shit, Fuck me! Come on I need to be fucked!" Was her reply, looking more annoyed by his continued steady pace of entering her.

"Now that wasn't very nice, maybe I should just pull out an inch..." He was saying but Sue interrupted him.

"No!" She said straightaway at the mention of stopping. She put on a look now, half-teasing and half-helpless. "Please! Please fuck me! I need your big cock fucking me hard"

"Now that's better." He said and let go of her ass.

He couldn't resist it anymore. He reached up and cupped Sue's big tits in his hands and began to squeeze them roughly. He was pinching her nipples and rolling her tits around her chest as she fucked up and down on his dick furiously now, moaning constantly.

"Ohhhh yeah! Feel my tits! Yes! Squeeze them!" Sue groaned loudly.

Jack complied and savagely mauled her tits; squeezing them and pressing them against his palms. He turned his head to look at the crack on the wall as his hands continued their assault on my wife's big tits.

"Oh baby! Oh yeah, yes yes! Oh honey baby! It feels sooo goood! Jack's feeling my big tits as I fuck his big hard dick! Ohhhh it's so hot! Sue groaned loudly, even more so than before. She seemed like she was about to lose control.

Jack reluctantly let go of Sue's tits, it seemed like he could spend all night just fondling her, but I could see his balls stirring now and probably the only thing on his mind now was cumming deep inside my wife. So he reached out for her waist instead and rested his hands on her beautiful hips as they flowed back and forth as she fucked the hell out of him.

"You want me to cum inside you Sue?" He asked with a tight voice. She was really fucking him back. Harder and faster all the time.

"Yes! Ohhhhhhh yes!" She moaned loudly back at him, "I want your cum deep in my pussy!"

Jack started ramming her like a madman until he plunged his cock all the way into my wife's tight cunt and let out a loud groan. I could see his balls contracting as he was dumping load after load of his cum into Sue's hot pussy.

My wife was trying to catch her breath as Jack withdrew his cock from her. I could see the thick white liquid leaking from her snatch and running down her legs. Sue was all sweaty, yet she kept a smile on the whole time.

I as thought it would be over, Jack steps away from the stall, only to be replaced by another one of his teen friends. He was already naked and his hard cock, although an inch shorter than Jack's was a bit thicker.

He dropped his weight forward, thrusting hard into Sue without any warning and catching himself by planting his hands next to her shoulders. Now he supported himself and his face was directly behind hers. He didn't even say any words, just pulled out and slammed back into her as hard as he could.

"Ohhhhhh! Jack baby, you are such a stud!" Sue moaned and smiled up at him as he continued to pound in and out of her tight pussy.

"Call me Sean, whore!" He said out loud, thrusting hard into her.

"Oh honey! I love it! I want to fuck like this every night! I want to fuck all Alec's friends, all of them when you don't know! I want them to fuck me hard and then cum in me! I'm such a naughty slut girl baby, your wife's a slut wife! Ohhhhhhh!" Sue groaned and ground her pussy down, fucking harder with every word, really living the fantasy.

The stall began to shake side to side under the relentless fucking he was giving my blonde wife. The stall door began to shift forward and back with each thrust that he pumped into Sue. Her arms pushed at the wall, pushing her down further onto his raging member and thrusting her hips up to meet each plunge deeper into her.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Sue groaned as he continued his assault. "Fuck me Sean, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh"

"You like my dick deep inside you?" He asked her.

"Ohhhhh yeah it's so big and hard" She had now closed her eyes and had tilted her head back, trying to arch her back to allow him easier access to her.

He watched, as he continuously fucked her, how her tits stuck up from her chest as she arched her back. They wobbled around and shook as he fucked in and out of her harder and harder.

I was unable to do anything, as my hot 28 year old wife carried on moaning into the teenager mouth as their tongues massaged each other and she stood bent over in front of him with all 9 inches of his dick buried in her tight hot pussy.

"Hey baby, I'm just gonna finish entertaining our friend then I'll join you. I hope you're enjoying it, cause I'm about to carry on a fantastic fuck. You know Sean's dick is so big, it fills me up completely and I feel so good when he fucks me with it." Sue said as if she really knew I was right next to her.

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