tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 07

Camping with My Wife Ch. 07



"She shone like the sun in those days

Whispered things into my head

Now I lie cold in my cell

Kissing pills to keep me sane"

Spiritual Beggars


It was already evening by the time I returned to our cabin, the ship was docking at the pier. Tried the handle a couple of times, was a bit relived to find the door still locked. Took the key from my pocket and unlocked the door.

As soon as I entered, I noticed Sue had already packed all our stuff; it was hanging by the front door. I saw her there, next to the bed, getting dressed, slowly and carefully, watching herself in the mirror as she did so. She slowly slid the tiny black thong panties up her legs, over her thighs, and then tied the elastic side laces before letting them snap into place. She turned around and looked at herself over her shoulder so she could see the naked thrust of her ass, and then turned back to see how the scrap of sheer fabric barely concealed her tight pussy, leaving little to imagination.

Moving closer to the mirror and cocking her hips forward, she could just see her labia through the sheer crotch band. She looked terribly sexy, and she ran her fingertip over her crease, enjoying the sight of her light colored manicured nail against the black.

Even when she didn't wear her most provocative and blatantly clothes, which was not the case, she was irresistibly sexy; men admired her with or without her consent; she drove them wild. And yet she was totally innocent. She couldn't imagine why men threw themselves at her feet.

She put on her heels, sexy strappy things that made her legs look even longer than they were, and then the dress. The dress was the 'piece de resistance', a buttery soft black vinyl number that snapped all the way up the front. It was maybe a size too small, so that it now fit her like a second skin, pulling her breasts in and compressing them into an erupting cleavage and showing every stitch of the lingerie underneath. The dress hugged her so tightly that even the cleavage in her ass showed clearly. It encased her in wicked, shiny black.

She finished snapping it up, took a moment to compose herself and shake her hair free, only to pull it back in a carefully done ponytail soon after. Sue turned around to face the mirror once more, and caught a glimpse of me through it, staring at her.

"There you are! I thought you forgot all about me." She said walking towards me, gently hugging and kissing me.

"Hardly, dear." I answered her, kissing her back.

"I just finished getting ready, let's go then, baby." She took my hand and moved towards the door, I followed her close behind, carrying our stuff with my free hand.

We left the boat and got to the beach. The water was clear of any seaweed or other plants that you would see wash up on shore. Sue removed her heels and we walked along the edge of the water hand in hand, barefoot, the waves occasionally lapping up over our feet.

In the distance we could see the clouds breaking and the sun starting to set, the sky blazing in the most vibrant red/orange glow.

We found a relatively dry spot in the sand and decided to sit and watch the rest of the remarkable sunset. Waves lapped at the sand and the call of gulls quietly filled the air as we sat cuddled together on the beach. Hours seemed to pass as we sat transfixed by the kaleidoscope the unpolluted skies provided as the sun was engulfed by the ocean.

I leaned back on my elbows and stretched my legs out as the darkness started to settle over us. Clouds were clearing out and the stars we beginning to light the night sky as Sue laid and rested her head on my chest. Her hand lightly traced up and down my chest as I let one arm come up and gently run my fingers through her hair. Leaning down I kissed her lips softly.

It was a lovely night; we really wanted to enjoy it. We got up and started walking down the pathway along the beach, staring at the view and enjoying our moment together. The moon was casting a distinct light, illuminating the shore, its reflection over the smooth sea helped set a romantic mood, which I very much wanted to embrace, but after all that happened it was hard focusing on that.

I decided we would leave first thing in the morning and I needed to talk to Sue about all the insane things that had happened, there was no other way. Didn't want to upset her right now, though, as this would probably be the last opportunity for us to have some peace of mind during this chaotic trip.

"I'm starving, honey. Why don't we have something to eat at the restaurant and hang by the beach some more after?" Sue asked me in a girlie tone. "Who knows, maybe you will even get lucky." She winked at me.

I have to admit that even caught in the middle of this mess, the thought of fucking my wife did help scare some of the ghosts haunting me.

We headed for our camp and left our stuff there. Sue put her heels back on and took the opportunity to fix her make up. Her eye shadow and black eyeliner enhanced her natural sparkling blue eyes, and her lipstick was uniquely shiny. Her earrings were long, shimmery strands of silver tinsel that flashed with the least movement of her head and gleamed wickedly against her blonde hair. We headed to the car and she perfumed herself, leaving her sweet scent lingering in the air.

The quick drive to the restaurant was uneventful, until we reached the road along the shore. Being a nice night, there was plenty of foot traffic as well and we both seemed to just drift off looking at the passersby.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat at a table close to the one we were last time, the place was fairly empty. A very pale and skinny looking teenager left the counter and offered to take our order. I wasn't really in the mood for dinner, just wanted to get the hell out of that place and be with my wife. Sue ordered salad and juice to drink; the kid wrote it down on his pad and went straight to the kitchen.

Sue started talking about the boat trip and how much she liked it. She enjoyed the fact it was something out of the ordinary and thought we should do things like that more often. I was just trying to shut it out of my mind, my thoughts roamed as she continued telling me her impressions about the trip.

"You are going to that place again," Sue said, feeling I was very distant.

"Just a little tired, dear." I lied.

"I know you, baby. I can tell when something is bothering you," she told me, looking very concerned.

"You never got the chance to tell me what was upsetting you at the boat trip, what was it, honey?" She asked me, her blue eyes staring deep at me.

I wasn't sure if it was the proper place to tell her about all the bizarre things that happened. Her reaction would be adverse to begin with, she would probably freak out, as anyone in that situation would. Sue was waiting for my answer, with a puzzled look, while I decided whether I told her or not.

Luckily, I didn't have to, as the kid returned with her order. There was something odd about him, he looked rather nervous. He leaned over the table to serve her, the wide rimmed spectacles that were broken and stuck back together with grubby looking plasters almost fell out of his face as his eyes caught a glimpse of my wife's deep cleavage. He kept his eyes fixed at her breasts, drooling over them as he stood there statically, almost dropping the plates. I was way pissed off, the last thing I needed was another punk kid checking out my wife's attributes.

"That would be all!" I told him in an angry tone.

The kid suddenly realized he got caught staring. 'Josh' was the name written on his uniform tag, he easily fit the typical nerd stereotype: very skinny and pale, greasy hair, pimples all over his face and wearing weird thick glasses. Looking embarrassed, he promptly returned to the kitchen, taking his fucking prying eyes away from my wife.

"The poor boy obviously isn't used to being around pretty girls, and he certainly will never get the chance. He probably went back there to jack off his tiny dick." Sue laughed, making a very small gap between her thumb and forefinger, trying to make a mean joke about the situation in order to cheer me up.

"Unlike you, right honey?" She winked at me, as she moved her right hand under the table and gently squeezed my cock through my pants.

I was feeling her soft hand all over my hardening cock; she leaned towards me, whispering calmly in my ear "Don't be upset, baby, I'm gonna take good care of you, I promise."

Sue gave me a quick kiss on the lips before starting eating her meal. Somehow, the little time we were spending together was improving my mood, I was starting to get confident that I would find a way to put it all this mess behind us.

We chatted casually as she ate her dinner. There was no point in extending our stay there, so as soon as she finished, I left the money at the table and we left, heading for the small park area where we left our car.

Just when we were about to get in the car, I heard some loud noises coming from the side alley. Last time something went on there, it was one of Alec's friends trying to force himself over Jewel.

"Take the car, dear. I will meet you at our camp soon, just need to check on something first." I said to her, handing her the car keys.

"Ok, baby, but don't take too long, we have some unfinished business." She answered, winking at me.

Sue took the car keys, but there seemed to be something wrong with her, she looked a bit distracted herself, couldn't keep her focus.

"Are you alright, dear?" I asked, worried.

"Yeah, baby, don't worry. I'm just a bit tired too. Just don't take too long, ok?" She kissed me, before starting the car and taking the inner darker road towards our camp. I felt a little guilty by letting her go on her own, but this could be something serious.

Indeed it was. As I entered the alley, I saw Alec and another one of his delinquent friends kicking and punching some other teenager, who was already down on the ground, with no chances of defense.

"Hey, assholes!" I shouted at them.

They immediately stopped hitting the teenager, who promptly got up on his feet and started running in my direction, it was the only way out of the alley.

"I owe you one, pal." He told me as he ran past me. I couldn't care about his gratitude as the only thing I could think about was striking them both down.

This was the moment I was expecting, the two punks cornered, without any chance of fleeing. Not without a fight. And I surely wasn't gonna let them walk without one.

"Listen, dude, this has nothing to do with you, just let us go and..." There was no time for talking, arguing or anything else. Alec's speech was interrupted by a hard punch to his face. This time he was going down, and bringing that asshole of a friend with him. The other punk tried to hit me, but even their combined attack would be no match for me. I easily overpowered him, sending him flying to the ground, right beside Alec. I grabbed some rope that was tossed next to the large garbage can and started tying the punks.

I reached for my pocket and grabbed my cell phone. Just as I heard the 911 attendant's voice, I felt a sharp sting behind my left shoulder. I quickly turned and saw the skinny guy from the restaurant holding a syringe; I instinctively punched him once, twice. He was already down, but my arms were heavy, I couldn't keep my balance anymore. My vision started fading in and out as I felt my face hit the cold pavement.


"I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive

Even if signs seem to tell me otherwise"



I woke up in a car, bound by the same rope I used to restrain the two punks earlier. I was in the backseat, Alec was driving, his delinquent friend was on the passenger seat and Josh the nerd was sitting next to me.

"What the fuck do you want, asshole? Why are you stalking my wife?" I shouted at Alec.

"You are one tough dude, I'll give you that." Alec told me as if he was trying to create a virtual bound. "I heard how you nailed both Sally and Linda, quite impressive, actually, didn't think you would have the guts to do something like that." He continued.

"I don't give a fuck about what you think!" I yelled again.

"Calm down, dude, let's keep it civilized." He mocked.

"You are going down, punk! The cops are gonna nail your ass!" I struggled to break free.

"Dude, my man Jeremy here has it all covered, his mom is a cop." He laughed.

"I don't care what she is; I am onto your sick little scheme!" I continued.

"Despite your futile attempts, I don't think you realize what is going on here, but I know you won't let go of this 'situation' easily. I wonder if Sue is worth all this trouble." He rhetorically asked, reasoning upon his illicit actions.

"Then again, dude, your wife has the best pussy ever, never felt anything quite like it! Her cunt never seems to stretch out of shape and no matter how big a dick is in her, it is always the tightest! Damn, I've fucked virgins that weren't nearly as tight as her!" He laughed as he seemed to recall the feeling.

I struggled hard to break free, filled with rage not only by his words, but this whole kidnapping circumstance.

"Since you busted my last cameraman, Steve, I had to find a new one, Jeremy here. And we kind of needed his little brother Josh's help too, as you could see, but he wasn't willing to participate in our, hum 'project'." Alec calmly explained.

"So I had to throw him a bone, you know. He is eighteen and never scored with any chick, so I promised him some pussy." He laughed as he continued with his explanation.

The nerd kid had his face down, in shame, his greasy hair covering his eyes. He was even weirder than I remembered; no wonder why he couldn't get any.

"So he served a special juice to your wife, dude. I am pretty sure she never had one quite like it." Alec taunted.

"Bullshit!" I yelled.

"See for yourself. Look straight ahead, dude!" Alec pointed to a car in front of his.

The driver seemed very drunk, as he simply couldn't keep the car in a straight line. Although the car speed was very low, he could easily lose control at any moment and end up in the ditch. Finally, I realized which car it was: ours! That was Sue driving very erratically and I was now very worried about her safety.

"You piece of shit, what did you do?" I shouted once more at him.

"Don't worry, dude, I'm gonna stop and see if she is alright, hang in there." He laughed.

He flashed his lights and honked his horn a couple of times, trying to emulate a police's car. Sue pulled the car to the side of the road and Alec followed. He parked his car right behind Sue's, the high beams coming from the headlight most certainly blinding her.

"Action!" Alec said to Jeremy, who took a camera from the glove compartment and started recording.

Alec taped my mouth so I couldn't warn her and got out of the car, slowly heading in her direction. Sue rolled down the window as he approached, she was clearly nervous. He had to stand back a bit to see into our car. It was difficult to make out anything inside, even with the aid of the light coming from his car.

Alec started pretending he was an officer and asked Sue for her driver's license. She was anxious by his demand and handed it over, shaking up a bit. He looked at the license then leaned over to get a better look at Sue. I could tell from his expression that he was impressed with what he saw. The growing bulge in his pants was a further indication. His eyes lingered on her substantial cleavage.

He sniffed at the air then asked my wife "Have you been drinking, ma'am?"

"No sir. I mean, I only had juice over dinner." Sue nervously explained him. She was blinking her eyes fast, like she couldn't see right.

"You were going thirty miles per hour over the speed limit. Please, step out of the car." He asked her, trying to make it look real.

"Why?" Sue asked him.

"Just standard procedure, ma'am." Alec replied, pretending to be professional.

"But officer, I can assure you I am not drunk, I just lost track of my speed and..." She tried to persuade him.

"Get out of the car, now!" He ordered her before she could say another word.

Alec stepped away as Sue opened the car door in a rush. She held the hem of her dress as best she could and swung her legs around. Sue released her skirt and used her hand to brace against the car seat. The hem of Sue's skirt slid up her leg as she quickly pulled herself to a standing position. She immediately pulled her skirt down but it was too late. Sue's quick movements getting out of the car had caused the elastic material of her skirt to slide high on her hips exposing her skimpy black lace thong, cut tightly around her amazing ass.

Alec's eyes got wide when Sue bounced out of the car. He just looked at my beautiful 28-year-old blonde wife and smiled as he witnessed her embarrassment. He drank in the sight of her standing leaning against the car not even looking at him, dressed in that hot outfit. The hem of her dress now ending high up her legs, showing a wonderful pair of long toned legs. He took in the sight of her waist, thin as it was, emphasized more by the clinging cut of the outfit.

His eyes traveled up until they settled on her large 36C tits, encased in that confining, yet too small, top of the dress, obviously not supported by a bra, as the dress didn't even hang on her shoulders. Her tits were luscious. Large and firm looking, squashed together by the slim outfit to create a wondrous cleavage that just pulled any eye straight towards it.

Finally his eyes settled on Sue's face, that beautiful face, with her big blue eyes and her long, straight blonde hair framing it perfectly as it hung in a ponytail down her back, showing her bare shoulders and emphasizing an already large pair of tits. Her full pink lips were set in a disgusted fashion right then, but even that didn't mar her beauty, they looked perfectly shaped.

"Walk the line with your hands out." He ordered, pointing to the white line on the edge of the shoulder.

She gave him a pleading look. He gestured toward the line. Reluctantly, Sue began to walk the line. Her nervousness, high heels and the spiked juice caused her to falter. As Sue fell, Alec grabbed her to break her fall. He managed to get a hand full of Sue's tit as he helped her up. Once again, Sue's skirt slid up her legs exposing her sexy underwear.

"You are clearly in no condition to be driving, ma'am. I have to search you for anything illegal, get up and bend over the hood of the car!" He commanded.

Sue hesitantly turned around and bent over, laying her upper body onto the warm hood of the car. Alec gestured to the asshole filming to get closer.

Alec was right behind her, he did not hide the fact that he wanted to touch her incredible tits, to feel her creamy skin give way, yet resist, his squeezing. He certainly wanted to feel the shape of her body, her legs and waist. His hands were on her hips, his mouth close to her ears murmuring to her.

"Such a sexy fucking ass," he moaned as his hands reached down to cup and caress Sue's smooth asscheeks, barely concealed by her tiny skirt, then sliding his hands around her waist as he started grinding his growing cock against her firm, round butt.

"Oh, it's you, honey!" Sue said out loud, judgment impaired, thinking it was me role playing once more.

"Yeah, baby! It's me alright!" He answered her, pretending to be me.

Sue stood still for a second, hand gripping the windshield's wipers, her eyes closed as Alec's hands slid up her body to cover her tits, palming the firm, fleshy globes, and thumbs rubbing over the outlines of her stiff nipples.

"Oh my, is it really necessary, honey, I mean, officer, sir?" She sighed as he fondled her tits gently, palms firmly against the hood now, eyes still closed.

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