Camping with My Wife Ch. 07


"You never know what you might find." He answered her in a mocking tone.

Alec pushed her legs apart as he knelt between them, an involuntary moan escaped Sue's lips as she felt his hand on her inner thighs. His hands slid slowly up over the curve of her ass, gripping and groping forcefully before working the back of her short skirt up over the solid slopes of her asscheeks.

Now all that separated him from his fantasy was a skimpy pair of black panties. He leaned down and placed his nose up against her panty-covered mound and inhaled deeply. The scent of arousal was unmistakable as he began to gently lick her though her panties.

"Oh baby... Oh, yes!" Sue moaned as she felt his tongue through the thin fabric.

He continued his assault until he could take it no more, and quickly using his hands, pushed her panties to the side. Sue shivered as she felt the cool air on her hot pussy, and she moaned with delight as she felt his tongue make contact with her.

"Oh, God! Yes!" She cried as he dove face first into her, using his tongue like an examination probe he explored every millimeter of her femininity and savored the taste along the way. He plunged his tongue into her deeper and deeper, leaving no region neither ignored nor neglected. His tongue teased her labia and massaged her clit, while his finger slid deep up inside of her. Sue's response was to slip her hands under her dress and massage her nipples, while grinding her pussy into his face.

He slowly circled his tongue inside of her and gently massaged her clit, as he clamped his hands firmly around her waist. She moaned with delight and once again grabbed the wipers as he continued to feed on her femininity. As he was involved in his eating of my wife, he was unaware of his asshole of a friend silently making his way closer to them, to film the action at a better position.

"Oh baby, oh you're so good... Oh God... Oh please... Honey... Oh please, baby," Sue cried as she felt it begin to build inside of her.

Alec responded by clamping his hands to her ass and feasting on her pussy like a starving man. His tongue went into overdrive, fueled by desiring his mouth where it was right now, between the legs of my stunning wife.

"Oh God...Oh Yes! Oh Fuck!" Sue yelled as a volcano of pleasure erupted inside of her and waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body. Alec lapped up all of her juices and then, rising up to meet her, kissed her deeply on the mouth. Sue could taste her flavor on his tongue as she gently sucked it.

Sue let the back of her head rest on his shoulder, tilting it slightly to give him easier access to her sensitive neck as he planted soft, wet suckkisses all along the tender flesh, her hands starting to caress his forearms as he continued to fondle and tease her tits. With a soft moan Sue arched her back slightly, pressing her full, firm ass back into his crotch, Alec groaning in response.

"I can't let this happen." Sue said, breaking the kiss and trying to twist away from his forceful grip, really getting into the role play thing.

"OW!" she yelped, feeling the palm of his hand come down on her ass.

"I'm going to spank that fine ass of yours until you learn to respect the authorities!" Alec slurred.

"No, I don't think I'm going to let you do that." Sue said regretting the words instantly.

Alec's first blow connected with a resounding slap, the second she caught. The kid was caught off guard as Sue attempted to flip him to the floor. Quick legs tripped her escape, causing her to fall further over the car's hood.

Sue suddenly felt Alec's mouth on her neck, his body sprawled over hers.

"I'll bet you would love a hickey now." He teased her.

"You wouldn't dare." Sue said, completely still now.

"Wouldn't I?" He said, his mouth suddenly releasing her neck and coming down on her pretty red lips. Alec's clumsy attempts to feel her up began again in earnest. Feeling his way along her smooth thighs until his hand was completely hidden under her dress. His fingers massaged her clit, forcing her panties inside her. Sue gasped into Alec's mouth, and her body jerked beneath him. Alec's second hand was busy kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers; rough lips crushed hers in a grinding manner.

The harsh pinching of her nipples sent electric waves through her body, and that damn kiss. Alec's fingers inched there way between the crease of her top, and he savagely ripped the thin material apart. The small buttons that held her top together scattered in no particular direction. Alec's tongue hung out of his mouth as he drooled in anticipation.

Before she could roll away from him, he turned her around facing him, his mouth came down on her breasts. Her breasts barely fit within his hands as he squeezed and groped them, pinching her erect nipples between nibbling teeth. Franticly, Alec moved back and forth from one breast to the other, probably wishing his mouth was bigger.

Sue's mouth accepted the probing kiss, her tongue licking the underside of his. Alec's hands began to explore Sue firm body, down her slim waist and over her hips. His caresses were not smooth and planned out. He was awkward in his approach, clumsy like an average eighteen year old boy would be.

Sues fingernails scraped across the hood of the car, Alec's mouth was torturing her nipples in a barbaric manner. His knees had worked between her legs prying them apart. Attempts to close her legs just brought him in closer; her pounding fists on his back had no effect on him. He continued kneading and sucking her tits like it was his first and last time.

Once again, Alec spun her around, forcing her down over the hood of the car, her bare tits smashing against the warm metal. Suddenly Sue gasped, her eyes opening wide, looking straight ahead. She obviously could feel his cock through his pants.

"Oh shit, baby, it really does feel huge," she whispered, her hands leaving his arms and reaching for some leverage as he pushed his bulge even tighter into the warm, yielding crevice of her asscheeks. Alec's only response was to lean farther over her shoulder and begin nuzzling her mouth with his own, sucking at her lips, his hands sliding underneath her top to begin feeling and fondling her bare titflesh.

"It feels like a fucking arm down there," Sue continued. The rock hard cock trapped by his pants rubbed against her vagina, twitching and pulsating against her. Seemed like she could feel its heat through the pants and her panties and felt herself giving in, forgetting the fight.

Alec released Sue's breasts, and began dropping his clothes. Sue's skirt was bunched up around her waist revealing the wetness of her panties. Her top rested under her firm breasts forcing them alluringly upward. Handprints adorned her flesh and the kid's saliva oozed downward from her erect nipples to her flat stomach.

A pile of clothes laid behind Alec, his cock jutting upward bouncing off of his stomach. Perspiration trickled down Sue's forehead as she tried to squirm across the car's hood away from the menacing teenager and the cock that dripped pre-cum down its length.

He closed the distance between them; she felt his hands sliding up the outside of her dress, reaching the small zipper that ran upward across her hips. The sound of the zipper going down was soft almost silent yet it seemed to echo throughout the night.

Her black lace panties were thin, and very soft, Alec licked his lips in anticipation. The dress was pulled rapidly down her long legs. The kid wanted to relish this, make it last, and a sneering chuckle escaped his lips. His sadistic laugh made her feel embarrassed.

"What's so damned funny?" She asked covering her heaving breasts and erect nipples with crossed arms.

"I can see you are enjoying yourself." He continued.

"It's just that it's exciting, the imminent fuck at the side of the road." Sue said, trying to look away.

"I can see you want my big fucking cock up your tight little cunt, don't you?" He asked her, harshly.

"No! I changed my mind, this has gone on far enough, now immmmpphhhh!" her desperate attempt to reach him was cut off. His kiss brutally covered her mouth, his hands held her face in place while he literally tongue fucked her gasping throat, then reached for her knees spreading them apart.

Alec positioned himself between her legs and began running the entire length of his blood engorged cock over her tiny panty covered clitoris. Back and forth with rapid movements, she felt the large head press against her, almost inside her before slipping away and allowing the rest of his cock slide across the wet panties. It seemed to last an eternity before she felt the tight swollen nut sac press against the cheeks of her ass.

Only Alec's hips seemed to move, his chest crushed her breasts against the hood and his hands held her knees in a tight grip spread apart. It looked like Sue was feeling an orgasm swelling in her tight belly. His nose pressed hers backward and his barbaric kiss remained unrelenting, his tongue probing for tonsils that did not exist. Spittle escaped his drooling mouth and trickled down her chin and neck.

Her eyes closed, revealing light blue mascara, her own perspiration and Alec's slobbering mouth had spread the rest of her un-needed make up across her face. What was a one way oral attack became an entanglement of swirling tongues and locking lips, clinched fists with manicured nails left the hood of the car and wrapped around the kid's neck. Alec had released the long legs of my wife to hold her pretty face, running his hands through her hair as rapidly as his cock moved back and forth over the soaked panties.

Sue's hands caressed his face, her long legs spread wide as the girth of his cock pressed against the quivering lips of her vagina. Alec's hands left her delicate face and his thumbs found the side laces of her panties.

Alec's cock was right between her long spread legs, its precum flowing outward, causing her to jerk beneath him. Her ass squirmed relentlessly back and forth against him, her legs somehow escaped from under his. This just spurred him on to pull her against him harder and then roughly grab her black lace thong and roughly pull it down.

Sue wriggled her tight ass to help him pull the thong down and, in no time, they were sliding down her long, smooth legs and falling in a pile at her feet. My beautiful wife was tongue-kissing this asshole kid passionately while her black lace thong lay in a pile at her feet. Sue kicked off her high heeled shoes before pulling one leg clear of her soaked underwear.

I could see that Sue felt the cool air rush over her exposed flesh, causing her skin to tingle. She couldn't talk, besides the fact her mouth was stuffed with the kid's tongue, a man other than her husband. Even if the mouth was not lewdly connected to hers she would not be able to talk. Her breath was raspy, coming in short gasps, her breasts swollen and red where his hands had kneaded them.

It appeared as if she wanted him to stop, the kid, she wanted to escape his grasp as this role play was too much for her and she figure out something was not right despite her altered state. Alec pulled her lapping face away from his. The swelling in his cock driving him insane, he looked like he had to have it buried inside my gorgeous wife.

Alec moved between Sue's long legs, still gasping for air from the breath taking kiss she was unprepared for the sudden invasion of the large cock-head.

"Wait... It... You're too big!" Sue yelled her eyes wide.

Sue gasped as Alec reached between her widely spread thighs with both hands and guided his large dick to her pussy. As soon as he felt her oozing entrance at the tip of his massive cock, Alec pushed into her soaked tightness. The huge head started pushing into my wife's pussy, I could see her sharp intake of breath as it popped into her, followed by the loud cry as Alec slid his thick cock into her.

"Honey... Don't... Slow... You're too big!" Sue continued whimpering, unable to stop the tearsrolling from her eyes.

Alec ignored her command and pushed his hips forward. Four inches followed the massive head inside Sue's tight body. I could see the walls of her pink vagina spread out painfully. Her back arched and the pretty blue eyes became dilated through fluttering eyelashes.

"Oh! Oh fuck, it's big!" she wailed. "Oh god baby, oh my god!" She cried out.

Her tight cunt encased his engorged cock so tightly that it seemed like he would split her in half. Sues heavy breathing was causing her firm breasts to rise and fall, enticing the kid. Alec inched a couple more inches into Sues quivering body, her eyes closed tightly. I saw my wife spread her legs completely apart, alleviating some of the pain while allowing Alec to sink more of his cock inside her. The kid stared down at her, compassion gone from his sneering face.

Sue's palms rested against the metal hood, head down as she watched him inch his cock into her tight pussy. Tears burned her eyes as she watched him go inch by inch inside her. The head of his cock made an outline inside the flat of her stomach. She bit the bottom of her lip to keep from screaming and watched the massive outline of Alec's cock move deeper and deeper inside her twitching belly. Her orgasms cascaded upon one another with each inch the kid pushed inside her.

Alec paused, letting Sue adjust to his immense size, holding her by the hips now. In that position I had a clear view of my wife's cuntlips stretched around his cock, nearly half of its length still exposed, her clear, sticky wetness oozing out around his prick. After only a few seconds Sue groaned deeply and started wiggling her hips slowly from side to side while thrusting herself gently upward, managing to fuck a few more inches of her straining pussy onto his large organ. She could see at least four inches of his hard cock that had not yet entered her and looked in shock.

"Honey... I... I can't take no AAAAAaaagggh!" She screamed as the kid pushed his hips forward; another inch of his blood engorged cock prying its way inside her stretched pussy. Alec had worked himself firmly between her stretched out thighs.

"Oh God, Oh, Dear God!" Sue cried; she used all of her abilities as a former gymnast and spread her long legs straight outward allowing Alec to push more of his throbbing cock into her. Alec looked like he could not take anymore, she was just too fucking tight, and her pussy clung to him like wet leather forcing Alec to use all of his concentration to keep from cumming. Alec stared down at my wife and plunged his hips forward.

"AAAAAaaaggghhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhgawwwwd!" Sue squealed.

"Oh fuck yeah," she moaned. "Do me baby, give it to me! Fuck my pussy deep!" Sue pleaded. Alec sank the rest of his rock-hard, oversized cock into my wife's drooling pussy in one smooth stroke, until I could see her straining cuntlips hitting the broad base of his cock, Sue groaning in pleasure.

"So deep! Oh yeahhhh so fuckin' good!" She moaned, her words slightly muffled as her mouth met his neck as he lowered himself onto her.

"That's so deep baby, god you big-dicked stud, do it baby, fuck your wife's pussy good honey, take it, take my cunt!" Sue's words were abruptly ended as the teen started slamming his hips downward, launching right into a deep, hard fuck-stroke just as my wife had begged, drawing several inches of his thick, long prick out of her stretching cunt and then pounding it fully back into her, the powerful base of his cock smacking wetly into her oozing pussy as Sue squealed in pleasure.

"OhhhhH!" She groaned loudly as Alec's hands gripped tightly to her slim waist as his dick began to pound her hard.

"Oh Sue your pussy is so fucking good!" Alec groaned behind her as his dick continued to slam into her hard.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck me hard! Oh this is so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm!" She groaned loudly as she pushed herself back onto Alec's rod using her hands and knees for support.

"Oh yeah!" He groaned as he pulled her hard back onto his dick, and reached under her to grab hold of her tits roughly.

"OH! Pump your big dick into me! OH! UMMM! Yeah!" Sue groaned loudly as Alec's hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to his invading rod.

Sue looked like her senses were slipping away as the dick continuously burying itself within her tight hole brought her closer and closer to her massive orgasm. The words pouring from her mouth came without thought. The thought pushed her closer to the edge.

"Look Sue, look at me fucking you in the mirror. Look at my big dick pumping in and out of your hot pussy." Alec growled harshly, his big 10-inch dick fucking in and out of her furiously as his hands mauled her big tits, using them to pull her harder onto his dick.

She, my blonde knockout wife, was bent over the hood of the car, her ass high up and her long blonde hair once again barely in its ponytail lay down her slim back. Her face was contorted in pleasure. Sue couldn't help but moan as she watched herself being fucked ruthlessly by Alec.

"OHHH!" Sue groaned very loudly

"Now that's a sight I just have to videotape!" Alec growled back at her and Sue felt her arms weaken in the pleasure of the thought, not realizing the whole action was already being taped.

Quickly though, before her arms gave way, Sue reached forward to grasp once more onto the wipers as Alec continued to plow ruthlessly into her burning hot pussy. The leverage gave her support and intensified the hardness with which Alec pounded into her. I saw the familiar tingling rushing through her body, I knew she was about to cum and she would do anything for it now.

That was when Alec used one hand to grasp tightly onto her slim waist, pulling her hard against him, and the other roughly took hold of what was left her long blonde ponytail and pulled her head back hard as he fucked her harder than ever.

He was about to fill her up with his cum.

Alec roughly pulled Sue's long blonde hair back, yanking that gorgeous, ecstasy-showing face back hard. He was grabbing hold of those magnificent set of tits as he slammed his dick into her tight pussy.

"OH fuck Sue! That's it, fuck yourself back on to my big dick!" Alec growled as he pulled her hair towards him hard.

"OHHH! Fuck! Yes! So close! Please fuck me! Oh! So fucking close!" She groaned loudly, responding to the rough treatment.

As he continued to fuck her pussy as hard as he could, Alec saw Sue's hands tighten until he thought she would tear the wipers away. Her moaning became loud groaning, and her groaning became loud screams of ecstasy.

"Yes! Yes! Ohhhh! Almost... there! Oh! Fuck me! Ohhh! Yes! Fuck me!" Sue screamed loudly before her pussy suddenly clamped tightly all around Alec's dick sending an amazing wave of pleasure through his dick as he continued his rapid assault in and out of her.

Sue's grip tightened and she let out a loud scream of passionate ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, fuck yes! I'm cumming! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming! Uhhh!" My wife screamed loudly before groaning incomprehensibly between tightly clenched teeth.

Sue shook hard as Alec slammed his dick harder into her the last few times before he too growled at her, as he was about to cum.

"Oh baby, Fuck me and feel my tits! Oh you're so fucking big and hard! Oh! Ummmm! Oh, it's like a fucking baseball bat is fucking my pussy! Oh! Ummm! Yeah! Oh! Fill me up again baby! Cum inside me! Cum in my pussy and knock me up!" She kept yelling.

"You know when your belly is bloated with my kid I'm gonna have to fuck you in the ass." Alec said bringing his hand down sharply on her bottom.

"Owwwwwwww! Ohhhhh,,,gawwwwwd!" Sue whimpered, probably from the sudden spank and the visualization of the large cock buried in her ass.

"Ah fuck! Here you go Sue! Take it!" He growled harshly before pulling her head harshly back and digging his fingers into her slim waist as he buried his big, hard dick as deep as he could within her very welcoming pussy.

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