Camping with My Wife Ch. 07


As his dick expanded and shot the first massive globs of hot, sticky cum deep into Sue's unprotected pussy, she let go of the wipers and screamed louder than ever as yet another orgasm shook through her, triggered by the asshole kid's cum blasting deep into her.

As Alec dumped his cum deep into the womb of my wife, he seemed light-headed. Of course, Sue was ecstatic at that point too, but in a far different way. She was in ecstasy as several orgasms shook her senses out and Alec pumped load after loads of his cum deep within her pussy and flooding into her unprotected womb, pretending to be me.

Sue's orgasm finally began to subside and her body also finally stopped shaking as she felt Alec slowly pull the entire length of his big dick from her pussy. The kid filming zoomed the camera at her pussy, huge globs of Alec's cum started leaking out her cunt down her legs.

"Ohhh!" She groaned into the hood of the car as his dick left her, then mumbled, "Put it back in!" Sue pleaded.

Both teenagers laughed as Alec reached for his scattered clothes, got dressed, took the camera from Jeremy and resumed filming her. His asshole friend dropped his pants to the ground and took Alec's place behind my wife.

He reached down to push Sue down by her arm. She was just like a rag doll in his hands, as he turned her to face him, still thinking he was me.

"Get over here and kneel down in front of me!" He ordered.

Sue straightened up and moved around to face the teenager. His hands went to her tits, he looked over at Alec and his camera and said, "Man! These are some nice jugs she has!"

He looked back at me and said, "Ok, get down on your knees. I want you to hold my dick in you hands. I want you to lick it all over. I want to see you suck on my balls!"

As she kneeled, I saw a continuous stream of sperm running out of her pussy and down her legs. Sue held the kid's big hardon with both hands and began licking the underside of it. She continued to lick her tongue up and down the length of the long cock.

The kid pushed on her head and said, "Now suck on my balls!"

Sue lifted his heavy cock and opened her mouth to take in one of the large testicles. She rolled the oblong ball in her mouth and coated it with saliva before pulling her lips over it and sucking it dry again. The teenager's knees were quivering and he moaned as she sucked on his other testicle. Sue licked his cock some more and coated it with her saliva.

"Suck my dick! I want to cum down that pretty little throat o' yours." He said as he stared down at my beautiful wife.

She smiled up at him weakly, not even strong enough to stay kneeling upright if his hand wasn't on the side of her head.

She looked amazingly hot even red and sweating. Her large tits stood proudly on her chest, nipples standing out, and heaving up and down as she breathed hard. Her blonde hair barely in the ponytail it was in earlier. Her flat stomach and small waist defining her figure. Her beautiful face with her full pink lips and big blue eyes looking straight up into his. She was the model of every guy's lust.

Her full pink lips parted and stretched around his hard member as her mouth sank down every inch of the 8-inch shaft, her eyes never leaving his, held up only by his hand.

"Ohhh yeah! Your husband is proud baby," He growled down at her, pretending to be me, as his dick sank into her tight hot throat. She moaned in response.

As her pretty face sank to the bottom of his dick, the teenager moved his hand from her head for a moment and smiled. He had no reason to do this, she couldn't have moved to suck him off, but he liked looking at her with her mouth around his dick, all the way down her throat. Most of all, he seemed to love the thought that she was only staying upright because she was orally impaled on his dick.

"Mmmmyeahhhhhh," she moaned as she formed her lips into an 'O' and slid them over the fat, shiny head, sucking greedily, her cheeks fluttering, her hands speeding slightly as they kept on jacking his fat, long shaft.

The teenager had one hand in Sue's hair, holding it back out of her face so he could watch her bobbing back and forth on his huge cock. She sucked feverishly, her lips sliding back and forth on his vein-covered shaft.

"Fuck yeah, suck it," the kid groaned. "Suck that big dick Sue, suck it good, get it big and hard, yeah, that's it, suck it Sue, suck it!"

She just moaned as she stared up at him with those big lust-filled eyes.

Roughly, he grabbed her head with both of his large hands and quickly jerked her head almost of his dick and slammed it back down again just as quick.

Her saliva coated his dick as he repeatedly impaled my blonde wife's face on his dick, her eyes never leaving his. Faster and faster he fucked Sue's face, grunting and growling down at her.

"Yeah baby! I love watchin' my rod bury itself into you! I love seeing you suck my cock!" He growled.

Sue groaned loudly and rolled her eyes as he slammed her back down, sliding his dick into her throat.

With a soft pop my wife pulled the large cockhead out of her mouth. I could see her saliva oozing down his shaft and she carefully used both hands to massage it into every inch of his huge cock, her hands gliding smoothly along his entire length thanks to the extra lubrication.

She began to squeeze her tits hard, with all of her remaining strength. He watched her hands roughly squeeze her firm tits and play with her hard nipples.

"Come on, honey," she said, pressing her amazing breasts together. "They're pretty sweaty, so we don't need any lube."

He wasted no time as he poked his large prick between Sue's fleshy globes.

"Mmmmm," he moaned. "Oh, my god, I've finally got my cock between your tits."

She raised her head to look down just as his cockhead emerged from her cleavage. "Look at that big thing," she said. He drove his cockhead forward to meet her hips and she polished it with a loud slurp.

"Fuck, yeah, blow me while I fuck your big rack," He said, snarling down at her. She reached down to her navel and began massaging his nuts. I saw them tighten up and realized he wouldn't last much longer.

"I'm about to do it. I'm gonna shoot my load," he said to her as he dug his knees against the car for leverage and pumped harder than ever.

"Yeah, do it, baby," she rasped, watching his cock service her big firm breasts. "Fuck 'em and come on me. Squirt it all over me if you want to, honey."

"Get ready, there's gonna be a lot!" He warned her.

"I bet you will come in fucking gallons for me, baby!" She said.

His hips went into those familiar pre-orgasmic convulsions, driving his cock furiously back and forth between her shimmying jugs, the underside rubbing furiously against her sternum and the cockhead slamming against her chin. She leaned her head back to give his dick more room.

"Mmmm, yeah, do it, honey," she said dreamily. "Do it all over me."

His thrusts slowed and his balls clenched. "Oh, fuck, yeah," he groaned. "Oh, fuck, Sue. Oh, fuck, here it comes!"

Just as he pulled his cock from between her tits, she reached up and grabbed it.

"Give me that cum! I want it all baby!" Sue said, looking up into his face with a sexy smile as she swiped her tongue over his broad, blunt cockhead.

His knees sagged as he probably felt that all the cum in the world was being shot out of his balls.

"Ohhh yeah! Swallow my cum slut! Swallow it all in that hot mouth o' yours!" He growled as he felt his sticky seed shoot from his dick into my wife's open mouth.

He must have cum for a full couple of minutes into my wife's mouth and it took him a moment to realize that she had swallowed every drop of it.


Were the only sounds other than the teen's groaning that could be heard. Sue gulped loudly, swallowing an incredible amount of his cum down her throat, until finally she aimed his huge cock right at her face.

"Ungh," he groaned. The following blast was a big one, a long stream of cream that poured right onto the bridge of her nose and into both eyes. "Ohhhh." An even longer string followed it. She gave his shaft three quick pumps with her fist and a huge rope sprayed onto her chin. Then one splattered across her left cheek.

"Ooooh, yeah, baby, soak me with it," Sue cooed as she leaned her head back and his cock draped three thick lines of semen from her chin to her hair and onto the sheet past her head.

"Wow, honey, you are really cumming in gallons," she said, raising her head up just in time to get a big blast right into her mouth. "Mmmm," she moaned, quickly taking his spurting cockhead between her lips again.

"Arggggggh, yeah," he groaned obscenely as a good five or six enormous squirts, each of them taking at least a full second, gushed into her mouth. She gulped and moaned.

"Ungh, yeah, swallow it," he ordered. "Swallow it!"

She did—every drop. Well, almost every drop. As her eyes widened with the shock of how much semen he was squirting into her mouth, a gooey white line ran down her chin and dripped onto her neck.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth once more and sprayed three more big lines across the left side of her face. Finally, with his cum shot reduced to a mere dribble, he took his cock out of her skilled hand and stroked it himself, letting the last of his load drip on her chin. She lapped at it hornily.

"That felt so fucking good." He moaned. He scooted back a little and wiped the cum clinging to his cockhead on her left nipple, then her right.

"Mmmm, yeah, wipe it on my big tits, baby" she purred, watching.

Sue swallowed the remaining cum in her mouth as she looked at him, gulping loudly, and said dazedly, "Ummm, yummy! Your cum tastes so good, honey!", and then she slumped to the floor exhausted.

He didn't finish jacking his dick until he shot all of his cum over Sue. Large globs were smeared over her face, leaking through the corner of her mouth and all over her hair. The teenager's seed was all over Sue's big 36C tits and onto her long smooth legs, covering her almost completely and started dripping onto the floor.

"Better clean that up," he said to her, directing his eyes toward all the cum dripping from face, breast and pussy.

"Like this?" she asked him, massaging the white goo into her tits before licking it off. Sue seductively gathered a glob of both teenagers' mixed cum and brought it to her lips. She swished it around in her mouth once and then swallowed the entire glob, reaching down for more until she had eaten what amounted to an entire plateful of cum.

"I wish I could have some more," she said to him, her eyes closed shut.

"Don't worry, Sue, you still have a surprise left!" Jeremy said, laughing, as he gestured for his nerd brother to come over. The weird nerd teen left the car and walked towards them, nervously.

"Come on little brother, your turn, at last!" Jeremy whispered to him, Alec kept on recording the whole time.

Sue hands ran quickly over her smooth legs and flat stomach to grab roughly at her bare tits. Her pussy screamed for attention, and she was craving get it now. Her eyes still locked shut as she seductively ran her hands over her big tits, and down onto her pussy.

The nerd hesitantly leaned down and sucked and teased Sue's lips wetly for several long moments, without being concerned by the fact she just swallowed a whole lot of his brother's cum.

His hand's were moving all over her as she wiggled her ass slowly, obviously lost in the feel of his sloppy kiss. With a soft groan she parted her lips and found Josh's tongue with her own, the two of them licking and lapping at each other lewdly until she sucked it fully into her mouth with a quiet whimper.

Josh placed one hand over her big, firm boobs and left it there as he tonguefucked my wife's mouth deeply, fully, Sue kissing him back with a passion, as if she thought he was me, slurping and sucking at his tongue, moaning and groanint into his open, demanding mouth.

They kept their mouths clamped tightly together as Josh pulled Sue in his arms until she was very close to him, her arms going around his skinny neck, grinding her shapely body against him wantonly, her bare tits pressing into his t-shirt clad chest.

His hands slid slowly down over the curve of her ass, gripping and groping forcefully. The sight of his skinny pale hands squeezing and stroking her firm, shapely and tanned bare ass was like a nightmare to me.

Both of them were groaning softly, the sound muffled by their lewd liplock, Sue tilting her head from side to side as she suckled hotly at his mouth, eagerly devouring his passionate kiss, anxious to keep feasting on the tongue he was feeding into her hungry cum filled mouth.

Lust covered her face; her eyes shone brightly as she turned around and pressed her ass hard against the bulge in the nerd kid's pants. Sue ran her arms up and around his neck, locking around him as his own hands reached round, one to pull her, by her stomach, back against him, the other roughly squeezing her big tit, squashing the soft but firm flesh between his skinny pale fingers.

"Oh baby! I know what you want. You want to stick that monster cock up your wife's tight pussy, don't you?" Sue teased him.

"You want to fuck me right here on the open road again, honey?" Sue growled up at him as she thrust her ass back against his hard bulge, "Then fucking take me! Fucking screw your dick into my tight pussy until you fill me up with all your hot cum! She kept on teasing.

The kid's hand mauled her big tit even more and was soon joined by the other hand, until Sue stood there with the nerd's hands groping and mauling at her big 36C tits, at the side of the road.

Sue's head was back against his chest, reveling in the immense pleasure that his hands gave her as they squashed her big tits together. Mauled her roughly as she pressed her ass back onto his bulge.

Then Sue grabbed his hands and pulled them away from her before moving forward and spinning around to face him a few feet away.

"Come and take me," Sue crooked her finger towards the nerd, smiling lustfully. "I need it more than ever! I am so fucking wet for you!" She sat onto the hood of the car, leaned back and spread her legs wide.

That was too much for the nerd kid, the sight of my beautiful wife before him completely naked. He knew that not in several lifetimes a hot girl like her would allow him such privilege. He quickly kicked off his shoes and started tossing his clothes to the floor. I heard his belt buckle jingle and the sound of his zipper being pulled down. He got himself out of his jeans, uncovering an enormous and rock hard cock that swung heavily before him, under-girded by a very fat set of balls. There was nothing tiny about his dick, as she joked earlier; it was as large as Alec's, if not larger.

The nerd kid quickly got into position between the spread legs of my wife, her tanned skin contrasting heavily against his pale one, and aligned the head of his cock with the entrance of her pussy.

"That's it go slow...oh...oh God...oh yes...slow sweetie...oh yes...oh my God," Sue cried as Josh slowly started sinking his 10, maybe 11 inches into her.

Sue just remained still for a moment, adjusting to the nerd's size. Even though she had fucked Alec earlier, her pussy only ever seemed to stretch around the cock and then return to normal afterward, like an elastic band.

"Oh, God! I have wanted to fuck a hot girl like you for so long... Oh, you feel so good... You are so beautiful... Oh, you're so fucking beautiful... Oh, God!" The nerd cried as his cock continued to push into her.

"Now I want you to think about all the times you wanted to have a beautiful girl, but couldn't and I want you to fuck me with all of that built up frustration," she softly said, the drugs pushing her further into the roleplay.

His cock seemed to grow even harder inside her confines as he heard the words, and began to fuck her with true wild abandon.

I could see her pussy stretch, once more, as it tried to accommodate the huge organ being forced deep inside. Her eyes widened as she felt his cock go deeper and deeper, it filled her completely and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward. Finally, she felt the invasion end as their pubic bones met and his cock rested close to her cervix.

"Oh yes fuck me that's it...c'mon fuck me ...oh god yes baby," she said as he pushed himself into her.

Smiling playfully and biting her lower lip gently; my wife lifted herself up and positioned herself over the nerd's 11-inch cock.

"Now let's see if you really do deserve to fuck a beautiful, sexy girl." Sue said hotly before slamming herself down onto the hard rod of Josh.

"Oooohhh fuck!" Sue almost screamed as the entire length of Josh's 11-inch cock slammed into her at once, all the way to the hilt.

The nerd just grunted loudly, his eyes opening wide as my wife dropped completely onto his dick, impaling herself hard.

Taking her time and relishing the feeling of having a big dick inside her again, she slowly opened eyes that she had closed as the hard member had impaled her, and she looked lustfully down into the nerd's face, although she simply wasn't able to see she was being fucked by someone other than her husband.

"Mmmmm, you are a big boy aren't you!" Sue purred as she concentrated on the cock deep inside her.

"Fuck! I never could have imagined that a pussy could be this tight!" The nerd exclaimed as he stared up at her.

"Mmmmm, then I guess I should show you what it feels like to fuck one this tight! Mmmm, this should be fun!" She replied as she slowly started moving her hips back and forth, relishing the hot feeling of the nerd's big dick sliding in and out of her hot, tight, pussy.

"Oh yeah!" The nerd moaned lightly.

Sue would have smiled playfully but she was lost in concentration. It was like she couldn't even remember what a dick was, but now, with a big one buried deep within her again it was all she could think of.

"Mmmmmm" Sue moaned lightly as she started to speed her movements up a little making her big tits jiggle lightly.

As the nerd's dick began to move in and out of her faster and faster, and the car began to move lightly under the light sex going on upon it, Sue closed her eyes again and lifted her head up slightly.

As Sue continued to gently move her hips back and forth, fucking herself slowly on the nerd's dick, he rested his hands on her long, slim, smooth, tanned legs and squeezed her thighs gently. Sue just moaned lightly as she moved.

"Ah fuck Sue, you've got such a hot body!" He groaned as she continued to push her pussy back and forth on his big dick.

He then reached his pale hands up and once more cupped her large tits and squeezed them roughly, bringing a louder moan from Sue. His solidly hard pole pushing repeatedly in and out of her tight pussy, squeezing the entire length.

"Ohhmmmmmm!" She moaned as she continued to fuck the nerd's dick lightly, slowly moving faster and faster as his hands squeezed harder and harder.

"That's it Sue, just like that! Do it!" He growled as he continued to maul his tits and Sue felt herself smile.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at the nerd, his hands gripping her big 36C tits tightly as she rode his cock. Lust filled her eyes and her smile as she slowly moved faster, fucking herself harder on his 11-inch meat making her luscious big tits bounce up and down lustfully.

"You want me to fuck you harder?" She purred as she took hold of his hands and helped him squeeze her tits. "You want me to fuck you so hard that you shoot all of your hot cum deep into me? You want to try and knock me up? You want to nail me? You want to impregnate your hot wife?" She kept teasing him.

"Fuck, yeah!" He replied several times.

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