Camping with My Wife Ch. 07


"No one's ever taken my cum before!" The nerd said in amazement, staring at his semen leaking from my wife, and Sue managed a weak before passing out due to the combined effects of the drugs plus the excitement.

"Not bad, bro!" Jeremy cheered, giving a loud tap at his brother's back.

Alec stopped recording and took a moment to appreciate his sick scheme.

"You guys take her to her tent and make sure she is 'safe'. We don't want anything to happen to her, do we?" Alec ordered them as he gave back the camera to Jeremy.

The boys laughed and complied with his demand. Alec opened the left rear door of our car and the brothers carried Sue inside, laying her onto the back seat. Jeremy got on the driver's seat and Josh on the passenger's. He started the car and took off, heading to our camp's direction.

"This is as far as you go, dude!" Alec shouted, as he pushed me out of the car. With my hands bound, I was unable to break my fall and, once more, my head hit hard against the asphalt, knocking me unconscious.


When I woke up, the sun was already rising, I could feel the effects of the stuff they injected me with wearing out, my strength returning. I used it to break free of my restraints and rushed back to our camp, on foot, running as fast as I could.

I arrived at our camp site all sweaty and out of breath as it felt I ran a fucking marathon. The car wasn't there, so I rushed into our tent. I saw Sue sleeping inside, which was a great relief. It didn't last, though, as I got closer I could see that she was literally bathed in dried cum. It was everywhere: a thick layer of dried semen covered her hair, face, breasts, tummy, legs and most of all her pussy. It was so much that it seemed someone tried to make a cast of her shapely body and used cum to mold it. An immense amount of dried cum formed a puddle under her ass, some of it was still freshly leaking from her swollen cunt.

Next to her was a bag of pills, they must have forgotten the damn drugs they have been feeding her.

My cell was buzzing, 'Police station, set it right", it read. This time the message wasn't cryptic or anything, it just hinted where I should have gone for a long time.

I just took the bag of pills and turned around to go to the police. On my way out, I noticed the cam they were using was sitting close to the entrance, my wife's black panties tied around it like a present's bow lace. When I get my hands on those fucking kids they are going down the hard way, my mind screamed.

Didn't have the time to watch the fucking tape, I just grabbed my things and headed to the police station.


"Thought I could make it end

Thought I could wash the stains away

Thought I could break the circle if I

Slipped right into your skin

So sweet was your surrender

We have become one

I've become my terror

And you my precious lamb and martyr"



I strode into the precinct as if I owned the building. I asked the on duty officer if they found any vehicle that matched ours, he said I was lucky as they just took into custody a couple of guys driving reckless without the car's registration and pointed me to a room at the end of the hallway. Moving past him, I walked down the hall into the booking room.

I stopped and looked at both brothers sitting at a couch with their head down. In front of them, sitting at chair, a very attractive cop seemed to be giving instructions in a low tone, almost whispering. Eventually, they all realized I was there. Both kids lowered their gaze again, while the cop stood up confidently and walked towards me, almost sauntering.

"Hi, you must be the owner of the car, I'm Officer Kimberly Stokes." She said to me, extending her right arm to shake hands.

"I'm the owner alright." I answered her in a dry tone, shaking her hand but not introducing myself.

"Please follow me to the next room, where I will explain the situation to you more privately, sir." She invited me.

Officer Kimberly had long, straight flaming red hair, which freely swung down her back and framed her beautiful face as she sheepishly smiled at me with her pale green eyes. I could see written in her id tag her birth date, she was 36 years old and had kept her body in shape. I mused to myself as I looked over her long toned legs, tight hard behind and seductive hips. She was dressed in her a professional outfit, a black business jacket with a tight fitting white blouse beneath and a black skirt that was slit up one side, letting her sleek thigh poke out as she walked. Officer Kimberly headed to a room labeled 'Interrogation Room' on her high-heeled shoes, her expansive bosom jiggling inside her blouse as she moved.

Just as she entered the room, I saw someone how seemed to be the assistant district attorney walk down the hall in a rush. "I need the booking room clear right now!" She curtly ordered the uniform at the front desk. He promptly moved the brothers to the room labeled 'Watch room', as he probably knew Officer Kimberly would use the other, locking the door as he returned to the front desk.

As I entered the interrogation room, the first thing I noticed was a huge mirror covering almost the entire wall. Certainly, it was one of those two-way mirrors, in this case used to monitor the activities and interrogations that went on here. It connected straight to the watch room, where the brothers would be probably be observing us.

"Please sit down, sir." She gestured for me to sit in front of her at the central table, which I did.

"I will tell you what happened," She started her explanation. "Jeremy and Josh are my sons; they simply wanted to joyride and 'borrowed' your car." She continued.

She definitely seemed too young to be their mother.

"I am sure you must be upset with the fact, but you know how teenagers are, sometimes they are very immature." She stated, defending them.

"Since there wasn't any kind of damage to your vehicle, I don't think it will be necessary to take any kind of legal action, as I am certain my sons learned their lesson." Officer Kimberly calmly told me.

"Officer Stokes," I started replying.

"Call me Kimberly, please." She interrupted me.

"Ok, Kimberly, I am not sure you know your sons at all." I harshly said.

"Why would you say that?" She asked me, frowning.

"First of all, the car is the least of my problems right now." I continued.

"So what seems to be the problem?" Kimberly asked, trying to show interest.

"The problem is that your children are scum! I will have them thrown in jail!" I accused them in an angry tone.

"What? You can't possibly be serious!" She stated, incredulous.

"Do I look like I am kidding?" I shouted, slamming my fist hard against the table.

"Do you have any proof to back up that accusation?" She finally realized I wasn't joking.

I was about to lead them to Sue, in order to perform a clinical exam, but there wasn't any forced penetration, due to the illusion caused by the drugs, so an rape analysis would only conclude she had rough sex. Then I though about all the cum they dumped inside and all over her, but surely the first thing they did when they were taken into custody was call Alec and tell him to 'get rid' of the evidences, even the tapes.

Finally, I remembered I had the drugs they used on Sue, so I reached for my pocket and grabbed the bag of pills, tossing it onto the table.

"That is the stuff they used to impair my wife's judgment!" I said out loud.

She took the bag and quickly scammed through its contents.

"'Impair' her judgment? Please, I've seen them taking these pills several times, they are only vitamins." She looked at me, like she was relived to see that was the only piece of evidence I had.

"That is impossible!" I angrily replied.

"Are you sure you are not simply mad because you caught your wife having sex with my sons, sir? If that was the case, they are over eighteen, you know, and that is not a crime." She asked me, trying to look professional, but a hidden tone of mockery was obvious.

"How dare you!" I slammed both fists at the table this time. If she wasn't a woman, I'd surely slam it against her face.

"Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to offend you, nor your wife." Kimberly apologized, as she realized her question crossed the line.

I didn't move a muscle, still staring angrily at her.

"Here, let me show you how these pills are completely harmless." She said as she dropped the contents of the bag on her right palm and, in a single swoop, swallowed them all dry.

Unless I was really mistaken, and those were simply vitamins, she probably shouldn't have taken that many pills of a drug that is capable of doing such damage.

"See? Now if you just could follow me to the parking lot, I will get your car released." She stood, walking a couple of steps towards the door, before losing her balance. I quickly got up and held her, avoiding her fall.

"Oh! I suppose I stood up too fast." Only think I could think of replying was "Yeah, right!"

We remained there embraced for a moment, she was blinking her eyes fast, as if trying to adjust her sight to something, just like Sue did. Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed me, never fully closing her eyes.

I then saw her eyes fill of lust and wickedness. A promise of pleasure seemed to bore into her relentlessly. That would be the time for me to stop and tell her that the pills did influenced one's judgment, no matter what the context was. But I saw the mirror again, and the only thing I could think was carrying on with my personal vendetta, so I started kissing her back.

We kissed and kissed, tongues furiously dancing with each others while my hands went down and roughly squeezed her bare ass underneath her skirt. I then grabbed her ass I dad lifted Kimberly up.

Her legs instantly encircled my waist and she locked her ankles behind my back as her arms held tightly around my neck.

Soon my large hands were sliding along Kimberly's smooth, long legs until they pushed underneath the hem of her skirt. Then my hand continued its journey upwards until it found the place I wanted to touch ever since I first saw her.

My hand moved over her large, barely encased tit, squeezing roughly through the thin white material of her blouse. I loved the feel of my fingers sinking into Kimberly's soft but firm tit flesh.

Squeezing roughly on one of Kimberly's big tits for a while, I continued my tongue assault as I thought about how agonizing it must feel for the brothers to witness someone squeezing their mom's big tits, kissing her passionately as her long, smooth and now completely exposed legs were wrapped tightly around my waist, pulling me closer to her.

I quickly reached forward and grabbed hold of her tiny waist in my hands and pulled her hard against me. Her tits mashed against my chest, separated only by the thin white silk blouse and bra, her mouth pressed against mine and opened to admit my tongue to probe inside hers.

My hands reached down and held her close to me by her tight ass, pulling her against my crotch, fondling her ass underneath the black skirt hem as our tongues danced with each others'.

Kimberly moaned into my mouth as I touched her. Suddenly, she felt my arms move from her ass up her back and begin to touch her just below her neck. She didn't realize until I had pulled the small zip on the back of her blouse all the way down her back, undoing it.

Breaking the kiss she looked up at me startled, not offended, just startled, she had not expected this.

"What are you doing?" She asked quietly, although why she was quiet I didn't know.

For an answer I smiled and let her fall back to lean against the center table. I then took hold of her blouse by the tops of the arms and pulled it forward and down, revealing a lacy white bra which looked overmatched trying to confine her 36D breasts. I quickly unhooked it, exposing her large, firm tits to me in all their glory. Her tits were indeed the object of so many men's desires, much like Sue's. They stood, defying gravity, perfectly firm yet soft on her chest. My ogling eyes were no less filled with lust as any other guy who had seen her tits.

I pulled her skirt down over the slopes of her ass, then the rest of the way off her and let it drop to the floor in a puddle around her feet. I looked at her, up and down, smiling as she stood there staring completely confused from the skirt on the floor to my face.

She only had seconds before I pulled her close to me again and pressed my lips back on hers. Her tits instantly squashed hard against my chest. I pulled her tightly against me, her hard nipples pressing into my chest, her stomach flat against mine. The kiss lasted only seconds though, and then I let her go again.

"What are you doing?" She asked him again, still looking startled.

I smiled down at her and said, "I'm settling a score." And with those words I turned her around and bent her over the edge of the interrogation table.

"What about my kids? They are expecting me to return in a minute." She asked as she looked over her shoulder, her flaming hair falling down her smooth, slim naked back.

I was removing my pants as I looked at her bent over, big tits resting on the cold table. She stood before me in a tight white thong cut tightly around her luscious ass, which I simply yanked off.

"Not until I am done!" I said as I finished removing the last of my clothing, "Besides, they can wait while I fuck their mom."

Kimberly smiled teasingly over her slim shoulder, clearly altered, as I moved closer behind her.

"Be gentle with me." She purred as she looked lustfully at me.

"Fuck that." I answered as she felt me line my thick dick up with her wanton lust-filed pussy.

She turned her head around to face the two-way mirror in front of her.

"Oh, well in that case, you better fuck me sir." She said teasingly and almost innocently.

She heard me chuckle, "I love fucking hot moms, especially when they've got sons sitting in the next room," as I pointed to the window.

With those words I thrust my 8-inch dick so hard forward that Kim's thighs slammed against the table.

"Ohhhhh! fuucckkkk!" She screamed loudly.

She was completely pinned against the pool table now, moaning after her initial scream, partly from pain, but mostly from pleasure and the force I had thrust into her.

She couldn't move at all. Her legs were pinned against the table by me being right behind her. Her face was face down, twisted in pleasure in how good my ragingly hard rod felt inside her. Her tits were pressed against the cold table and her arms were stretched out in front of her.

That first thrust into her had driven all the breath out of her. "It's so fucking hard!" She groaned. "But fuck it feels so good!" I wouldn't be surprised if she had big bruises on her thighs.

I hadn't moved after that first thrust of my thick cock into her from behind, I was waiting with my hands resting on the edge of the table and my 8-inch dick buried to the hilt in her hot pussy, for her to recover.

Slowly she recovered and pushed herself up slowly, revelling in the feel of my dick in her from behind.

When she was resting on her elbows, hands flat out and head down looking at the table, I took my hands from the table and roughly grabbed her by her slim waist, and without a word I pulled out quickly and slammed hard back into her, driving her against the table with the force of my thrusts. Kim's head shot up to look straight ahead and instantly, the moment I began moving in her, she began moaning and groaning loudly.

The fucking had begun.

She was totally unaware that right at that moment, behind the two-way mirror, her two punk teenage sons were witnessing me fucking their hot 34-year old mom roughly over the interrogation table. Kim was screaming in pleasure from being fucked by such a big, thick cock, begging me to fuck her hard. Her tits were rubbing back and forth on the table as I fucked her ruthlessly, grunting with each thrust as she groaned and moaned while being fucked harder and deeper.

She was completely unaware that her sons were watching their mom being speared hard against the interrogation table, fucked ruthlessly and loving every second of it.

Meanwhile, I continued to fuck Kim and she drew closer and closer to a mind-splitting orgasm.

"Ohhh! Fuck, yeah!" Sue groaned loudly as I continued my raging assault on her pussy with my thick dick.

I growled from behind her as I held her waist tightly.

"Ummmmm! Oh yeah! Oh! Ohhhhhh!" Kim moaned as she stretched her arms out as far forward as she could, her face down against the table, "Oh, yeah, fuck me! Oh fuck me! Harder! Oh yeah!!"

Kim groaned and moaned constantly from the feeling my cock buried inside her was making her feel. I was fucking her hard from behind; it felt good.

Her big tits were squashed almost flat against the cloth of the table and were rubbing back and forth as her whole body was slammed forward from each of my thrusts back into her. She was slamming her ass backwards, impaling herself back onto my dick, helping each of my thrusts penetrate so deep into her that it looked like she might split in two.

I was holding her slim waist tightly, my hands contrasting with her smooth white skin as I pulled her back onto my dick harder with each thrust.

In no way was I fucking her gently, I was fucking her rough, taking her as I wanted and she was loving it. She loved the feel of me fucking her ruthlessly, most of all though, she loved how erotic this situation was.

"You know, your sons could come in any minute and see me fucking you," I said as I continued banging away into her, "What would you say if they did? Would you want me to stop?"

"NOOO!" She pleaded quickly, hoping that I wouldn't stop. She would have begged me if I had tried to stop right then.

"What would you say if they did then?" I asked between grunts.

"Ohhhhh, fuck me sir! Oh, fuck me with your big dick! Ohhhh! So fucking good!!" Kim groaned loudly into the table top, "Don't stop!"

I continued to slam hard into her, driving my dick home with as much force as I could. My balls slapped against her ass with each thrust and the table shook. Kim wanted something to grab onto for support. I continued to fuck her as I leant down as close to her head as I could with my hands still on her waist.

"Am I better than their father?" I growled.

"Ohhh, yes! More than you fucking know!" Kim moaned into the table cloth.

"Want me to fuck you harder?" I asked in my deep voice.

"Ummmm, oh! Yeesss!" She moaned breathlessly.

I leaned away from her then, fucking her hard again from behind.

"Tell me what you want, Kim." I demanded loudly.

Kim was lost in the sawing motions of my dick, feeling it stretch her pussy wide.

"Fuck me sir! Ohhh! Fuck me with your big dick!!" she groaned loudly.

"Yeah ma'am," I said as I slammed especially hard into her and reached forward to take a hold of her hair.

Kim groaned and moaned, revelling in the hot lustful pleasure she was getting from this hot fuck. The table was rattling and the sounds of her moans and groans could quite easily be heard if anyone was outside the door, they filled the room.

Kim moaned even louder at that thought. She had her eyes tightly closed and her face down on the table when suddenly I pulled her head back by the grip I had on her hair. Immediately she was on her hands, arms straight and her back arched and head back as I pulled her back by her hair.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kim screamed in pleasure as I pulled her back by her red flamming hair.

I only held her like that for a short moment then I let her fall forward so that her back was no longer arched. Still resting on her hands with her head slightly pulled back, I roughly fucked my thick rod between her legs. Kim was in the clouds. She felt so good and her moans reflected that. Her large creamy tits bounced and shuddered from the ruthless fucking she was taking, her nipples standing erect and proud.

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