tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 08

Camping with My Wife Ch. 08



"Setting sun can't shine, now you're gone

Inside sleeping, my heart beating

You know that you tried to hide it

Shouldn't you have said what you meant?

You lied!"



It was supposed to be a quiet getaway from the city, a break from the tedious routine. A moment my wife and I could spend together to enjoy each other's company. Simple as that. But it had turned into something surreal and insane.

While I was driving back to the camp, I kept thinking about all the events that happened in those past days and it didn't make any sense at all. Alec insisted I knew little of his sick scheme, and of course his word was not something you would take for granted, yet he seemed confident I was unaware of his real motivation.

I arrived at our camping site, parked the car and headed straight to our tent. Saw someone inside, immediately assumed it was my wife.

"Sue, are you alright?" I asked, concerned.

"She is not here." I hear a female voice reply, it was Jewel.

"I am sorry, Jewel, but this isn't a good time." I had too much in my head to deal with her at the moment, yet I tried not to be rude.

"I know what is going on." Jewel interrupted me.

"What is it that you know?" I asked, a bit skeptical.

"About Alec, what he is doing to your wife?" She answered me, her eyes facing down.

"It was you who sent me those messages!" I told her, the tone in my voice harsher this time.

"What? No, I don't know what you are talking about, I just found out about it. Alec is my boyfriend. I didn't want him to get in any trouble." She looked confused. "Where is he?" I inquired her.

"I don't know, I overheard him talking to one of his friends about setting the last part of the scheme in action. I don't know what it means and I didn't want for any of this to happen." She said, tears forming in her eyes.

It wasn't fair to blame Jewel, my quarrel was with Alec. She looked really fragile and I felt bad for her. I stepped forward and hugged her, her arms reached behind my neck as her face rested against my chest.

"I'm sorry." She finally said to me.

"It's not your fault you have a stupid punk as a..." Jewel interrupted my speech as she kissed me.

She hugged me tight. I could smell her perfume - extra strong, I thought. Her soft breasts rested delicately against my chest. I could feel the heat of them through the thin fluffy material of her blouse. I could see her beautiful face in close details, her big dark green eyes locked on mine. I knew I wasn't supposed to be doing this, but I couldn't help but feel my cock stirring within my pants.

My hand upon the back of her head eased her slowly backwards and down until her hair was splayed out across a small squared pillow that adorned the bed. My face was directly parallel to hers so we were facing each other. My hands were flat upon the soft cushions of the bed, almost accidentally pinning her arms to her sides. My strong chest inches above her breasts which rose and fell with each deep breath.

My knees inched hers apart and she lowered herself, then I ground my loins tightly against her own. Her skirt had ridden up to reveal a little glimpse of her black silk panties.

"Mmmmpphhh!" Jewel whimpered into the wetness of my mouth as I brought my lips hard upon hers.

Jewel squirmed her tight ass into my lap; my grinding pelvis forced her thin panties against her loins. I relished the taste of her lipstick; my tongue pushed her smooth tongue aside and licked the inside of her mouth.

I ground my loins harder against hers; my mouth locked wetly to hers, my tongue now exploring every ridge of her gums. She gasped into my mouth feeling my growing hardon through my underwear. My fat cock pulsated against her panty covered clit.

I reached down and undid my pants. Jewel's thin black panties and the cotton fabric that made up my underwear were the only things preventing a full belly stuffing assault. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist. Each leg hung off the side of the small bed, her heels waving in the air. She ground her ass hard into my lap, feeling my throbbing cock pressing her panties inside her vagina.

Her back arched as she buried her ass downward, bringing her heaving breasts and gasping mouth upward. Jewel gasped, her arms pinned to her waist she gripped tightly the hem of her skirt. Her firm breasts were crushed against my chest and I could see her hard nipples straining against the thin material of her blouse.

"Should we really do this?" Jewel whimpered.

"Definitely not." I answered her.

She looked at me for a while, and I looked back, glorying in those beautiful ellipses that stared into my soul. Then her eyes flicked briefly down to glance at my lips, before diving onto me, the heat and touch exploding as our mouths united. Her kiss was ferocious at first, needing, wanting, her lips exploring mine, her tongue dancing with mine.

She grinned, and took my hands in hers and pulled them under her tight blouse. The first touch of my fingers on her stomach was electric, the heat was sensational. She made encouraging moans as I slowly moved my hands upwards, over her velvety skin to reach the gentle mounds of her breasts, which were covered by a stiff silk bra that gave her cleavage heart-stopping lift.

She closed her eyes as I gently squeezed her soft breasts, really getting a feel for them. I swept tentative fingers under the bra from above, brushing the backs of my digits against her stiff nipples, noticing how she reacted to the contact. She reached behind herself and pooped the catch, allowing the bra to drop and free her supple mounds completely to my touch.

Then she kissed me again as I held her breasts in my palms and gently pinched her erect nipples between my thumbs and fingers. I sensed what she enjoyed most through the moans she made and the rising urgency in her kiss.

She moaned and leaned back against the bed as I swirled my tongue over her breasts, taking her hardened buds into my hot mouth. As I massaged her cleavage, she started to press her crotch against my hard cock through my underwear and her panties.

Trembling from the flood of feelings I was experiencing, I followed her lead. She pulled my face towards hers, and tackled my mouth with hers, assaulting me with her eager tongue. My senses were overcome - by her sweet perfume, by her velvet skin and her sugary taste.

As we kissed, I ran my fingers through her silky dark hair, holding her delicate head in my hands, before moving them to her shoulders and down to her exquisite breasts. I felt her nipples, and her breathing deepened as I pinched and rubbed them between thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh my, that's so wonderful..." she sighed and began to fumble with my belt, and since she was trying to get rid of my trousers, I kicked off his shoes to help her.

When my trousers fell to the ground, Jewel sighed with pure delight, looking deep into my eyes as her young fingers explored my tight briefs and the beast that lay within. My hands grasped her gloriously smooth breasts and teased her cute nipples and at the same time her hands ventured under the material of my underwear to explore my groin, cupping my balls and gripping my erection.

She leaped back onto the bed as if it were a trampoline. Her legs fell open and she started stroking her panty-covered mound, her expression both enticing and challenging me. Throbbing with lust, I removed my shirt.

Her expression turned to all-out desire at the sight of my bare chest, and her caressing of her mound quickened. Much as the image of such a beautiful young woman playing with herself was thrilling, the desire to move under those black silky panties gripped me mercilessly.

I almost fell onto the bed before her, and began to kiss her coltish legs from the tops of her knees to her creamy thighs. As I moved up her legs, she playfully concealed her panties with her skirt. But I was moving onwards, upwards and underneath the plaid article, driven onwards.

As I kissed my way up her upper thighs, I finally reached her panties, black, soft and moist with her juices. Slowly, I stroked her silk-covered mound with my mouth, inhaling her fragrance, exploring the underlying contours of her most private area with my lips, tasting her sharp wetness through the thin material. Jewel moaned again, deep and long as she felt my tongue through her panties.

"That feels so incredible," she said breathlessly, and placed her hands gently on my head.

I ran my tongue underneath the edge of her underwear, from her hip down over the edge of her mound to within a quarter inch of her clitoris, and up the other side. I touched on the edge of pubic hair, but not very much.

While I teased her through her panties, nuzzling into the moist material that was soaked with her arousal, Jewel began to fondle her stiff nipples.

I continued to tease her, occasionally pushing aside her panties to move closer to her pussy, occasionally flicking her clitoris. She groaned each and every time I did this.

After some minutes of his clit teasing, she had finally had enough. She lifted her hips and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, forcing them down her thighs. I helped her pull the underwear down her gorgeous legs. And there she lay before me, covered by only her skirt.

She looked at me with flames in her eyes, and I smiled at her before burying my face into her dripping snatch. I devoured her like a hungry animal, ferociously licking her soft cunt, tantalizing her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Her breathing deepened, her moaning grew louder and louder.

"Oh yeah," she gripped my head with her hands, driving me onto her with increased force. She was all around me: her heat and softness, her writhing cries, her musky scent, her sweet taste, her pink pussy like a flower in a pale bed.

Her juice was flowing freely and I found he couldn't get enough. Her cries built up and up, rising in volume and pitch, her hands urging me ever onwards, drawing me into her sweet pussy. I alternated between driving my tongue between the folds of her flesh and dancing around her hard little button.

It wasn't long before she hit the ceiling, her thighs closed gently around my ears and her hands pressing me into to an enclosure that was saturated with her sex. Her screams reached breaking point and her body almost went into a spasm, so great was her reaction to the wave of pleasure that surged through her slender form.

I lay down on my back next to her on the bed. Slowly, her breathing was getting back to normal. She turned to look at me.

"That was incredible!" she said, the wonderment evident on her beaming face.

She laughed, and then virtually bounced off the bed and onto her feet. I just lay there, a little tired after such a ferocious ravishing of her juices, but with a hard cock slumbering between my thighs.

"Now it's my turn," she said, and in front of me, she unbuttoned her skirt, allowing the item to fall to the ground beneath her. She stood there, posing for me, entirely nude. Her breasts, firm and succulent, her nipples prominent, her legs slim and long.

My erection sprang to full attention under those briefs, which had dark spots where my pre-cum had seeped from the top of my erection. She saw this, and it urged her on to dance in front of me, seductively touching herself, turning to display her cute behind, bending over to show her wet pussy.

"I'm coming to get you," she said, and slowly, with feline grace, she crawled up the bed towards me. Her breasts hung down underneath, her nipples straight out, her peachy buttocks lilted upwards, her eyes revealed a voracious appetite. She crawled up my body, rubbing her smooth skin against me, before kissing me briefly on the mouth.

She sat up, grinned cheekily, and turned around, straddling me so that she was facing away from me, giving me a superlative view of her back and her cute butt. Unseen by me, she was now checking out my equipment. Even before she touched me, I felt her gaze on my organ. I felt the blood pumping through the veins along my erection, making me harder than ever.

"Mmm," she said, "I love your cock. So thick and hard..." And then I felt her delicate fingers land on me, tracing the outline of my dick through the cotton underwear, circling my balls gently, exploring my size and shape through the flimsy briefs. She made very appreciative noises as she went about satisfying her curiosity.

After a moment or two of her coaxing and massaging me through my briefs, she shifted her butt back almost to my jaw, and lowered her head towards my loins. This action raised her butt so that her pussy was spread open to my gaze again. I watched her juice dripping from her glistening pink folds and then felt a sudden heat at the tip of my cock.

She was gently sucking the tip of my erection through the material of my underwear. I felt her hands grip the base of my erection, and her mouth close tightly over its head.

After a few minutes, I felt her pull my briefs down my thighs, allowing my rock-hard manhood to spring free. She nearly squealed with delight, running her hands over my shaft before taking my cockhead into her hot mouth, swirling her tongue over its surface, sucking and squeezing it like a lollipop.

My hands were holding her in a vise like grip. My heavy balls bounced against her upturned chin.

"Suck harder!" I commanded. And she did.

I pulled her thighs gently towards my face, and I felt her catch on to what I was doing, sinking her back end so that she virtually sat on my mouth, driving her oozing pussy onto my eager lips. While she bobbed up and down on my cock, cramming it into her mouth, I licked her smoldering pussy.

Then she was down at my thighs, her hands on my engorged member. She seemed to be using me as a sex toy. She held my cock, and rubbed it over her velvet skin, over her stomach, her thighs - leaving a trail of pre-cum on her skin. She rubbed it over her mound.

I smiled as she sank slowly onto my cock, an incredibly tightness of unparalleled warmth enveloping my cock.

She moaned softly as she started to sway her hips. Her hands gripped my chest as she got an intense rhythm going. I really had to hold back to keep from just exploding there and then.

"You are the first to ever put a naked cock inside me." She whispered to me.

She had the energy of an athlete, almost bouncing up and down on my cock, caressing her nipples as she did so. Periodically, she would lean forward and kiss my mouth. Then, still with my cock deep within her, she swiveled round, the feeling was intense. She ended up facing away from my face, towards my feet. But then she lay back, flat against my chest.

As we resumed our rhythm, I squeezed her breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples. She reacted to my touch, her moaning getting louder and louder. She grabbed one of my hands and pulled it down between her legs, where I felt my cock sliding in and out of her hot, dripping pussy. She pressed my hand to her clit, urging me to touch her swollen clit as I drove my hard cock into her wetness.

Her moaning grew incredibly loud, and I found myself moving with her, moaning in my own quiet way as the intense sensations built between us. Jewel rocked her hips against me, grinding down so that the top of my cock pressed against her cervix and rubbed up against her sensitive g-spot. She pressed her hands on top of mine, pushing me against her clitoris, and as our rhythm built up to a hair-raising pace, her moans became desperate little yelps.

"Oh, God! Fuck me!" she screamed, "Fuck me, hard!"

Her entire body shuddered as she came, and I felt a sudden rush of her juice pouring down onto my balls, and her climaxing pussy gripped my cock. I pulled Jewel up from the bed; she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck while sobbing against my shoulder. I could feel her cum running down my cum filled balls.

Jewel was not hampered by the confines of the bed and spread her legs out wide as I continued where I left off pounding her sweet ass into the mattress. The strokes were long, hard and insistent. Stars filled her brain as she clutched at me. She cried into my shoulder, her teeth bit down hard into my flesh. My pounding loins came to screeching halt, replaced by a violent grinding rotation that turned her into a sobbing girl.

I spread her legs and moved my hips, lining my hard cock up with her pussy. I could feel her wetness on the tip. Jewel bit her bottom lip in preparation. I thrust forward, my thick dick jamming its way into the beautiful young woman.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned, after only taking half my cock.

I didn't waste any time for her to adjust to my size, I simply started pounding away Jewel's pussy.

"Oh, fuck me!" she moaned again. "You're so god damn thick!"

I remained silent. I grabbed her ass hard, lifting it up off the bed as I pummeled her tight, wet pussy with my fat cock.

"Oh god!" She moaned louder than before. "Here it... here it... Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohh, God! Fuck me, fuck me!" Her pussy squeezed my 8 inch member as she begged me to fuck her.

She loved it. She pulled me closer. She wrapped her legs around me and begged even more for me to fuck her tight, 21-year-old pussy. I sped up the pace. I began to fuck her harder and deeper than she had ever been fucked before.

"Oh, yeah... That's it, right there..." she moaned to me. "That's it... Right there... Right there..."

I moved my head lower and began to suck on her c-cup tits, impressed with how nice they were, and natural, too.

"You're gonna make me..." Her body started to buck wildly. "Cum! Yes fuck me, fuck me! Oh, God! I'm cumming! Yeah, fuck me! Oh, I'm cumming so hard!" She screamed.

Jewel scolded and squirmed her ass downward until she was nearly filled to the hilt. Her bare breasts brushed against my chest. She breathed heavily, gasping inward, taking in my scent as her tight ass squirmed and nestled on my pulsating nutsac that throbbed between her wide spread buttocks. The feeling of complete cock stuffing fulfillment consumed her soul. Her hands were everywhere caressing my hips, moving upward across my body until she held my face in her palms. She stared into my eyes and the world seemed to stand still.

Our bodies laid motionless save for the constant slow grinding, a steady long lasting fuck while I stared into her green eyes that crossed upon us then disappeared to the back of her skull every time I flexed my cock or raised my hips upward pressing the burning skin of my vein covered balls into the crevice of her ass.

Jewel could feel every nerve of my swollen balls as they throbbed against her ass. Her chest crushed under mine, she could feel my heartbeat, hear it, as it seemed to thunder against her. My pulsating cock in her belly matched the thumping heartbeat rhythm by pulsating rhythm. Her pussy was stretched and she raised her hips slightly before pounding them back down grinding her tight perfect ass on my large balls that seemed to throb with a life of their own.

Her soft velvety tongue licked my lips. I caressed her back and forced her ass back down upon my penetrating cock every time she dared to pull away from me. I could feel the head of my aching cock throbbing inside her belly begging for release. But I enjoyed the whispers; the slow grinding fuck that left our bodies in a pool of sweat.

Jewel's legs were splayed out and her toes curled into the blanket as another orgasm began to build in her loins. She began grinding her closely shaved mound with my groin while whimpering in my ear. Her hair clung to the back of her neck amidst the sweat. She no longer wanted to raise her hips and fuck me; the deep grinding penetration was causing her belly to quiver upon itself. Her clit was being rubbed viciously by my veiny tool that spread her pussy lips out in its cunt stretching fulfillment.

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