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Camping With Steff


No heavy duty sex or incest here, so please skip it if the tame letters are not your style. Thanks!

These are all stories written as letters from a wife Catherine to her husband Michael. He asks her to write any memories she has that are sexual in any way. She is in her mid forties and in excellent shape from lifting weights, running and biking. She is very beautiful.

He is about nine years older and in very good shape for his age, also from weigh training, and looks not much older than she. She grew up in the country, he in the city. She had one boyfriend before meeting him. This story is about her one boy friend, Roger and his cousin Steff. I call this one .......


Hi Honey,

Here is another thing I remembered. I was reluctant to tell you this one, but you keep telling me you really want to know it all so I'm writing this.

You know I was only with one other guy before I met you. That was my high school and college boyfriend Roger. This happened when I was dating him.

Back when I was dating Roger, we would always have his horny, nerdy cousin Stephan along with us. He had just moved over here from Germany and those guys are always oversexed if you ask me.

I didn't mind him with us once in a while, but he was always tagging along or at our apartment. He was just so crazy about me and always trying to talk sexual to me and I got tired of him.

Once he walked into the bathroom when I was standing naked in front of the mirror and brushing my hair after my shower.

I was very pissed off and had to shove him out the door as he just stood and ogled me. When I told Roger, he just laughed.

Stupid Steff would always bring up what a hot body I had. I was so sick of that pervert I decided I would do anything to get Roger to leave him out of our plans.

One weekend we were going camping. I was so looking forward to it until I found out Steff was coming along too.

Roger felt obligated because they were cousins and Steff didn't know anyone else here in the states.

I decided that I would just try to embarrass my boyfriend Roger so he would never want Steff around us again. What I planned was way out of character for me, but I had to do something drastic.

We all slept in one tent, with me in the middle. At bedtime the boys both waited outside while I went in to the tent first to get ready and have a bit of privacy. Then they would come in when I called them to.

I undressed and got inside the big double sleeping bag we all had to share 'because Steff 'forgot' his. Yeah right!?!

Anyway they both stripped to their underwear and got in too. They soon discovered that I was naked. Roger was shocked when he realized that! He said, "Catherine!! What are you doing?!"

I said, "Well I thought we were all such close buddies and do everything together."

I rolled the top of the bag down to my waist because it was hot. I was lying on my back so my boobs were straight up. And believe me, when I was just 21 they were so firm that even when I was lying on my back, they literally pointed straight up. I could not even believe I was doing this.

Steff was staring like mad and loving it and Roger was staring at me and hating it. But I wanted to make my point about us needing our privacy and time alone.

I reached under the covers and grabbed each of their penises through their undies. At the time I thought they were big (till I met you anyway). So I just squeezed and pulled on their penises and I squeezed their balls too.

I'm not sure what came over me to do that, but I just wanted to be shocking. I will admit I was getting a bit turned on being naked and touching these men like that. So I stopped as quickly as I had started that.

I suddenly announced, "I've got to pee." I crawled out of the sleeping bag on my hands and knees. They could not only see my fabulous tits and nipples hanging down and swaying, but they both saw my fine bubble butt with my perfect sweet little shaved pussy poking out right in their faces as I crawled out of the tent door.

I hoped that would embarrass Roger enough to leave Steff at home from now on.

It was dark outside and scary so I only went a few steps from the tent and I was easily visible by what was left of the camp fire.

They both stuck their heads out of the tent flap to watch me. I stood there totally naked and facing the tent with my feet stepped apart. I spread my pussy lips apart with one hand getting them out of my way and I simply peed!

I did it all quite nicely too, if I do say so myself. No splattering or spraying. Having never tried it before I was not sure what to expect, but it went great!!!

The boys were so turned on I said to Steff, "Steff, you'd better jack off in your tee shirt or something cause there is no way you are touching me or having any sex with me."

So he did that as I crawled back in. I figured I'd better quickly make things up to Roger since he was being such a good sport so far.

I kept crawling in the tent and right up to Roger and I just straddled him and I sat on his face and told him, "You know what to do Mister."

I didn't have to tell him twice. I rode his face with my tits bouncing all over as he held me by my hips. I didn't allow intercourse at that time, just oral sex. After two orgasms I went to sleep.

Ninety percent of my attention was to Roger who had his hand on my pussy with one finger inside of me. The other ten per cent was my bubble butt being pressed up against by Steff.

I didn't tell Roger, but most of the time Steff's lucky penis was lodged between my perfect little butt cheeks. Although I don't really like Steff, I guess it wasn't his fault he wanted to be with us. Plus I know that what I did got him all horned up so I just put up with him next to me.

My plan didn't really work out like I was hoping it would. It turned out not to embarrass Roger. As a matter of fact he liked it and kept asking me to let Steff see me naked even more.

Oh well, as they say the best laid plans of mice and exhibitionist girl friends oft go astray.

After that I didn't really care if Steff saw me or not. I always liked to walk around our apartment naked or in just a tee shirt with no panties. So over the next 8 to 10 months Steff got to see my sweet little pussy a LOT!

I just let him see me naked too if I felt like walking around. I figured I wasn't going to change what I like because of him.

Plus it got my boyfriend and him all jazzed up and I then got anything I wanted from the two boys.

I simply made a rule that if Steff perved at me I would never let him see me again. This turned him into a near gentleman. And believe it or not, as weird as this sounds, I'd rather let him SEE me nude than to have to continually hear him perving about HOPING to see me nude.

And I will admit that it is exciting to be so totally adored by two men all the time. It makes a girl feel very powerful. The slightest bend over or move or shaking of my boobs and they're practically drooling.

I also made a rule they had to strip any time I told them too and let me do whatever I wanted to. I'm telling you a guy will make any deal to see a beautiful woman nude.

A couple of times I made them strip in front of my girl friends. We'd grab their penises and pull on them and play with them and play with their balls too.

And we'd make them bend over and we'd spank them. All that would get them big erections and they'd be so horny. Then we'd watch while they got themselves off. It was very funny to watch. We'd show them or tits to get them to do it, but it was still fun to watch.

That's it. Please don't be mad. I'm just being honest and telling you all you wanted me to.


Your wife,


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