tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCampsite with a View

Campsite with a View


Cheryl loved the Spring. The leaves were just starting to come out and most of the bushes were blooming. The woods around her hummed with life. Add to that the scent of fires and cooking at the campsites and her walk was turning into absolute bliss.

She was deep in the woods near the state park's primitive camping sites, where no water and electricity was provided, but privacy was more likely than in the cramped quarters of the main campground. Cheryl was following a dirt path only used by maintenance vehicles to clear out dead trees in case fire trucks had to get back into the area to put out a fire caused by careless campers.

Cheryl wasn't thinking about such things on this perfect day. Somewhere above her, a woodpecker searched out dinner. On the ground, she snapped twigs with her tennis shoes as she walked. There wasn't another human being in sight.

She fought the urge to let her mind trap her into reflecting on her place in the world after thirty years of life. She didn't want to think about work, or boyfriends, or lack of boyfriends. Cheryl just wanted to walk in the woods.

The end of the path had to be approaching, she thought to herself. This was her first trek down the trail but she'd been walking almost a mile and figured it had to end soon. Perhaps around the bend just ahead.

Then her attention was drawn away by an unexpected sound. It had a definite human element to it, but seemed to come from the middle of the trees to her left. She took a couple more steps and she heard it again. It was high-pitched, like a woman's voice. But the words, if they were words, were not distinguishable.

Cheryl stopped. It was definitely to her left. She looked for people, but saw none. The ground dipped slightly a few dozen yards in front of her so she slipped between the trees until she could see over the small ridge. While standing in the middle of thick underbrush and among large trees, Cheryl finally saw what caused the noise.

She had to look twice before convincing herself she was looking at two people in a remote campsite. A man in just his shorts was pulling the top off a woman, leaving her completely naked. Cheryl was viewing them in silhouette and she could tell, even from a distance, that the woman was close to her own age and with an attractive body. Then the woman pulled off the man's shorts.

His erection was impossible to miss, until the woman kneeled down and put it in her mouth. Cheryl's heart pounded at the sight and at the thought that she was watching this very private act. She wanted to turn and leave; to allow the couple to finish the act in seclusion. But she couldn't move.

Cheryl convinced herself she was well enough hidden by the undergrowth and trees that she could observe the scene unnoticed. She watched the woman's head bob faster and faster on the man's cock. He held the top of her head and occasionally pulled her hair out of the way.

Cheryl could hear herself breathing—short, uneven intakes of breath. She watched the woman's tits bounce in rhythm with her actions. She looked at the man's tight ass and muscular arms and legs.

After a couple minutes, the woman stood up and the man lifted her so she sat on a nearby picnic table, facing him. He kissed her, and then moved down to her tits. His body blocked Cheryl's view slightly, but she saw enough of his licking and sucking that her pussy began to moisten. Soon, the man was moving lower.

The woman spread her legs and let the man put his head between them. She leaned back on the table and he put his hands under her thighs. Cheryl watched his face bury itself in her pussy.

Cheryl instinctively put her hand on the front of her running shorts and rubbed her pussy. The more the man ate his partner, the harder Cheryl rubbed. She found her clit and pressed her panties against it in an effort to pleasure herself without actually reaching inside.

Soon, the man was helping the woman off the table. She turned and put both hands on the edge, her legs spread and her ass pointed invitingly backwards. Cheryl practically held her breath as she watched the cock slowly disappear inside of her.

The man grabbed the woman by the hips and began fucking her, resulting in more moans that were audible to Cheryl. As the seconds past, the moans turned into distinctive cries of 'Yes!' and 'Harder!'.

Cheryl was oblivious to her surroundings, intent on concentrating on the sex in front of her and the aching clit between her legs. She used her free hand to lean against a tree and support her wide stance while she masturbated.

She watched the man hold the woman's tits while they fucked, apparently manipulating her nipples in a way that caused her to shriek with approval. Cheryl began to think that if one of them came, she would too.

She didn't have to wait long. The combined moans, groans, and grunts of the campers signaled their dual orgasms. He pounded into her until Cheryl thought the woman would end up back on the table. But she withstood it, and seemingly begged for more.

Cheryl was on the verge of cumming. She debated about whether to put her hand in her shorts or not. Finally, she began slipping her fingers inside.

"Exciting, isn't it?"

The voice nearly made Cheryl scream with fright. She turned rapidly and stood face to face with a man who looked to be about forty years old.

"Oh my God, you scared me," Cheryl panted.

"Come here often?" he asked with a smile.

"Never. I mean, I, I was just walking and, thought I heard...," Cheryl stammered.

"You thought you heard two people fucking?"

Cheryl frowned. "No! I didn't know."

"But it turned you on," he said.

Cheryl let her blush speak for itself.

"Those two come here all the time," the man said, pointing to the naked couple entering their tent. "You may not realize it, but there are people all through these woods that watched them. And the couple knows that."

"They do?" Cheryl asked.

"Sure. It's kind of like a show," he said. "They get turned you. You get turned on. Nobody gets hurt."

"I wasn't as turned on as you think," Cheryl said seriously. "I was about to leave."

"I've been watching you the whole time. You were about to cum," the man said.

"I was not!"

"If I felt your pussy right now, it would be soaking wet."

Cheryl was not about to fall into the trap of allowing him to test it. Besides, she was soaking wet.

"I need to go," Cheryl said.

The good-looking man blocked her way by simply standing in place. "Are you coming back tomorrow? You seemed to like being the voyeur. Maybe you'd rather be the exhibitionist. Have you ever thought about that?"

"No," she lied. Cheryl was a very pretty, single woman who often wished she had the nerve to dress more provocatively, either at work or in public.

The man scanned her body. "You should show us more of you. It would excite you AND the rest of us."

"I have nothing to show," Cheryl said.

"How do we know?"

She looked at him with sincere curiosity, but hated to let him recognize it.

"Listen. I have an idea," he said. "Are you camping here?"

Cheryl nodded.

"Go for a walk tomorrow. Don't wear a sports bra like you did today. Don't wear panties like you did today. Wear a shirt that shows off your breasts and meet me on this path at noon," he said. "Watch the eyes of the people you pass. Visualize what they are thinking."

"I can't do that," Cheryl replied.

"Yes you can. Try it just once."

She nervously ran her hands up and down the side of her shorts. She looked him in the face, and then down at the ground.

"Try it," he repeated.

"Noon?" Cheryl asked.


He turned and walked away, leaving Cheryl in a state of total confusion and sexual frustration.


Cheryl did not sleep well that night. She replayed the campsite scene in her mind a hundred times. Each time, the man appeared behind her at the end and somehow convinced her to meet him on the path at noon. She recalled the routine features of his face. No, he wasn't the best looking man she'd ever seen. But he had made her make a promise out of pure trustworthiness. How and why?

She spent the morning close the tent, dressed 'normally' until around half past eleven. Then she entered the tent and tightly zipped the windows closed. Cheryl pulled off her shirt and took off her bra. She reached in her suitcase and found the lowest cut t-shirt she owned.

Cheryl removed her panties and put her running shorts back on. She felt incredibly exposed and self-conscious. When the windows were opened once more, she found herself looking around to see if anybody was looking. After several seconds of second-guessing, she walked outside.

The cool air hit every inch of her body and caused Cheryl to shudder, as much from trepidation as anything else. She glanced quickly down at the ample cleavage visible under the shirt, and then looked away before anybody saw her. The temptation to return to the safety of the tent and forget the noon meeting was overpowering.

But Cheryl took a couple steps forward and determined to go through with it.

She had to walk past numerous tents and campers just to get to the road that led to the primitive campsites. Just as the man had told her, she watched for the reactions of anybody who noticed her. Whether it was her imagination or not, she couldn't tell; but the glances from the men, especially, seemed to be harder and lasted longer.

Her heart thumped against her chest as she walked faster and detected even more leering. Of course, the quickened pace only heightened the movement of her breasts and ass. Yet, there was something exhilarating about it all. She got the same quiver in her stomach as she had the previous day, and she didn't dislike it.

Finally, she was on the path deep in the woods, away from all the eyes. Cheryl's mind raced with questions about why she was doing this and what would become of it. What did the man really want? Would anybody hear her if she needed to scream?

Despite the dull fear, or maybe because of it, she was nearly breathless as she approached the spot where they met the day before. He wasn't in sight. She slowed her walk until getting to the exact place where she turned into the woods. She looked up and saw him.

His smile was barely discernable as Cheryl entered the underbrush.

"You made it," he said.

"You're surprised?" Cheryl asked.

They stood a few feet apart.


She saw his eyes scrutinize her body.

"Did you do as I asked?"

If Cheryl had known him better, she would have joked about having him check for himself. Instead, she said, "Yes."

"And did you pass anybody?"

"A bunch of perverts," Cheryl replied.

The man laughed a very comfortable laugh. "And did you like it?"

Cheryl hated to admit it, but if she was anything, it was honest to a fault. "A little."

He smiled.

"Who are you?" Cheryl asked suddenly.

"My name's Ben."

Cheryl waited for more, but there obviously wouldn't be any more.

"I'm Cheryl."

"Hi, Cheryl."

She looked at him. "Why did you make me do this?"

"To prove a point to yourself," Ben said.

"And the point is?" Cheryl inquired with a slight tilt of her head.

"That you like watching and being watched."

"Is that so unusual?"

Ben's smile broadened. "Not at all. But that's the point. Almost everybody likes it, but few act upon it. You acted upon it."

"You made me," Cheryl quickly retorted.

"No. You chose to do it. And I bet you had thoughts of what else it could lead to."

Cheryl shrugged.

Ben took a step closer to Cheryl and she almost backed away. However, his gentle expression froze her in place.

"Turn around," Ben told her.

Cheryl slowly turned so her back was to him. She saw his large hands coming around her sides before she felt him touch her. At the same time that his hands were on her stomach, she felt him press against her ass. His fingers slid inside her t-shirt and began climbing her body. They were almost on her breasts when she felt the first signs of his erection.

"I need to make sure you didn't lie to me, Cheryl."

Ben's hands touched the bottom of Cheryl's breasts. Soon, his palms were pushing against her nipples and the breasts were half exposed. He massaged her tenderly for a few seconds and Cheryl felt the nipples harden.

"Very good," Ben said softly. "But I asked for one more thing."

His right hand slid down past her navel and stomach and into the very top of her shorts. With his left hand still manipulating her left nipple, Ben slid inside the shorts far enough to find the fringe of a small patch of hair above Cheryl's clit.

She stiffened at his touch and the hardness of his cock forced itself between her ass cheeks. Ben's right hand moved lower until it was more than obvious she did not have panties on. He didn't stop. The fingers found the space between Cheryl's legs and rested on her smooth skin.

"Excellent," he whispered. "Good girl."

He squeezed her breast harder and Cheryl moaned.

"Spread your legs, Cheryl."

She barely inched her feet apart, but it was enough for Ben to slide a single finger over the clit and onto her pussy. He pressed harder and felt the moisture he was looking for. Ben grinned to himself.

When his finger returned to her clit, Ben lifted Cheryl's shirt to fully expose her chest. She arched her back and stifled a louder moan, until he began rubbing the clit in earnest and then she let out an audible gasp.

"No, please," she whined.

Ben did not reply. Nor did he stop. His right hand began a steady stroking of her clit while his left hand cupped her breast. Only then did Cheryl once again realize her place in the woods, so close to the path and well in view of any passersby.

"You have beautiful tits, Cheryl. Don't you want the world to see them?"

Cheryl's eyes danced from side to side, searching out any movement that might indicate somebody was watching. Convinced they were still alone, but petrified at the knowledge that another camper could pass at any moment, Cheryl closed her eyes and focused on Ben's hands. She unconsciously ground her ass into his erection. Her body gave early signs of wanting to cum.

"That's it. Let it happen. Relax."

Ben's words seemed to drag Cheryl closer to an orgasm. She spread her legs farther apart and felt his hand sink to her pussy. Suddenly, two fingers were inside her body and Cheryl squirmed. Ben's wet fingers returned to her clit after a tortuous minute.

"Oh God. Ben, stop. I'm...I'm...oh God, stop."

Ben pulled Cheryl back against himself even tighter. She eagerly accepted the support he provided both with his body and arms. It was as if she was suspended in air, capable now of doing whatever her body demanded and having no fear of the consequences. He could feel her shaking.

"Cum for me, Cheryl. I've got you."

With those reassuring words, Cheryl let out a short shriek and felt her orgasm explode from deep inside her body. Ben used two fingers to stroke her clit and an entire hand to squeeze her breast. She writhed inside his arms, shifting her hips up and down as if fucking an imaginary cock.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Yesssss!"

Cheryl's shorts were pushed half way down her ass as Ben struggled to keep his hand on her gyrating pussy. Her breasts bounced erratically and her head tilted back in delight. The pained expression on her face belied the fact she was having one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever experienced.

It lasted nearly a full minute and beads of sweat formed on her brow. Afterwards, Ben's strong arms were the only things keeping her upright.

"Now, wasn't that more exciting out here in the great outdoors?" Ben said.

Cheryl frantically pulled up her shorts, pulled down her shirt, and extracted herself from his clutches.

"Is this how you get your kicks?" she asked while turning to face him.

Ben couldn't help but notice the scowl on her face, to go along with the deep blush so common after sex.

"I wasn't the one getting kicks," he replied. "It seems to me YOU were the one that came. And I saw you looking around. Isn't that cool, knowing we might not have been by ourselves?"

"It's perverted."

"When was the last time you came that hard?" Ben asked.

Cheryl turned to walk away. Ben grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me," Cheryl hissed.

"What if you KNEW people were around? Like the couple you saw yesterday. Wouldn't that make it even better?" Ben said.

"I'll never know."

"But you want to," he said with confidence.

"Fuck you."

"Let's meet again tomorrow. In your tent. In daylight, with the windows open."

A much too familiar feeling came back to Cheryl's stomach. Even the words excited her. But where would it end? What was Ben's ultimate plan for them?

The silence was broken by another question from Ben.

"What's your campsite number?"

"Seventy four," Cheryl answered mechanically.


This time, Ben let Cheryl go when she turned away.


Cheryl felt her pussy tingle every time she thought about her orgasm in the woods with Ben. For twenty four hours she thought about it, and him, and the next meeting. She didn't have the nerve to do what he wanted, but doubted her ability to say 'no'. Watching the couple fuck on the picnic table was one thing; being the couple was quite another.

Whenever she convinced herself she could stop him, she thought about his hard cock pushing against her ass. She wasn't sure what a forty year old cock should feel like, but her memory of Ben was very stimulating. Behind closed doors she could be tempted, but in an open tent...?

She sat by the fire and waited. At five minutes to noon she saw him walking towards her campsite. Cheryl glanced around. At least ten people were in sight and her pulse quickened.

Cheryl had purposely set up a second folding chair by the fire. She invited Ben to sit when he arrived.

"Great site," Ben told her. "Lot of trees. Close to everything you need. You must do this a lot."

"Some," she replied. "Not as much as I'd like. This might be the last time, though."

He stared at her, appreciative of her quick, dry humor; or what he hoped was humor.

"Ahh, the week's just started. Who knows what fun lies ahead."

Neither one wanted to be the first to smile. Besides, Ben was too busy inspecting the shirt over Cheryl's obviously braless chest. He wondered about panties.

"Maybe I've had a week's worth of fun already and will just pack up," Cheryl said.

"You don't want to do that."

Cheryl liked her men to be direct and to the point. She was beginning to like Ben more and more for that habit alone. But it was an attraction that was still more than a little discomforting.

"It's getting too crowded around here and it's only April," Cheryl said, deliberately watching for his reaction.

Ben smiled. "Sometimes that's good."

"For what?"

"C'mon. I'll show you."

Ben stood up and took Cheryl's hand, lifting her out of her chair. He opened the front of her tent and led her inside. The windows were already uncovered and he left the front flap open. Once in the middle of the large tent, Ben put his hands on Cheryl's arms and kissed her.

It didn't take long for the kiss to intensify and the couple to embrace. Their tongues explored each other's mouth while their hands roamed freely over flesh and clothing. Just as the day before, Cheryl quickly felt Ben's cock harden and push against her.

Ben had his hands inside Cheryl's shirt, using his forearms to push the shirt higher. Then, in an effortless motion, he had the shirt above her head. Cheryl let him remove it, pressing against his body to hide her breasts from the outside world. They kissed some more.

Ben slid his hands inside the back of Cheryl's shorts. Her bare bottom was cool to his touch, but confirmed she didn't wear panties...again. He squeezed her cheeks tightly until the kiss ended. Then he pushed down the shorts and took them off.

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