Campsite with a View


"You look incredible," he told her as he stood up.

"This is crazy, Ben. I don't know if...if I can..."

"Take off my clothes, Cheryl," he interrupted her.

Her eyes peered out the windows and the front of the tent. She saw people. Some were closer than others. None seemed to be watching. She heard voices but couldn't make out the words. Her head was spinning from everything that was happening.

And then she was undressing him. First his shirt to reveal a muscular chest. Then his shorts. He wore no underwear and the cock she'd been feeling for two days sprung free in a semi-erect state. The head was already dark from stimulation and veins protruded up and down the thick shaft.

"Stand up, please," he told her.

Ben began a methodical stroking of her body with the very tips of his fingers; starting with the top of her breasts, down her stomach, and between her legs. He circled her slowly, touching nearly every inch of her body. It struck her that he was showing her off, pointing out her curves and smooth skin to anybody that cared to look. In the process, she was excited to the point of near desperation.

Surely, by now, somebody had seen them.

Ben finished his excursion around Cheryl's body by licking both nipples and then putting one of the breasts inside his mouth. Cheryl closed her eyes as Ben licked and sucked her until the nipples on both breasts threatened to burst from stimulation. Juices accumulated inside her pussy and prepared to flow down her thigh when Ben backed away from her.

Cheryl dropped to her knees—partially to slump below the window level and partially to get closer to Ben's ever-growing cock. Just before reaching out for the cock, Cheryl detected the gap in the flaps at the front of the tent. A bicyclist rode past, followed by a slow moving car. Still, she leaned forward and kissed Ben's cock. Her tongue traced the edge of the large, swollen head.

And then she spread her lips and accepted the tip inside her mouth. Inch by inch she lowered her head until the cock hit the back of her throat. Cheryl pulled back, licked him one time, and repeated the process.

Ben put his hand on top of her head. Unhurriedly, Cheryl started to slide her lips up and down the cock. Within seconds, he was rock hard and Cheryl felt the warmth on her tongue. She sucked him harder and faster, aided by Ben's gentle rocking as if he was fucking her.

He only needed a couple minutes of this treatment to feel the start of his orgasm.

"I'm going to cum, Cheryl."

Despite the warning, she didn't budge. If anything, she accelerated and wrapped her lips around him a little harder. With this apparent sign of consent, Ben put his hand behind her head and fucked her mouth with more vigor.

Two short grunts preceded Ben's eruption. Cheryl held him by the ass and got her first taste of his cum in the form of a long blast against the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly and took several more bursts before the first trickle leaked out the side of her mouth and down her chin. Ben unloaded with louder and louder groans, while Cheryl did her best to keep up.

By the time he was done, both sides of Cheryl's face held the remnants of Ben's extensive orgasm. The cock was still sizable when Ben withdrew it, with a coating of his semen and Cheryl's saliva along the entire length. Cheryl reached for a towel and wiped her face clean while she stood.

"Wow!" Ben exclaimed. "That was great."

He smiled at the sight of Cheryl closing the windows and front flap in her naked perfection.

"Think anybody saw us?" Ben asked.

"You are one sick man," Cheryl replied.

"So. Tomorrow," Ben said.

"What about tomorrow?"

"I think it's time we raise the ante. I talked to Kevin and Susan, the couple you saw at the primitive campsite. I asked if we could use their normal time slot for our own show," Ben said.

"Our own show?"

"Yea. Just like what you saw, or a variation of it, at the same time people are used to seeing them," Ben explained.

"With everybody watching?" Cheryl inquired.

"That's the cool part, Cheryl. People might be watching or maybe nobody's out there. You never know."

"But the chances are good somebody's there," she added.

Ben grinned and nodded.

"I don't know, Ben. That's weird."

"Are you forgetting how horny you got?" Ben said, reaching for Cheryl's pussy but allowing her to back away.

"What time?"

"Two o'clock."

"I'll think about it," Cheryl said.


When Cheryl returned from her jog later in the day, a note was on her picnic table with a small rock holding it in place. She opened the once-folded piece of paper and read the short message.

"That was hot. My wife and I both came. We want more."

Cheryl could feel her face turn ten shades of red. She crumpled up the note and threw it in the fire pit. She glanced around as if thinking she'd be able to pick out the author of the message as she entered the safety of here and front flap tightly closed behind her. Still, her pussy reacted to the words and what they meant.

She had just under twenty four hours to decide if she'd meet Ben at the primitive campsite. But she had a good idea which way she'd lean.

A little past one o'clock the next day Cheryl was in her tent pulling on a tank top and a pair of shorts over her otherwise naked body. Her mind had been made up when she asked herself how many opportunities like this she might have in her lifetime. Not knowing the answer, she'd decided to go through with it. Her nipples hardened at just the thought of what was about to transpire.

She was at the campsite at one thirty. Ben was waiting.

"Where's the other couple?" she asked.

"Kevin and Susan? They took off," he said. "They said to tell you 'have fun'."

"Will they watch?"

"Don't know. How many times do I have to tell you, that's the neat thing with this. Let's go into the tent until two o'clock," Ben said.

They held as close to a normal conversation as they could, finding out more about each other and where they live and work. Ben found out Cheryl was a paralegal. She found out he owned a construction business. He was divorced. She was unattached with a history of failed relationships. None of the guys were any fun, she explained. Ben asked her what she considered 'fun'. She refused to answer.

"So what are we going to do out there?" she managed to ask Ben.

"Whatever you want. Wherever you want. If you don't initiate anything, I think I know how to get you going," Ben answered.

Cheryl's smirk was her admission that he was probably right. "Do you have any suggestions?"

Ben said, "Relax. Realize what you are doing and what a turn-on it really is. Don't hold back. Be yourself."

Cheryl nodded and glanced at her watch. "It's two."

"You ready?"

She took a deep breath. "I guess."

They stepped out of the tent. Cheryl hadn't paid much attention to the secluded campsite's surroundings. But now she realized it was in a bowl encircled by gently sloping ground that formed a type of amphitheater around them. The trees were more dense in certain areas than others, but in general would be considered thick woods. It was quiet and still, with the sound of a nearby creek clearly audible. As far as she knew, they were totally alone.

Cheryl and Ben stood by the fire pit and picnic table. Ben took Cheryl and pulled her closer, starting a kiss that eventually brought their bodies together. Hands began to wander and Cheryl moaned at Ben's touch. Unlike their other meetings, Cheryl did not wait for Ben to press his cock against her until she couldn't avoid it. This time she put her hand in his crotch and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. It stiffened at first contact and Cheryl used the fabric of his shorts to stroke it harder.

Ben kissed the tops of Cheryl's breasts while sliding his hands inside her tank top. Soon, the top was off and Ben was sucking on her very nice sized tits.

Horniness did a good job of clouding Cheryl's mind from the fact she was topless in the middle of the woods. But the harder Ben bit her nipples and squeezed her ass, the more she realized what they were doing. She suspected, but didn't know, that people were watching. Maybe a hiker was hidden behind a tree by the path, trying to decide whether to leave or stay. Cheryl's pussy was drenched at the prospect.

She pulled off Ben's shirt. He kneeled down and slid her shorts off her legs. They kissed once more before Cheryl crouched down in front of him. Cheryl concluded that being naked and pulling out a man's cock inside a tent—even with open windows—was profoundly different than doing it in public. Yet, there she was; unzipping Ben's shorts and taking them off.

She knew from the day before that he was not fully erect...yet. She stood up and faced him.

"Now what?" she asked quietly, her fingers sliding up and down his cock.

"Wanna fuck?"

She giggled, almost to herself. "Might as well."

"Will you do me a favor?" he asked.

"What's that?"

Ben looked into her eyes. "Suck me, first, like you did yesterday."

Cheryl smiled, wondering if the request was more for him or the 'audience.' Either way, she chose to put on a good show. She spent considerable time licking him before finally sliding the cock inside her mouth and providing the ultimate pleasure. Twice she brought him to the edge of an orgasm, only to stop with just a drop of precum appearing at the tip.

"Now fuck me," she said while standing.

Cheryl leaned on the picnic table, her tight ass close to Ben and her long legs spread wide. She looked straight ahead, waiting for him to begin. It was Ben's turn to tease and he slid his cock up and down the crack of her ass. One of his hands found her tit and clutched it firmly while he put his cock between her legs. Cheryl did everything she could to get the cock to rub her clit. Ben must have read her mind.

He placed the tip against her clit and rocked it back and forth.

"Oh fuck. That's good," Cheryl moaned.

Ben eventually used the entire length of his erection to graze across her clit over and over. He used his free hand to push it against her harder, causing louder whines from Cheryl. Soon, she had to have it.

"Fuck me! Please, fuck me!"

She probably had no idea how loud she said it or how the words echoed in the trees around them. Cheryl just wanted him inside her.

Ben obeyed her command. She was so wet he barely had to push the swollen head of his cock past the opening to her pussy. His body easily moved forward until Cheryl's ass was touching his thighs. He couldn't enter her any farther.

"Oh yes! God, that feels good," Cheryl told him.

The sex started out slow and deliberate. Ben held her by the waist and they settled into a steady rhythm. But when he saw her reach down and put a hand on her clit and he reached up for her tit, the pace quickened. He held her tighter and slammed his cock into her faster. The slapping of his skin against hers came quicker and louder. They urged each other on, knowing the climax would come rapidly.

The breast Ben wasn't fondling rolled wildly under Cheryl's chest. She was being pushed onto the table with ever-increasing pressure from behind. Cheryl pushed back with all her strength and it only heightened the enjoyment of his cock thrusting into her. He was huge and she felt stretched like never before. Her throbbing clit demanded more attention and she provided it.

Cheryl was ready to cum. Maybe it was Ben, or the locale, or the invisible eyes she felt focusing on her every move. Whatever the reason, she was ready to cum long and hard.

"C'mon, babe. I want to hear you cum," Ben told her.

Cheryl leaned forward, clutching the sides of the picnic table instead of the edge. She was spread-eagle, her head turned sideways as she felt her body get ready for the imminent orgasm. She cried out with a sound that could only be made during sex.

Cheryl thrust her ass back to meet Ben's cock and she came. Over and over again her body pulsed with satisfaction as her pent up sexual desire burst through her pussy. She squeezed Ben's cock with her muscles in between orgasms.

Then he came, too. He grunted in a deep voice with each thrust of his cock and each deposit of cum inside her body. Surely, their combined noises could be heard from anywhere within their sight. Who, if anybody, was listening? Who was masturbating behind a tree? Cheryl came again at the thought of it.

She ended up resting on top of the picnic table while Ben finished cumming. The rough wood surface of the table rubbing on her nipples excited Cheryl, but she couldn't cum any more. They were both totally spent by the time he slowly pulled out of her.

"Shit," Cheryl moaned. "What did we just do?"

"We fucked in the open air," Ben said dryly. "Want to do it again?"

"You'd better find another woman."

Cheryl stood up with the help of one hand on the picnic table. Ben kissed her, his wet cock scraping against her thigh.

"You did great," he said. "You're a pro now."

He followed her back towards the tent. Out of the corner of her eye, Cheryl thought she saw movement in the woods. By the time she looked, nobody was there.


"How many more days are you going to be here?" Ben asked.

Cheryl said, "Three. Maybe four if I want to."

They sat around the fire at Cheryl's campsite. It had been seven hours since the outdoor 'show'.

"Good. Then you can come to the next party."

"What party?" she said.

"At my cabin. We have a group that meets every few weeks. About a dozen people, usually," Ben said.

She looked at him warily. "Why do I think you aren't telling me everything."

"What? What is there to tell?"

His smirk gave him away.

"And what do you do at these parties?" Cheryl asked.

Ben used a long stick to poke at the fire. Sparks rose several feet before dying out.

"Did you enjoy this afternoon?"

Cheryl nodded. "Yes."

"Why?" Ben inquired.

Cheryl paused and then said, "It was good sex. And I liked being outside."

"You liked the fact people might have been watching."

It was a statement; not a question.

She nodded silently without looking him in the eye.

"How exciting would it be if you watched somebody and they knew you were watching? Or if YOU had sex with people watching?"

She finally looked at him directly. "You have pretty wild parties."

Ben shrugged. "You should try it. I think you'd like these people. They certainly would like you."

"I've never been to an orgy. What do you wear to an orgy, before you get naked?"

He knew she was playing with him from the tone of her voice. Ben desperately wanted to have her agree to come.

"It's not an orgy, Cheryl. Normally just one or two couples are involved. We kind of rotate around. Wear whatever you want. Or nothing at all."

Cheryl was staring into the fire, trying to imagine the scene. She doubted she was picturing it correctly. Her mind was already made up to go, but wanted to make him wonder.

"I don't know," she whined. "I don't want to end up in some leather straps hanging from the ceiling."

"Nothing kinky," Ben quickly assured her. "Straight sex. Either watch or be watched."

"Which do you prefer?" she asked playfully.


"No. Pick one."

"Being watched," he admitted. "Especially if it's with a beautiful woman who I know is getting turned on by it."

Cheryl grinned. "Where's your cabin?"

"I'll pick you up if you want. Eight o'clock Friday night."


Cheryl wasn't sure why she had packed the denim miniskirt for a camping trip, but it seemed the obvious choice for, well, some kind of a party. She pulled it up over her bikini panties and buttoned her blouse. Ben hadn't told her not to wear a bra, but Cheryl assumed it would be acceptable. When she was done, she looked down at herself one last time and casually undid one more button on her blouse. With ample cleavage showing, she slipped into her shoes.

Ben showed up five minutes late in a small luxury car that looked distinctively out of place in the campground. Cheryl hopped in a pulled on the hem of her skirt as she sat. Ben voiced his approval of her outfit and they were on their way to his cabin.

Darkness was beginning to fall as Ben weaved along the narrow country road in the woods that led them to his summer and weekend getaway. It was a two story, wood structure that could only loosely be called a cabin. Inside, dark woodwork complemented rustic furniture and modern conveniences.

The first floor contained a great room and a sunken living room, highlighted by a massive stone fireplace. Two lofts on either side of the great room overlooked everything.

"Wow. Now this is camping," Cheryl declared.

"Thank you. You'll get plenty of opportunity to see the whole thing before the night is over," Ben said.

Cheryl could only guess at what he meant, considering his preview of what the party would turn into.

"Something to drink?" he asked.


"Red or white?"

"White, please."

Cheryl walked down into the living room while Ben got their drinks. A fire was already burning, despite the moderate temperature outside. Still, it added a lot to the atmosphere, she decided. She settled onto a couch, crossed her legs, and swore she would stop worrying about the length of her skirt.

"I never asked how old these people will be," Cheryl said after Ben arrived.

"Your age. My age. Some a little younger. Some a little older. How's that?"

"Sometimes I really hate you," Cheryl said, sipping the very expensive tasting wine.

"Listen. If you don't like what you see, it's less than an hour walk back to your tent. OK?"

She frowned, trying not to laugh. Curiosity, and Ben's history of leading her into wildly exciting adventures, persuaded her to stay. Not to mention the wine, fire, and Ben himself.

Shortly after nine, the other guests started to arrive. Couple after couple entered the cabin, each one seemingly more attractive than the last. It was a mixed age crowd, as Ben predicted. But they all looked to be professionals of some type with well-toned bodies—for the most part—and personalities that kept Cheryl captivated during the introductory chatting stage.

She was pleased to find herself appropriately dressed after all. Mildly flirtatious outfits on the women was typical with nothing over the top. And Cheryl could tell some of the half dozen or so women had plenty to flaunt if they wanted to.

The volume rose as more voices, aided by the flow of alcohol, contributed to the din. People were spread throughout the entire first floor in groups of two or three. An occasional loud laugh roared above the other noise.

Ben tried to stay near Cheryl, but they were separated many times and Cheryl accepted that his role as host would cause him to disappear for short periods. She soon found herself talking most often to a man in his thirties named Jeremy who she was attracted to, and vice versa.

Sporadically, his cute wife would join them, only to wander off again. Cheryl put them at the top of her wish list of people she'd like to watch. That's when she knew she was going to thoroughly enjoy the evening.

Ben caught up with her again and they were talking when a cheer went up from the area near the fireplace. They glanced over and Ben said, "Well, the party's about to begin. Follow me."

He led Cheryl up to one of the lofts overlooking the living room. Cheryl leaned on the railing and looked down at the scene. A semi-circle of people were watching a man and woman lying on a large rug. Cheryl recognized the woman as a redhead she had met, somewhere in her early forties, with a luscious body. She was on her back. A man straddled her waist.

"That's Carl and Jan. They're married. This should be good," Ben said quietly.

Cheryl wanted to ask how it was decided, or who decided, who went first and when. But Ben answered it for her.

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