Campsite with a View


"Normally around this time somebody prods a couple into doing something. This is not the first time Carl and Jan have gone first. They're good," he explained.

Carl was unbuttoning Jan's blouse. Cheryl could see Jan's black bra and felt only a little embarrassed now at not wearing one. Someone in the crowd urged Carl to open the bra, and he slowly unhooked it in the front. Cheryl felt her pussy react to the sight of Carl's hands sliding back the material and exposing his wife's large breasts.

Cheryl was taken aback by the relative silence of the crowd. They were clearly there to watch and not participate other than the occasional comment or request. When Carl leaned down and put one of Jan's breasts in his mouth, you could hear a pin drop. He moved from one side of her chest to the other, causing each nipple to grow a little longer and a deeper red.

Carl removed the blouse and bra before moving his hands down to the top of Jan's pants.

"I want to go down there," Cheryl whispered. "I want to be closer."

"Let's go," Ben said.

A moment later, they stood on the edge of the crowd, about five or six feet from Jan's head. Carl had taken off Jan's pants and was now teasing his wife's pussy and sliding her panties lower on her hips.

From her new vantage point, Cheryl could easily make out the bulge in Carl's pants. If it was any indication, she was anxious to see the real thing. Cheryl's eyes traveled back to Jan and she watched as the panties slowly got pulled off Jan's long legs.

Jan was known among the crowd for taking extra care in maintaining her body. Cheryl marveled over the sexiness of her mature curves and lines. Women didn't usually turn her on, but this one was special.

It also worked for Carl, because as he stood over Jan and stripped, it soon became obvious that the bulge in his pants was just a precursor to the very large erection he sported when he took off his boxers. A couple of the women voiced their approval to break the silence. Cheryl saw a few pairs of hands begin to travel over partners' bodies in the crowd.

Carl laid on top of Jan and they kissed. They rolled back and forth and Carl's cock slid across Jan's smooth skin. He sucked on her breasts once more and Jan moaned with joy. Cheryl tried to imagine how she would respond to his massive cock entering her.

As if on cue, Jan reached down and positioned Carl's cock where she wanted it. The room was hushed as everybody watched and waited. Carl was very deliberate in his actions. Rather than simply plunging his cock inside Jan, he let the head disappear before stopping to let everybody see. Then another inch or two, until finally the cock vanished from sight.

"Oh God, yes," Jan muttered.

Cheryl could almost feel the cock inside her own body as her pussy contracted. Watching the campers from afar was vastly different than being a few feet away in the cabin. Her body told her she liked this much better.

Carl pulled out and reinserted the cock in slow motion. Jan lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Carl pulled her closer and they began to fuck in earnest.

Unbeknownst to her, Jeremy and his wife had walked behind Cheryl and Ben. Cheryl flinched at the unexpected feel of Jeremy's hands on her waist.

"Like it so far?" he whispered in her ear.

"Love it," Cheryl replied.

"Is it OK if I watch with you?" Jeremy asked.

Cheryl nodded.

His hands slid down the outside of her legs until reaching the bottom of her skirt. Cheryl never took her eyes off the couple on the rug while Jeremy ran his fingers up the inside of her thighs. He got to her pussy and felt the wetness seeping through her panties.

Jeremy massaged her ass with one hand and began rubbing her pussy and clit with the other.

Carl and Jan were picking up the pace with each of them saying they were getting closer. Carl lifted Jan's ass off the floor and thrust his cock into her at a new angle—one that evidently pleased Jan very much. She clutched at the rug and held it tight in her fists. Her eyes were closed and her expression indicated that an orgasm wasn't far off.

Cheryl only spent a few seconds wondering if Jeremy had talked to Ben about what he was doing, or to his wife, or if everything in the cabin was just spontaneous. The harder Jeremy rubbed her clit, the less she worried about it.

Jan's cries were getting louder and more frequent. Her breasts swayed with each shove of Carl's cock into her pussy. The cries became moans and the moans became incoherent sounds.

Cheryl fidgeted as Jeremy played with her pussy and ass. She hoped she could avoid cumming until the couple on the floor were done.

Finally, Jan screamed out and began an orgasm to the delight of the crowd. Carl slammed into her with greater force and each grunt seemed to push Jan even farther into ecstasy. She lasted nearly a full minute before showing signs of collapsing onto the carpet.

Carl let her down and pulled out his cock to Cheryl's surprise and disappointment. But as soon as he began stroking it, aimed directly at Jan's chest, she knew what was next. The room seemed to freeze in anticipation. And then it started.

With a loud groan, Carl poured shot after shot of warm cum onto Jan's stomach and tits. The crowd roared its approval in unison, the loudest outburst of the evening so far. Applause mixed in with shouts and pleadings for more even while a pool of white semen collected between Jan's breasts. Eventually, Carl finished and Jan playfully ran a finger across her chest before sliding it between her lips.

Cheryl could feel her heart thumping and her breath coming in shallow puffs. Jeremy withdrew his hands just as she threatened to cum and she watched Jan clean up with a towel supplied by somebody in the crowd. Gazing at the towel wiping off Jan's large breasts did little to calm Cheryl down.

Jeremy whispered into Cheryl's ear: "Want to be next?"

She did, but was too shy to admit it. She shook her head.

"It's kind of tradition that the new person gets involved the first night," Jeremy said.

"That's a lie," Cheryl quickly responded. "And what about your wife?"

"She much prefers watching."

And Cheryl much preferred to be fucked by this sexy guy, in front of a bunch of strangers. They weren't hiding in the woods this time or watching her inside a tent. They were ten feet away.

"OK. Just tell me what to do," Cheryl managed to say amid her anxiety.

Jeremy grinned and said, "I'll lead."

Jan was being helped to her feet when Jeremy started to unbutton Cheryl's blouse. Soon, every set of eyes in the cabin were on the young woman in the denim miniskirt. Jeremy lifted the blouse out of the skirt to open the last button. He let the shirt dangle on her for a moment before pulling back on it and sliding it down Cheryl's arms.

Expressions of appreciation from both men and women accompanied the unveiling of Cheryl's near-perfect breasts. She timidly glanced around the room, practically able to feel the intensity of the stares. But nothing could have made her stop now.

Jeremy unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor on its own. Cheryl felt his hands on her waist, and then her panties were being removed. The only sound this time was Jeremy pushing her clothes aside.

Finally, somebody in the room whistled softly. Murmurs started as Jeremy ran his hands up and down Cheryl's naked body. She thought she would explode from excitement and stimulation as she looked around the room and saw a couple men begin to fondle their partners. The combination of being naked and watching the beginnings of sex by others was exactly what Cheryl had been dreaming of.

She turned to face Jeremy, who already had his shirt off and was removing his pants. Inside his shorts Cheryl could clearly make out his erection. When he was naked, Cheryl's pulse accelerated even more. He had a lean body, if not overly muscular. But that cock was...magnificent.

They came together and Cheryl held him in her hand. They kissed lightly and Jeremy cupped one of her breasts.

"Lie on the couch," he told her.

She eagerly obeyed and watched him move beside the couch. His cock had grown another inch or two, sticking straight out now in menacing hardness. But rather than get between her legs, he climbed onto the couch and straddled her waist with his knees. The cock hung inches above Cheryl's mouth as he leaned forward.

Instinctively, her lips parted and she licked them nervously. A second later, the bulging head of Jeremy's cock made contact with her mouth. She reached up and held the throbbing, warm shaft while licking all around the tip. Cheryl closed her lips around it and Jeremy gradually pushed it, inch by inch, inside her mouth. He didn't stop until Cheryl's lips were flat against his body.

Cheryl pulled back and then willingly took in all of his cock once more. Soon, Jeremy was fucking her mouth while the crowd formed a circle around the couch. If Cheryl was going to have any second thoughts, they would be now. Instead, she felt her pussy throb even harder and her desire to please Jeremy, and the crowd, grew stronger.

Jeremy played with Cheryl's tits and she responded by licking and sucking him more intensely. Next to her, she saw a man's stiff cock in the hand of a woman. Behind Jeremy she saw a man sucking a woman's breast. She assumed the party was just getting started.

Being the main attraction, Jeremy knew what the crowd wanted. He pulled out of Cheryl's mouth and worked his way down the couch. Cheryl watched the cock pass over her pussy, and then keep going as Jeremy backed up. To her surprise, he separated her legs with his hands and lowered his face. After kissing her thighs for a second, he licked all around her pussy and then quickly found her clit.

Cheryl's moan indicated to everyone that Jeremy's tongue had found the spot. He licked harder and closed his lips around her swollen clit.

"Oh fuck, yes!" she cried out. "Right there."

Cheryl lifted one leg so it rested on the back of the couch while the other one dangled over the edge. Jeremy held her under the thighs and buried her head deeper. His tongue worked over the clit and occasionally found its way inside her soaking wet pussy. Cheryl wriggled her hips as she came closer and closer to cumming.

When Jeremy sensed she was close, he moved up and finally let the head of his cock rest at her opening. Cheryl grabbed him by the ass and practically forced him inside her. He easily slid in and filled her to the delight of the onlookers...and Cheryl.

Her legs were around his waist and he fucked her a little faster. The couch creaked from the force of his thrusts, but Cheryl wanted more. She saw everybody watching them, many of the people either masturbating or fondling somebody else. She never felt as excited as she did right then. No fantasy could possibly match what she was actually experiencing in the cabin.

All the while, Jeremy's cock was providing more than she could dream of in terms of sexual pleasure. He certainly knew how to use it and had Cheryl on the verge of a giant orgasm. She clung to him as the pace quickened and the sound of their sex filled the room.

Much too quickly, Cheryl knew she was about to cum. She barely had enough time to consider her surroundings one last time before letting out a shriek and feeling her pussy contract around the cock inside her.

The next couple minutes were just a blur. She started to cum. Numerous waves flowed through her body as Jeremy squeezed her nipples and continued to pound his cock into her cunt. Cheryl clutched at the edge of the couch, then held Jeremy by the ass, and then played with her clit. More orgasms came and went. In the middle of it all, Jeremy asked her if he could cum inside her. Cheryl squeaked out a 'Yes' and she felt his warm semen added to the accumulation of her own juices.

Her mind scarcely picked up the sounds of the other people in the room. She was totally locked into her own pleasure and Jeremy's elongated orgasm. Cheryl felt the excess juices flow down the inside of her thighs. She never wanted the session to end.

But it did, and she found Jeremy on top of her, kissing her passionately with a semi-erect cock still inside her. When he finally rose from the couch, Cheryl's hair was tousled and her face a bright crimson. However, the smile on that face told the whole story.


"When will I see you again?" Ben asked when he dropped her off back at her campsite.

"Oh, who knows," she replied. "Maybe you'll be walking in the woods one day and you'll look over and there I'll be. On top of a picnic table with some dude I just met."

"That would be cool," he said. "Should I watch?"

"You better."

She blew him a kiss and closed the door. Ben watched her walk inside her tent. The windows were still wide open as he pulled away.

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