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Camryn's Baby


I would like to acknowledge the talents of JPB. I have enjoyed his stories. As is in most cases everyone has a different perception of how they would like a story to turn out; in a lot of cases if the story is well told then we empathize with the characters, and this is a sign that the author has done his/her job of entertaining us. I felt something for Dave and decided that I couldn't let him get brow beaten and slink off into the wilderness of forced cuckoldry. With permission from the original author here is my ending. Although it may not be necessary to read the original story it may help in understanding my ending. I decided to take up the story from where Dave has been confronted by his father about his attitude towards his wife Camryn.

"What's wrong with you and Camryn?"


"Bullshit! It has been obvious to everyone that there is something very wrong there."

"No dad, everything is cool."

"Dave, not talking about it does not make it go away. Not talking about it doesn't help fix it."

"It is beyond fixing."

"Nothing is so bad that it can't be helped."

"Oh yeah?" And then the whole story came pouring out of me - all of it, every stinking little thing - and then I said, "So dad, you tell me, how do we fix that?"

He stared at me for several moments and then said, "I don't know. Let's look at it and see what we have. Camryn panicked when she thought that all you had worked for was going to be lost. She panicked and did something that she thought would save everything. Right so far?

"Yes, I guess so."

"Okay, I don't condone what she did, but I can understand it and at least she did it right."


"She did it right. What she did was stupid, but she was right to make sure that she could never know who the father was. So anyway, she did what she did, got herself pregnant and then called your mother. Your mother called you and that was the first you knew of it. Right so far?"


"You went home, found out what the deal was and were all set to throw her out on the street and then your mother and I showed up. I told you the sad tale about your mother and all of a sudden you decided that you were stuck with Camryn and the baby because of your mother."

"That's it."

"It doesn't matter to you that Camryn obviously loves you? Everyone can see it; it is as plain as the nose on your face."

"Bullshit dad! It had nothing to do with her love for me and everything to do with her losing her house, not to mention the money you and mum waved in front of her face. If she loved me she wouldn't have done what she did. If she loved me she would have come to me and we would have both made a decision together. No she just panicked when she saw there was a chance of half a million dollar going to one of my other brothers. "

"Bullshit back to you Dave. That's just you trying to vindicate yourself from your own complicity. Did you never consider the fact that she sacrificed a piece of herself for you? She set out to save her home Dave. She knew when she got pregnant that you would know what she had done. There was no way she could hide it from you or convince you that you were the father, but she did it so that her home would be safe. You are part of the home she tried to make safe. I'll grant you that there might have been other, better ways of doing it. Everyone sooner or later makes a stupid mistake for what they think are good reason. Camryn made a whopper, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't love you; if anything it shows how much she loved you. People make mistakes all the time Dave and people are forgiven for making those mistakes.

"I seem to remember a stolen car and a drunken joy ride somewhere in your past, but you were forgiven. You could have just as easily gone to prison for ten years, but you didn't because the man whose car you stole looked at you and saw a good kid who had stupidly fucked up and he let it slide.

"Ok I'll grant you that dad; so she loves me. She loves so much that she's prepared to condemn me to a life of cuckoldry. I can tell you now that she hasn't stopped her infidelity. I didn't keep stealing cars dad! I learnt from my mistake!"

"Don't be stupid Dave. What she is doing now is what you have consigned her to by ignoring her. She is your wife, she loves you, but she is human and has certain basic needs which you have absolutely refused to meet. What is she supposed to do, lock herself in a room and wait for your mother to die so she can get on with her life? By your own admission she has tried to get you to fill those needs and you've turned your back on her."

"That is such a load of horse shit dad that I'd have trouble in swallowing it even if was directed at a male. The reason she's out there fucking her brains out is to rub my nose in it; she thinks that if she blatantly fucks around then I'll knuckle under and toe the line just to get her to stop. What's she going to do the next time we disagree on something? If it's of any interest to you; I haven't gone out and found comfort in other women. I believe in fidelity and my marriage vows, and I'll not go and break them even though I have every reason to do so. You, my mother and she have condemned me to a life of chastity until mum kicks the bucket."

Dad didn't have an answer for that one; I think even he knew his argument was weak, so he changed tack, "And what about Bradley?"

"What about Bradley?" I enquired with some surprise.

"Anyone who is or has been a parent can look at the two of you and see that something isn't right."

"Of course it's not right, he's not mine dad. I have no connection to him other than he's the son of the woman I married and one of seventeen men she copulated with in order to produce him."

"I'm getting pissed off with your constant derogatory reference towards Camryn. He may not be in the physical sense, but he is yours. You accepted him as yours the day you made the decision to keep Camryn and the baby for the good of your mother. You accepted him into your home; you allowed your name to be put on his birth certificate. You said, "Okay Bradley, you are my kid now so get out there and keep your grandmother happy. By doing that Dave, you took him to raise. He didn't ask to be part of this mess. He didn't have any choice in the matter, but he is here now and he deserves better than he is getting. Accept him Dave. He is doing a lot for your family; do something for him in return. Think about it Dave, think about it hard."

"I have thought about it; I haven't thought about much else ever since she stuck me with it. I haven't accepted anything. Accepting something implies you have a choice, and you and that slut have pretty much made it clear that I have no choice in the matter. I'm as innocent in this fucked up situation as that poor bastard. Camryn never came to me to discuss our options; she just went ahead and got herself knocked up, then told mum and you before me, so she could effectively cut me off at the knees. So no I haven't accepted the bastard, and never will. I'm locked into feeding and clothing the little prick; I'll let you, mum and that slut give him the love he needs; he's your responsibility not mine."

Dad could see that he wasn't getting through to me and I really didn't care, "Come along, we need to get back to the party."

As expected things didn't change much; except that my mother was a little more annoyed with me for my perceived lack of interest in my family. If she wasn't on the phone then she was at our house lecturing Camryn on how to raise children or me on what I needed to do for my ever loving wife so that she could be more comfortable in caring for my child.

A man can only suffer so much and I felt like strangling my mother, "You know David! It wouldn't hurt you to be a little more proactive with bringing up your son. It certainly wouldn't hurt you to play with him or change his diaper once in awhile. How are you ever going to bond with him if you continue to neglect him? Camryn went through hell and high water to give you a child; your son David; so be the father I expect you to be. Camryn needs time to herself, so that means you need to be a little more loving. It certainly wasn't below your own father change your diaper when necessary." I glared at Camryn and storm out of the house; disappearing until she was gone.

Camryn waylaid me in the kitchen one morning, weeks later. Even though I was expecting it, it still made me angry, "We're having a birthday party for Bradley on the weekend, and the whole family will be here."


"So I'm asking you to be you to be on your best behaviour this weekend. Your mother has been planning it for months now. The whole family is coming over for a bbq and cake cutting. It's a milestone in our child's life and I would appreciate it if you could atleast be civil and atleast look as though you care about your family."

I shrugged and went back to reading my paper, "It won't make any difference! I won't be here; I have to make a trip for work and I expect to be gone over the weekend, so you can safely say that there won't be any conflict on my part."

"Whether you like it or not Bradley is here to stay. I'm turning myself inside out trying to make this up to you, but you're not prepared to even meet me half way. What have I got to do to get you to understand that what I did, I did for us Davy; for our family. I don't see him as anyone else's son Dave, as far as I'm concerned he's yours and no amount of bitching or sulking on your part is going to change my mind. If things were different then it would be your biological son I gave birth to, but unfortunately it wasn't, and I'm now forced to accept that he's now here and you're going to have to accept it and stop being so damn selfish. You are his father so deal with it David. I can't believe you're attitude. I can't believe that I fell in love and married such a self-centred pea brained an asshole. "

"Yeah well, welcome to my world Camryn. I never thought I'd marry a round heeled slut and whore, but I did!"

Camryn glared and stood defiantly in front of me, "I'm not a slut or a whore and I resent you saying so. I'll stop getting my itch scratched by other lovers as soon as you decide to apologise and get back to being the husband I thought I married. That includes being a devoted father to YOUR son. Grow up David! We all have to make sacrifices for the good of the family; the sooner you realise that life isn't always fair; the sooner we can be a loving family once more."

I couldn't let that comment slide, "Ok Camryn! Let's talk about sacrifice. What did you give up for the family good? I'll tell you what sacrifices I've made and we'll compare. I'm looking at my wife who's cuckolded me with numerous men! Can you say the same?"

"I told you that as soon as you return to our bedroom I'll stop going out looking for affection. I gave up my virtue for our family David; I hated every minute of it, but I did it so we could be secure."

"What a load of crap Camryn! I know you sweetheart; there is no way known that you just laid there and felt nothing while they fucked you. It wouldn't surprise me if you didn't have multiple orgasms. You may have started out not liking it, but I'll bet my left nut that you soon got into it." Camryn just stood there clenching her fists; knowing full well I was right on the money.

"Shall we move on? I'm forced to live with a child that's not mine! Can you say the same?

"I'm forced to financially support a child, not of my choosing, and had no say in whether he should be brought into this family! Can you say the same?"

"I'm being hounded by my family at every turn. How about you Camryn?"

"I won't bother starting to work out what my mother and father have sacrificed. Don't you dare stand there and preach to me about fucking sacrifice. You wouldn't know what sacrifice was, even if it jumped up and bit you on the ass."

"Why did you ask me to behave myself this weekend?"

"Camryn wiped a tear from her face with the back of her hand and in a meek voice replied, "I know you David, and I know you'll sulk; you'll standoff in a corner and make it difficult for anyone to converse with you. You'll be a wet blanket on the whole day. It will make your mother unhappy with how you're acting. The whole family will be here and they'll see your refusal to interact with your son. Hell! I haven't ever seen you so much as even touch him, let alone pick him up if he's crying."

I almost laughed at that, "You don't know me at all Camryn; if you did we wouldn't be in this fucked up mess you made. One reason I don't want to be at this party is because every time I get anywhere near my brothers; their snide comments and innuendoes make me angry enough to want to start knocking heads together. Do you know what they're saying? That I got you knocked up just so we'd get the prize; they're saying that I've snuck in and grabbed a pocket full of money that is rightfully theirs. If I show up then I can guarantee that there will be atleast two of us stretched out on the floor, because I've had it up to my eye teeth with their smartass comments. And as far as not touching him! I'm doing you a favour there Camryn; if I were you I wouldn't trust me anywhere near him! Hell it makes me sick just knowing I don't trust myself around your son." Camryn's face paled at this latest confession and she ran from the room in tears.

Camryn was in her bedroom and I was staring at the tv; not that I was actually watching it, when my father walked in the back door, "What's this I hear about you not being at your son's first birthday party?"

I just looked at him with contempt, "For a start dad; when are you going to get it through your thick skull of yours that he's not my son, and if you're here to chew my ass about this coming weekend then the whore has already told you why I won't be there."

I could see dad was losing his cool but I didn't care, "I will not allow you to keep referring to your wife in such a derogatory manner! I don't know where I went wrong in your upbringing but I seem to have failed miserably in your case. Your lack of respect is pitiful to say the least. If your damn ego means that much to you then I'll speak with your brothers and tell them to back off."

I launched myself off the couch and stood nose to nose with my father, "Don't go there dad! I only give respect to those who show me respect, and I've had damn little of that since this has started. What are you going to tell my respectful brothers dad? That my wife did exactly what they're accusing me of? That she went out and got herself fucked by seventeen difference guys just so she could get herself pregnant and take the half million dollar bounty? As far not being a whore; I think that, that definition is rather accurate. Don't you? Whores fuck for money, and that's what she did. I'm pissed off that I'm being included in this brothel by proxy as her perceived pimp."

We both turned as we heard Camryn wail in a fit of anguish at what I had just said. I didn't know she was listening to our conversation, but it made little difference.

Dad was turning a dark shade of purple, "I don't think I want you as a son anymore David. I'm ashamed of how you're acting, Camryn only wants a loving family and you can't seem to get your head out of your ass long enough to see it."

"The one who's got his head up his ass is you dad. Just because you say he's your grandson doesn't make it so. Mum still doesn't have a grandson; there is no genetic link between him and our family. Mum doesn't have a grandchild and never will if she's relying on me to do it for her. Bradley is someone else's grandson; someone who because of a neurotic mother, a stupid father and selfish money hungry bitch will never get to meet their grandson. There's a man out there that will never have the chance of being a father to Bradley. Camryn stole his son as sure as she had lifted him from his stroller. You seem to think women have the right to bear children without the consent of the father. I'm sure that if the courts were to get involved then Camryn could very well be sued. There's more to this than a simple placating of a neurotic woman's fantasy of family. Don't worry about it dad; maybe I'm not even your son anyway. Maybe mum was so fanatical about offspring that she went out and did exactly what Camryn did. Maybe you're a cuckold as well dad; have you thought about that?"

I didn't see it coming and before I could get my bearing dad was standing over me, "You are a sorry piece of shit Dave; how dare you imply that your mother could do something like that to me."

I rubbed my jaw as I looked into his steely eyes, "Do what dad? Do something terrible and make you a cuckold? Go out and fuck seventeen guys to get pregnant, because her husband can't get the job done? Not so nice when you think of the boot being on the other foot; is it dad? You're so high and fucking mighty when someone else has to live with the consequences, just as long as you get what you want, but when your manhood is called into question you hit out at the first opportunity. You make me sick; all of you. I want nothing to do with any of this so called family."

I kept out of Camryn's way for the next day or so and left for my trip on the Friday morning. I could have left it until Monday to go, but I had no intention of being anywhere around a gaggle of clucking hens, fawning over Camryn's son and admonishing me for not getting into the spirit of the occasion. I was settling into my hotel room when my cell phone started going off. I knew it wouldn't be the whore or my dear father wondering as to my comfort or wellbeing and I was right, "Hello mother!"

I waited while she complained bitterly and chewed my ass about my absence at the party, "No mum I have to work; as you well know and made sure of; I have a damn family to support." I felt a twinge of anger that I had to lie just because my dear old dad and the whore couldn't convince her that I had to be somewhere else on this particular weekend.

"No mum I can't put it off; my job depends on me being here this weekend. As I have been reliably informed many time over the last twelve months; we all need to make sacrifices, and this is mine. Look mum I have to go; yeah, yeah give them my love." I almost puked at having to saying that.

The status quo was held for another six months and I was thinking that I'd have to accept my lot in life when the final straw was loaded onto the poor camel. Camryn had stopped bring her lovers to the house and I'm sure that dad had something to do with that, but that didn't mean she had stopped her fucking around and it meant that she had to take Bradley over to one over the rellies to babysit for her. She came into the lounge and stood staring at me until I acknowledged her, "What now?"

Camryn wrung her hands in front of her while she tried to come out with what it was that she needed me to hear, "Ummm...David, you know I love you more than life itself, and what I have to tell you isn't going to make it look like I do, but I do and want more than anything to make things right between us. I'm lonely and I need my man to comfort me. I need you David, now more than ever."

I held my hand up to stop her, "Camryn! That is a dead horse as far as I'm concerned. Just tell me what it is that you feel you need to interrupt my evening with."

She cut to the chase almost tripping over her words, "I was thinking that it would be a nice idea for Bradley to have a little brother or sister to play with!"

I just looked down and shook my head, "You were thinking ...or have you done something more than just thinking about it?" My eyes were in line with her stomach and the little bulge was suddenly noticeable, "By the look of your belly I'd say it's the latter!"

Camryn straighten her shoulders in a defiant pose, "Ok then; you're right! Bradley is going to have a little brother or sister to play with. I'm just telling you so that you won't be surprised when your mother comes to congratulate you on our next child."

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