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Hey everyone. So, here's the third and final book, it'll be a while before I can publish something again, but I'll make sure it isn't another two years this time before I do. I might do a monster girl harem next time, if there's interest, so let me know. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Someone commented about the lack of FF action, my harem stories usually include some polyamory and love between the ladies. But nope, Cam is selfish, they're all his and he doesn't share. So that isn't going to happen, outside of a little voyeurism and exhibitionism like in the first two books, anyway.

Thanks for all the constructive comments, thanks, and ideas!

Cam's Kingdom

Cambion Chronicles: Book Three

Copyright 2018. This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission.

Chapter One

The tinkle of silverware, the delicious scents of bacon, eggs, sausage, and fresh bread, along with light conversation filled the room as we sat down for breakfast. It was the morning just two days after we'd shut down the silver mine, and freed fifty-eight elves, twelve shifters, and three witches.

Not much had changed, besides a shocked murmur of rumors going through the city, at the arrival of those elves in Mythfall. My Coterie was still five, three of them full mates, or at least sharing my bed at night, then of course there was my sixth lover in the palace, Tammy, who I looked forward to seeing the day after.

They were enough to keep me drowning in energy, as long as I conserved it properly. Since we'd found out holding too much energy modifies my personality, and makes me even more obsessed with sex, I'd been training and playing with my demon side talents with the extra harvested energy that powers them. For that moment, I was focused on learning the limits of control for the shadowy hellfire.

My sweet witch Cassia had been my first love and mate. She had a soft beauty to her face, along with warm soft brown eyes, lovely chestnut reddish brown hair that hung like a shimmering curtain down her body, with full lips and a heart shaped face. Her succulent and sumptuous body was five foot five, with generous D cups, a thin waist, and sexy hips with a tight and supple ass. She was curvy, but there wasn't an inch of fat on her thanks to my inadvertent sculpting of her body.

She was a complicated woman, loyal and sweet to me, loving and devoted, but also an equal in many ways. She was rather formidable to our enemies, and generous to our allies.

My exotically beautiful half-elf shifter, Faith, was my second love and mate. She had an exotic beauty, with a thin elfin face, slightly pointed ears, long eyelashes, high cheekbones with a slightly pointed chin, and sweet lips. She had long and bright red wavy hair, and lovely light brown ochre eyes. She was my petite sexpot, at five foot two with sharp sumptuous curves, her bountiful C cups, waspishly thin waist, and sexy hips never failed to draw my eyes, and she had the sexiest most petite bubbled ass I'd ever seen.

Faith was a shifter and completely submissive to my status as her alpha mate. My word was law to her, not that I ever abused it, or treated her as less than the others. On the contrary, I protected her in every way. She was also extremely protective of me, and the rest of my lovers and mates in the coterie. She was also highly intelligent, I just needed to remember to ask for her advice when things came up, because she wouldn't dream of telling me what to do or think otherwise.

Siora, the incredibly sexy elf sorceress, was the third lover that shared my bed at night, although we still hadn't made the decision on being full mates. It was somewhat of a trial period that was going very well so far. She was five foot seven, with a thin willowy body and soft curves, toned sexy legs and a tight little ass, the only exception to her willowy body was her almost obscenely bountiful rounded breasts, which must've been at least double D, but I suspected were even larger.

Her beauty was as exotic as Faith's, being a full elf, she had a similar facial structure, but fully upswept and long pointed ears. She also had impossibly bright green eyes that seemed to glow from within, and her straight hair was a startlingly and shimmering silver color, it looked like liquid metal silk as it ran down her willowy body.

Siora was hard to read at times, elven society was always polite, and her voice was even cultured that way, to sound soothing and dulcet. However, in bed she let that go, her voice became alluringly dulcet and seductive, and she was as wild and as insatiable as the rest of my ladies. Except, I was fairly sure her wildness had less to do with my half sex-demon allure to the opposite sex, and it was more about a powerful outlet for the rest of the time, when she suppressed her wild personality. In a word, my Siora was a kinky woman, and quite wild between the sheets.

The fourth lady at my breakfast table that morning was Lysa. She didn't live with us, though she loved me and I loved her, a fairly new state of affairs, she had a deep and longstanding loyalty to her vampire kiss. It also meant she wasn't eating, she was just extending our time together with conversation. She joined us each morning at dawn, for our morning sex marathon as I sated my four ladies, only feeding from Lysa and Faith, Lysa because she wasn't there at night, and Faith because she was my one lover that I could feed from twice a day.

Lysa was the tallest in my coterie at five foot eight, and lissomly willowy, with pert and proud B cups, lovely and toned dancer's legs, and a tight ass. Her stomach was flat, and the valley of her waist a deliciously long curve. My Lysa had an oval face, with high and prominent cheekbones, giving her an aristocratic and classical beauty, which turned out to be half right given her father had been a baron. She had lovely light blue eyes, and long golden blonde hair that fell down her body in ringlets.

My fifth and six lovers weren't present, but they were never very far from my mind.

Irze, an exotically beautiful drow cleric, visited me at night, and then left. She had trust issues from being raised among the other amoral members of her race. To trust was to die. My lovely Irze was different that way but trusting us with her helplessly sleeping and vulnerable body was still a block in her mind.

She was five foot three, almost as petite as Faith, but extremely lithe instead of curvy. With proud and firm B cups, a tiny waist, and thin hips. She also had a sexy bubbled ass. The drow looked much like an elf did, just with ebony skin instead of porcelain fair, and her eyes were a startling violet color and her hair was a shocking white blonde.

Those were the five lovers in my coterie, two of them mates and three living with me, and they were fully in the know about everything, that I was a half-demon and half-witch.

My sixth lover was a palace gardener in the royal gardens, and not part of the coterie, but she was just as precious to me as the rest of them. I didn't particular care for only seeing her once a week, but it was what it was. My Tammy was five foot seven, with a softly lush, supple, and curvaceous body. Her soft supple flesh wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, the extra she had was all in the right places, with lushly ripe D cups, a juicily rounded ass, and a lovely thin waist and flat stomach, if not toned.

She had gently curly midnight blue-black hair, and lovely dark blue eyes. Her face was stunningly beautiful, and her warm and creamy light brown skin was so supple and soft under my hands. I'd only had two love sessions with her so far, the third would be the next day. She'd been a virgin the day I'd seduced her, and I looked forward to showing her many varied pleasures. So far, I'd just made love to her and gone down on her, she was naïve and new to the ways of physical love. She was also a delight.

"Breakfast is amazing, as usual, love."

We were about halfway through, and it'd been pretty quiet as we fed our stomachs. We were all rather hungry after our morning activities.

Cassia smirked, "Thanks. Anything special going on today?" she asked the table at large.

Siora said, "I'm going back to the tower this morning, to continue our trade of lore and spells. The new elven community seems settled in, and so far there's been nothing serious going on. A few ugly rumors and lies, but nothing violent yet."

I nodded, that was probably both good and bad. Bad, because it meant the cabal of nobles behind the illegal slavery and mine were probably still plotting revenge, which meant less of a chance of them making a mistake. Still, Siora was willing to let them get away with it, as long as they didn't abuse her people going forward.

Lysa interjected, "I'll see if my Kiss will look into it, see how the nobility is dealing with the influx of elves and what they're thinking as a whole. The cabal of a few nobles is one thing, but if they start trying to sway the full nobility against the new community, I'll let you know."

That was what my coterie was all about, influence and alliances through my five lovers, giving us all a certain status, influence, and safety in the city. It didn't hurt that we were the only ones that could maintain the wards on the castle either, which gave us at least a thin blanket of protection from the king.

Lysa's kiss had an in with the nobility, while Siora did with the sorcerer community in the Spire of Abyxis, and of course Cassia and I covered the royal family. Faith and Irze didn't bring much besides themselves, but that was no small thing either, every one of my ladies was a graceful woman of power and strength.

Sex, and feeding my personal power with harvested soul energy was only one aspect of the coterie, and arguably the least important in keeping us safe. If I needed my personal power, it meant we were in a fight, and the subtler influences of the coterie had failed.

Regardless, given only about a month had passed since this all started, it was a hell of a start. I was also leaning toward the idea that was enough. Five in my coterie, and one extra lover in Tammy once a week at the castle. My hard limit was still six in the coterie, but I wouldn't be looking very hard, and was more than satisfied with the lovers I had already.

Siora nodded to Lysa, "Thank you, Lysa. What will the rest of you get up to?"

I said, "With nothing urgent needed, we'll do our usual morning training, and probably work on that spell book in the afternoon. The sooner we can initiate peace with the rest of the covens in the city, the better."

My personal protection spells and healing spells as a witch were gaining in power, as my understanding of my body improved. Ironically, my overabundance of harvested energy that had complicated our silver mine mission, had helped me make a breakthrough that way, improving my witch shields by a great amount by being able to more easily recognize the magic that belonged in my body, and therefore blocking what didn't. The better my witch shield, the less my demon shield needed to work to fight off spells, which ultimately meant less harvested energy cost in defense.

As far as casting witch spells outside my body, I'd need to use that focused exploration technique, which was much like meditation, for at least another few weeks before I'd be able to start leaving my witch senses out of my body on an ongoing basis. Only then could I work on spells both offensive and defensive outside my body. For the moment, stretching my witch senses to feel the world around me was far too distracting and intense to do it outside of training where I wasn't doing anything else.

For the moment, it was my sword mastery and demonic powers that I used against our enemies.

Similarly, I taught both Faith and Cassia knife and hand to hand fighting. A backup for their natural skills as a shifter and witch, though they similarly stuck to their primary weapons of witchcraft and claw. Faith was getting better at subtlety in battle and controlling her instincts, which was impressive to me. It wasn't easy for a shifter to control their animal instincts in battle, especially when in their beast-form.

We did all our training in the mornings, with the exception of the sword sparring and practice to keep my edge with Irze, because my drow was only around in the evenings and early nights. That left our afternoon free for the standard witch spell-book idea, and other activities including leisure and even random sex. Random meaning unscheduled, dawn and nighttime before sleep was standard.

Sure, sating four ladies every morning, and every night, was probably more than enough for me, but sometimes a quickie during the day could be nice. Honestly, it was probably my greatest weakness, as a half-sex-demon I was rather insatiable, and I obviously evoked that in my mates to a certain extent. In the mornings it was my two mates, along with Siora, and Lysa, then at night my two mates, along with Siora, and Irze.

It was a point, it was manageable, but just to be clear I wanted all my ladies, all the time. I was usually only sated a good half an hour after one of our marathons, and that was if I didn't activate my magic to recover.

I won't go on about it overly in this account of my early life, or every other line of this story would be me thinking about taking one of my mates in some kind of scenario in my mind. But just assume if I'm not fucking, I want to be fucking, I'm not going to share every random thought in these pages. Of course, my witch mind and ambition helped tame that, as well as my ladies being constantly willing, it wasn't exactly torture, it was just... always there, in the back of my head.

Enough about that, except to say despite that endless hungry lust, my relationships with my coterie were far more than just the sex. I cared deeply for all of them, and loved most of them, I was almost positive it wouldn't be long before I fell fully for Siora and Tammy as well.

We chatted a little more as we finished up breakfast.

Siora and Lysa gave me a lingering kiss goodbye after we'd cleared up, before they left for their daily tasks. My Siora would be home again for dinner, but I wouldn't see Lysa again until the following morning.

It was later that afternoon, and we were in our office, Cassia and I worked on the standard spell-book, while Faith kept us company.

Cassia observed, "This is going quickly, faster than I expected."

I looked at the large tome of witchcraft in disbelief, one of the last three of what remained of a large library in the past. The book was opened about a tenth of the way in, and I raised an eyebrow. I'd scribed out what felt like hundreds of spells the last few days, but what was probably in reality about forty.

Cassia smirked at my doubtful look, "A majority of the three tomes are those complicated rituals and deeper explanations we still aren't sharing, and the tome about wards we're not sharing at all. A lot of this magic I'll never use, it's too dark. Point is, we are almost done, the point is to get the covens to the point that they can defend themselves, offensively and defensively, with elements, curses, and pure magic attacks and defenses, so they aren't at the mercy of an angry bigoted crowd should that come to pass."

I nodded, "Agreed, it was my idea, but I didn't realize that only a small part of the tomes would be shareable. That's good news, how much longer do you think?"

She laughed, "Not sure, are we going to include standard healing and growth spells?"

I smirked, and shook my head, "Most know those, don't they? They just need the better more comprehensive shields, and attacks. We have basic element manipulation in there already too."

She tilted her head, then nodded in agreement, "Then perhaps tomorrow, or the next day at the latest. If we work on it as long as we worked on it today."

"Right, then we need to scribe a bunch of copies, and set up some kind of meeting between the covens."

Cassia nodded, "Somewhere on neutral ground, like an inn."

"Two members from each coven should keep the numbers below twenty. Faith?"

My mate binding with Faith allowed us to feel each other's emotions and general moods, I'd been getting better at paying attention to her presence in the back of my head. I could usually tell when she had an idea or suggestion, but of course she wouldn't offer it unless I asked.

Faith replied, "One of the parks might be better, where we won't be overheard. I imagine some humans wouldn't be pleased to find out their suppressed witch population is about to gain the teeth to defend themselves. Better they not find out until it's done."

"Good point. Do we know where they all are?"

Cassia shrugged, "I know a few, but I'll get with Lysa. They'll all be registered with the nobles, and I'm sure they have a contact to get that list. We should include the independents as well, not just the coven, those like my parents."

"Alright, get rolling on that, we'll send out invitations in a few days, once we have a good idea on how long it will take to scribe the copies. We should probably avoid hiring a scribe for that, to avoid rumors and alarm like Faith said, I've no doubt they'd gossip about their job."

Cassia smirked, "Good point. If things go well, we can talk about a second standard book for rituals maybe. There are some positive ones, and I've been thinking we could probably teach wards as well, as long as we don't teach the one we need for our livelihood."

That was true, without the words and keys to guard the natural boundaries between the mortal and elemental planes, they could know everything about wards but still not be able to take our place at the castle.

I grinned, "Let's get this project done first, but I don't disagree with you. Although, we'll have to be careful."

Cassia asked, "In what way?"

I claimed a lingering kiss, and she looked at me breathlessly when I finally relented and broke.

"Couldn't help myself. Well, we have an oath to keep the nature of the wards a secret, if we leave out just one type of ward out in our second effort, assuming we do it at all, won't that be a huge hint. Especially since that would be a critical defense against a sorcerous attack on their homes."

Cassia's voice was breathlessly sweet.

"I... maybe?"

I smirked, "Trouble thinking?"

She bit her lip, blushed, and glared at me, but the fuck me look in her eyes totally ruined it.

She blurted, "I'm pregnant."

It was my turn to be poleaxed, as I both got hard at the idea that I'd knocked up my sweet witch, and what it meant in starting our family. That was two of them at that point, my Faith was already pregnant.

"I love you," I said in a soft awed tone.

She grinned, "Love you too, Cam," as our gazes locked together.

I claimed another long lingering kiss, but a much softer and sweeter one. I could feel my Faith melting in the back of my head, joyous on our behalf, as I pulled my sumptuous witch out of her chair and onto my lap.

She wiggled, and moaned slightly into my mouth, as my cock nestled and pressed firmly between her supple ass cheeks through our clothes.

"Dinner," she said softly, with reluctance, and a lot of heat.

Faith ran her hand through my hair from behind us, and she kissed the side of my neck.

"I'll start it, will it be five?"

I nodded uncertainly, "I think so, Irze has been coming earlier lately."

It'd only been the last two days Irze would join the four of us for dinner, then spar, then we'd all go to bed. I hated it when she left, after we'd loved each other, but I was resigned to it until she felt that trust, though I had no doubts at all that she loved me, deliriously. I didn't blame her, the past could be hard to shake, and although she looked like a willowy nineteen-year-old ebony goddess, I knew she was closer to two hundred years of age.

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