Can He Take It? Ch. 02


Amber was working at a furious pace, slamming me and sending me flying away as her hands dragged me back down to be fucked again. Lexi had given up trying to get her mouth on my cock as I was swinging so rapidly, she had taken to jerking me off with one hand, my dick bending painfully with every swing.

I lay there in midair soaking up the whole experience, detached from the current state, noticing how the intense pain was there, but almost canceled out by the intense pleasure, creating a whole new feeling, which I'd never ever have again to near this magnitude. I felt myself building towards an orgasm but it felt like something was preventing me, like the pressure on my ass was holding me back.

As both girls worked me over, this orgasm grew and grew, but so did the feeling of it being blocked, like it was inevitable but it just wouldn't happen. My whole body was in that state of tension just before orgasm, but instead of it being a few seconds it was minutes. It felt good, locked in a state of orgasm, but frustrating because that satisfying relief as you actually came wasn't coming.

Lexi had switched hands a number of times already and Amber was getting tired. Until finally Amber pulled out and then as she plunged it all the way back in again without warning, I exploded, pounding the floor under me with cum as my teeth grinded against the ball gag. It was another fucking intense orgasm, I was making loud, almost inhuman sounds as it happened.

Afterwards I couldn't feel anything. I was limp, and had closed my eyes, letting the ropes support me.

I was aware that both girls had stopped fucking me, my asshole felt like it was still wide open as I could feel a breeze blowing into my open ass.

I then noticed a cameramen close to me from behind with Amber and Lexi on either side of him.

They both put two fingers on either side of my asshole and pulled open, showing my gaping hole up close for the camera.

"Look at how loose you are now bitch."

"Like throwing a hot dog down a hallway." Lexi said ruefully. She then spat in my gaping hole from afar and I felt it enter me.

"His asshole is bright red, we've rubbed it raw!" said Amber and then ran a finger along the rim, "How does that feel?" Her finger felt like it was on fire against my sensitive sphincter.

"It hurts Mistress."

"I bet, it looked as red as your body did right after we finished with you. Now we're going to leave you here for a while, so relax, and we want to keep that asshole loose, so get ready, another plug is coming in."

Amber then showed me a plug as I turned to look, it was about the side of the dildo that was just inside me and somewhat smaller where my ass closes on it, maybe 2.5 inches. She then slid it in, (and easily!) before it sucked into place.

They then took the weight strap off my balls and I breathed with relief. They toyed with my nipples on the clamps, each twisting and pulling one side gently, they then took them off at the same time. The rush of blood back into my nipples was always the most painful part and this was no exception as I shrieked in pain into my gag as my nipples feel like they were against a stove.

My breath was sharp for a minute until the pain finally died down.

The girls then left, the crew relaxed and the two assistants appeared around me, I was expecting them to let me down for the next scene but I was informed: "We're going to leave you up here for a while for the sake of realism. The girls are going to eat and get freshened up and do the final two scenes."

I wanted to ask them questions, but my ball gag was on. So I just nodded sadly and the girls walked away.

I was left alone in that cold room for probably an hour. It was actually good because the pain I had was slowly dimming everywhere, my skin was almost a normal color again. My ass felt really weird, which I guess is normal after a stretch and hard fuck, it felt like I wanted to put an ice pack on it.

I also noticed for the first time how badly I had to piss from all the water I was forced to drink beforehand.

Finally, the crew started filling in and the assistants finally lowered me, instructing me to hold the butt plug inside as we walked. This huge thing made me walk really awkwardly and the girls couldn't help but stare and giggle as I followed them bowlegged as fast as I could.

They then had me get up on a table again, this one had some padding on it. It was rather small.

This time they had me get on my knees and spread my legs wide so my knees were outside my hips, almost so my groin was stretching. They had me shuffle along the table until my feet were right on the back edge of the table.

They then had me bend over so my shoulders and upper chest were pressed tight against the table, supporting my weight, I could have used my face as support too, but the table ended and my shoulders just barely fit on it. I then had to reach my hands back in between my legs under me, so my feet and hands all stuck out behind me. My face was facing the floor just off the edge of the table, this would wear on my neck quickly, I realized.

They then slide some kind of metal bar underneath my limbs, it was bigger then a 2x4 by a little bit. But it had four semi circles that were cut into the top side. They needed a guy to help, it looked real heavy. They then let my ankles rest in each of the outside 2 semi circles and my wrists rested on the inside. They then slid another board on top of it, they were straining mightily to lift it, so it was heavy again. The semi circles on both sides matched up and it locked all my limps in place like that! It was like some kind of variant on medieval stocks.

Curled up in this position I was again totally helpless. Each setup did an excellent job of creating that feeling, but in a totally different position every time. The metal was extremely heavy and I could only make it lean or tilt to have it pull me back to my original position. Short story was I was stuck like that.

Once again my ass was very exposed, legs spread wide and ass pushed out like it was presenting, begging for attention.

Now the girls came back in. From my position on the table I had to crane my neck to the right so I could watch what was happening at the entrance. I saw both had robes on and were finishing drinks, wine of some kind. They sounded very jovial.

They then shed their robes and, naked again, we were ready to roll.

"How's this bitch? Comfy?" Lexi said as she grabbed my hair and bent my neck back as far as it would go. I then felt Amber undo the strap on the back of my head that held the gag on and it was taken off.

Amber showed me the bite marks I had left in it, they were in there deep, apparently that usually doesn't happen.

"Look at his posture, he sticks his ass out and arches his back on his own. I usually have to train new slaves for that." Amber said.

"He's a natural, or he just really wants it in his ass" Lexi cracked.

Amber now moved behind me and started to pull the dildo in and out of my asshole slowly, until Lexi returned from a few feet away, setting up a small table right in front of me, it stood lower then the one I was on. Lexi then grabbed a wedge shaped pillow and put it on the table. It looked like a sturdy foam.

She then lay on it so her body was basically inclined up towards her feet, which were a foot above her head. Her pussy was now directly under my face and her legs at the sides of my body while her head and torso dropped down the slope of the pillow. Her hands gripped the side of the table for support.

I looked down her body and saw her beautiful face looking back at me, framed from the underside of her perky little breasts, her pussy in the foreground if I looked down just a touch, just a delicate little slit. Her body arched gracefully, but athletically as she held on. It looked beautiful from any angle.

Of course, I was ordered to eat her out right away and I did so eagerly, completely turned on from the sensuality of that pose. I'd been waiting in that rope for an hour to taste these pussies. Lexi soon started lifting her hips off the pillow to force her pussy tighter against my mouth. I loved that.

Amber had now pulled the plug out of my ass completely and started to use her fingers on me, she started with 3, curling them up and tickling my prostate with them. It made me instantly hard.

Soon she stuck a fourth finger in and it went in easily. She was constantly adding lube as she worked the four fingers in and out of my asshole, sometimes sliding them all around the sides of my tender ass in a circular motion. Only stopping when the web of her thumb forced her to.

I had a hard time paying attention to what was happening at my ass and focusing on the pussy in my face, but I seemed to be doing OK with eating out Lexi as she was really grinding her hips against me.

I then felt Amber's thumb sliding down my crack and grouped with the rest of her fingers, she wasn't making a fist, but her hand was in the same shape you'd you to mimic someone talking, with all fingers and thumb pointing outward.

She pointed those fingers at my asshole again and this time I could feel that thumb start to poke through the left side of my asshole, but only a little bit, she stopped anytime she felt some resistance, she did this enough times that I felt completely comfortable with her and concentrated fully on Lexi, however Amber still got my attention, as had taken to slapping my ass hard with her other hand occasionally, causing me to pull my head up briefly every time.

Eventually Lexi got tired of my head pulling up, if only for instants, so she grabbed my hair hard and used it to slide her body just a bit forward, pushing her now swollen and visible clit against my lips. I started to lick and suck her clit furiously and she used that same hand to push my head down against her as she wiggled her hips against me.

Then she tensed, gripped my hair into a ball in her little fist, tugging it painfully, her thighs squeezed tightly against my head, her hips forced into my face. If I was able to stop and think I'd probably discover I wasn't able to breath.

She came hard, I could feel some of her juice flowing out of her, like flowing, a stream, it ended up dripping down my chin, she then lifted my head a bit by my hair and rocked her hips over my face, rubbing her fresh juice all over my face, adding another layer of body fluids to it.

She slowly started to relax but still held me tight against her pussy, her swollen lips pressed against my face, eventually she opened her thighs and pulled me up by my hair to look at my juice soaked face and I looked up at her, my eyes showing fear as I desperately caught my breath.

"This little bitch just made me squirt, maybe you aren't hopeless after all." she said, tugging my hair hard as a reward.

"Good, I'm about to stick my fist in him, first fist ever in his ass, want to watch from back here?"

"Yeah, that'd be so fucking hot. What do you call this? Popping his fist cherry?" Lexi got up from under me and went back to Amber and rubbed her naked body against Amber from behind, reached around and ran her hands along Amber's naked body, ended up resting them on her breasts and Amber, with one hand on my ass, and the other partially in it, turned her neck around and kissed her, their tongue's extended out of their mouths. I watched with great interest as Lexi massaged her breasts as they kissed passionately.

They reluctantly parted and Amber then asked Lexi to help by holding my ass cheeks open, so Lexi ended up jumping on my table, kneeling over me, ass towards my head, and leaned over, her breasts pressed against the small of my back, to reach behind me and she started to spread my ass cheeks. Her fingers gripped deep into my crack, pulling it open firmly and painfully, I was worried she would like tear something somehow.

Feeling Lexi's wet legs rubbing against my sides reminded me how uncomfortable my own soaked face was, covered in layers of juice, I could feel it slowly running towards the side of my face, towards my neck or down to my my nose, and every time I twitched a facial muscle, dried cum pulled on my skin painfully, feeling like a band aid ripped off..

However that was the least of my worries as Lexi had my ass cheeks pulled apart very firmly as Amber started to twist and push her hand into my ass.

"Hmm, right around the knuckles you get tight bitch. Want me to keep going?"

"Yes please Mistress." I said politely.

"Tell me what you want me to do."

"Please stick your whole fist into my asshole and then fuck me with it Mistress." I said, full of lust, past that point of saving face.

"Tell me how bad you want it." Amber demanded, still stopping her slow thrusts at the same point, just before the knuckles, without much pressure.

"I really want to feel your whole fist in my ass, I want a beautiful women like you to be the first to do it. Please do it."

"Don't you care it will stretch out your asshole? Tell us what will happen to your already loose asshole after."

"After you get your fist in there and fuck me, my loose asshole will be even more loose, it will be stretched and gaping wide open so you can see way down it, it'll be bright red from you fucking me hard. I want it as a prize for being your slave."

"Beg for it, tell me what you'll do for it." Amber said as she left my back and walked around the side of me as Lexi leaned in and grabbed her tits again as they kissed above me.

"I want it so bad, I love the way you treat me. I'll do whatever you say. I'll lick both your assholes until my jaw doesn't work anymore. Do whatever you want to me and I'll love it."

Amber then shoved her lubed hand up to my face, "Lick it, taste your ass bitch."

She shoved her palm a little from my face and made me stick my tongue out and run it up her palm, I'm sure the camera got a great side view shot. I tasted lube, sweat and what seemed like a hint of shit, but maybe it was in my head.

After I licked her palm a bunch of times, she shoved two fingers in my mouth and ordered me to suck them. I did, sucking them hard and running my tongue around them like she instructed, as Lexi got bored without Amber's amazing body to play with, and began slapping my ass from above.

Then, presumably to amuse herself again she began tickling my sides and feet and it made me try to get away but I was basically immobilized and it just made me twitch to their amusement.

Amber was alternating through all four of her fingers, making me suck them all until they were pretty much clean of lube again and then shoving all 4 fingers into my mouth and making me try to suck them as I basically was gaging the whole time.

"How did that taste bitch?"

"Good Mistress."

"Want me to shove this back into your ass?"

"Yes please Mistress."

"Tell me how much this will hurt you." Amber demanded, really making me humiliate myself by talking about this. She seemed to love hearing me talk so desperately.

"You've already used and stretched my ass a lot today Mistress, so it is very sore already, but you desire to fuck me more, so I want you to, even though every time you touch my ass it stings a lot, enough that I want to yell. I want you to push me, to prove I'm worthy to be your slave."

"Why do you want to be used? Tell me what you think you're worth."

"I'm useless, I'm a bitch like you said. My only value is to serve you Mistress as best as I can, so I do it with all my being. You humiliate and degrade me because I'm not your equal, and I like it because it reminds me of that, of how important it is for me to serve you."

"Wow, good answers." Lexi said, genuinely impressed, and again I received a "reward" of a slap of my balls. "You really might be useful to have around."

As Amber put her fingertips back into my ass, Lexi grabbed my cheeks and spread them again. I could feel lube trickling down my crack as Amber was re-applying lots all around her hand, as I'd been forced to lick it all off.

She was back at the same spot, just before her knuckles right away. This was the same spot I'd stopped at on my own several times trying at my house.

I then felt a really hard slap on my ass, from Amber. "Get that ass up and arch your back still, way out. Don't get lazy."

Soon she started to push so I felt forced away, but I had nowhere to go, just some pressure at my wrists and ankles.

"You should relax as best you can and push towards me like your talking a shit when I push against you. Like last time, but keep that ass out towards me too." Amber ordered.

She kept applying pressure, twisting slightly as she did and as I pushed against her, I could feel her hand move in deeper, so slightly and so slowly, but progress was being made, her knuckles slowly began to enter, however with every extra bit gained my ass started to resist, it was really sore.

We had quickly got into a routine, Amber would push hard for a few seconds, twisting slightly and I would push back, thrusting my pathetically eager ass to accept it, and we'd usually get her hand in just a bit deeper, I would relax as Amber would hold it tight there, not giving up any ground, letting my ass accommodate this new size, she'd then subtly twist and I'd start to push out again as she forced more in.

Soon I could feel the ridges of her knuckles coming in, we started to slowly work them in, getting harder as they rose up to their peaks and just before that Lexi cried. "Wait, I see blood."

Amber never even took her hand out of my ass and said "It's just a small tear, just a streak of it along the top of my hand, from all the stretching, not a big deal, happens when you stretch some people. It will just hurt more. Can you handle that or do you want us to stop?" Amber inquired.

"Keep going," I said evenly.

"He's tough for a bitch." Amber said

"He'll just do anything to have us around."

Amber got back to work and I pushed back, feeling her knuckle ridges slide into me, feeling stretched and pleasurable full but very sore, but no different from this 'tear', I didn't really feel any different, I was very concerned when I heard I was bleeding, but Amber didn't think it was worth worrying about so I relaxed against pretty quickly. I was incredibly excited to get a hand all the way in my ass, it's been a perverted goal of mine since I started trying this shit, and it was about to be obtained.

It took a while for Amber to finally get her knuckles all the way in, and that seemed like the biggest hurdle to climb.

Now with her knuckles in, Amber curled his finger in over her thumb for a partial fist in me, and now with the widest part of her hand in me, she started to make quicker progress and in a few minutes Amber gave one big push and I felt my asshole actually suck in the last bit of her hand and settle on her wrist as Amber made a full fist inside me.

"Oh Wow," Lexi said as it happened.

"Oh my God, he's really clenching my wrist with his ass. Relax bitch."

"Sorry Mistress, I'm nervous."

"There, that's better, try to keep it relaxed."

Just the thought of this small girl's fist fully inside me, my asshole gripping her skinny wrist as she was totally in control, dominating me.

The fullness was overwhelming me, it felt so good and since she wasn't moving her wrist around my asshole it was sheer pleasure, intense overwhelming pleasure. It was all I could focus on, every little wiggle of Amber's hand sent shivers of pain and pleasure throughout my body, mostly pleasure, even though my ass screamed in pain because it was rubbed raw at every move of her wrist, but I didn't notice it too much.

Lexi had now moved back to in front of me on the other table on the wedge pillow, getting in position with her hips higher this time then lifting her legs up and placing them flat on my table. The end result was that her ass was in front of my mouth.

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