Can He Take It? Ch. 02


I felt Amber grab my hair with her other hand as Lexi pressed her asshole against my automatically stuck out tongue.

As I mechanically licked Lexi's sweaty, juice covered asshole I could concentrate only on Amber, her left hand grabbing my hair and pulling as her right was fucking my asshole, her fist inside the whole time but she was moving it in small, 2 inch thrusts, little sharp punches causing her fist to rub all around my insides, making me moan into Lexi's ass.

The girl's did most of the work here, Lexi grinded her ass against me furiously, holding a vibrator to her clit, while I just made sure to stick my tongue straight out and wiggle it some as Amber was roughly pulling my hair as she was fucking me with her fist hard, pushing my hips forwards on them.

"Ass up and out." Amber ordered again as I obeyed immediately, having slacking in my position.

They kept at it for a while, my moans muffled by Lexi's tight ass, until I felt her cum. Her little asshole flaring around my tongue as she did so.

"Ok switch, I wanna feel my fist deep in his wide open ass."

"Good, fucking his ass has got me so horny I want his tongue deep in my ass as I cum."

Amber then started to wiggle her hand out of me, but I couldn't turn to look as Lexi was holding my face, getting ready to spit on me.

Amber started to slide her fist out, as she started to pull past her wrist I could tell this was going to hurt on the way out, probably more then the way in.

She did it quick and it did hurt quite a lot, but after it came out I felt myself bucking weirdly, my body almost coming off the table, my dick rocked hard and feeling intensely sensitive, it was like my whole body was hyper sensitive to any touch.

I then experienced this sensitivity as Lexi ran a finger along my side and down my leg as she walked behind me, this mild touch sent shudders through my whole body, my dick was uselessly rock hard and throbbing as I couldn't touch it.

I then saw Amber, with a rinsed off hand, slid her legs down in between our tables and then bend over the table in front of me the same way Lexi did, giving me access to her ass in my awkward position.

Amber then told Lexi that my ass was only cut briefly and she said there probably wouldn't be any more blood, but to watch in case.

Then I was forced into Amber's ass as she stuck it against me and I felt Lexi's newly lubed up hand start to press against my ass.

She was twisting it in like Amber and this time, with my ass already stretched, it went in much faster, only a few twists in one attempt and she forced it in, with less pain then with Amber, and my asshole eagerly sucked it in and clenched her wrist. Her fist was about the same size I think.

Lexi moaned in a low voice as my ass sucked her fist in. My ass sucking and clenching their wrists must turn them on almost as much as it does me.

This time it was feeling better then last time, the pain decreased a bit, but that overwhelming fullness and hyper sensitivity to touch felt incredible, I felt like it was possible to cum without being touched, just having this fist in my ass would do it, but I didn't sadly, it felt like it keep building up, like the previous scene. The pressure was intense but like it was being blocked, same as before.

Amber was building towards orgasm from the vibrator as I tongued her asshole deeply, eager to please.

As I moaned in pleasure, both of my own and the amount I was giving, I heard Lexi grunt too as she was really hammering his fist in me, moving those few inches along her wrist violently. It felt fucking great.

We held like this for minutes as everyone screamed and moaned until I was sure I could actually come like this, but instead I felt Amber twitch and scream as she came. Lexi then slowed right down, denying me my chance at a "no dick touching" orgasm.

Lexi easily slide her hand out of my ass as Amber got off the table and went behind to join her.

They unlocked me and helped me off the table as I stretched my tight limbs, then Amber grabbed my balls sharply and led me by them to a different area of the room, they led me to a spot that had metal cuffs bolted to the floor, in between two poles. They had me step into them and then insulted me for doing so willingly. My legs were now a little wider than shoulder width apart. Then then attached cuffs to the poles so they hung loosely around them and attached the other sides to my wrists.

They then attached some nipple clamps, these ones had teeth that bite painfully into my nipples, making me cry out, and then Amber warned me to be quiet or I'd get a ball gag in my mouth.

They then attached some weights to them, just one on each side and not too heavy, but with the teeth they really hurt my already swollen and bruised nipple areas.

Amber then had Lexi lay on her back on the cold, dirty floor and extend her right arm straight up beside her and bend her elbow so her arm was pointing straight up. Her armpit was now against my leg so I was looking down her body and her fist was pointing straight up in between my legs. It was obvious where it was going...

Amber then started to explain the 'rules.'

"Ok bitch, since you like getting your asshole stretched and you like looking at us naked we have a special treat for you. Lexi is going to eat out my pussy for a while, you can watch someone that actually has experience touching a women, meanwhile you will fuck yourself on Lexi's fist."

"You will do this for 10 times and count them out loud, then I'll give your dick a tug, then 10 more and I'll give you 3 tugs, then 5, and so on, we keep going until you come.

"Remember bitch, you have to get my fist in all the way to my wrist and then all the way out, that's one." Lexi said as Amber stood over her, preparing to sit on her face. "Don't cheat."

Amber then greased up Lexi's clenched fist and lowered herself over Lexi's face, who lifted her neck up to start sucking on Amber's swollen clit, starving to taste it, just like I've been all day. Once she got it in her mouth her face was aglow with contentment.

I was then instructed to begin. I crouched down like a baseball catcher as I found Lexi's fist and centered my small asshole against the large, flat surface of her fist.

I just basically let the weight go off my thighs as I let gravity plunge my asshole onto Lexi's hand, which went in pretty easily, which was surprising because they'd used all their fingers extended before, making a smaller entrance point. I then stood up as I pushed it out of my ass like I was taking a shit. It hurt as usual, but still felt nice and it was cool that I was doing it on my own.

"Don't take so long in between, off and on, off and on. Really fast." Amber said as I saw Lexi holding Amber's thigh with her other hand flicking her tongue over her clit quickly. I also saw that Amber had reached back with her other hand and was holding a vibrator over Lexi's clit. It was a beautiful view I had, of these two mind boggling sexy girls playing with each other in their sweaty and dirty state.

After I had counted to 10 pumps Amber simply gave my dick a quick, firm pump and let go.

My legs tired quickly, but Amber showed no sympathy, reaching to slap my balls every time I wanted to catch a break. I was also frequently checking my own nipples to see if those teeth cut me, because they really hurt, the weights bouncing along with me, but there was no sign of a cut.

Soon Amber had came twice from Lexi's expert tongue and I was on 9 pumps from Amber and had a raging erection but those short sessions weren't enough to bring me over the edge. I had to go soon just because I couldn't do this much longer, my ass was totally raw and my thighs burned from fatigue. I was both incredibly amazed and impressed with my ability to endure the pain and push through while still doing a task. It made me feel like I wasn't reaching my potential in my regular life with the willpower and determination I was showing right now.

After Amber came a third time, back arched and neck thrown back. Lexi said: "That's enough for you, I'm going to roll over and he can use my other arm while you eat my ass for me."

Amber was all too eager to do this and quickly lubed up Lexi's other hand and I began again as Amber got down on her stomach, both laying on the dirty floor as she spread Lexi's dirty ass cheeks and started to eat her ass, her face buried between her firm, little cheeks.

I now had such a routine going that I basically was just dropping my weight on Lexi's fist, letting it slide into my ass and quickly exploding out with my quad muscles to do it again.

They kept as this, I was frustrated with how fucking sore I was, forcing myself to continue out of sheer fear, finally at 17 pumps I came, dropping to my knees in exhaustion as I started. I didn't even feel good about it, just relieved.

After that, they unhooked my hands and had me get down and lick up the small amount of cum I had squirted onto the floor and spit in into a cup. Then Lexi spat on my face, not in my mouth, but hitting mainly my right eyebrow, making me close it as her spit started to run down my face.

With my ankle cuffs still attached, and me down on all fours, they started to play with my gaping asshole, getting fingers in on each side and pulling apart, spreading me open as far as they could and then laughing about how open I was, spitting in my asshole, putting extra fingers between the ones they used to spread, ones that I couldn't even really feel and making me guess how many were in, sticking a dildo in me that didn't even touch the sides of my asshole, making me talk about it. Getting a light and camera up close, pointing out how red it was, basically doing everything they could to spread me open and humiliate me.

Right after they finished this, Amber immediately stuck a dildo in my ass, it was only like 2 inches wide but had a hole at the tip that was inside me, and flared wide open like a bowl on the side that didn't go into my ass. She then got in tight against it and started to piss, as this thing was basically a funnel.

"Hold in that piss enema until we say to let go bitch" Lexi said as she watched from the side, taking the weights off, but leaving the clamps on my nipples.

When Amber was finished they switched and Lexi started to piss, I could feel their warm piss pooling in my insides, the flow out of the dildo hole into my ass was making an audible sound, like when your piss hits the water in a toilet, as the liquid in my ass grew the sound got louder. When Lexi finally finished up I was very thankful because I was feeling full; they both pissed a lot.

Lexi then pulled the dildo out and shoved a slightly larger sized butt plug in, it was probably 3 inches at its widest point, but it slide in with tremendous ease, keeping the piss inside me.

They then had me get back up on my knees and undid my ankle cuffs. Lexi stood before me, she had a thin layer of dark brown dirt basically all over her from laying on the dirty floor. The soles of both girls and my own feet were almost black.

I heard a commotion at the door and soon Amber backed away from her spot on my right to see what the disturbance was herself, at that point I also caught a glimpse of what was happening, there was a bunch of girls at the door. Hot girls I knew..other porn stars had come in, they were all nicely dressed and holding drinks, there were 5 of them, all in clothes you'd wear to a club, tight and revealing, but not without class.

I was then taken to a different area of the room by Lexi after she undid my ankle cuffs.

She lead me over to what was one of those backyard kiddie pools, it was a small, white plastic circle. I then was given a bowl and ordered to piss in it. I did gratefully as I had to go really bad, and I went a ton.

I looked over at the entrance where I could see the new girls clearly. They all were watching me as I pissed into this big bowl. They looked very sexy, very stunning. They all just had that vibe if you saw them in public you couldn't take your eyes off them.

After I finished my massive piss I felt pretty good except that now all that piss I was holding in my ass was starting to pressure me for release. I noticed that my abdominal area was pushed out due to the fullness in me all that pee had caused.

After this I was then instructed to get in the kiddie pool, my feet and arms draped over the sides, my neck was propped agaisnt a small seat so it was a bit higher then the rest of my body. I could look and see that Lexi was chaining my legs down to the floor from outside the pool, ankle cuffed to the floor again. She then ran a leather strap over my upper chest and secured it through two small holes in the walls on either side of me, holding my torso down to the pool as well.

"Let me see what you've done with him." I heard a girl say to Amber from the side, she then headed towards me as Amber followed.

A tall, thin, gorgeous blonde headed over, wearing a slinky, shiny top and a short skirt with some black heels. I don't think I'd seen her in any of the site videos before. She stood over me beside the tub as I craned my neck backwards to see her face.

"Amber tells me you eat pussy well?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Call me Goddess from now on."

"Yes, I do, Goddess."

"Good, you better make me scream."

I was somehow shocked at her forwardness, she had a distinct presence or power about her, Amber and Lexi just laughed. She immediately stepped over me and into the tub as she hiked up her skirt, and slid her tiny thong to one side. She got on her knees and leaned forward over me, pressing her pussy against my face.

She was basically leaning on me with lower body weight pressed on my head, pussy over my face, my neck, which was propped up awkwardly, really hurt as she lowered herself onto me.

Of course, I started licking her cute pussy eagerly as her long body was draped over me, her soft, smooth legs rubbing against my sides. Her upper half was draped over the back of the pool as she supported herself presumably with her arms.

I was so fucking horny again I just buried my tongue inside her snatch as deep as I could and licked furiously, she smelled a bite musky, but I learned a bit later all these girls had been out for hours having dinner and drinks and with the short skirt she was wearing, she was probably crossing her legs the whole time so that many hours without giving her pussy any room to breath was the reason it was musky, but I wasn't complaining, I loved the strong taste it gave.

My tired muscles weren't even an issue as I passionately ate her pussy as she writhed on top of me. I was so happy to even be able to taste three gorgeous women's pussies in one day, it was amazing. Every squirm of her body sent a shiver through mine, centered through my piss filled, butt plugged, asshole.

She started with shorter breaths and then feminine moans, until she started to do these adorable high pitch whines on every thrust of her hips. She then stared with panicked "Oh Gods." and I knew she was close.

Soon enough she came, and make her scream I did, as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her pussy against my face with all my strength. I clenched her cheeks tight as she spasmed against me, I had to hold on tight as her shaking threatened to slide her off me.

She the rolled off me and got to her feet, and she looked a bit shaky doing it, she then complemented Amber on what an excellent slave she had and she then stared at me expectantly.

Panicked, I said quickly, "Thank you Goddess, you taste amazing."

She was satisfied at that and she smiled as she refitted her panties and then tugged her skirt down as she went to the side of the room to watch again with the other girls, who greeted her with grins.

Now Amber and Lexi came forward again and started to adjust me. The leather strap had moved to under my arm pits and now my head was flat against the floor, I was looking straight up, head flat on the bottom of the pool. I guess this was currently my most natural position.

However, I saw Lexi's face light up with a realization, and she undid the strap and had me get up and out of the pool onto my knees, with my ankles still in cuffs that were chained to the floor.

She turned to face away from me and had me lick and kiss her dirty ass cheeks, instructing me to get them nice and clean and to kiss them because I loved her dirty body so much.

So I alternated between long, dirty licks and kisses of her dirty ass, it dirt. After a while, with white strips on her dirt covered ass, Lexi pulled me to my feet by my hair and had me lick and suck her dirty tits clean.

After working on her tits for a long time I had managed to basically totally clean them, two white circles on a light brown dust canvas. In that time the pressure on the dildo from the piss had grown tremendously, I was really close to just pushing it all out. My mouth now tasted entirely of dirt. "Don't spit." Lexi warned.

With clean, wet tits, Lexi had me get back into the pool and strapped me back in. In this position my asshole wasn't nicely exposed, it was barely above the floor and my knees weren't that spread, so the dildo inside of me felt that much more intrusive, it felt like the butt plug naturally wanted to go up, but was forced straight against, into me, making me nervous to move.

The assistant girls then showed up in the distance, they were carrying, slowly, because it looked heavy and probably expensive, a machine of some kind, a dildo was on the end of a stick and it was obviously for fucking me, this was what Nicole had in store! They placed the machine in between my legs outside of the pool. The dildo wasn't too bad at all, like the smallest one I'd taken today.

But I spoke too soon.

They then attached a different dildo to the end of the shaft. It was purple and shiny and fucking huge! From a few feet away I saw it briefly as one girl bent down to install it. It was probably 10 inches long to the base. It had three distinct, but identical parts to it, it started with a rounded cock like head, over 3 inches wide, but 2 inches down it quickly curved into a skinner part, well relatively skinner, it still looked almost 2 inches thick at these skinny points, then back out to a thick point, and then it did that one more time.

So with each thrust, the dildo would move my asshole in and out three times, 6 if you count going in and out. And the wide parts were fucking wide. Not quite as big as a fist, but close, certainly wider then a pop can.

So instead of a large object rubbing back and forth inside me, this was going to be constantly working my asshole in and out, the actual insertion and removal were always the hardest parts, they generated a lot of pain, as opposed to one big object, where once it was in, my ass accommodated it and the pain was only due to friction, this time it would be constantly forcing itself into me.

My asshole was already raw and terribly sensitive. I was scared.

Lexi then reached her tiny hand through the pool wall in between my legs at what I now realized was like a plastic opening on the top of a sport bottle, designed to seal off water when not in use I guess, but still allow like a garden hose through. She twirled the butt plug in my ass casually as I watched her, waiting for instructions or action or anything. I had to concentrate really hard not to force it out along with the two bladders full of piss filling my rectum.

Finally she said "I'm going to take this out, you'll have to clench really hard to keep all that piss in for a bit. I need you to do that. Ok bitch?"

"Yes Mistress, I'll do it."

"Really concentrate, your asshole is sloppy loose from all you've had us do to you, so fucking concentrate or else you'll get some punishment."

"I understand Mistress, thank you for warning me."

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