tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCan I Get a Witness Ch. 02

Can I Get a Witness Ch. 02


I consoled Shelly the best I could, but she still thought of herself as being bad, even though I felt I was the one who took advantage of her. She gathered her things and smoothed out her dress and left. After she had gone I realized she had left her panties behind. I sat and thought of all the things I should have done to her before she left, but I didn't. I figured she wouldn't be around again, she didn't tell me where she lived or her phone number so I had no way of finding her, except her church perhaps.

On Sunday morning I walked down to the church, my wife had the car again, and I figured that it would perhaps be a chance to find Shelly. I dressed casual and got there early, I looked around for her, but didn't see her till just before Sunday School started. I walked up to her, she was wearing another long flowery dress, this one zipped in the back and hung on her body shaping itself to her figure. As I walked up, I could see her panty line through her dress and figured that in the sunlight I could probably see right through that dress.

"Hi Shelly." I said as I approached her from the behind, I wanted so bad to touch her right there. She whirled around and her eyes got really big at seeing me.

"Hi." She responded weakly, "You came, I didn't expect you would after last week." She lowered her eyes and glanced around blushing.

"How did the witnessing go last week?" I asked her looking in her eyes seeing the warning there not to say too much.

"I went home after I talked to you," she explained and glanced around, "I never went to see anyone else. I think it was a bad idea going alone."

"Sunday school is starting," I smiled at her, "can I sit with you?" She gave me a hard look of warning then her eyes softened and she smiled slightly at me.

"That's him." She whispered as a tall guy with black hair approached us, his eyes were devouring Shelly as he came. "Hi Dan." She said in a bland way.

"You brought a visitor?" Dan said glancing at me as he put his hand on her arm and squeezed lightly which seemed out of place for where we were.

"Yeah, this is . . " she started to say, then realized she didn't even know my name.

"I'm Mark" I interrupted holding out my hand to shake his. He moved his hand off her waist and shook my hand tightly. "Shelly invited me last week to come and visit your church."

"I hope you enjoy the services," Dan smiled at me like he knew something I didn't. "I got to get in there, talk to you guys later." He smiled at Shelly while rubbing her arm again and then turned and went in to the Sunday school room.

"Glad you're here." Shelly smiled a knowing smile at me. We walked into the classroom after Dan and found a couple of chairs in the back. I saw Dan sitting in the front row, beside him sat this beautiful blonde lady who was wearing a short skirt and sleeveless blouse, my cock began to grow as I looked at her.

"Is that his wife?" I whispered to Shelly as quietly as I could. She just nodded her yes to me and stayed quiet.

The Sunday school class and Church service seemed longer than I remember and the hours slowly drifted by. I kept looking Shelly over, she couldn't sit still it seemed. I got a little bold in the pew during the services and at one point put my hand on Shelly's leg, she let me rub her leg through her dress for a second two and then casually removed my hand with a very disapproving look. I smiled back at her thinking that once services were over I was going to really pound this lady, I remembered how sweet her pussy felt last week, and my cock was getting really hard just thinking about it.

I noticed she looked down at my lap and then back to my eyes, she could see my hard on and the lust in my eyes and she looked really upset with me. I tried to concentrate on the service, but it wasn't easy. Finally it was over and we were all leaving, once out in the parking lot I began to feel a lot easier and was trying to think of how I could invite Shelly over to my house, or get her to invite me home.

"Hey guys." Dan walked up behind us smiling. "Cheryl says you guys ought to come over for lunch."

"Lunch?" Shelly answered, I could see her visibly shaking at the thought. I wasn't sure if she was afraid or turned on, or both.

"Yeah," Dan continued, "It'll be a great time for us to get to know each other, and it'll be an encouragement to our first time visitor here to come back again."

"I don't know?" Shelly started slowly looking to me, almost like she wanted me to come up with a reason not to go. I actually couldn't think of a good reason not to go, the thought of seeing more of Cheryl was enticing, but I also wanted to get Shelly alone so I could fuck her in the many ways I had imagined since last Tuesday.

"Cheryl won't take no for an answer." Dan laughed as he put his hand on Shelly's back, and began to guide her back toward the church. "Come on Mark." He said to me as they began to walk away. I quickly caught up to them and got on Shelly's other side, he was guiding her and she looked scared. We walked around a SUV and there stood Cheryl, as beautiful as I had seen in the Sunday school, just looking at her made me rock hard, and that smile only made me think that she could suck cock like a pro. I mentally tried to kill my sexual thoughts as the introductions were made, but when Dan told her I was Mark, instead of shaking my hand, she gave me a quick friendly hug and my heart began to pound in my chest. Her perfume went straight to my head, her smile was intoxicating, and I mentally argued with myself to stop thinking sexually thoughts about her as my eyes traveled up her legs to her short skirt, then over that blouse, imagining taking it all off over her. When I looked back into her eyes she was blushing at my obvious forward behavior.

"The kids went to some youth thing and won't be home this afternoon, we'll pick them up tonight." Cheryl explained smiling at me, my mind turned that friendly smile into a lustful one. I felt flush and my cock was hard in my pants. I know Shelly had looked at it several times, now I thought Cheryl did too, put I wasn't sure.

Shelly and I climbed into the backseat and we left the church, Cheryl turned around to talk to us as we drove, Shelly had chosen to sit close to me, to feel safe I suppose and Cheryl took notice. Cheryl asked the usual questions about work, where I live, and so on, Shelly's leg pressed against mine as we drove, and Cheryl seemed to take it all in.

As we drove up to the house Cheryl looked overjoyed to be home, and reached back patted my leg and said, "Come on, I'll show you guys the house." We took the tour of their house and settled in the kitchen around the table, I sat with my back to the window that opened on their garden, Shelly sat next to me, Dan and Cheryl sat across from us.

At first the conversation sort of dragged, Shelly didn't say much at all, Dan kept leering at her, and Cheryl was noticing and seemed to be getting upset. She got up and got some chips in a bowl, and came back. After digging in her purse for a few seconds she produced a small pipe and a bag, I was shocked at seeing the dope, it was the last thing I expected.

"I hope you guys don't mind." She said as she packed the pipe full of dope. "You smoke?" she asked me as she handed the pipe to me. " Yeah." I took the pipe from her and the pulled out my own lighter and began to fire it up. Everyone was quiet as I took a good long hit, and then I passed it over to Shelly.

"I don't know?" she said as I handed it to her. Her eyes were pleading with me not to do this.

"Come on Shelly," Cheryl spoke up, "Loosen up."

"Isn't this wrong?" She said slowly as she took the pipe from me and looking at Cheryl and Dan for some sort of answer.

"Wrong?" Cheryl looked concerned at Shelly. "I don't think so sweetie, it'll help you relax, haven't you smoked before?"

"Not much." Shelly answered as she lit the bow and lightly drew in a little smoke trying not to cough.

By the time we passed the pipe around a few times Shelly was smiling, filling her lungs as her mind baked, and then Cheryl packed it again and we repeated the performance. We were all getting pretty gone and Cheryl looked a lot more relaxed. Dan was still leering at Shelly, but Shelly didn't seem to care anymore.

"Shelly?" Cheryl suddenly spoke up breaking the fog that seemed to settle on our minds. "What's wrong with you, you've seemed down for the last week or so."

"I don't know." Shelly answered and glanced up at Dan who seemed oblivious to the whole conversation. Cheryl got the look and was quickly adding things up.

"I'll bet Dan knows." She suddenly said staring at him, her cheeks turning fire red and her forehead wrinkled as the anger rose in her. She knew something was up.

"What?" Dan responded, suddenly taking his eyes off Shelly and looking at his wife. "Knows what? Don't go off on one of your tirades." He tried to mollify her.

Cheryl looked back at Shelly who was blushing and kept looking at Dan, then in the fog of her mind she reasoned what had occurred. "Did you fuck her Dan?" Cheryl suddenly blurted out glaring at him. Dan's face took on a shocked look, his eyes darted away from hers. Shelly suddenly looked down and I could see tears forming in her eyes as the accusation was made. "You fucked her, didn't you, you bastard!" she screamed at him now. Shelly and I looked at one another, both of us wanted to escape this somehow.

"I did not." He managed to show some strength back at her. Shelly had tears dropping from her face, I felt really uneasy at the whole situation, and Dan was squirming in his chair as Cheryl glared at him.

"If you didn't fuck her, then why is she crying?" Cheryl asked in a demanding voice. Dan glanced back to her and then to me as if I could give some support or out of embarrassment. "Tell me the truth. What did you do to her." Cheryl voice was cold and demanding.

"I didn't fuck her." He stated as if in a court room.

"Shelly!" Cheryl almost yelled. "Tell me what this lying son of a bitch did." She glared at Shelly with the same anger on her face.

Shelly looked up at her, then to Dan, then to me. I could tell she didn't know what to do. Then finally she spoke up. "He didn't fuck me." She said in a weak plain voice that Cheryl would never believe.

"Bullshit." Cheryl got up and came around the table to Shelly. She took Shelly's chin in her hand and looked into her eyes. Cheryl bent over to inches from Shelly's face and I was staring down the top of her blouse, I was stoned and horny, and the rest of it didn't matter to me. "Tell me what he did." Cheryl demanded.

"Cheryl." Dan spoke up. "Leave her alone." He locked eyes with Cheryl for a second trying to look authoritative.

"I know you did something to her, asshole." She stood up beside Shelly and stared at him for a second. "Is that why you wanted to invite them over? You wanted to fuck little Shelly again? Are you crazy?" She was blurting out the questions rapid fire without giving him a chance to answer. "What do you think this is? You think you can just stick you stupid cock in anyone you like? What would you do if I fucked around on you? What is your problem?"

"Honey," Dan began to answer her.

"Shut the fuck up!" she screamed at him, I could see tears forming in her eyes. She put her had on Shelly's shoulder to steady herself. "Hell, you asshole, what would you do if I fucked Mark right her in front of you jerk!"

"You do what you want." He challenged her. She didn't know what to do, she looked at Shelly again, who had quit crying and was just sitting there watching now.

"Is that what you want asshole?" her voice cold and demeaning. "You want to watch me get fucked, or you just want a reason to fuck this slut." She grabbed Shelly's hair and pulled her head up against her hip. Shelly's face was crimson red as Cheryl wrapped her hand around Shelly's head hugging it to her side.

"You do whatever you think you need to." Dan challenged her again. She looked back furious at him. She wanted him to back down. She had no intention of fucking anyone. She was looking for a way out, but she couldn't think of one with the buzz she had going on in her head. They had been married for 12 years and she had never fucked around on him, although there were several times she thought he might have.

"Fine! Is that what you want!' She retorted letting go of Shelly and turning to face me. She moved behind Shelly and I and put one hand behind my head, bent over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue pushing it's way into my mouth as her other hand began to travel up my leg toward my crotch. I was nervous, I wasn't sure what this guy was going to do, but I couldn't imagine him standing by while his wife fucks someone else right there in front of him. My tongue played with hers as her hand reached my cock and squeezed it. Then she stood up, "How does that make you feel?" she demanded of him.

"What?" He smiled. "You kissed a guy? So what." He looked bored with her.

She glared back at him for a second as if caught in a trap that she didn't know how to get out of. Asshole, she thought to herself. She move around to the head of the table. "Fine." She said as she grabbed her blouse and pulled it off over her head, my cock was throbbing as she undid the white bra and dropped if off. Her nipples were large with a square centered on each pointing out, they were hard betraying how excited she was. She glared at Dan as she undid the skirt and dropped it to the floor. Shelly looked flushed as she watched Cheryl stripping, Dan had a frozen smile on his face as if something inside him wanted her to do this and yet somehow he didn't. Cheryl stood for a second, she wore only panty hose, no panties and stood before us almost naked. Finally as if making up her mind she rolled down the hose, I watched as her pussy came in to view, it was cleanly shaven except for a small triangle of blonde hair above the lips. She stood before us naked, then she glanced at me and back to Dan.

She walked over to Dan who had not changed his expression and slapped him hard on the face. His smile didn't leave his face. "You asshole, you'd let me fuck him?" She tried to slap him again and he blocked her swing. I was staring at her ass, it was perfect as was the rest of her body, I felt like I was about to cum in my pants watching this beauty prance around in front of me naked.

Dan stood up after she took a third swing that he blocked, his smile fading a little making her take a step back. He towered over her looking very menacing. "You really know how to treat guest." He said looking at her nude body. "Shut up asshole." She spat back at him. "How dare you just sit there and let me strip in front of these people." She reached up and grabbed his shirt, "Here, you strip jerk. I'm sure she has already seen your cock." He pushed her hand away, and she sullenly sat in her chair staring at him. She picked up the pipe and packed it again looking back and forth at Shelly and Dan.

"Strip for us Honey." Cheryl lit the pipe and took a long draw and handed it to me. "Come on dick head. Strip or I'll kick your ass out for good."

"What?" Dan stared at her with shock on his face. "You can't mean this, put your clothes back on and stop it."

"I'm not kidding." She said as she took the pipe from Shelly and began another long draw. "I'll divorce you," she said holding in the smoke. "If you can do it when I'm not around, you can do it now. Now strip."

Dan took the pipe from Cheryl, he stared at her as he drew on the pipe. "You don't want to do this." He said slowly holding his breath.

"Fuckin Strip or get the fuck out." She yelled suddenly.

"Fine!" he yelled back. He passed the pipe to Shelly who began to draw on it as he reached and unbuttoned his shirt. Cheryl kept looking at Shelly, Shelly was staring at Dan as he opened his shirt revealing his black hairy chest that was fairly muscular. He pulled his shirt out of his pants and dropped it to the floor. He stared at Cheryl as he undid his belt around his flat stomach and the unbuttoned the pants. He paused to kick off his shoes, acted like he was waiting for her to tell him to stop. He unzipped his pants and let them drop revealing his black boxer shorts which were noticeably tented. He kicked the pants off and looked back to Cheryl again. She glared at him and he just stood there. Finally Cheryl reached up and yanked his boxers down. Dan's cock bobbed free, it was hard, about 6 inches long and almost too thick for a girls hand to fit around. "Happy?" he said as he kicked the shorts away. Shelly was staring at him as was Cheryl.

Cheryl wasn't finished. She stormed around the table to Shelly and grabbed her arm pulling her out of her chair. "Come here slut." She demanded and Shelly meekly followed. Cheryl dragged Shelly around in front of her husband who was still standing there naked with his hard cock pointing straight out. "Did you fuck that cock?" She shoved Shelly forward pushing her on her knees in front of Dan. "Did you?" She demanded.

"No." Shelly said weakly, "I didn't."

"Don't give me that shit!" Cheryl yelled. "What did you do? I know you did something." She stood there, her arms folded in front of her tits, I thought I could see her pussy lips were shiny from moisture.

"I sucked it." She said almost in a whisper staring at his cock just inches from her face. "I'm sorry." She said in almost a cry.

"Show me." Cheryl said as she squatted beside Shelly. Cheryl tenderly brushed Shelly's dark hair from her face. "Suck it for me." Cheryl looked tenderly into Shelly's eyes as she stroked the side of her face. "Show me what you did, sweetie." She pushed Shelly's head toward Dan's cock.

Shelly slowly reached up and grabbed Dan's cock, then she guided it to her mouth looking at Cheryl as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. "Suck it bitch." Cheryl said pushing Shelly's head forward on his cock. Shelly looked back at me with a helpless look but deciding that I wasn't going to do anything to stop this, she lowered her mouth onto his cock till the hair was against her nose. Dan moaned as she slid his cock into her mouth, Cheryl stood up glaring at Shelly as she began to swallow his cock. Dan starting to buck a little as Cheryl watched, she gave him a pissed look, knowing he was enjoying this. No one said a word as Shelly worked back and forth on his cock and Dan tried not to show how good it felt.

heryl reached down and unzipped Shelly's dress and undid her bra, she pushed them off her shoulders, Shelley moved her arms and let the dress fall to the floor. Shelly was kneeling there in front of Dan clad only in her panties, Dan was beginning to grunt as he shoved his cock into Shelly's throat. I sat and watched, this is the last thing I expected to be watching after church. Cheryl peeled Shelley's panties off and down to her knees and Shelly lifted her knees one at a time to allow Cheryl to strip her. I was beginning to feel out of place, being the only one with clothes on now.

"Fuck her." Cheryl said firmly to Dan as she began to pull Shelly off her knees.

"What?" Dan asked with a complete look of surprise on his face.

"You heard me." He voice was stern and full of aggravation. "Lay her across the table and stick your cock in this slut's pussy." Shelly was standing now looking really upset as Cheryl pushed her toward the table, she didn't say a word, just climbed on the table at Cheryl's urging and laid across it with her head at my side and looked at me with a look that was asking me why I didn't stop this. Part of me wanted to, but the greater part of me wanted to see Dan fuck her and more, so I just sat as Cheryl pushed Dan toward her.

"Come on, fuck her, she deserves that after sucking your cock." She yelled at him. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and began to push it in. "Mark, you might as well stick your cock in her mouth." Cheryl spoke to me, like she was suddenly aware of my presence again. I just looked at her unsure what to do. "Come on," she urged, "get up and fuck her mouth, you know you want to, I saw your hard cock in your pants earlier." She sort of smiled at me, but I could tell her main aim was to take her anger out on Shelly.

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