tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCan I Get a Witness Ch. 03

Can I Get a Witness Ch. 03


It had been several weeks since my visit to Dan and Cheryl's home after church. I hadn't gone back to that church and I hadn't seen them or Shelly since. I often thought about them when I was fucking Teresa, my wife, or when I was alone stroking my cock. I figured I'd never see them again and that it would be just a great memory, Shelly's husband probably came home from his trip and she was busy fucking him now while hopefully remembering me or Dan fucking her. Dan and Cheryl were probably fucking and fantasizing now with a new spark in their sex lives or they were not talking at all, but I suspected they were most likely looking for new partners to share, who knows, she was a great looking women, but time to move on I thought.

It was Saturday night; I had fixed dinner and gotten a bottle of wine for the night. Teresa, my wife, and I had enjoyed a quite evening after her day of work and had settled down for the evening sharing the wine.

"I think I'm gonna go get a shower before we retire." Teresa stated with a sly grin on her face, I knew when she took a shower before bed she was getting ready for some good oral sex. She'd shave her pussy lips smooth and trim around her bush she kept on top and make sure all was ready and clean for me. Of course, if I sucked her pussy, she was sure to suck my cock, and then we would fuck.

"Man, I love that outfit they make you wear at work." I said as she got up headed into the bedroom. It was a woman's pants suit, seeming loose pants except around her ass where it showed her butt in great detail. If she wore panties with it, you could see the panty lines easily, so she either wore a thong or no panties at all. It might have been different on other women, but her ass just filled those pants so nicely. "The guys at work must love watching you walk by."

"Wouldn't you like to know." She laughed back at me swinging her ass a little as she entered into the bedroom.

The ten o'clock news was on TV and I was watching it waiting for the shower to go off so I could go join my sweetheart in the bedroom. I took off my jeans and was sitting in the living room in just my boxer shorts and a t-shirt, my cock was already half hard thinking about the loving making to come. But right after the shower went off I heard a soft knock at the door which annoyed me, it was too late for any visitors I thought as I headed toward the door. The knock came again and it reminded me of Shelly's timid knock when she came over the first time.

I got up and went to the door, looked out the peephole and saw a somewhat blurry vision of Shelly standing there confirming my memory of her knock. I flipped the deadbolt and began to open the door when someone pushed it really hard into me which knocked me back into the living room. The room was suddenly filled with three guys, two of which grabbed me by my arms and another who had a short bat in his hand and was glaring at me. Shelly was at the door closing it slowly, I could see she was upset, her face was red, she was wearing a long green dress that was torn at the top a little showing more of her shoulder than it should have. The guy in front of me suddenly shoved the end of the bat into my stomach which caught me off guard. I started to double over but the two other guys held me firm facing this guy.

"What the fuck?!" I yelled out at them and began to struggle but these two guys were bigger and stronger than me and held me firm.

"Yeah," the guy with the bat said in a menacing tone. "What the fuck?" He glared at me as if thinking what he should do next. I could take this guy I thought to myself if these goons weren't here holding me back. I struggled a little more and the jerk jabbed me in the stomach again with the end of the bat. "You know what the fuck!" he raised his voice at me. I looked at Shelly and she was crying but staying far back away from the action near the door.

"What the hell is going on in here?" I heard Teresa's excited voice as she came back into the living room wearing her bath robe. She stopped abruptly when she saw the three guys and looked very concerned pulling her white robe tighter around her body. It covered her well enough, but tied in the front and came down to around her knees; I knew she was naked under her robe by how she immediately adjusted it with the surprise of seeing these guys here in her living room. "I'm calling the police." She said with a firm voice as she turned to reach for the phone.

"I don't think so." The guy with the bat grabbed her quickly from behind grasping her upper arms and swinging her around to face me. He pushed her toward us and let go of her. He looked confused as to what to do for a second and then he seemed to come to some sort of enlightenment suddenly. "Who are you?" he asked her.

"I'm his wife." Teresa said firmly looking around at the small group.

"Then you might want to hear why we are here, wifey." He said with a grim smile. "You got a name, or do we call you wifey?" He stared at her waiting for her to respond.

"Teresa." She said suddenly almost as if it was a challenge.

"Well Teresa," he said slowly. "I'm Scott, and that is Tom and Steve holding hubby back right now, and over there is my wife, Shelly, the one your dear little hubby fucked."

"What?" Teresa said, she looked at me and then I saw her facial expression go hard in anger. Then she looked back at him as if waiting for more of an explanation, but her expression no longer had that scared look, it was now pure anger.

"That's right, sweetie." Scott said. "While I was gone on a business trip and apparently you were at work, your dear hubby there seduced my wife right here in this house." He paused for it to sink in, "She confessed it all to me tonight, my first night back, while my cock was in her slutty cunt, she told me he fucked her." Teresa's face was red now with anger. "I didn't even finish making love to her, I made her put a dress on and called my buddies, we came over here to confront the bastard and beat the shit out of him." As he said that he patted the bat in his hand.

Teresa stared at Scott for a second or two and then turned to face me. She walked up to me just inches in front of my face with that look of anger in her eyes. "Is that true?" she said in a hard angry voice, "and don't you dare lie to me!" she raised her voice a little.

"Yes." Was all I could say, and no sooner had I said it she slapped me hard. The two guys holding me grinned and laughed a little.

"I'll take care of his punishment." She stated to Scott as she turned to face him, "You take care of your wife's punishment, thanks for telling me." She was dismissing them as if they had done their duty.

"Yeah," Scott said dryly. "It's not going to be like that at all. He's not getting off that easy, He fucked the wrong lady and he's gonna pay, an eye for an eye just like the good book says."

For a second I saw doubt cross Teresa's face, and maybe fear, she was scheming and I could tell it, but the angry look quickly covered any other thing that might have been going on in her mind. I could read her better than anyone else there just because I knew her better and I was starting to think the anger was just a front to get rid of them and then again maybe not.

"Well, beating him might sound good to you." She spoke in a normal tone, "and you may well beat your wife and get away with it." She was getting really brazen with him and he was starting to fume at her accusations. "I'll not argue the good book with you, but I can tell you two things." She paused staring at him. "One, if you beat him with that bat, you and your buddies here are going to end up in prison and your little slutty wife over there will be fucking everyone in town while you rot behind bars." I could see her message was sinking in by a look of concern that crossed his face for a second. "Two, a beating for a fucking is hardly an eye for an eye, except maybe in medieval times or something." They stood staring at each other for a second, Scott glanced at me a couple of times and then to Shelly, and back to Teresa.

"I'm here for revenge and I'm gonna have it." He said in a low voice. "What the hell do you consider an eye for an eye?" he glared at her.

"An eye for an eye is just that," she paused and looked at me for a second. "A fuck for a fuck, how much simpler can that be." She stared into his eyes and stopped glancing at me almost as if she didn't want to see how I was reacting to what she was saying.

"A fuck for a fuck?" he looked at her strangely. "What are you suggesting?"

"He fucked your wife," she said blandly, "You fuck his wife." She said with a tremble I know I heard in her voice.

"You suggesting I fuck you?" he said looking at her with a somewhat lustful look now. "That would be my revenge?" he looked back at Shelly who was just standing there with her arms crossed in front of her chest. "So you want me to fuck you as revenge for your husband fucking my wife?"

"Yeah." Teresa said with an edge of lust in her voice. "Come on back to the bedroom and I'll finish what she started tonight." She made a move to back away.

"Yeah... " he said slowly and grabbed one of her arms and pulled her back toward him. "No." he paused for a second. "I'll fuck you right here where I have witnesses of my revenge. I want them to see me fuck you." And with that he pulled the tie on her robe and it slid partly open as the loose knot gave way easily exposing her freshly shaved pussy lips and her trimmed bush. Her breast held it from opening all the way, so he pushed it open to expose her breast. I noticed her nipples were hard and could tell she was exited. I pulled hard against the two goons holding me, but they yanked me back quickly before I could get loose.

"Let him go." Teresa said turning to me and the two goons, giving us all a full frontal of her body. He pussy lips were glistening; I could tell she was really getting excited by the idea of fucking this guy. She approached me again, "You will stand here and watch me fuck this guy, don't you dare interfere." She glared at me. "Let him go." She repeated. I started to open my mouth to object and she yelled before I could speak. "No! You're gonna watch me get fucked, don't say a word, do you understand me." I stared back at her and simply nodded my head. The two guys loosened their grip and when I didn't move they let me go.

"Okay Scott," she said turning back to him. "You fuck me and then you and your boys go," she said as she slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her ass looked so good with her back to us, I wanted to touch her as I watched Scott begin to touch her breast and play with the nipples. My cock was growing quickly and there was no way to hide a hard on wearing only boxer shorts. I looked over to Shelly, she was still standing there watching, but she looked relieved more than anything.

Scott pulled his shirt off over his head and unbuckled his pants, the room was deathly quiet as he kicked off his shoes and pulled his jeans and underwear down at the some time and stepped out of them. His cock was fully hard and sticking straight out, at least seven inches long and fairly thick, Teresa wrapped her hand around it and began to work her hand back and forth slowly. She moaned softly as one of Scott's hands found its way to her pussy lips.

I watched his finger slide down her slit lightly over her clit and back up again, her legs spread apart slightly to give him access to her cunt. She trembled when his finger found her clit and rubbed it in little circles for a few seconds, my cock was rock hard now and sticking out against the material of the boxers making a fine little tent. Scott pushed Teresa down and she complied and dropped to her knees before his hard cock, she stuck out her tongue and licked the under side of the head of his cock and then swirled her tongue around it as Scott began to moan. Then she opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth wrapping her lips around it, she slid down the shaft taking his cock far back in her throat and began to pump back and forth as Scott began to rock his hips and fuck her mouth. He put his hand behind her head and pushed his cock in till his pubic hair was against her nose and the pulled back. Teresa's eyes watered and she almost choked when he shoved his cock into her throat again and again. I thought he was gonna cum fucking her mouth but he suddenly stopped and pulled his hard cock from her mouth.

"Hey, look at hubby." Steve suddenly broke the silence. "He's got a hard on watching his wife get it from another guy." Tom and Steve both laughed as everyone looked at my boxer tent.

"Enjoying the show sicko?" Scott spoke up glaring at me. "Take those boxers off and let us see what you got there." He grinned and I just stared back at him.

"Do it." Teresa commanded me suddenly. "Do what he tells you asshole." She was giving me that hateful angry look again. I didn't bother to argue with her while she had that angry look on her face directed at me; I pushed my boxers down and stepped out of them exposing my hard on to everyone in the room. "Loose the shirt too, weirdo." He seemed to not tire of trying the humiliate me. Rather than argue or resist, I pulled the shirt off and dropped it to the floor and stood there naked with my cock sticking out betraying my lust while watching my wife give head to a guy who was practically a stranger to her. Scott pulled Teresa to her feet after giving me a triumphant smirk and led her over to the couch. He pushed our square foot stool up against the couch and pushed Teresa down on it so that she was lying down on the foot stool with her feet on the floor and her head on the couch. He pulled her down so her butt was on the edge, spread her legs apart and knelt between them with his cock just inches from touching her inflamed pussy.

"Come over here and watch me fuck your wife perv." Scott turned and looked at me so I moved up beside them close enough that my leg was nearly touching her leg. "Go ahead and wank that cock of yours while I attend to your lady's needs." He waited a second till I wrapped my hand around my cock and began masturbate in front of them. He laughed a little and then bent down and began to lightly lick the lips of my wife's pussy. I looked up at her face and she was staring straight at me, her expression was one I'd seen every time we made love, she opened her mouth and moaned as his tongue explored her cunt, but she kept her eyes locked on mine. I slowly moved my hand up and down on my hard cock avoiding the sensitive head as much as possible, I didn't want to cum for this jerk as he sucked my wife's pussy. I looked back at Scott, he was twirling his tongue around her clit, and he had two fingers in her cunt working them back and forth. Her moan brought my attention back to her face, she closed her eyes and then opened them again looking at me. She was getting close to cumming, I could tell, she then turned her head and moaned louder and bucked her pussy into his mouth as she shuddered in her climax. Her eyes were closed and she tossed her head back and forth moaning and crying out. Scott was having a difficult time hanging on as she squeezed his head with her legs and pulled him into her cunt. As her orgasm began to slowly fade away she looked back at me with that soft after glow look, her cheeks burning red and her mouth still open.

Scott raised back up from sucking her pussy and looked at me with his face covered in her juices, his hard cock was lying against Teresa's leg just a fraction of an inch from her pussy and she moaned when she felt it brush the lips of her cunt. Suddenly he looked over at Shelly who was still glued in the same place with her arms folded across her chest. "Come here." He commanded her and she dropped her arms and walked over to the opposite side of Teresa looking down at him. "Do you want me to fuck her?" he asked her glancing down at Teresa.

"Do you want to fuck her?" she answered in a soft voice.

"I'm asking the questions bitch." He spat back at her. "Do you want me to fuck her? Yes or No?" He stared at her.

"I don't know. . . "she said slowly unsure of herself or how he'd react to any answer she might give him.

"Hey Tom," Scott called out, "come over here." He said in a friendlier voice.

"Whatcha need Scott." Tom answered as he moved beside Shelly but staring at Teresa laid out spread eagle ready to be fucked.

"Take Shelly's dress off her." he said looking up at Shelly.

"Scott!" Shelly exclaimed as she started to fidget. "Not in front of them. . ." she pleaded meaning Tom and Steve.

Scott didn't answer; he just stared as Tom moved behind her and pulled the zipper down in the back of her dress. She didn't move or resist as Tom pushed the shoulders off and the dress fell to the floor exposing her naked body. Scott hadn't given her time to put on anything but the dress in his anger and so now she was naked in front of them all. She looked over and made eye contact with me and then down to my cock which I was still slowly massaging and then at Scott's cock and Teresa's pussy, but her eyes avoided looking at Tom or Steve. "Spread em." Scott commanded as he pushed his hand in between Shelly's legs to feel of her pussy. She complied and he rubbed her pussy up and down and then smelled of his fingers.

"You're soaking wet whore." He said to her a caustic tone. "Get on your knees and watch me stick my cock in this cunt." As she obeyed he looked at me, "You too." So I complied and dropped to my knees as he rubbed the head of his cock on Teresa's pussy lips. She moaned and then he suddenly stopped. He reached up and putting his hand behind Shelly's head pulled her to him and kissed her, she resisted a little as he shoved his tongue into her mouth, but gave in and began to kiss him back. When he broke the kiss and let go of her I could see Teresa's juices on Shelly's face. "I'm fucking her because of what you two did," he looked back and forth at us. "I think it only right that hubby perv and my little slut guide my cock into this cunt." He smiled at me and his wife. Shelly complied right away reaching over and grabbing his cock in her hand, I was a little more reluctant, I never did like to touch another man, just not my thing.

"Do it." I heard a throaty command from Teresa as she waited to be fucked. I reached over and touched his cock just above Shelly's hand with two of my fingers and my thumb, it was hot and hard, I could feel it pulsing with lust but as my hand touched Shelly's there was a comforting connection I felt like an electronic shock, I looked up at her, that lust in her eyes had unmistakably taken over any other emotion she had. We jointly moved his cock up and down my wife's pussy lips coating it with her juices and then he pushed forward just as we lined it up. I watch the head slowly sink past my wife's outer lips and I moved my hand away. Shelly held on a little longer until her hand touched my wife's pussy and then she pulled back as we watched Scott push all his cock into my wife. He began to slowly fuck her, pulling his cock all the way out and sliding it back in slowly, and every time he buried it completely my wife, she would lift her hips slightly and moan. After a few minutes of Scott fucking my wife he began to reach over and feel of Shelly's pussy running his finger up and down her slit and pausing at her clit several times. She was spreading her legs to give him access and beginning to moan.

"Get on your hands and knees slut." He commanded Shelly and pushed her head toward the couch. She complied thinking he was going to finger her from behind; he pushed her legs apart so he could slip a couple of fingers in his wife's pussy while he fucked my wife. "Hey Tom, take off your clothes so you can fuck this slut." He said suddenly. Shelly snapped her head back to look at him and he gave her a look that said she'd better do as he says. Tom didn't have to be told twice, he was naked in no time and kneeling behind Shelly. His cock was easier bigger than her husbands and hard, without any prompting he began to lubricate his cock up and down her pussy and then he pushed it in and began to work it back and forth. Before long he was driving into her juicy cunt fully with every stroke. Shelly's head was already close to Teresa's breast, so she moved over a little and engulfed Teresa's left breast with her month as Tom pounded her from behind. Shelly's hand snaked down Teresa's body lightly touching and tracing the contours of her stomach and hips till her fingers delved down between Teresa's legs. Shelly began to rub her clit, the tip of her fingers constantly brushing against Scott's cock as he continued to fuck my wife.

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