tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCan I Have Your Autograph, Please?!

Can I Have Your Autograph, Please?!


”This is probably the most stupid thing, you have done yet on this trip!” I told myself silently as I looked around the bar room, where a few people - mostly couples, who seemed to see only each other – were sitting or standing at the bar consuming varying amounts of alcohol. When I closed my eyes, the world was spinning a little to fast, too, and I decided that I’d better call it a night and head for the hotel.

I had won some money in a lottery and decided to take a seven-day trip to Los Angeles. My family and friends had told me more than once that it was simply insane – even for a filmfreak – to do this alone. But my boyfriend had just dumped me, and I didn’t want to be surrounded by all those people, who knew me and felt sorry for me.

So here I was: a middle-aged (that’s the term, when you’ve reached 42 years, right?), slightly sad Danish woman – in a bar on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

I had won some money, but not that much, so I had to stay in a modest hotel with modest prices. I wasn’t really uneasy being there, because the neighbourhood seemed peaceful and respectable and I hadn’t seen gangs or anything scary – but still I wondered if I had made a mistake.

Most of all I scolded myself for believing that I could just walk into a bar and make friends. That people would rush to my side and want to be with me having a good time!

I was Scandinavian, but not the kind many Americans seem to believe is inhabiting our countries. I was not 6”1’ with legs that went on forever, slim and with blond hair down to my waist! (As I often say: ”Yes, there are girls like that in Scandinavia – only they all went to Hollywood!)

The best way to describe me was: average. Neither tall not short, neither thin not fat, neither beautiful nor ugly, with medium blond, short hair that refused to settle into some kind of a hairstyle and a face with no striking features, either. In short: the kind of woman you would pass in the street without another look.

My only ”above average” feature was my legs, and tonight I had dared to show off a little. I was wearing a short, red skirt, high-heeled red sandals and a red-and-white blouse (which wasn’t able to hide that my breasts, which had never been small, had not yet had a doctor’s appointment to be hoisted back to where they were 20 years ago.)

As a matter of fact I felt quite good – if nothing else I was showing them the Danish national colours! But still only a couple of drunk, unhygienic looking younger fellows had approched me – and only to ask if I wanted to fuck! Maybe I had picked the wrong bar?

I got up and was pleased to notice that I was not so intoxicated that I wasn’t able to walk straight, even on high heels. I walked out the door and just stood for a minute breathing the warm air.

It was around 3.00 A.M and it felt like I was the only one alive in the city. No matter where I looked everything was silent and empty. I sighed and started walking. Sometime soon there just had to be a cab which would take me to my hotel!

A little further down the street I saw a pool-hall. And just before I reached it, the doors banged open and a man stumbled down the stairs. It was plain to see that he was as drunk as I was, and it seemed that he knew it, too, because he leaned against the wall of the building, closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

He stood like that for only a few minutes, but still I had ample opportunity to look at him. He had his side turned towards me, which meant that the first thing I recognized was his inch-long eye lashes.

I kept staring, while my heart started pounding. Yes, it was all there: the sandy-blond hair, the massive torso and the characteristic tattooes on both upper arms, the nice butt and legs. All of this encased in a short-sleeved, white T-shirt, tight, worn jeans and sneakers.

I took a few steps towards him, and although I held a hand over my mouth, I burst out: ”Oh, my GOD!!”

He opened his eyes just a fraction and giggled: ”I’m sorry to disappoint you, honey, but it’s only me, Kiefer ….”

The whole world seemed to turn upside down, as I babbled: ”But it can’t be …. this is not Beverly Hills … and where are your body-guards … and the papparazzies ….. and your groupies …. and ……and …..”

He opened his eyes and stepped away from the wall, standing on the sidewalk in front of me, smiling as he said: ”I think you read too many magazines, dear! It is actually possible for me to go out from time to time without a whole entourage. It’s just a matter of timing! Right now I’m supposed to be at some very important and very boring dinner, but I preferred to come here. This is one of my favourite pool-halls – but don’t you dare tell anyone!!”

He stared me down for a few seconds, before he started laughing – probably at my stunned face. I blushed and said: ”It’s just …. Here I am all alone on an empty street in the middle of nowhere – and suddenly one of my favourite actors is standing right in front of me, and …..”

I ran out of things to say, but Kiefer just smiled warmly and said: ”Thank you! That’s very nice to hear. But now: can I do anything for you? You seem to be a little lost right now?”

”Er ….” I said stupidly, since my brain wasn’t working and my body was burning all over from standing so close to him. ”Maybe I could get your autograph? Or else none of my Danish friends will believe me, when I get back home”

He stepped a little closer as he answered ”Sure! Are you Danish? You’re a long way from home! You’re not here alone, are you? Do you have a piece of paper?”

That was far too many questions at once, so I only managed the last one: ”Oh, shit! Sorry – I meant: no!” The first shock was subsiding and I managed to joke a little: ”When I left the hotel I didn’t prepare for running into you!”

He laughed and stuck one hand into his pocket (I wondered for a second how he did that. There didn’t seem to be room for anything more there!) and produced a crumpled piece of paper with some notes on one side. ”Here! This is my shopping list. Let’s use that! Now, do you have a pen?”

I just buried my face in my hands and groaned …. Here I was – standing just inches away from the most gorgeous man I had ever been near, and I didn’t have a pen in order to get a memorabilia to flaunt, when I got home!

When I looked up again Kiefer was standing there, his head slightly tilted and a smile lurking in his beautiful, green-blue eyes. ”Should I take that as a no, too?”

I sighed and nodded: ”Now my evening is really a failure – and I can’t even get a damned TAXI!!”

Kiefer laughed out loud (easy for him to do …), but then he said: ”Where were you going? There are not that many cabs driving this way this time of day, you know ….”

I looked into his face and his kind, concerned eyes and tried to smile: ”Actually my hotel isn’t that far from here. But I walked through that park over there, when I got here earlier this evening – and frankly: I don’t dare to do that now!”

”Well! I guess I’ll have to walk you home, then!” Kiefer said with a wink and a smile, and before I’d gotten around to saying a word, he gently took me by the elbow and started off towards the park on the other side of the street.

It wasn’t a very large park – in daylight I would have laughed at myself. Maybe it would take 15 minutes to cross it, but it felt so good to have a man at my side! (My Feminist Inner Self screamed at me, but I told her to shut up!)

All the time as we were walking, Kiefer was chuckling softly to himself, as if he had some private joke going on, but I told myself that it was probably due to the fact that he was not quite sober and just found the whole situation rather funny. I decided to just enjoy the moment!

While we walked along the path I watched him out of the corner of my eye. One thing was seeing him on TV. It felt very different to have him three inches away from me!

My eyes just kept travelling from his hair (which for once –probably due to the ”24” hiatus - had been allowed to grow to almost shoulder length), over his handsome profile, down his tanned arms, to his firm ass and muscular legs (you just can’t hide being a rider, if you wear tight jeans!)

I had problems breathing silently (hopefully he just thought that I was out of shape) and I felt my panties getting moist from the juices that started flowing from my pussy.

At one point we reached a part of the path that was so narrow, we had to go single file. I got to walk in front and I soon realized that I would have to take off my sandals. Either I was too drunk, they were too high – or the path was too uneven.

When Kiefer saw me bend down to take off the sandals, he exclaimed: ”Great idea! I just love to go bare-foot!” and he immediately started taking off his sneakers.

I almost stopped him, internally crying : ”Oh no, please don’t do that! There is nothing in this world that I find more sexy than a bare-footed man! I have enough problems keeping my hormones – and my hands – in check here! You don’t have to make it worse!”

But I just waited silently until he had his shoes in his hands, wiggling his toes and relishing the freedom.

I hurried along the path and reached the small open space in the middle of the park, where a fountain was placed.

It was supposed to look Greek, I guess – upon the edge of the pool were placed four marble statues of nude, young men showing off their muscles and their weapons. (Good! I have always hated statues of young men holding on to their penises, as if they feared they would fly away because the artist had made them too small!)

I heard Kiefer coming half-running behind me, laughing and panting: ”Wait up! Remember: you are in the company of a man, who is not quite sober. You wouldn’t just abandon me here, would you?!”

Just as he caught up with me, he tripped and fell forwards onto his knees, but he managed to grab me around the waist from behind, so that he didn’t slam his face in the ground.

I lost my breath for a moment – and not only because of his strong arms squeezing me so that it was hard to breathe normally. I stood stock-still and waited for him to get up again.

He still had his arms around my waist, and his left cheek rested on my butt. I almost whimpered. Through the thin fabric of the short skirt it felt as if his face touched my naked skin, and I could feel his warm breath on my thigh.

”You have beautiful legs, do you know that?” his soft, dark voice whispered from behind, and at the same time his right hand began caressing my thigh. He slowly let his hand wander up and down my leg, gradually making his way ever nearer my hot, wet pussy.

He had moved his head so that it rested on the small of my back, and my blouse was so short that he touched the naked skin. He kissed and licked very slowly and carefully every inch of my back that he could reach, and still his warm hand travelled up the inside of my thigh.

At last it reached its goal, and Kiefer gently inserted his fingers between the fabric of my panties and my skin. I held my breath and closed my eyes, but when he finally touched my pussy and began caressing it, my legs almost buckled under me and I let out a small cry, before I bit down on my lip.

His fingers stopped moving and left my pussy. I wanted to reach back to make him start again, but I didn’t dare. I just stood there slightly panting, waiting for his next move. He lifted his head from my back and said very softly: ”Even though you didn’t have a pen – I could give you something to remember, if you want it?"

I almost cried as I said: ”Oh, Kiefer – don’t say that! I’m just in the middle of my cycle and I don’t have any condoms in my purse. And I guess you don’t wish to have a child in Denmark, do you? There is nothing I want more than making love to you right now – but I just can’t!!”

He got to his feet and kissed my neck before he answered: ”That’s OK. I’m sure we can have a nice time together without actual intercourse. Come with me ….”

He took my hand and led me towards the fountain, where he went down on his knees again, but this time in front of me. He slowly pulled down my skirt until it lay on the ground. He then reached for the edge of my panties and said: ”Is it OK that I take these off you, too?”

I almost laughed. They were so wet by now, you could wash a middle-sized car with them! But I just nodded, unable to say anything.

Gently he got them down my trembling legs, kissing his way down as he did it. When I stood there dressed in nothing but my blouse, he got to his feet, looking hungrily at my naked sex – but then he seemed to pull himself together, and he stepped away from me.

I looked at him a bit confused, but then he said in a low, husky voice: ”Go over to the fountain and sit on the edge beside the statue …..”

I had no idea what to do except follow his orders, so I turned and walked the few steps to the fountain, where I sat down on the cold marble and looked at Kiefer, who stood about five feet away.

”Spread your legs and fondle your pussy – I want to watch, while you satisfy yourself …” he said. I felt very self-conscious – after all I was the only one here (besides the statues) lacking clothes! – and although my pussy and my inner thighs were glistening with my juices, I didn’t quite know what to do.

I had never masturbated ”in public” before, but I tentatively let the fingers of my left hand slide down and touch the wetness. I slowly rubbed my outer labiae and without thinking I reached up to unbutton my blouse so that I could touch my hard nipples, too.

Kiefer stood as still as one of the statues (except he was beautifully tanned and not white as snow) and just looked at me with eyes that burned with lust.

Slowly he reached down to un-zip his jeans and open the fly. He then reached inside and took out his cock, holding it with his right hand while he still looked me in the eyes.

I almost forgot to move at all, I just stared! His cock was not yet fully rigid – but still it was the biggest I had ever been this close to! (OK, I had only had four lovers so far, but .…)

He then began to stroke it slowly up and down the shaft, and I could literally see the blood flowing into it, the girth ever growing and the head getting darker and bigger. (For just one second a thought crossed my mind: ”Well, for once the gossip magazines seem to know what they are talking about, when they claim that he is well-endowed ….”)

Kiefer still stood just in front of me with his legs slightly apart, stroking his cock. He half-whispered to me: ”Take your other hand and spread your pussy wide. I want to see all of it.”

I took my hand from my breast and used two fingers to spread the labiae as far as possible, exposing the entrance to my pussy and giving Kiefer a look at my clit, which by now was swollen and throbbing with lust.

I suddenly lost all self-conscience and thrust two fingers deeply into my pussy, and when I pulled them out again, they where completely covered by my juices. I licked at them, and then I started rubbing my clit hard and fast, while all the time my eyes where locked with Kiefer’s.

He had dropped his jeans to the ground and stepped out of them, so that he could use one hand to fondle his balls, while his right hand still worked hard on the cock, now and again stroking the massive head, before he started to slide his hand up and down the rock-hard shaft again.

I continued to rub my clit, from time to time making my fingers wet by ramming them into the warmth of my pussy. I could feel the orgasm that was very close now, and for a moment I leaned my head against the marble statue behind me, as I closed my eyes and just moaned softly with lust while still caressing my pussy. I wanted Kiefer so badly I was almost screaming, but I had promised myself!

I opened my eyes to look up at the marble statue above me. I looked right up at its small penis, and then I lifted my head again and stared at Kiefer standing with his hard, big cock pointing right at me.

I could see on his face that he was close to coming, too – and suddenly I thought ”To hell with it! I’m probably so old, I won’t get pregnant anyway!”

I was panting too much to speak, so I just held out my right hand to Kiefer, while my left still worked on my clit. He didn’t wait but stepped the few feet towards me. He leaned down and kissed me softly, and then he looked deeply into my eyes as if asking me a question. I just nodded my head and he smiled at me, and then he went down on his knees again in front of me.

Before I had any time to prepare myself his lips and tongue were buried in my pussy. He pressed his tongue into me and drank from me, while his hands caressed the inside of my thighs and my ass cheeks, and when he started massaging and rubbing my clit with his tongue, I could not hold back anymore. I came like an explosion, screaming and shaking all over, pressing his head towards me with my legs, barely avoiding slamming my head back against the statue.

I sat there shaking and panting for what seemed like an eternity, while Kiefer still kneeled in front of me, slowly stroking up and down my thighs, kissing and nuzzling. I managed to bend forward, stroking his hair and lifting his face towards me, licking at his lips and tasting myself on him, before kissing him deeply.

When my breathing was something near normal, I smiled at him and said: ”Now, what are we going to do about you? It seems you can’t handle it yourself?”

I reached down to grab his cock, which was still hard and seemed to be burning in my palm. He gasped and closed his eyes for a second, before he looked up at me again. I smiled and stood up, leading him the short distance from the fountain to the lawn beside it.

Without a word I slipped down on my knees and again grabbed his cock with both hands. I kissed the head and let my tongue play up and down the shaft for a while, before I started to suck him for real.

He was too big for me to have all of him in my mouth, but I sucked the head, while my hands rubbed as fast as I could up and down the shaft. It was so wonderful that I just sat there with my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of him, the smell of his sweat, the taste of his cock in my mouth, and the low groans from above my head.

He had his hands in my hair, caressing me, but all of a sudden he lifted my head and panted: ”Will you let me fuck you? I promise that I will not come! But I just have to be inside you!”

”Yes!” I whispered, lying down on the grass as I said it, and we helped each other taking off the rest of our clothes. He slided down between my legs and started licking and sucking my pussy again, until I was soaking wet once more.

It seemed like he would stay down there forever, so at last when I was almost exploding with lust, I grabbed his head and forced him up to me again. ”Come on – fuck me! I want you inside me NOW, or I’ll go crazy! But promise me to be gentle at first – I’m not used to this size!”

He laughed and lifted himself a little, supporting himself with his left arm on the grass, as he reached down with his right hand to guide his cock into my pussy.

As the head entered me, I gasped – both from the slight pain and from the fire that shot from my pussy to all corners of my body. Kiefer stopped and looked at me: ”Did I hurt you?”, he asked worriedly. All I could do was shake my head wildly, while I pulled my legs around his waist, grabbing his ass with both hands and pushing downwards.

He started again, sliding ever so slowly in and out of me, a little deeper each time, and I became more and more wet, as wave after wave of pleasure rolled up my spine.

At last he wasn’t able to go any deeper, because he reached the bottom of my vagina. He then began thrusting harder and faster, all the time caressing my face and neck, breathing hard with the sweat dripping from his face and his chest down on me.

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