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Can I Watch


"Mark, Can I watch?"

That was not a response I had anticipated when I had told Jessica about Ben and myself. I tilted my head to see just what her eyes were saying, but they were hidden from view as her face rested on my naked chest. This was the fourth weekend Jessica had spent at my place and I knew it was time to let her know I was bisexual, that I enjoyed sex with men as well as women, well, one man in particular.

"Uhmm...well..." I stammered eventually knowing Jessica expected an answer.

I felt the heat of Jessica's skin as she moved her body, straddling my hips and my growing manhood. Her tongue teasingly ran over my lips, down my chin before resting her face in my neck. My hands glided over her back, my mind becoming intrigued with her idea. Her mouth was openly kissing and sucking my skin until she licked behind my ear knowing full well that would send shivers down my spine.

"You have a hot body Mark and I bet under those clothes Ben's body is pretty nice to look at as well. I have wondered what it's like for two men, I bet it's very sensual to see your two bodies pleasuring each other."

Sensual would not have been the words I chose to describe sex between Ben and myself, intense, heated, sweaty, raw, lustful maybe, not sensual. Jessica slid her body slowly down mine, her mouth trailing along with kisses, licks and bites. My fingers were running through her long brunette hair as her tongue licked along the length of my now erect cock. She had one hand around the base, her tongue had licked away the pre cum, her mouth poised to suck me in and I could feel her heated breath as it blew across the head when she spoke.

"Ask him for me Mark, please? Ask Ben if I can watch you two together."

Jessica sucked my cock into her warm wet mouth not stopping until I was at the back of her throat. A moan was the only answer I could manage as my hands gripped her hair and my hips lifted off the bed. Her head tilted, I slid in deeper feeling Jessica swallow around me coaxing me further. Her head slid up and down as she used her hand to push my cream from my balls.

"Damn Jess, you're.....going........"

I never finished my sentence, my cream surged through my cock filling her sexy mouth. My chest was heaving as my cock jerked another few spurts of seed. Jessica released me quickly and climbed up my body, kissing me, pushing the cum into my mouth.

"Yea, Jessica, I'll ask Ben if you can watch," I managed to say before falling into a restful slumber.

Ben and I became best friends while rooming together all through college. We hit it off almost immediately and soon found ways to relieve our horniness together when we couldn't find women to be our willing assistants. We both were very much into women but also found something extremely arousing between each other. Now a few years after college our friendship continued as did our sexual relationship. We didn't get together often but we both still craved each other's bodies.

"Jessica wants to watch us together."

I said it rather matter a factly as my body laid half over Ben, my tongue licking behind his ear, my hand sliding down his chest and abs not resting until I found his semi erect cock. I couldn't look him in the eyes until I heard his reply. All the years that we had been together, all the times we had sex, never had there been another person present and I was not sure how he would feel about it. I felt his cock thicken and stiffen which I took as a good sign.

"She wants to watch me suck your cock?"

Ben's husky voice answered as he took my head in his hands, guiding my mouth to his nipple. I did my best to entice further, my broad tongue running over his hard nub before biting down on it. My hand stroked his cock letting my thumb rub the pre cum over his mushroom head. My mouth moved down his muscled torso as my legs shifted in between his. I teasingly rubbed my chest against his man meat until I could lick the spongy head. My hand squeezed and fondled his nuts as I licked and watched him respond the way he always did. I looked up into Ben's eyes knowing he would be watching me, knowing he would be expecting my lips to wrap tightly around his cock.

"Yes, and Jess said she wants to watch you fuck me. She wants to see my face and hear my voice while your hips slap my ass."

Just like Jessica did to me, I opened my mouth and sucked Ben's thickness into my mouth, teasing him with my tongue and not stopping until his pubes scratched my nose. His reply was like mine, his ass lifted up off the bed, his hands grasped my head as his lips emitted a soft groan. I bobbed my head up and down letting the head of his cock enter my throat.

"If Jessica is going to watch it has to be my way," Ben said, "You will have to beg for me to fuck you harder. You will have to tell me to stick my cock up deeper, to fill your hole with my seed. Can you do that?"

I listened to Ben as my mouth continued to sucking, getting more turned on tasting him, smelling his man scent. He pulled me off his cock, forced me to look in his eyes, wanting an answer from me. I nodded in the affirmative as his smile grew wide. Ben slid his body over to the side, giving my ass a playful slap.

"On your knees Mark," Ben said, "I know you want my cock pounding you now, just like I will when Jessica watches. Isn't that right Mark?"

Before I answered Ben had me on my hands and knees, my head pushed into the pillow. He was pushing his thick meaty cock into my tight hole still lubricated from his earlier deposit. His large hands had my ass cheeks spread wide as he watched his cock sinking deeper. Ben slowly pulled himself out, slapped my ass and pushed back in deeper with more force.

"Let me hear it now Mark, tell me how you want my cock, tell me how you want me to fuck you hard. Tell me how you want me to pound your ass so hard you lose all control and shoot your cum on the bed sheets."

I pushed my ass back against Ben's body feeling him rub the spot that made me go wild. He moaned when I clenched my ass muscles around his cock. His hips picked up speed and his cock rubbed the walls of my hole. My cock drooled more when he sunk his meat in completely pushing me forward on the bed.

"Fuck me hard Ben. Use you cock to spread my hole. Make my ass yours stud, fill it with your seed. Make me your slut Ben, I need it bad."

I gasped as Ben pounded my ass harder than ever before. The thought of Jessica watching him fuck my man pussy turned him on more than I anticipated. My body was sweating and my cock was jerking with every thrust of his hips. If talking about her watching got him this intense I could only imagine how hard he'd fuck me when she was actually in the room. I felt his hand come smacking down on my ass cheek.

"You fucking slut Mark. You love my cock pumping your ass, you crave my cum. But I'm not going to give you what you want until you spill your load, slut."

Ben said that as his cock rubbed my prostate. His hands gripped my shoulders pulling me up and back onto his cock. I lost control as he knew I would. My cock jerked and shot spurt after spurt of white cream onto the sheets. My ass clamped down around his cock, feeling it throb inside me. He pulled out and rammed in again forcing the rest of my seed to spill out. He grunted and held his cock in against my prostate as he began spewing his load. I could feel it splatter against the walls of my hole, adding to what he had given me before. Slowly our sweat covered bodies relaxed and Ben stretched me out, lying on top of me, taking bites of my shoulder and neck.

"Does Jessica realize you are such a cock slut?"

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