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Can There Be Peace Ch. 06


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Author's note: A special thanks goes to Ed for his work on editing my stories. Any mistakes you find are not his fault; they are mine for not making all of the changes he recommends. Karen's rank has been changed to Staff Sergeant to reflect what rank she should be.

Can There Be Peace? 6 by Kaereni

Karen left Tom's office and gathered the others. Once out in the truck, she said, "That takes care of that." She noticed it was nearly five and said, "Little Bit I want you and Cat to pick out a new color for Tiff and perhaps some frozen pizzas or something for dinner. Red and I have to go pick something up."

As they drove over to the doctor's office. Karen said, "Red, you are too young to be messing about with spells. Should I be calling you High Priestess instead?"

Red gasped, "No Mistress... I just wanted to help you to find peace."

"I would have thought you had learned after the last time you tried one." Karen said glancing at her.

"What do you mean?"

"When you got friend zoned by Little Bit. You tried a love charm on her. But it didn't work quite like you planned." Karen said. "Instead of you she focused her love and devotion on someone else." She backed the truck up by the door and looked at Red. "Are we going to have a problem Red?"

"No Mistress..." Red said looking down. "I knew you would see it sooner or later and it would lead back to me." She looked at Karen, "High Priestess, I know what I did was wrong. I am ready for my punishment."

"Brave words knowing the dark forces I command," Karen replied. "I will think on a suitable punishment Red. However, I promise you will always remain kneeling before me." She paused and then looked away, "Inside is a woman who is a bitch and blackmailer. We are going to capture her and then I will break her completely." She looked at Red, "You and your sisters will not be involved in this case other than the capture and transport."

Getting out they went in. At the sight of her the receptionist shrunk back and she was ushered into the doctor's private office. Once he came in, Karen asked, "Hey Doc, think you can do without your receptionists for a bit. I have an opening and would love to work on her."

"With pleasure Karen," Doc Johnson replied smiling. "What do you need from me?"

"Something to make her manageable." Karen said with a cold smile.

He went out and a minute returned with a syringe filled with a clear liquid. "This should do it," he said handing it to her. "Would you like me to call her in?"

"Sure," Karen replied. "Then send everyone else home." She went over and stood behind the door and waited as he used the intercom to call the bitch in. The moment she came in, Karen darted forward and gave the woman the shot and held her as the drug took a hold. "Red, grab a pair of exam gloves get her purse and drive her car to the store. Once there join your sisters shopping. I will be along with my guest to pick you three up."

Half carrying the woman she tossed her in the back and bound her tightly with the rope and duct tape. Going to the store she called and let Cat know she was out in the parking lot waiting. A few minutes later the three came out and they went home. She expected them to ask about the woman in the back but they kept strangely quiet. Once home she said, "Take everything in, I will be along in a bit after I deal with something."

"Mistress, let me help," Red begged.

"Let us help," Little Bit corrected her.

"Karen," Cat said resting her hand on her Mistress's arm. "We can help. As a sister I am asking you to let us in."

"Cat, this woman is not like Tiff. She is a bitch, and has been blackmailing the doctor for quite a while. What I am going to do is not going to be nice. No need for you five to get your hands dirty."

"All the more reason for us to help you." Cat looked at her sisters before turning back. "Mistress, where you go we go; the joining made sure of that."

She looked at them for a long moment and finally nodded, "Take her down, strip and hook her to the mind fuck machine just like Tiff. However, change out the anal to a standard cock size. Do not start it, I will deal with that."

"Do you want an IV drip connected Mistress?" Cat asked. "I got lots of practice and can start one."

"Set up a one liter D5W bag, but don't start it. I will show you what I want piggy backed when I get down with your sisters." Karen said. She grabbed the bags of groceries and headed inside. As Tiffany and Baby Girl helped her put things away she said, "Tiff, you won't have to worry about ever going back. I dealt with that issue. Why don't you go down to the playroom and give your sisters a hand with my guest?"

"Oh thank you, Mistress," Tiffany replied joyfully and hugged Karen tightly. She then hurried out.

When she was alone with Baby Girl Karen said, "The bitch came for a visit." She looked at her and said, "Your sisters all wanted to see what the darkness about. You don't need to join them."

"Yes I do Mistress," Baby Girl replied. "I know you want to shield me Karen. But I need to be with my sisters and you."

Instead of going down Karen turned to her, "How long did she make you go without an orgasm?"

"Nearly six hours Mistress." Baby Girl said softly.

"Are you sure you can stand to see it happen to someone else while you watch?" Karen asked.

"Yes Mistress," she paused and then asked, "Can you melt my mind sometime? I would like to experience it with love."

"Only if your sisters decide they want to melt also." Karen said, as they walked out she said, "Of course you know it would mean you five would have to melt me also." She stopped and looked at Baby Girl, "I know I'm the boss but I want to be your sister too. Is that so too much to ask?" She turned away before seeing Baby Girl's shake of her head.

"No Karen it's not too much to ask. I understand that now," Baby Girl replied softly. The first moment she had she had to talk to her other sisters to make sure they understood too.

Going down to the playroom Karen heard muffled curses. She looked at the four women who were kneeling to one side and then the bitch. As commanded the woman was hooked to the mind fuck machine with cocks in all three of her holes. In addition, Cat has hung an IV bag and connected the line to a vein in the back of the woman's hand. She went and prepared the second bag that contained her devil's brew of drugs including, psychedelics, aphrodisiac, and orgasm inhibiters. Starting it on a 12-hour drip she turned back to the now five women kneeling off to one side.

"Our guest is on a twelve-hour experience that she will never forget." She heard muffled curses from behind her. Turning she spanked the woman's ass cheek once and said, "If you shut up you might learn something." She turned on the fucking machine and cranked it up to mid-speed. Turning back, she said, "The Dextrose will keep her hydrated while she enjoys her ride."

"Enjoy being a subjective term." Baby Girl said.

"I was thinking sarcastic term but subjective works," Karen agreed. "The second bag includes pixy dust, a little something to keep her hot and bothered and unable to do anything about it."

"Mistress, did you do that to me?" Tiffany said in a worried voice.

"Somewhat. The difference was that I didn't hate you so I allowed you to love the ride instead of being sexually frustrated the whole time." Karen replied. "Let's go up and let our guest enjoy her time alone."

Once they were back in the house, "What happens at the end of the twelve hours?" Red asked.

"She will do, become or say anything to be allowed to orgasm," Baby Girl said softly.

"Baby Girl is right. Mom put her in it for six hours." She paused and looked away, "From the day of the rape, I spent eight hours in it every Friday and Saturday night from eleven pm to seven am like clockwork." She turned towards Red, "It was those nights when she taught me my place and to serve the art. Yes, little sister I became a high priestess. But do you truly know what that means?"

"Yes High Priestess I do." Red replied. "I know because I could not take the final step as you have." She took a breath before continuing, "I knew it the moment you sat beside me. But I could not believe my senses. The joining rubbed my nose in your power. You can call yourself anything you wish, but calling a duck a dog won't make it bark and fetch a stick."

"You make it hard for me to walk away from that aspect of my past," Karen said. "Why do you insist of putting me on a pedestal when you of all people know better?"

"I am not putting you on a pedestal. At least not much more than a small step. You are my Mistress and as such you stand above me no matter how much you say otherwise. I use the term High Priestess because it is my way of honoring you. If you serve the dark goddess as you think you do, we would not be having this discussion. Also, you would not have five women who adore you. You would have five who fear you."

"I hate to break in, but what was the last step you couldn't take sister?" Little Bit asked.

"To become the High Priestess, you must kill the current High Priestess while making her suffer as deeply as possible. You played right into her hands," Baby Girl replied staring at Karen. "She was pushing you towards it but it took the auto accident for you to go over the edge and take the final step. Out with the old and in with the new." She paused and looked at her sisters, "She said something in I guess was Romanian as she smeared her mother's blood all over me. "I bet it was something along those lines."

"No Sandy," Karen said turning away with a sob. "I damned us both to never find peace."

"Well your curse sucked because I found peace Mistress." Baby Girl replied. "As have you in our loving arms." She stood and took Karen's hands in hers and pulled her down so she was kneeling with them. "To me, you are my sister first and foremost. Yes, you lead us, but as my sister. Just like Red and her high priestess, I will refer to you as Mistress. But as far as I am concerned it is a title, like calling you Staff Sergeant."

"I agree," Tiffany suddenly said. She reached out and took Karen's hands in hers. "You are my sister, the older sister I wished I had growing up and now that I found you, nothing will take you away. I agree calling you Mistress feels correct. But that doesn't mean I think of you as some untouchable woman who I can't hold tight when she feels frightened."

Karen was dumbfounded as each proclaimed her as their sister first and foremost. The last was Red who said, "A high priestess while above the others is still part of the sisterhood. You are and always have been my sister, Mistress and the high priestess." She glared at her sisters, "Please note the order." Turning back to Karen she said, "Karen, we, your sisters love you unconditionally." She dipped her head, "High Priestess, should not our other sisters be inducted into the sisterhood properly?"

"Do you know who I serve? What you ask?" Karen asked her surprised.

"Yes High Priestess I do. I can close my eyes and see her in you." Red replied. She looked at her sisters, "Close your eyes, open your minds and look at the High Priestess. See her instead of Karen. See who she is the living embodiment of."

Baby Girl's eyes flew open, "Son of a bitch I wasn't dreaming it. I saw you when you took power!" She lowered her eyes, "Please sister finish what you started that day with me. Allow me to be compete."

As their eyes opened Karen saw lust and need in their eyes. Each had seen and felt the lust that rolled off the dark goddess. "You don't need to do this, sisters. We can continue as we are now."

"Yes, yes we do..." Cat said with glazed eyes. "We must become hers just as you must ascend and become her to lead us." She blinked and her eyes cleared, "Mistress... Karen, we both know you want to take us there. Give in and do it already. It will help us give you what you need."

"Very well then. Close your eyes and come to my grove." Karen said. She closed her eyes and said, "See a rough wooden alter behind me with a red silk cloth and a black onyx chalice sitting in the center. This is the Goddess's alter and sacred cup." She saw the alter, just like all the times her mother had stood before it. "Goddess, I bring these, my sisters, before you so that they may receive your blessing and follow you also. Your humble servant begs you find them worthy."

When she turned she felt the goddess coming through as she looked at the five women. "What's this? Little Sara has finally returned to serve me fully?" She said looking at Red. Her eyes traveled and focused on Baby Girl, "Sandy, we meet once more." She skipped to Tiffany and smiled, "Oh so much anger in you. You will do nicely." Then Cat sitting next to her, "Marie, you are already mine. Masturbating as you watched them die. But we will make it formal shall we?" She turned to Patty, "Why are you here child? Do your sisters and Mistress mean so much that you walk into my realm for them?"

"Yes goddess, I would walk into your realm for my sisters and I go where Karen leads." Patty said. "Please take me, find me worthy."

It felt as if she were watching a movie in first person. Her deep red hand with black claws gripping the chalice while her other stimulates her clit. Orgasming and her black cum pouring into the cup. "Give yourself to me Patty and drink."

"I am yours, Goddess," Patty said stranding before her and taking the cup. Without removing her eyes from the seductive vision of dark beauty before her she drank it down. She felt faint as the succubus wings folded over her and felt her tail, hot and thick enter her. It pumped in and out of her cunt, hurting and exciting her at the same time.

Braking the end six inches off inside Patty the goddess said, "I grant you your own porcupine to constantly stimulate you with dark pleasures. While you are not worthy to see it while awake or have my quills, you see it here and use it on yourself for my pleasure."

Patty felt herself released and moved to kneel once more with her legs open and one hand pumping the cone covered dildo in and out of her slick cunny. "I live to serve you," she intoned softly.

She turned to Tiffany and made her drink her black cum before granting her own porcupine. Just as she had with Patty. Turning to Marie she licked her lips and took her fully and then Sandy. Finally, it was Sara's turn and grinning she took her roughly, feeling the pain from the other four feeding her. Releasing the girl, she waited until she was kneeling beside the others. "One for my High Priestess to replace the one she tried to have destroyed." She fucked herself with her tail and like the others it broke off inside her High Priestess.

Karen knelt facing them fucking herself with her head thrown back in pleasure. As she orgasmed she heard her sisters cum also. She said "Return and wake sisters." Opening her eyes, she saw they were kneeling nude in a circle with legs open and thighs slick with oily black cum. At first their eyes were black but they cleared after a minute. The sight and scent of their black cum excited her and her fingers began stimulating her clit and pulling on a nipple.

It took her a good five minutes to get a grip on her need to cum. She stopped and rested her hands on her legs. "That's enough girls," she said when the others didn't slow down. Slowly they stopped and like her gripped their legs as their minds calmed down. Standing she walked to Little Bit and pulled the girl to her feet. Holding both her hands in hers she said, "In her name I make you a priestess." Letting go she pulled the girl close and hugged her tightly, "A braver person I have never seen. I love you so much." She kissed her before letting go and motioning her to kneel once more.

Going over to Tiffany, she pulled the girl to her feet and as she had before made her a priestess. She hugged her and said softly, "Do not let your anger cause you to lose focus." She kissed her tenderly and said, "Since Tiffany must disappear, I take that name and give you Darkstar due to the black hair you will have before morning." She turned to Baby Girl and pulled her to her feet and made her a priestess. Pulling her into a hug she said, "Our lives would have been simpler if I had finished it that day. Forgive me for what I put you through." She squeezed her tightly and then kissed her tenderly.

"I forgive you Karen. We were not ready." Baby Girl said blinking back tears.

Karen turned to Cat and pulled her to her feet, "I make you a priestess in her name." She hugged Cat and added, "There is no shame in finding death and destruction sexually exciting. But do not let it consume you." She kissed Cat tenderly and whispered, "Now and forever." Turning to Red she smiled and pulled her to her feet. "I return to you your title of priestess. She hugged the girl and added, "You have no idea the joy she is feeling by having you return to her. I will help you through those times when you doubt your faith." She kissed the girl and then motioned her to kneel once more.

Kneeling she looked at them for a long moment. "You five are my priestess. There will not be six or seven or more." She paused and then added, "If one is added then one here must die. I refuse to allow that to happen." She looked around them before continuing, "As time passes, converts will pass through or even stay for a time. However, they will not become as you are." Looking down she said, "Always thought my mother was a raging psychopath. Now I believe she was once as we are now. But she let the desire for pain drive her into madness. Like a junky needing a fix she kept pushing for more." Raising her eyes, she looked at Baby Girl, "Did she speak to you of our goddess?"

"High Priestess, she spoke of you many times and once said I was destined for better things than being her slave." Baby Girl paused and then added, "We were talking of you and your inability to take the final step. I thought it was your inability to inflect pain. But perhaps she was speaking of our goddess." She looked down, "I am unsure."

"Sisters, if you are like me the need to feel painful pleasure is like a ragged tooth. You know you are going to tear up your tongue but you can't help yourself." Karen said looking at them. "We will not fall into the same trap as mother did. It is not giving pain that she wishes from you, it is teaching others to worship her. With that in mind, your kiss will spark the need in outsiders. Your dark honey will create a convert." She paused a moment, "Only sisters are to be converted. Males are of no use to her. Those are her wishes and my commands."

She paused again marshaling her thoughts, "As your Mistress, I worry that you and I will fall into the abyss. While I serve her, I also must keep my mind." She looked at Baby Girl, "If I fall, try and catch me. Failing that you must do what must be done."

"Mistress, I will do it and then we will follow you into the final darkness," Baby Girl said. "I will not let another monster loose onto the world, you have my word on that."

"Good," Karen replied. She looked at the others, "I am counting on each of you to speak up if you see me falling. I expect you five to watch and help each other as I will do all I can to help you." Turning her attention to Red she said, "I have two commands for you that you will follow. First other than sisterhood business you will refer to me as Mistress or Karen. Secondly, the sketch for our backs need to include Darkstar and the goddess's wings and tail on the standing figure."

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