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Can There Be Peace Ch. 14


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As they came over Karen said, "Jane this is Mister Bannester the owner. I was telling him how you came in and really straightened everything out at the company for me." She smiled and added, "He would like to talk to you about you doing the same for him." Again, she paused, "At least you can give him some pointers."

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" the man said looking closely at Jane.

"No, I just got out a few weeks ago. You might be thinking about my twin brother John. He looked a lot like me except his hair was shorter." Jane said softly.

"That and you have a better right hook then he did," Baby Girl added.

"Oh? I remember now, he was a Marine wasn't he. I read about it in the paper. Were you a Marine also?"

"No, I couldn't pass the entrance physical so rather then become an Army Ranger, I joined the Coast Guard and chased drug runners down in the gulf," Jane said with a smile.

Knowing someone was going to explode Sherry asked, "What seems to be the hold up and what's with all the cops?"

"It seems the general manager and sells manager were dealing or buying drugs and using dealership's cars to make their deals," Cat said. "At least that's my guess."

A K-9 unit showed and the dog went around the car and sat at the back. "Ah shit, now I'll never get it today," Karen said.

True to form the cops swarmed the car as the K-9 handler walked his dog over to them, "Sir are you the owner?" the cop asked.

"Yes officer."

"May I have formal permission to walk my dog through your place of business and inventory?"

"Of course," Mister Bannaster replied.

As several officers started following the dog in the owner gestured for the phone operator to join them outside. As she came out, he looked at Jane and said, "Can you give me a sample of how to handle an employee I am keeping?"

"I would love to see her in action first hand myself. I know the results have nothing short of amazing," Karen said.

Hello dear," Jane said guiding the girl over to the bench and sitting down with her. As she looked up at the others watching them Jane turned to the girl and said, "Don't mind them Susan. Right, its Susan?"

"Yes Miss," the girl replied scared down to her toenails.

"Jane, just call me Jane. I want you to think of me as your sister and nothing more okay Susan? Can you do that?"

"Yes," Susan replied feeling a sense of peace fill her. No matter what happened, her sister would help her. "Sisters help sisters..." she intoned.

"That's right, sisters always help sisters and you are my sister so I am here to help you." Jane paused and then said, "You didn't know what they were doing did you?"

"No Jane, what were they doing?"

"Let me finish this to the end and then we will talk about that. But you knew something wasn't right didn't you."

"Well it seemed odd that the general and sells manager would both leave together in a car that was just sold online." Susan agreed.

"Did you mention your fears to anyone? I mean to say; did you talk about anyone about how odd it was?"

"I talked to Frank, he was always hitting on me and it was a good way to distract him." Susan said. "Did I do wrong sister?"

"You didn't want to rock the boat or make any waves right?"

"No I mean it only happened a couple times a month and this was the first time a customer came in before they returned," Susan said. "Frank said it was a way for him to sell the marks something better if they ever showed up." She bit her lip, "I know it was wrong but I didn't want anyone to get into trouble."

Jane looked down at her hands, "You should have spoken up to the owner about what was going on. Even if he doesn't believe you, you did your duty to yourself." She paused and said, "I had a brother, John, who was a marine. He lost the right leg from the knee down while on tour and was discharged. By a stroke of luck, he found a woman he could admire and yes come to love her with all his heart. One day when she was playing the poor pitiful me card, he lost it and ripped into her. I mean he lost his leg and she survived intact. How could she feel sorry for anything?"

"What happened sister?" Susan asked taking Jane's hands in hers.

"When he found a weak point in her armor he kept at it until she broke. When he realized what he had done to the woman he loved he turned his attention to a good friend and tore into him for letting things get to where they were. Instead of fighting back the friend said, "Damn your right... what a fool I've been." Jane wiped at her tears with one hand and said, "I guess my brother was hoping the friend would beat the heck out of him. Instead he went home wrote me a letter explaining everything that happened and killed himself."

"Oh god," Karen said softly.

Not looking up Jane said, "You see, instead of admitting he screwed up and taking blame for his own actions he all but destroyed all around him. Now think about this, the best guess is that the pair of men are drug dealers or some such. By you not saying anything, think of how many lives you affected. Now little sister here is the question, are you going to stand up and say I fucked up or are you going to pass your own faults onto someone else and end up destroying countless lives."

"I should have said something," Susan said. She looked up at the owner and cried, "I'm so sorry Mister Bannaster, I should have spoken up."

Jane stood and looked at the owner, "I'll tell you the same thing I told Miss Karen. You have to take control of your businesses. I don't mean micromanage. But you can't sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor without getting your own hands dirty. Fine you live a good hour's drive away, come a couple times a week just to check in and keep an eye on things. If you do, shit like this," she gestured at the hoard of police cars parked before them. "Would never happen. This is also your fault. I learned in the Coast Guard, man up or go home. It's your choice."

"I will man up," the owner said. He looked down at the girl and said, "It's my fault too Susan so you're not alone in this case." Returning to Jane he said, "Would you be willing to talk to everyone else? Name your price and if I can find a way to meet it, I will."

"No charge, I owe it to John," Jane said softly. She turned towards the doors and an officer standing there, "Is there any chance I can use the lady's room?"

"I'm sorry mam, I can't let you in until the dog finishes making his rounds."

"Can I get one of the others out here to give me a ride to the MacDonald's down the street so I can use their bathroom?"

"I'm sorry you and the others have to stay."

"How about this then, I'm going to go pee on that," Jane pointed at one of the police cars. "Patrol car's windshield if someone doesn't find me a better place to go." Jane said. Her hurt was turning into anger and she really did need to go.

"I'll handle this Roger," another officer in plain clothes said coming up from behind them. He looked at Jane and smiled, "Hi Jane, long time no see."

"Hello George," Jane replied with a smile as she hugged him. "You wouldn't have a little girls room on you, would you?"

George laughed, "Not hardly. Hang on a minute and I'll see what I can do."

"If I have to hang on much longer I'm going to pick your car to pee on." Jane countered.

"You would too," George said entering the dealership.

In less than a minute he was back, "Okay you can go but I have to be in the bathroom with you."

"Fine, you can even watch if you want as long as I get to go," Jane replied almost doing the pee pee dance. She followed him in and into a bathroom, as she sat in a stall and dropped her pants she saw him watching from the mirror.

"I wondered if you were going to go all the way or not," George said softly.

"A friend gave me the courage to go all the way," She said as she began to tinkle. "Come to the bar tonight when you get off and I'll introduce you to her. She's really special George."

"You're in love with her," George said after a moment. "I have to meet the woman who got you to bat for the other side."

"When you do I bet you will fall for her too. She's something special, like a force of nature." Jane replied.

"Is she the one who bought the bar and deposited just over 200 million in the bank?"

"I don't know about the cash but yes Karen is special George and nothing like what we heard her mother was like." Jane finished wiped and pulled up her jeans. Going over to wash her hands she added, "The only thing I know is that she had a zero tolerance for games and was the one who broke this case wide open."

"Does she know?" George asked washing his own hands.

"No," Jane replied not looking at him.

"You need to tell her. Because sure as hell it will come out." George said tenderly.

"I know," Jane said. "If it falls apart between us, can I come over and cry on your shoulder?"

"Of course, I'll even let you pee on my car if it makes you feel any better." George replied hugging Jane tightly. He led her back out to the others and said, "Think about what I said Jane and let me know."

"I will and thanks George," Jane said. Instead of joining the others she walked off to one side and stood looking off into the distance while hugging herself tightly.

When it was apparent the Jane wasn't going to join them, Karen sauntered over, got out a cigar and lit it. Handing it to Jane, she said softly, "Want to talk about it?"

"Do you really want to hear it? Are you up to even hearing it Karen?" Jane said not looking at her as she handed the cigar back.

"Ouch, I guess I deserved that." Karen replied. She dragged on it and offered it back, "If you want to talk I will listen."

"Karen, I am an undercover police officer. I was working at the bar as a bouncer trying to track down the source of a new designer drug which has hit the area," Jane said softly. "When you showed up and flashed a lot of money you became suspect. When they tied you back to your mother you became chief suspect. Though the police suspected she made a lot of people disappear over the years, we could never prove anything." She puffed the cigar back to life and handed it back to Karen.

"Do you believe I had anything to do with the drug trade?" Karen asked softly not looking at Jane.

"No, not at all. I knew that the minute I heard you saved Tiff from becoming a sex slave for her father." Jane said. "I knew you weren't your mother when you tried to save that girl and grieved over it." She lowered her voice, "Did she...."

"Off the record?"

"Ouch," Jane replied. "I deserved that and worse. Of course, Karen."

"I heard her talking about number 200 coming up one night with dad. She was pure evil Jane. Beautiful but evil. She made that girl seem like a saint." Karen said softly. She took a drag and handed the cigar back to Jane, "Now what?"

"That's up to you isn't it?" Jane said puffing on the cigar.

"Before I answer two questions more," Karen said. "First question, is what you told Susan true? The second question is: Once you commit to me, you may continue to work, but your sisters and I are off limits. Will you agree to a binding oath?"

"Other than not having a twin, being a Coastie and killing myself. Yes," He paused and then said, "Even if you say no, I will do all I can to always protect you Karen. Family takes care of family no matter what."

"Yes family takes care of family. You will come home with us after work and become as your sisters, mine in all ways." Karen said. "That is assuming I don't end up in jail."

"You won't," Jane said looking at her. She handed Karen the cigar and went over to the officer at the door. She reached into her purse and pulled out her ID and badge. He looked it and her for a second before nodding and letting her pass.

Walking back to the others Karen said, "Jane has been working undercover to find some drug dealers. Apparently we stumbled over them here so she had to break cover." She paused and looked everyone over slowly, "Her life and job would be easier if we never spoke of it to anyone." She looked at the owner and said, "Jane really did sort out my business and you would be a fool not to take advantage of her offer."

"I have been many things, but fool is not one of them. I plan on it even if she refuses to take money for helping me and my family here." He replied. He looked down at Susan, "And we are a family right Susan?"

"Yes Mister Bannaster," Susan replied.

"Karen did you know?" Baby Girl asked softly.

"No, don't go there." Karen shot back.

"I wasn't... I was just asking," Baby Girl replied with her hands up.

A few minutes later Jane came out, "Sandy, you and Sherry can leave." She looked at the others and said, "Once I get everyone statements, you will also be free to go. Just sit down and tell what happened since the car was bought until the police arrived." She shrugged, "It will be faster for everyone if we just go downtown rather than waiting for the dog to finish."

Karen caught something in Jane's tone and said, "Personally I think I will wait here. I would rather not be accused of fooling around between when I leave and when I arrive at the station." Following her lead, the rest decided to stay also although she sent Sherry and Baby Girl on home in her truck to make sure the bar would open on time.

It was nearly five before they finished up. In the end the General Manager, Office Manager and one of the mechanics were arrested and a large quantity of drugs were found. After making their statements, Karen, Cat, and Jane walked out to Sherry's car. Karen looked at Jane, "I know you have to go but I expect you to come to work the moment you finish. Cat and Baby Girl can cover the door until then."

"What happens if I just go home and sleep?" Jane asked with a small smile.

"Then I will have to do this," Karen replied and added something in Romanian softly. Switching back to English she said, "The strength will be in direct correlation to what you are doing at the time. Alone it will push you to your knees, in public you will only feel the flood of endorphins in your mind."

"Sister, time apart will tear you apart. One hour seems like forever, two all you can think of is returning to Mistress, three, you pray for death to end your suffering but won't die because you know it would displease her." Cat said touching Jane on the arm. "We all go through it every time we are separated. Heaven help the four who have been stuck alone all day. I expect we will find that they are emotional wrecks."

"Owned collar or not, we both know you are mine and you will come home with us tonight. Family takes care of family no matter what," Karen said. She handed Cat the keys, "Let's go." Once they were on their way she said, "I bet she is at the bar by nine tonight."

"I bet she will be there sooner," Cat replied.

"Should I allow her to continue to work for the police or should she quit?"

"Let me think on that," Cat said. "What does Jane want to do?"

"I don't know," Karen replied. When they got to the bar the first thing she did was walk back and inspect the kitchen. She smiled, "Good job." She paused and then looked at the helper, unlike the night before his eyes were clear. Turning back to the chef she said, "I expect this kitchen to be this clean before opening every day. If you need more help then as things get slower towards the end of the night, the waitresses will pitch in to help clean it." She paused once more, "Both your salaries just doubled. Keep up the good work, the pay will remain the same. Fail me and you will be out the door in a New York second. Understand me?"

"Yes Miss Karen." The chef replied.

She looked at the helper who in turn stammered, "Yes mam."

Returning her attention to the chef she said, "If you want to change up the menu, then make me a sample of what you want to try and if it works we will add it." She paused again, "I am not going to micro manage you. This is your kitchen, if you two need something to make your jobs easier then tell me and I will make it happen." She smiled, "Again good job cleaning."

"Thank you," the chef said after glancing at the helper. "We won't fail you Miss Karen."

Going to the booth she sat down, within seconds all the girls were there, "Bottle...Jack... Black Label, bucket of ice, glasses, and something to munch on. Fries nachos... I don't care, just get whatever you girls want."

"I'll get it," Darkstar said she went to the bar and then to the kitchen.

"Other than dealing with the second bartender, I would like a nice quiet evening." Karen said to the others.

Although it was well after five, the second bartender had not yet arrived. When she finally breezed in just after six she messed around and almost seven before she got behind the counter. Even then she spent more time on the phone than tending bar. To make matters worse every time she got a tip she tucked it into her bra with a wink to the customer. The final straw was when Karen saw her pretending to put cash in the register but was really pocketing it instead. Standing she went to the bar and waited for the girl to get around to serving her.

Instead of the girl, David came over, "What can I get you Miss Karen?"

"Shot of Jack and the other bartender," Karen said.

He poured it and knowing her quickly went over to the girl, 'Nancy, the owner, Miss Karen, would like a word with you."

Karen looked at the glass and smiled coldly. She took a sip and when the girl came over looked at her for a moment and spoke softly. She ended it with "always the truth." She paused and then said, "You may be able to fool others, but that shit won't work with me. You have two choices, shape up, work hard and return every penny you stole from me. Or I will call the police and press charges." She glanced towards David who was watching them from the corner of his eye and motioned for him to join them.

"Yes Miss Karen?" David asked.

"I need a witness," Karen said. She looked at the girl, "Nancy, how much did you rip off from me including tips?"

Nancy was about to say nothing. Instead, her mouth opened and said, "Two hundred fourteen dollars and twenty-five cents."

"Not enough for jail time, but enough to give you a record for the rest of your life," Karen said. "Screw it, consider it your pay. You're fired, get the fuck out of my bar. If I ever see you in here again I will press charges."

"Fuck you bitch. I only took this job so I could get hook ups and free drinks," Nancy shot back as she grabbed her purse.

"I'm sorry Miss Karen, I didn't know," David said fully expecting to get fired.

"I believe you," Karen replied. She smiled as the girl stormed out. "She should find life interesting from now on."

David checked the bar and seeing no one wanted anything asked, "Why do you say that?"

"You know what I am, who I really am I mean. Right?" Karen said. Seeing his blank look, she said, "I am the third daughter of the Great Mother, she who created everything." When his look changed to disbelief she added, "See my true form mortal."

David's eyes got large when she changed into a bright golden red tinted woman with large bat like wings that oozed sexuality. In an eye blink, he saw Karen sitting before him. He held up a finger, poured himself a shot and drank it. Turning back to her he said, "What did I just see Karen?"

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