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Not being in the HDK-Blackrandi consortium, I never did get all the details on the "Sharing & Caring" thing that's supposed to be going down this week, so what I've come up with here is just from my interpretation of what was hinted at by the two in the preceding few weeks. I wasn't invited to participate; but since the hints were out there and I had a little time in my normally busy life, I thought I'd throw in my two cents worth.

Not saying I believe in sharing, but this is supposed to be fiction, and I'm supposed to be a writer, so I should be able to come up with something, I thought to myself. It was, however, tougher than expected, which is why it's just an experience and not a story involving emotion and character development. I'm sure that Randi, in particular, will have that covered in her story.

Read on ...


My wife surprised me for our anniversary by gifting us a weekend at an "adult" campground in northern California. It would be from Friday afternoon to Sunday at noon. We'd stay in a rustic style cabin, but with electricity and running water, at the edge of a small lake. It was labeled adult because no under under 18 was allowed, so as she explained it, clothing was somewhat of a suggestion, and the Friday night and Saturday night partying could get kind of "rough."

My wife and I aren't prudes by any stretch of the imagination, but she surprised me with the gift because we hadn't done any "running around," so to speak, since our early years together. We stopped when we decided it was time to settle down and raise a family.

Traci and I are both 40, and we've been married for 18 years. We met in college as sophomores, and married right after we graduated. We had our wilder days for a few years -- some swapping and foursomes -- but like I said, that stopped when we decided to have kids. We are now the proud parents of a daughter, Lena, 15, and a son, Steve, 13. So, yeah, I was surprised when I opened my anniversary gift, given to me in the privacy of our bedroom, and saw the adult campground brochure.

"Is this really what you want to do, Babe?" I asked Traci, looking deeply into her eyes. She instantly flamed red, but bit her lower lip in this cute way she has of doing that, and nodded vigorously but wordlessly. "I'm in then, as long as we are using the old rules." She again nodded vigorously and wordlessly.

The old rules were there just to keep one of us or both of us from going "lust nuts." That was our definition for what sometimes happens to people when lust takes over for rational thinking, and good judgment gets replaced by decisions made by a person's crotch. Simply put, the rules stated that we both had to be in attendance when there was any type of kissing or sex involved, and jealousy was not an option. The rules worked fine then; I didn't see any reason to change them now.

The weekend was for two weeks in the future. Traci would take the kids to her parents' house on Thursday night, and we would drive five hours to get to the campground, arriving in mid-afternoon. Then we would leave Sunday afternoon, stop at her parents and pick up the kids, and be home at a reasonable time Sunday evening.

The campground had hiking trails and several boats to traverse the lake. There was a gathering hall for the mixers on both Friday and Saturday nights.

I started getting excited as I watched Traci packing for the weekend on that Friday morning. After two kids, she still has the body of a goddess, although her 36D boobs hang down a little more than they used to, which I personally like. She always goes braless when we go out without the kids, and today was no exception as she had on a fairly tight black tank top, a pair of tight jean shorts, and sneakers. Her legs were tanned and toned, coming up to her tight bubble butt.

She obviously wasn't planning to leave too much to anyone's imagination this weekend. She packed two small bikinis, a white tank top and a short smock-type dress with spaghetti straps, two more pair of white bikini panties and a pair of sandals. Damn!

She didn't miss my hard-on straining against my jean shorts as I watched her. She lifted off her tank top, slid her shorts and panties off and bent over the bed. I willingly answered the bell, filling her pussy after about 10 minutes.

After that, we had an enjoyable ride up there, with me driving the whole five hours. I was a little road weary when we got there, but Traci wanted to walk around the campground, so after I unloaded the two small bags, that's exactly what we did. I have to admit I enjoyed the scenery, particularly the sight of Traci's boobs jiggling under her tank top as she walked.

Our next-door neighbors for the weekend were unloading their gear, so we went over and introduced ourselves. They introduced themselves as Bobby and Matt, two University of California-Davis graduate students up for the weekend to do lazing, drinking, and maybe find an unattached woman or two for some sex, they laughingly admitted.

"Maybe an attached woman or two," Traci said to me under her breath.

I had to admit Traci was probably right about that. Bobby was a black man about 6-5, 200 pounds of solid muscle, and Matt was a Nordic-looking blond guy of about 6-2, 180 who looked like your typical beach volleyball player. I couldn't blame my wife for taking a good look at the pair. I'm not stupid and I'm not blind. Although I don't think I'm too bad for a 40-year-old, I will admit to being just average-looking, and in that respect I know I married up. And I know that if I had seen two young girls who were way above average in the looks department, I would have taken a good look myself.

We invited the guys over for a couple of cold ones before the night's mixer. Then they left to change their clothes. We changed our clothes as well, with Traci taking off her top and sneakers and replacing them with the smock dress and sandals. The dress was fairly tight over her braless boobs before belling out a little, but it only went to just above her mid-thigh. She really couldn't sit down without her panties showing, but didn't seem in the least bothered by that fact. I was drooling, and it wasn't because of the food that was being cooked in the near-by pavilion.

Bobby and Matt met up with us halfway to the pavilion, and their eyes lit up when they got a good look at Traci. Bobby even gave a low wolf whistle, to which Traci just blushed. Other heads were turning as well, and for her part, Traci seemed to be relishing the attention.

We got our plates of food and sat down at a four-man picnic table. I know anyone who looked could see up Traci's dress, and her nipples were trying to poke holes in the top part of the dress. She knew the effect she was having on everyone, myself included.

Eating and drinking was the first order of the evening, and we each consumed a couple of drinks. Then the dancing started, and Traci and I headed out to the dance floor. Traci is a good and energetic dancer, and every now and then those off the floor got a flash of her pantied crotch or butt, in addition to being able to watch her sizable boobs bounce. I had resolved to just go with the flow.

We danced to the first half-dozen tunes, then Bobby asked me if he could cut in. I gave him my blessing and sat down, and enjoyed another drink while Matt sat at the table with me enjoying the show.

"You do realize that your wife is the hottest woman out there, don't you?" Matt asked me. "And that every man here wants a taste of that?"

"Including you and Bobby?" I shot back to see how honest he was going to be with me.

"Including me and Bobby," he admitted while looking straight at me.

"I guess we'll just have to see about that, young man," I answered back, looking him directly in his eyes.

Matt waited a few songs, then he asked me if he could cut in. I gave him my permission, and he was off like a shot. He and Traci danced about four dances, then she pulled him off the floor and came back to the table, lightly sweating and pink from her face down her front. She gulped what was left of her drink and asked me to get her another. I ambled over to the bar while watching her with the guys out of my peripheral vision. She was very animated and kept touching the guys' arms, shoulders and chests.

I turned my full attention to the trio as I waited for Traci's drink. Just then a small mountain disguised as a man came over to our table, and I'm guessing he asked Traci to dance, because he took her arm like he expected the answer to be yes. Traci never moved a muscle, however, and just as I started to move forward, both Bobby and Matt were out of their chairs. It sounded like a heated discussion was going on as I made my way back to the table with Traci's drink, and after handing my wife her glass I told mountain man that the pretty lady was my wife, and there would be serious repercussions from all three of us if he didn't leave. He looked from one face to another, then decided discretion was the better part of valor.

"I didn't know she was married, man," he said in a drawl that could have come straight out of 'Deliverance.' "I just thought these two hornballs weren't sharing."

"They weren't sharing," I replied. "She's not theirs to share."

The rest of the evening went fine as the three of us took turns dancing with Traci. I noticed both Bobby and Matt started returning Traci's touches as the evening wore on, although they kept it pretty much respectable. Traci continued to have this pink glow about her all night long.

When we got back to the room that night, Traci practically threw me down in bed and fucked my eyes out. She was as wet as she'd been in years, and when she came while riding me cowgirl she soaked both me and the sheets.

"So you're telling me you like Bobby and Matt?" I asked with a grin.

"Can we play, Jeff? Can we?" she asked excitedly.

"Do you remember the old rules?" I asked. "I've got admit, while I like these guys, we rarely did anything where the numbers weren't even. I'm not looking to lose my wife to a couple of well-hung 25-year-olds."

"Oh, now you're just being dramatic," she responded. "Did I ever leave you hanging before? Well, I'm certainly not about to do that now, with a couple of college boys."

"OK, then. Let's do boating and sex tomorrow. We can skip the mixer."

Traci had slowed her rocking on me while we talked. She picked her pace back up at that point and soon had another squirting orgasm, this time taking me over the edge with her.

After a great night's sleep, Traci went over to the boys' cabin to inform them of our itinerary. She was wearing her bikini when she left, she was just wearing her bikini bottoms when she got back, and was twirling the top in her right hand. I raised my right eyebrow ruefully. She giggled in return.

Traci never put her top back on. The four of us walked over to the boat ramp and rented a boat for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, and the two kids who waited on us -- a boy and a girl -- couldn't keep their eyes off of my wife. Then again, neither could Bobby and Matt.

I knew how to run the small boat we were on, but I told the boys I would teach each of them so I could have some time with Traci as well during the day, and they were both more than receptive to that idea. All three of us took turns playing kissy-face with Traci throughout the day, as well as fondling those luscious big boobs. We had to play it cool when another boat was in the area, but I'd say it was a very pleasant morning and afternoon. Traci even let the boys coat her in sunblock, because none of us wanted our goddess to be out of action due to a sunburn. She appreciatively slid some sunblock on the boys, and made sure to grab a handful of excited dick through each boy's shorts.

When we finished with our little excursion, we headed back to our cabin. We had decided to grab a couple of pizzas from a little pizza place we had seen right near the campground, and we needed to grab some Cabo Wabo Anejo Tequila from a near-by liquor store. Traci asked me if I minded going out to pick up the supplies, but I politely declined, citing the old rules. She giggled again, and explained to the boys that one of them would have to pick up the food and booze, because Jeff was not leaving me alone with the two of them. They got it completely, and after doing a "rock, paper, scissors," Matt went out to get the stuff, with me picking up the tab.

When Matt came back, Bobby and Traci were sitting on the edge of the made bed entwined in a deep kiss. Both of his large hands were on her large boobs.

"Hey, I didn't miss too much, did I?" he asked in mock seriousness.

The four of us killed off two pizzas and one of the two bottles of tequila in about a half-hour, eating and bantering like old friends. While Bobby started opening up the second bottle of tequila, I walked over to my amazing wife and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, then I removed her bikini bottoms, leaving her completely naked. As the boys watched, I kissed my way down her body, pushing her back on the bed as the boys stripped the blankets off. When I got to her pussy, I dug in, figuring this would be the only chance for me to do what I'm best at -- eating pussy. I quickly brought her off to two screaming orgasms, and from the conversation the boys were having and the looks on their faces, I could tell they were impressed with my skill. Traci always said I was a world-class pussy eater.

I backed off the bed at that point and saw that both young men had removed their shorts and underwear. At a quick glance I could see they were both packing about eight inches of rod. I'm only at about six, so I knew Traci was going to really enjoy this. Plus it had been about 16 years since she'd last gotten any strange.

Bobby moved forward first as I got off the bed. He laid down over Traci and gave her a deep kiss. She moaned into his mouth as he took his hard member, rubbed it up against her wet gash and slowly inserted it. It took a few minutes for Traci to get accustomed to his size, but when she got there the two slowly picked up pace. Within another couple of minutes they were really going at it, and 30 seconds later she stiffened, screamed, and had one hell of an orgasm, flailing out from underneath Bobby's chocolate-colored skin. Bobby let Traci come down from her orgasm before he got on his knees and slowly lifted first one leg and then the other until her ankles were resting on his chest. I could see this gave him even more penetration, and after about two minutes of this Traci had yet another orgasm, this one followed by Bobby's.

Traci was breathing heavily as Bobby climbed off the bed and Matt climbed on. After kissing Traci's lips, he turned her over to her hands and knees and entered her doggie, drawing yet another moan from my wife. He, too, started slowly and gradually picked up speed, and was soon pounding into her with the fierceness of a runaway train. Traci normally doesn't like it rough, but she was making an exception for these two. She even started to buck back at Matt, who occasionally took one of his hands off of her hips and stroked her hanging boobs.

Traci came once with Matt doggie, then he deposited what looked like a bucket of cum on her back. He slid off the bed and I took my place, the first time in 16 years I was taking "sloppy seconds" from my wife, who appeared to be having the time of her life by the happy noises she was making. I know my six inches wasn't giving her near the physical satisfaction as the boys gave her, especially with a load of cum already in her pussy, but the sheer immensity of what she was doing kept her in a highly-aroused state for me. I did her doggie for five minutes, then I pulled out, turned her around to face me and stuck my wet dick into her mouth. I came a few minutes after that.

It's wonderful to be about 25. I remember those days, when I could get it up repeatedly and had pretty good stamina. Bobby was ready again when I finished, and apparently he must have liked the sight of my dick in Traci's mouth, because that's exactly where he started this round. His excitement level was pretty high, though, and with his size, Traci gagged several times when he got too far into her throat. Each time he would pull back and apologize, and despite the glassy eyes, Traci was a trooper and went back at it. After about 10 minutes of that, though, Bobby wanted to be back inside, and flipped Traci onto her back. Another 10 minutes and Matt was ready to join the fray, so Bobby got behind Traci doggie and Matt put his meat into her mouth.

I had never seen my wife do two guys at once before, not even when we were younger, and I have to admit she was giving as good as she got when all of a sudden she started to moan around Matt's dick, her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to shake like someone having a seizure. Matt gave a little start and actually pulled his dick out of her mouth, I think so he wouldn't get bit, while Bobby continued pumping Traci all the way through what I would say might have been the biggest orgasm of her life, at least among the ones I have caused and/or witnessed. When she finally finished she looked spent, and Matt at least gave her some time to get her wits back about her before deftly sticking his cock back inside her willing mouth.

Bobby wasn't stopping for anything, however, because Traci's huge orgasm on his cock apparently got him real close, and he made sure to close the deal with a huge roar. Just when he appeared to be finished, Matt then shot another huge load, this time finding Traci's mouth as she tried to swallow it all. When they were done, they all just laid together on the bed in a pile. I sat down for a break in the chair next to the bed.

I must have drifted off for a bit, because the next thing I know Traci is giving a shrill squeal and rocking through a monster orgasm, with Matt in her pussy and Bobby in her ass as they had her in a sandwich laying in the bed. Up until then I would have said Traci wasn't a big fan of anal, but apparently things changed in the 20 minutes or so I was out. Traci's yelling, however, got me rock hard right now, and when Bobby was done filling her ass, I climbed on the bed to give her a second dosing in that adorable ass. She was already lubed up good with Bobby's cum in her bowels, so it might have been the easiest time I'd ever had entering her ass. It was still a really tight ass, though, and almost as soon as I was all the way in, Traci let out another shriek, cried out, "Of, fuck me!" and had yet another big orgasm. Matt and I were both hanging on for dear life as she started out on her right side but wound up sort of kneeling on the bed, with me somewhat underneath her and Matt above. She stuck her tongue down Matt's throat as soon as she stopped shrieking, and I latched on to her rock hard nipples with my fingers and started to pull. That got her twisting and writhing some more and resulted in yet another orgasm. Matt fired off after that and slid over out of the way while I rode Traci's ass like a possessed cowboy. In this case being smaller was actually an advantage because Traci was able to accommodate me easier and move around more, and she was grinding her ass back on me like her life depended on it, growling all the while. The two boys actually started to encourage me to pound her ass harder, and I did for about 15 more minutes when I came a bucket inside her beautiful round bum, roaring as I did so. That apparently triggered Traci one more time, and when she was finally done shaking I collapsed on her back on the bed and we both laid there sucking air.

"That was fucking amazing, Jeff!" Traci howled.

Traci got up, went into the bathroom, and we heard the shower running a few minutes later. She explained she had done a little clean-up, and now she definitely needed to get some sleep. The boys grabbed a couple of pillows and headed for the floor, while I snuggled in and wrapped my arms around my wonderful wife.

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