Can You Fuck Me Now?


"You didn't think I saw you looking at me, did you?"

I laughed and shook my head. Steffi opened the clasp on the collar, flipped her hair out of the way, and put it on. I had no idea that seeing little strip of leather around her delicate neck would affect me the way it did. I felt a little twinge of returning hardness in my cock, but I knew that I'd been too thoroughly fucked to get it up again anytime soon. She put her finger in her mouth, a seductive smile in her eye.

"Can you fuck me now?" she said for what felt like the millionth time today, emphasizing the word 'me' this time. She gave a little wiggle of her pussy around my cock when I didn't answer her right away.

Much as I wanted to, I just knew that it wasn't going to happen. The days where I could manage more than once a day seemed like an eternity ago. And that's ignoring how thoroughly I'd just been fucked. A reluctant chuckle escaped my lips as I stood there between her legs, my shrinking dick still nestled inside my wife's warm pussy.

I don't think Steffi was at all surprised. She could tell how soft my dick was as it slowly shrank inside of her. She looked me in the eye and took her finger out of her mouth and slowly moved it down between her legs where I was still buried. Her delicate hand slid between us and I could feel her finger probing the bottom of her slit hear her asshole. The pleasurable sensation was exquisite, but it didn't return the hardness to my shaft. She brought her finger slowly back up to her mouth, a big glob of white cum dangling from the tip. She had to twist her finger to keep it from dripping off. She looked at it for a moment, and then she stuck out her tongue and quickly stuck her cummy finger into her mouth.

Steffi closed her eyes and savored the taste for a second or two, swirling my cum around in her mouth and sucking on her fingertip. Then her eyes opened so that she could see the reaction she'd gotten. She could see by the look in my eye that she had rekindled my lust. Still looking me straight in the eye she slowly reached her hand down between us to do it again.

An involuntary spasm caused my hips to thrust against her as my dick started to harden again. It was as if she was feeding herself my cum and it was going right through her, dripping out of her pussy just so that she could savor the taste again. It was the most erotic thing that my oversexed wife had ever done. She brought her finger up again with a glob of slippery cum on it and popped it in her mouth. Steffi kept doing it, eating my cum from her pussy a dollop at a time. My dick started to harden and we gently started to make love again. She wasn't going to ignore me this time. I could tell because her hips moved slowly, gently encouraging me to slide in and out of her, urging my cock to swell and start to fuck her. And I did, my dick becoming harder with each stroke.

As the steel returned to my shaft the urge to splurt cum inside my loving wife returned. But this time it was a slow burning lust rather than the fiery eruption that had consumed me a few minutes before. There was no doubt in my mind that this had been her plan all along, and I was quite willing to reward her scheme. I repositioned myself, bending my knees and so that I had the proper angle to penetrate her as deeply as possible. I pushed myself into her slowly, letting her feel every inch of my recharged shaft filling her completely.

Steffi forgot all pretense of ignoring me and gasped as my dick became buried to the hilt inside of her. She began panting as we moved together, which was her usual reaction to getting fucked. She leaned back away from me, throwing her head back as her hands held on to the bed frame. I watched as a bright blush crossed the freckles on her breasts. I knew what that blush meant - she had started to cum, the little tiny cums she always had on the way to a bigger orgasm. I started driving into her faster, pushing her harder towards her climax. Her body rocked, fucking me as I drove into her, her gasps for air coming shorter and faster as her crest approached.

Her gasping for breath was punctuated by little mewls of pleasure. Faster and faster she panted, gulping for air as she took her standing fuck. Steffi's hair bounced wildly as I drove into her, framing and then hiding her face.

Suddenly she threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. I felt her high heels on my ass and her breath on my neck. She just curled up into a ball with her ass resting on the bed frame and me between her legs. I knew that she was about to cum and I gave her the deepest thrust I could manage and held myself there inside her. Steffi caught her breath and held it as her trembling body gave her the orgasm that she had been needing all morning. Her whole body twitched and a tiny whimper of pleasure escaped her lips. I put my hands on her taut ass to support her as she came and came. I knew better than to keep fucking her - when Steffi is cumming her pussy gets too tender for any extra stimulation. I held her tightly and kissed her hair as time stood still and we were one.

It seemed like we were melded forever, but somehow it was still over all too soon. With an audible gulp and a shudder that shook her whole body Steffi began to breathe again. I could feel after-cums moving through her body in waves, each one a little softer than the one before. I softly nibbled her neck, and as her mind returned from the limbo her body had sent it to, she turned her head so that we could kiss.

I don't know just how long we stood there necking, Steffi impaled on my dick and holding on to me for dear life. But however long it was, it wasn't long enough, because I felt like I wanted to stay there 'til the end of time.

While we kissed Steffi slowly uncurled, letting her long legs straighten and her feet reach the floor. Her erect nipples pressed into my chest as she held me close. Finally, needing more oxygen than I was getting, I leaned away so that I could look at my naked wife. Standing there with her long legs spread and wearing nothing but a pair of sexy high heels I thought she was the sexiest woman in the world.

She gave my hips a gentle push away from her, and I took the hint and slid out of her. With an exhausted smile Steffi took me by the hand and led us around the bed so that we could lay down. After I climbed in and stretched out Steffi lay beside me, resting her head on my shoulder. She entwined her legs in mind and her hand fell on my hard dick, which was still slimy with a mixture of her cum and my sperm.

"So, did you like it?" she asked, with a smug tone in her whispered voice. Steffi's one of those girls who likes to talk afterwards, and after a fucking like that I knew I was in for a long one. But her hand never stopped caressing my shaft. Sometimes I think that she can give me a better handjob than I can give myself. Her kneading was leading me towards another orgasm, even as the rest of me tried to drift off to sleep to the sound of my wife's soothing voice.

"That was the best fuck we've had in a long time." Steffi giggled softly into my chest. She kept her voice low and sexy, not wanting to interrupt our post-sex languor as she rambled on, the words tumbling out of her in a rush.

"I was watching in the mirror, and it was so sexy. The look in your eyes when I you started fucking me harder? I don't know what gave me that idea. Did you like the collar? I saw one in that site I showed you the other day. And I thought that a doggie collar would go really well with high heels. Of course I really ought to have a black pair. The girl at the counter at Frederick's was wearing a really pretty pair today - red with a strap around the ankle. Of course I don't have a pair of heels like the ones she had, but I think these worked pretty well. Did you like them? Maybe I should get some red ones. I came so hard! I loved it when you grabbed my ass while I came. I think you left finger marks on my butt."

As Steffi's hushed voice babbled on her delicate fingers with their red nails never stopped caressing my dick. I had started dripping pre-cum, and she smeared it around my shaft as she kept on talking. If you didn't know Steffi, you would have thought that she wasn't paying any attention to the magic her hand was doing, but I knew that a corner of her mind was tuned to the exact frequency emanating from my cock. I felt the head starting to swell as it strained to cum.

"God, my pussy is sore. I think that standing while I got fucked put a lot more strain on it. Does your cock hurt? I'm glad that the bed frame is high enough to hold on to. I mean if it wasn't, then what would we do? I suppose that we could do it against the wall, but that isn't the same, is it? God, I am so wet! I think these shoes make my legs look longer. Do you? Hey! Do you like how I used my phone? I'll bet you never thought I'd call you to ask for a fucking, did you? You know what we should do? Next time you can..."

Steffi suddenly stopped talking and ducked her head down, her long hair falling over my stomach. Like I said before, Steffi seems to know when I'm going to cum even before I do. By the time she closed her lips over the head of my cock it had already started spurting because of the gentle ministrations of her knowing hand.

My whole body spasmed as I shot my load into her warm wet mouth. I jerked and shook as she gently sucked on the head of my cock, drawing my sperm into her. I tangled my fingers in her hair as I emptied my balls for the second time. Her hand was closed snugly around my shaft, holding me just right as I bucked against her fingers. Steffi swallowed greedily, and then licked her lips clean before she resumed talking.

" me. I'll put my phone in my panties and set it on vibrate. Every time you call it'll vibrate and I'll know that you want to fuck me." She spoke with a dreamy tone as she imagined next time. As if her mouth hadn't just been filled with hot sticky sperm. "Or we could try it at the store! You know, a standing fuck in the dressing room at Josie's? I looked - there aren't any cameras there and we could sneak you in. Wouldn't that be cool? Do you want to try that?" Steffi's voice faded away as I drifted off to sleep. "I could wear the blue camisole and no panties, so that you could take me quick. I could wear my new dog collar. Or should I buy a new one for the occasion? I've always thought that you...."

I chuckled to myself as the sound of her soothing voice lulled me off to sleep. The sperm I had just shot into her warm and willing mouth probably hadn't even made its way all the way down to her stomach yet, and she was already thinking about what we were going to do the next time.

Like I said, my wife's some kind of nymphomaniac.

But I don't mind.

Not really.

I hope you enjoyed my latest little story. Some of the others that I've written have a similar feel, and you might like them too. Do take a look and drop me a line to let me know what you think. Thanks for your comments...!

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