tagMind ControlCan You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?


Writers Note: As emphatically requested (and many thanks to all those who expressed such desires), here is chapter two in Don't Think, Breath... the story of Jack and Abbey. I hope it's as enjoyed as the first apparently was.

I was losing my mind. It was an undeniable fact.

Perhaps, but isn't it a lovely way to go?


I heard Abbey's voice clearly in my mind, and it just further proved the point. It had been a week since we'd seen each other, a week since that incredible night that had completely redefined passion. I smiled as I remembered Abbey's reaction to that bold statement, which I'd made just before the sun began to rise, a week ago.

"So do you mean redefined for you and I, or does one of us need to call Webster's and give them a play by play?

That smart-assed retort had earned her a swift swat on her delectable backside, which she'd exposed as she reached for a glass of water on the night stand. And that playful spank had led to another round of torrential passion flooding the room. We'd made love so many times that night, some of the moments just blended together in my mind. Sometimes we'd just held each other and kissed tenderly for a long time, other times we had been like wild animals, reacting on nothing but basic primal instincts. A few hours after we'd first abandoned the car - where the action had begun - we made love for over an hour, just touching tasting and exploring. Remembering that interchange made it hard to breath, and I'd begun to avoid thinking of that scene, as I had replayed events in my mind over the last week.

It was a fortunate thing that we'd met on a Friday night, because neither of us would've been in any condition to go to work the next morning. We slept late, giving into exhaustion in the wee hours. When I'd finally woken up, it was some time in the afternoon, and I was devastated to see Abbey standing in the bathroom doorway, buttoning up a clean blouse, that was definitely not intended for lounging around bed in. I think I'd have been fine if she'd just had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, because I could've convinced myself she was just running out to get some lunch, or about to suggest we take a walk to remove the sleep from our eyes, before coming home for another session of exploration. But the professional attire said darker things were at foot. She'd laughed, reading my mind so easily, and I'd begun to realize that I was consciously collecting my scattered thoughts into coherent sentences, to make it easier for her. This thought made her smile brightly.

"I wondered when you'd notice you were doing that. "

She'd been called into work; some kind of problem, that turned out to be a thorn in our sides for days. This work emergency had kept her busy all Saturday, and much of Sunday. We talked on the phone several times throughout the weekend, but she was so exhausted Sunday night, I couldn't bring myself to request an invitation. While having that conversation, I had almost expected her to suddenly realize I was just being self sacrificing, and insist I come over. And that's when I fully realized that proximity mattered, when it came to her remarkable ability to see inside people's heads. When I inquired during a lunch phone conversation (neither of us had corresponding breaks in our meetings that week, which would've allowed us to meet for a meal, or better yet a matinee), she said that she had never tried to listen to someone more than a few feet away.

That had also led her to reveal something I'd wondered about the first night we met. When I'd been coming out of the bar, dedicated to the idea of not letting her run away when she'd accidentally revealed her hidden talent, she had heard every thought I'd had since she left her seat and headed out the door. That was why she had been standing at her car, trying to convince herself to stay, when her every instinct told her to leave and desperately hope I'd just forget her delivering the last line in a movie clip that had been playing in my mind. But my determination to stop her, made her stay. And did I thank every star in the heaven for that bit of luck. She'd never heard someone who was so far away from her, in physical proximity, until that night. She hadn't really ever tried. But somehow the connection we'd formed kept her mind locked on mine, even when I was a good 20 feet from her, and inside a building.

So the week had proceeded by, with one disaster after another keeping us apart. She was taking an evening class, two nights a week, trying to learn Spanish. She admitted that she'd just gotten so used to being able to hear what people thought, that it was frustrating when they were thinking in a language she didn't understand. So she'd decided to start learning some new languages, and Spanish seemed the most realistic starting point. It had seemed that we were finally going to have some time to spend together, as both our schedules were clear on Wednesday night, but a pipe burst at my sister's place, had me helping her with cleanup and hosting a family sleep over that night. My roommate had, at least, been a real sport about it. Knowing that my sister had no other family in the area, he'd graciously spent the night at his parent's house, giving up his bed to the 3 year old twins Chris and Sophie, while my sister had taken my room. Fortunately my couch was fairly comfortable. I had considered just telling my sister that I would spend the night at a "friend's" place, so they weren't so crowded in my tiny apartment. But she'd been so frustrated by the days events, that I couldn't bear to leave her alone with the toddlers. I spent most of the evening entertaining them, while she made calls to get the house cleaned up.

When I talked to Abbey that night, before we went to sleep, she'd been impressed by my consideration with my sister. I counted that at least in my favor, though I was beginning to come apart even then. That night, as I drifted off to sleep, was the first time I'd heard Abbey in my head. The first time it was just her laugh, a lovely little wind chime sound, which I heard while recalling the same movie line that had revealed her secret the other night. But that sound was enough. All night it had been one feverish dream after another. Abbey, naked in all her glory, lying beneath me on a bed of cream colored satin sheets, as I stroked every inch of her body; Abbey, in a sexy teddy, greeting me at the door after a long day at work; Abbey in a long t-shirt, rummaging through the refrigerator in the middle of the night, while I slid up behind her to distract one of her hungers with another.

When I woke up the next morning, I heard her voice again. This time she was snickering and playful.

"Wow Jack, with dreams like those, who needs reality?"

It happened over and over again on Thursday, and I debated mentioning it to Abbey, when we once again shared a quick conversation during lunch breaks. But I kept it to myself. There was a certain satisfaction in her not knowing what was going on my mind, though it wasn't nearly worth how long it had been since I'd been able to touch her. I wondered if she was as frustrated as I was, aching for the moment we could taste each others lips once again. We talked about it casually throughout the week, that it seemed the stars were plotting against us, the fates trying to keep us apart. But we never let the conversations get too heavy. Deep down though, I knew we were both doing it intentionally, storing up all the emotions and desires we had, to only be released when we were face to face.

All day Friday, I was antsy and anxious. I'm quite sure a few coworkers were wondering if I was on something. We hadn't even been able to talk at lunch, her day wall to wall with meetings. But she'd left me a quick voicemail, later in the afternoon, telling me she was having a similar affect on her secretary. I ducked out of work 20 minutes early and headed straight home, to grab a quick shower and change into something slightly more casual. I'd suggested a semi-fancy restaurant, but she'd counter-offered with a local diner just a few blocks from her house. When I considered that meant we were only a few blocks from her bed, I decided her plan was far better. It also meant real food, which was great, since I'd been too anxious to eat much at lunch.

I was just heading out the door, when my cell phone rang. When I looked at the callerID, I lost my appetite. If Abbey was calling right now, the most likely reason was to cancel. I wasn't sure I could take the disappointment, if I was right. I considered, just for a moment, not answering. Maybe, if she at least had to come tell me in person... but I couldn't do that to her. And making her cancel to my voicemail was even crueler. I flipped open my phone.

"Hey, it's me."

"Hey you."

"You are never going to believe this."

I wanted to scream, but I tried to minimize how pathetic my voice sounded, as best I could, "No, please no. Whatever it is, it can't be that important. If it's work, tell them your cat died. Please!" Yes, I failed miserably, and I wasn't exactly surprised to hear Abbey laughing loudly. She finally caught her breath, but her voice was still full of mirth.

"Good grief baby, miss me that bad." All in all, it was the most flirtatious thing we'd said to each other since I'd held her against the bedroom wall, and slightly mussed her business attire, with a scalding kiss, after making her promise to call me as soon as she was done with the mess at work. The casual and intimate tone in her voice was so alluring; I was in no mood to feign indifference.

"Yes, I do. Seriously Abbey, whatever it is, can't it wait? I'm going out of my mind. I need to see you." She giggled quietly, and I could just picture her blushing.

"So you won't mind picking me up then? My car has a flat tire." I sighed so audibly, she was laughing again. "I guess I could've milked it a bit, made you sweat, but I remember how cute you are when you pout. And you're not the only one feeling a bit of withdrawal." Her voice was as smooth as silk when she finished.

Just like the first night we met, once I knew she was in my grasp, I lost all patience. My voice was gruff with need as I told her I'd be there in 15 minutes. I also added that she'd better be outside when I arrived, because if I got near her front door, I was taking her inside of it. She'd chuckled and made a kissing sound, before hanging up. I was already in the car when I got a picture from her on my phone. She'd obviously set the phone on a car parked by hers, on the street. The picture showed her leaning against her car, revealing one very deflated tire. It was captioned, "DID seeks KSA." I frowned at the message, trying to decode it.

I tried to focus on driving carefully and at a reasonable, if slightly elevated, speed. If I got into a car accident, I really would start believing we were under some kind of curse. The last thing I needed was to become a self fulfilling prophecy. I was still trying to decipher her message, when I pulled around the corner on her street. I saw her immediately, and was a little surprised to see her looking right at me. I parked behind her disabled vehicle. Her side was leaned against the driver's door, and she was grinning playfully at me, as I got out of the car and walked toward her. I leaned beside her, and sighed again.

Her grin widened, "Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor." Her suddenly incongruent comment surprised me, and once again her smile spoke of my missing an inside joke. Fortunately, she was always kind enough to explain the jokes to me afterward. "DID seeks KSA." I burst out laughing, and she quickly followed suit.

As we settled, I reached down and took her hand. "Hey damsel."

She pouted playfully, "About time, knight."

It took a moment for my conscious mind to register that I was kissing her. When it caught up, I realized that my instincts had taken charge again. She was pressed back against the car, and my hands were already tangled in her hair, but the only thing I was fully aware of, was the feeling of her lips against mine. It was like coming home after a long journey, and I could feel my muscles weaken in relief at the same moment hers did. Once again I felt the cliché play into my head. Had we really just melted in each others arms?

I immediately regretted the thought, when she started chuckling against my lips. I decided that, if she was going to let my thoughts drive this moment, I would be the one behind the wheel. I immediately replayed a scene in my head, of the first time I had entered her body. In my mind I was back in the drivers seat of my car, the seat pushed back to allow some maneuverability (and to make sure she didn't accidentally hit the car horn), while I felt her slide down onto me. I remembered the overpowering intensity of that moment, the way my heart was racing, how I'd wanted the moment to last forever.

I lost the thread of the memory as Abbey responded appropriately in my arms. The force of her kiss increased, and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, before she jumped up. I'd felt the movement before, and I caught her easily, holding her firm ass while she wrapped her legs around me. It took every ounce of restraint I had, not to push her more firmly against the car, and grind my hips into hers. But fortunately, the fact that it was still a little daylight out, kept me from doing anything that might prompt a neighborly complaint.

I realized the mistake the moment I formed that thought. After a week, I'd somehow forgotten how Abbey loved to test my limits. She hitched herself higher on my hips, causing an incredible tingle to traverse my body, as she pressed herself more firmly against my already budding erection. I groaned into her mouth, and dug my fingers more aggressively into her backside, making her return my sound of satisfaction. The sound undid me more than her now gyrating hips. Now I did lean into her, holding her more forcefully against the car, fitting myself firmly between her thighs. The breath hissed out of her lips, as my mouth began a scalding path down her neck. I was just diving my tongue into the neckline of the sexy black satin blouse she was wearing, over her simple blue jeans, when the honk jolted us.

I kept my face pressed to her glorious breasts, while I let my heart stop racing. I wasn't sure what had made it jump the most, her hand tangling firmly in my hair, or the non-verbal condemnation from the passing driver. Abbey pressed her lips against the top of my head, "It's a toss up for me too."

I chuckled against her exposed flesh, and felt her shiver. After a moment, I finally stood up straight in front of her. We smiled at each other, and then rested our foreheads together. We stayed that was for a second, until I decided I was capable of driving again. Abbey was smiling at me, in her remarkably knowing way, when I pulled back to look at her.


Her smile broadened. "Hi."

I missed you.

Her eyes seemed to glisten suddenly, "Me too."


She gave me a sweet smile, "I could eat." She stood on her toes, and kissed me. It was a small kiss, no real heat to it. It was the way a woman kisses her significant other when they leave for work in the morning, or while navigating around each other in the kitchen. It was familiar, intimate, sweet and simple. That kiss did more for my cardiovascular system than the car horn, or the escapades which prompted the driver to 'voice' his protest. As she had often done the first night we'd spent together, she didn't comment on the words and images floating in my head. Instead, she just leaned her head on my chest, tightening her arms around me, and sighed.

Sitting across from Abbey, in the diner, was as wonderful and tortured an experience as any I can imagine. It was so good to just see her face again, and not just the blurry image in my mind. It was amazing to listen to her real voice, not just the approximation my mind had concocted. And touching her...

When the waitress came over to take our order, we were sitting on opposite sides of the booth, being good. As she walked away we talked casually, neither of us mentioning the occasional flashes in my mind, of taking off the silky top and roaming my hands over her body. I wondered, at one point, if she was having the same unintentional lapses in concentration. A sweet giggle was all I got as a response to that thought.

After the waitress brought our food, I decided to be a little bold. I also thought it might be a good opportunity for a test I'd occasionally mulled over, during our week of separation. I focused very carefully on the words of a book passage I knew well, saying each word in my mind. It took about a minute for Abbey to look up at me curiously, obviously not understanding why this particular passage was currently in my thoughts. It definitely bore no connection to any previous thoughts she'd been picking up. But it was just enough time for me to get my shoe off. She was definitely surprised when she felt my foot slide up the leg of her jeans, tickling the back of her calf.

I silently cheered myself, and she cast me a wary glance. "Misdirection. Impressive. "She smiled, and I quickly pictured my hand replacing my foot, traveling all the way up the back of her calf, continuing onto her thigh. Her eyes darkened considerably, and her eyes fluttered closed for a moment. That's when the torture really began, though in retrospect, I have no one to blame but myself.

The way her eyes darkened, as I imagined touching her, pushed me to see just how far I could push her. I forgot about my meal, and even the people in the diner, who might just be beginning to notice the flushing of her skin. I closed my mind and focused on the memory of her skin. In my mind, she was sitting on her kitchen counter, as she had during one snack run the previous weekend. I could see her, wearing nothing but my hastily thrown on button up shirt, and a pair of silk pajama shorts. I continued to move one hand up her thigh, pulling myself forward a step, to kiss her. She wrapped one leg around my legs, pulling me even closer. My other hand was tangled in her hair, forcing her head back as I devoured her mouth.

I heard Abbey gasp, and my concentration broke. I opened my eyes to look at her. Her head was down, but I could see that she'd closed her eyes too. Her breathing was shallow, and she was shaking ever so slightly. She looked up to meet my eyes. Her look was slightly accusatory, but decidedly not angry or upset. She was mostly amused at my reaction to her reaction.

I had wondered just how powerful this was, the way I was able to use her ability to put images in her mind. I had wondered just how much I could do to her, with just my mind. Her eyes narrowed.


She turned her head slightly, gave me a saucy grin, and lowered her voice a little. "Are you asking me if anyone's ever tried mind-fucking me?"

The look on her face, dared me to truly feign shock at her statement, and after a moment had me imagining actual steam coming out of my pants. Abbey laughed loudly, causing more than a few heads to turn in amusement and curiosity. It was the first time I really noticed, how oblivious she was to the way people reacted around her. She seemed to not even see the smiles of the strangers observing us, or how her infectious laughter had actually seemed to brighten the energy in the room. As my eyes scanned faces, which quickly turned back to their meals/companions, I wondered how she couldn't notice them. How was she not aware of just how she affected the world around her, how she made it a little sunnier. I shook my head in amused wonderment, and more than a little pride, that so amazing a creature was with...

A woman across the room from us, another person drawn to watch Abbey's mirth, frowned in concern. It took only a moment to realize what I'd done, and I jerked my head around to meet Abbey's wide eyes. She looked down immediately, her breathing shallow and fast. I cursed in my own head, and saw Abbey wince a couple of times, at words I'd particularly enunciated.

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