Can You Hear Me Now?


ZiZi was not amused as she remembered the abuse she absorbed getting reamed by Richie, and Laura took the brunt of her ire. Shrieking and begging wildly as the snapping stings kept landing harder and harder, but she started enjoying all the attention she was getting.

Richie no longer tried to restrain himself and loosened his trousers to free the painfully stiffness of his extreme arousal. The bloated flesh was a gnarly mass of gorged blood vessels. ZiZi and Laura were to busy to notice, but Yumi eyed the mast jutting up from his lap. She watched it quiver and bob when his muscles twitched with excitement, and she clenched and released her own muscles aching to take him balls deep and fill herself.

She jumped suddenly shocked from an unexpected tickle.Unknowingly she had placed her foot next to Laura's cell phone; which Richie set on vibrate silencing the bothersome device. She slipped phone into her panties and let the strong intermittent buzz course through her loins.

ZiZi by now had her fill, and lightly feathered the lash's tip over Laura lips and cheeks. Laura groan for more but it was not coming anytime soon. ZiZi reached to grab a fistful of hair and pulled Laura's head back until the girl eyes met hers.

"So did you enjoy it?" ZiZi inquired.

"Yes" moaned Laura.

A sharp blow and a verbal admonishment from ZiZi was all it took for Laura to respond correctly

"Yes Ma'am, I enjoyed it. Please Ma'am give me more!" Laura spouted like a crazed recruit in basic training.

"Later, maybe, you needy little tramp." ZiZi hissed pushing Laura's head back down.

Yumi stepped up to replace ZiZi.

ZiZi sat on Richie's lap her left arm was laid across Richie's shoulders while her right hand massaged the hard appendage her fingers were unable to completely encompass.

Yumi ran her fingertips over the beaten skin on Laura's buttocks and thighs, impressed that Laura made no sound, even though Yumi knew the flesh was sore from the heat she felt radiating. Yumi licked her fingers and reached between Laura's legs.Pressing her index finger against Laura's clit and rubbing.

Laura squirmed from the unexpected sensations, she tried to extend her body but the restraints held her fast in the tortured position. She screamed from the absolute helplessness of escaping the stimulation that was almost too intense to enjoy.

Yumi snatch a handful of hair and pulled Laura's head back, lifting her head off the padded bench top, and bent down to get close to Laura's face as she spoke.

"Stop all that screaming! Little sluts can only scream when getting fucked. So shut up!" Yumi ordered.

Richie and ZiZi were both surprised by Yumi's aggressive behavior.

Releasing Laura's head, Yumi climbed on top the bench to sit on the small of Laura's back while pulling back on the neck shackles collar like reins. The movement exaggerated the already cruel position. Laura screamed in agony as her arms were pulled and her spine bowed feeling like they would pop. Like a Jockey in the home stretch Yumi rode Laura.

"You need my crop sweetie?" ZiZi asked from Richie's lap while she petted the fat shaft; wondering if she could I jack him off before he wanted to fuck.

"No thanks, I don't need a thing." Yumi replied.

With her left hand Yumi reached back to penetrate Laura. She was glad to find the woman wet and slippery. The bouncing motion moved her index and middle finger back and forth in Laura.

"Oh my, can you two hear that?" Yumi asked.

Richie and ZiZi listened and heard Laura's sopping wet sex slurp and slosh while getting finger fucked. They continued in this position for another minute, Laura could only take so much before she released to the pressure.

She sobbed thanking Yumi as her vagina contracted and seeped copiously.

Like Ali over Liston; Yumi stood up on the bench straddling Laura, she almost fell from the sudden buzz in her bikini's.

"Shit!" Yumi cried.

Pulling the small phone out to Yumi read the screen.

"Is Janey your girlfriend or something? Why won't she stop calling?" Yumi asked.

"No...Just a friend." Croaked Laura, as she weakly moved her limbs in their limited range trying to get some circulation back and relieve the pain.

Yumi pushed the button to answer and spoke rapidly at the phone as she held it like a microphone in front her mouth.

"Call me back in a minute and keep calling until I answer." Yumi said quickly.

"What? Hello Laura?" Was all the tiny voice on the phone could say before Yumi ended the call.

"You two ever have phone sex?" Yumi asked as she climbed off the bench and walked over to the nightstand beside her bed.

Laura groaned and shook her head in reply.

"I expect an answer." Yumi scolded.

"No Ma'am." A weakened Laura replied.

Her frustration was building from the inability to enjoy the afterglow of a great orgasm.

"Well you're going to have some now, and there's nothing you can do to stop it." Yumi stated emphatically.

"I can't...please we're not like that...I won't, I won't talk," Laura insisted.

She was ready to end this game, but didn't know the rules well enough to know. Of course the other took advantage and cheated her by failing to explain all the rules regarding safety words.

"Who ever said you had to talk." Yumi taunted.Removing a condom from its foil and rolling it over the phone, she knotted the open end sealing the phone in a latex skin. She placed the phone against Laura's wetness and pushed half of it into the soft yielding flesh.

Laura now realized what was happening and tried to roll away. Two sharp smacks to her ass made her stop fighting. Ignoring the tears welling up in Laura's eyes Yumi used her index finger to fully insert the devise. When she withdrew her finger from the small opening Laura's wet orifice closed back over the phone.

The phone was less then four inches long, yet Laura's felt completely stuffed as she began flexing her muscles trying to push the phone out.

"Yumi...are you sure that's safe? ZiZi asked.

"I guess so, she's using protection," Yumi retorted.

Richie laughed at the remark, as he watched Laura continue to squirm and fidget as she worked her abdominal muscles attempting to expel the object inside of her, but like a square peg wedged in a round hole it held fast.

"I don't know it can shock her or...Oh my" ZiZi said.

She was cut off in mid-sentence when Laura wailed and seemed to have seizure.

"I think Janey just reached out and touched someone," stated Yumi flatly.

Laura stiffened and jerked violently on the apparatus. She bucked until the bench rattled nosily.

Luckily the tenant below never complained to management about the noise; but why would he when had gone through several bottles of AstroGlide listening to all the fun.

Laura continued to spasm until the phone's vibrations stopped. She gasped and sucked huge breathes like a landed carp. Then the carnage started again, and her back arched dramatically and her bound arms and legs flexed mighty attempting to break her restraints.

"Oh fuck! Please make it stop, make it stop, make it stop..." She cried and pleading for the sensations to end.

She dropped as if pole axed as soon as the phone went dormant again, but it didn't stay that way long. Before she could sufficiently recover the internal assailment renewed once more. After several calls she found out her only defense against the inescapable torture was contracting her vaginal walls against the phone for as long as possible.

This muscle control didn't last long at all, but being tightly contracted muted the vibrations that seemed to channel through body into her clitoris. Several times she demonstrated new abilities she did not realize she possessed; like squirting when her muscles failed from fatigue.

The intense sensations sped like a tsunami through her body from head to toe once she stopping fighting. Again and again the muted buzzing could be heard coming from inside her as she cried out. The absolute wickedness of the situation excited everyone else.

ZiZi was on her knees using of her hands to press her large breasts around Richie's rod. He moaned from the pleasure of her softness enveloping his burning flesh.

Yumi unfettered Laura neck to take a position sitting in front her face. She reached down with her left hand to grab a fistful of purple hair and twist Laura's face upwards so she stuff her silk covered pussy against the screaming mouth to smother the carnal screams.

The torment of the poor new girl lasted until she was completely spent and faint from exhaustion. Taking notice of what happened Yumi came for the third time with Laura. The combination of smothered screams and crazed licks Laura gave Yumi between calls melted the little coed. Not that Laura was a skilled at pussy licking, but Yumi liked the control of having caused the screams and enforcing the girl's tongue bathing.

Now the most audible sound in the bedroom was a gurgled gagging made by ZiZi. Her head bobbing up and down in Richie's lap giving him a sloppy wet hummer.

Yumi was weak from multiple orgasms and climbed down to lazily slipped two fingers into Laura and retrieve the phone. Laura's creamy juices flowed out, and smeared on her inner thighs. She groaned groggily as Yumi's had to slide a third wriggling finger inside the soft chute to recover the phone, which immediately buzzed in her hand.

Yumi looked at rubber sheathed phone covered in cum and pressed the button to take the call, without putting the phone to her ear.

"Hello, who is this?" Yumi asked know fully well who was calling.

"I'm sorry I can't seem to hear you." Yumi laughed softly.

"Has she had enough?" The voice on the phone asked.

"What did you say?" A surprised Yumi questioned the speaker, and then strained to here the response.

"Has...she...had...enough?" The voice repeated.

"What do you mean?" Yumi asked; the hair on the back of her neck was beginning to stand up.

There were three loud bangs on the wall between apartments. Yumi, ZiZi and Richie all turned toward the noise.

"Can you hear me now?" Shouted a woman on the other side of the wall.

Yumi moved the phone closer to her ear and spoke into it, "Oh my god long have you been there?" Yumi asked; aghast they were being spied on again.

"Long enough to know I wouldn't be putting that phone to my ear, Sweetie. I want to come the door." The voice on the phone said.

Richie, and ZiZi, looked at Yumi with questioning looks on their faces they waited for her to explain.

It's her friend; she was listening and wants to come over?" Yumi questioned her Master.

ZiZi looked at Richie, then Yumi, "Another one? Why can't they rent some damn porn?"

Yumi looked at Richie, and he motioned with his Head to the door.

"You don't mind sharing a little more do you?" He quizzed ZiZi.

The question was not really a question.

Yumi opened the front door it expecting to walked over and get Janey. She jumped back startled to find the woman already standing there.

"Mmmm you must be Yummy? Janey asked before licking her lips.

"Yumi not Yummy," The girl corrected the woman.

"I'll be the judge of that," Janey correct Yumi.

I've been waiting to come over for a while." added Janey.

Yumi stepped aside and let the woman in.

"This weekend is going to be one hell'ava entry in my journal," Yumi said closing one door and opening another.

The End

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