tagLoving WivesCan You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 01

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 01


There is little sex in chapter one a story of one man's life, loves, and disappointments.


Hi my name is Tim and I'm a retired truck driver. I live in the northwest part of Portland on the hillside of a mountain. I started out life as skinny, freckle face, farm boy five nine one twenty-five with dirty blond hair that was so wavy I couldn't do anything with it. It hung in my face most of the time.

My dick isn't anything to write home about and it sure wouldn't make me a porn star. I never played any sports or attend school functions since farm work was more important to the family. I had to quit school when I was 15 so you can see I wasn't any catch for any of the hot schoolgirls.

When I reached 21 years old I took a job managing a large livestock farm and at the same time I started dating a hot 17 year old girl which a friend of mine had dumped a few weeks earlier. In no time I had her knocked her up so we got married. Then she became a sexual prude and for the next 13 years we were like water and oil together.

But we managed to have 2 sons together before she wanted a divorce. It ended with me getting the shaft and giving her half my pay and I only get the boys on weekends. But it was in some ways better than living with her.

I stayed single almost 3 years and in fact I didn't date very much only when I wanted a piece of ass. It was easy to pick up some single and yes sometimes a married chick at my local watering hole and spend a few hours or maybe the entire night with her.

Right after my divorce I took a job as a truck driver with one of the larger redi-mix concrete companies in the area. They supplied concrete to all the big jobs and I had good steady employment.

Then along came Rebecca and everyone called her Becky. Her family and my ex-wife's family were friends. Becky had been after me since my divorce to take her to bed but I didn't want anything to do with a family who were friends of my ex-wife. Plus Becky was only 18 and what people called pleasing plump standing five eight and weighting 200 lbs. But she had huge tits and since I was just 30 I loved them. She gave up on me after a couple of years and we went our separate ways.

Then after a year or so of not seeing her she came around again and she had just had a child a few months before. She told me if I let her spend the night she would give me the best blowjob I had in my life. So of course I accepted and she wasn't lying. Becky was right about the blowjob and she was a hot fuck too with a tight pussy to boot.

Something I couldn't believe a real plump girl having suck a tight pussy and so for the next year we would hook up 3 or 4 time a week. Her blowjobs only got better and better as did the fucking she gave me. And then the bottom fell out. She got pregnant. So like before I did what my daddy said was the right thing to do. I tied the knot but Becky didn't become a prude like my first wife. In fact she wanted to suck and fuck even more.

After our first child was born, a son, she wanted to go back to work. She hadn't worked since we first got married. I had talked her out of it and wanted her home so she could rest and suck my cock and fuck me whenever we wanted it, which was every night. I was making a good living and she didn't have to work. As the months went by we fucked and sucked every night, sometimes twice a night. And then she got pregnant again and had another boy.

By the time the kids started school Becky was talking real strong about going back to work. So I let her she get a job at a convenience store which we call a hit and run store. As you most likely know these stories are open all types of hours both day and nights. So your hours of work keep changing. But it worked out because it let her look after the boys. When I was at work she was too and we never had much trouble.

After Becky had been working there for about a year she started to get kinkier in bed. I had thought there was already plenty of fire between her legs since she never told me she had a headache or was to tired. Hell it would be me some night who was the one to say, "Honey I had a rough day. I put in 12 hours of hell."

Sometimes I would work 14 to 16 hours' works when things were really booming in the area. She would say 'OK, I'll just suck you off."

She was the only woman that ever knew that could make herself cum from sucking my cock and be satisfied by just giving a blowjob. Those times that it happened, which were many, Becky wouldn't even want me to touch her pussy. She would just lay back and enjoy her shelf. She would say that seeing me shot my cum did it for her. I told myself, "Hell I'm pretty sure she's not cheating on me. Most men on the prowl didn't want a really plump married woman with three kids plus 2 step kids around half the time. She just took real good care of a real hard working man."

So I put it in the back of my mind, way back, even though I knew several guys at work who told tales about how they figured out their wives were cheating. It was their mood swings or the change in their sexual appetite. It became either more or less or more kinky that set off the bells and sirens.

Becky had became friend with a woman named Jan. Our sons and her sons were in the Boy Scots together and the two women was really got involved in the Scouts activities. Those, along with a lot of school activities with June that she had at her or our house a lot of times. June seemed like a nice lady and we started going to her house a few times for cookouts and parties.

Although her husband Rich was an asshole and he had his own circle of friends. So from time to time when Becky was on the phone at night when I got home from work I heard the name Rich and June and no red flag came up. I would say to Becky, "Tell June I said hi. OK?"

Becky would reply, "Will do."

Then one day I saw June at the grocery store where from time to time I would stop and pick up a few things. We talked for a few minutes and she told me Rich was getting a new truck. She said, "I know my ass of a husband won't ask you Tim but if you want to buy our van I'll give you a good deal on it."

So I purchased the van for work and fishing. I actually kept the damn thing for 10 years. We lived on a main county road just a few miles from the plant that I worked at and I drove it several times a week. As I drove the redi-mix truck and made my deliveries, I would toot the horn when I passed our house. I couldn't stop because I never knew when or where the boss or one of the sales men would be. It was against the rules to have any unauthorized stops. It was one of the big no nos. Plus there was always a few brown nose drivers that would snitch at the drop of the hat to get points with the boss.

So when June told me that she and her hubby Rich had purchased a new Ford truck I thought nothing of it when I saw one parked in my driveway a few times during the week as I drove past our house. I just tooted the horn thinking the two women were together.

That is until one day it worked out that I was going back to the plant and it was just about lunchtime. We could take a half-hour lunch between 11AM and 1 PM if there were no delivery that had to be made. We didn't have to eat at the plant or in our truck but we had to radio in telling them where we were stopping.

Now one of the dispatcher and I got along real good since I had done a few favors for him and he owed me. So just before I radioed in this particular day and ask if I could stop at my house for lunch I had seen June and Rich's truck there. I again figured I would stop and shoot the breeze. When my friend dispatcher told me to break for lunch it was OK, I said I have to past my house and I would stop there for lunch. He laughed and told me to bring him back cookies. You see Becky was always baking something and dropping them off at my plant for me. I think she had a thing for the one dispatcher too.

Well just as I started putting the air to the brakes here comes the main dispatcher on the radio and said, "Forget the damn cookies Tim, I got a hot load for you to deliver and its a hour late now."

I let off the air and hit the throttle saying, "Fucking late load!"

I hated to deliver any load late. That's because the driver was the one who got bitched at by the customer, not the dispatcher or the salesman. So I never got a chance to visit the girls for lunch that day.

Now our private lives together changed again. Besides Becky's new and kinky thing with the blowjobs, if she though I was the least bit tired, she would tell me she wanted to watch porn. She would watch porn and masturbate rather than fuck or suck me like she use to do.

But she never wanted to watch one that involved a black man with a white woman. She would tell me those women were sluts fucking 'nigger'. Yea she used the N word. She would say, "My family are all prejudice about mixing races."

She would also say, "What do those women get out of fucking a man with such a big dick. One like yours is more than enough for me."

She said, "Even if the men in the porn movie were white I would love for them to fuck my tits and cum on them."

This was unusual and different since she had always said in the past that a man's cum shouldn't be wasted. It should either go down the throat or in the pussy.

Weeks had gone by and I hadn't had a chance to stop at the house for lunch yet. In fact I wasn't even going that way to work now that they had started on a new lock dam across the river. Several other drivers and myself were working out of the batch plant set up on the job site. It was nothing to put in an 18-hour days. This would happen for a few weeks in a row even a few weekends were involved.

Becky had taken a night job at a local privately owned motel. But it wasn't one of the sleazy ones. It was more like an upscale hotel that a man from India owned. I'm not sure of his name it was a long strange name so everyone called him Mo. All his help were women and Becky was the desk clerk and part time hostess. What the hell the hostess involved she never could explain.

Now due to my work hours there would be several weeks of no sex at all for Becky and me with our different work schedules we hardly saw each other awake. Some weeks I worked 6 days in a row but no concrete was poured on a Sunday. So Sunday night was the only night we had time for sex. But now she had picked up a new kink thing and wanted some ass fucking.

She told me from the start of our marriage there would be no ass fucking. It had to do with something about some guy forcefully taking her ass when she was younger. So I never forced the issue since I got plenty of everything else from her. Then one Sunday night we was going to do it doggie style which she liked a great deal and I joked about putting the head of my dick between her ass cheeks expecting her to pull away from me. But to my surprise she said, "Haven't you forgot something?"

I said, "Like what?"

Knowing for sure she meant about her rule of no ass fucking. But she reached over to her night stand next to the bed opened the top drawer where she kept her vibrator which I had only known about a few weeks too. She had told me they were for the lonely nights when I worked. She grabbed a tube of KY something I had never needed to fuck her pussy. I'm not that big. She said, "Here lube my ass and your dick up real good then push it in nice and easy. Fuck me but not hard and not fast."

First it was cumming on her tits and then the blow jobs only on nights I was tired both should of put up a big red flag. But not to this horny perverted farm boy truck driver! I just did as I was told and had a good cum. So that night was the same and I did what she said about the KY and fucked her ass for the first time. For me it was the first time, I didn't know how many times she had done it, but it was good, hell it was great, and the red flag disappeared as I emptied my nuts deep in her rectum.

Then one day one of my fellow drivers asked if I had got Becky a new truck to drive. I had forgot about June and Rich's truck. My second oldest son by my first wife was now old enough to drive and he was living in a finished room in our basement. I had got him an older red Chevy truck. I asked the driver if he knew my son and that he has an old beat up red truck. He told me that he had seen her in a newer ford truck. I told him that was a lady friend of Becky's truck. So nothing else was said about the matter.

When Becky first started the night desk clerk's job she had Wednesday off plus she didn't work Saturday or Sunday nights. So now she started a new habit of going to bingo on Wednesday nights.

It started to get later and later on Wednesday nights and finally I told her, "Your never home until real late, what the hell is going on?"

She told me she always stays to the end and anyway who was I to complain. She was a good housekeeper and mother and stepmother and loved sex and gave me all I could handle.

Then one day we were real slow at our plant and the dispatcher had given all of the drivers what we call Mickey Mouse work to do around the plant. I got the dirty deed of going to pick up something from the grocery store for lunch. I parked by a fairly new black one-fifty 4-wheel drive truck. After doing the required shopping I was putting my things in the company pickup when who comes out and starts to get in the black 4 wheel drive Ford but June's asshole hubby Rich.

I had to say hi and ask about June just to piss him off. After a few smart ass words from him it dawned on me that this wasn't the truck I had seen at my house or the one my friend had asked about when he saw Becky in it the other day. So I said, "I see you got a new truck. When did you get it?"

With a smirk he said, "When June sold you my wore out van."

And with that he drove off and I'm sure I heard him mumble, "Fucking redneck truck driver."

OK! Now something damn sure didn't add up and I knew I could tell the difference between a Grey Plain-Jane pick up and a black 4-wheel drive truck. I decided to check into it latter when I got home. I had to get back to work.

That night I wasn't sure I wanted to ask Becky about the color of June's truck. I was afraid of the real answer. But I let it slip and time really gets away from a man in his 40's that puts in a lot of hard hours at work. I'm not sure how long it had been since I had bought the van from June and I saw that her husband got the new truck.

Now it was another Wednesday and Becky's bingo night. According to her it started at 7PM got over at 10PM. But she never got home till midnight or later. She told me a couple of girls stop at the pub afterwards. Right from the start I knew Becky wasn't much of a drinker. She never came home drunk and usually I couldn't smell alcohol on her breath. Most bingo nights I would get woke up from a dead sleep, as I would be getting a blowjob from Becky when she came home. I never complained and our lives went on.

Then one day about mid-lunch hour a tractor trailer driver left the road bed while leaving the plant. Not only did he rip down the pole and the power lines but also he took two other telephone poles out one with a transformer on it. As luck would have it, it was a slow day and the dispatcher instead of sending the drivers to another plant called the drivers and told them when they returned wash out their trucks and go home. The ones already at the plant were to leave right away and save the company money. So I was out of there in less than30 minutes.

I clocking out and turned down a few offers to go to the pub and have a beer or two. Hell not on my first day off early off in ages, I was going home. When I pulled into the driveway well damn if that gray Ford pickup truck wasn't parked in it too. So, I parked the van and went into the house through the enclosed back porch, which lead to the kitchen just like I did ever time since we lived there. As I entered I was stunned by what I saw. Now, talk about a suprised looks on the faces of the two people setting at the kitchen table!

But Becky recovered and spoke first, "Hi honey! Something wrong? Its one-fifteen to late for you to be taking lunch."

I told her what had happened and then said so you tell me if something is wrong. I'm looking real hard at this six-two maybe six-four, two hundred fifty pound SOB siting at my table with my faithful wife drinking my very expensive mail order coffee. I knew by the aroma that it was my special blend.

For the first time since we were together she was lost for words. Neither one of us were ever lost for words and we both spoke real plain English. On my part I had pissed lots of people off by speaking my mind over the years! I wasn't afraid of him even though I knew he could most likely chew me up and spit me out. I'm kind of a don't fight unless pushed guy and then do it no matter how big someone or something is. I jump in with both feet and had done that a few times on the farm with a big hard headed bull or horse or male hog or some pissed off guy at a bar.

Now, I wanted to see just what kind of lie if any they would tell me. Well he was sharp and had his shit together as he stood up real gentleman like put out his hand and said, "I finally meeting the great Rich. Becky speaks of you like you're a king. I drive a truck and make deliveries to the entire chain of hit and run stores. That's how I met Becky. She is the only person who never gave me any shit about late deliveries or wrong stuff being in the shipment. Then I hadn't seen her for a good while at the church bingo. She hasn't been there in the past three Wednesday nights. So I thought I'd stop by to see if something had happened to her. You know I was sure she had a broken leg or something since she missed bingo. She loves playing it."

Now that fucking red flag came up high! He was right about her not going to bingo the last three Wednesdays our youngest who had just turned school age was sick on those nights and Becky said he did it just to keep her home. It turned out she was right the girl that looked after him if I was working had hurt her back and couldn'0t get out of bed for over a month. The new sitter was a bitch to the youngster. The guy was also on the mark about a broken leg. Becky had broken her leg before but that was before she had started working. Seemed the delivery guy knew a thing or two about her before she started working at the hit and run store.

I gave him a real firm handshake I mean real firm to let him know I wasn't any wimp. I was kind of sure he could have punched my head off but in the grip department I had him due to my hard work with my hands and arms since I was ten years old. I guess Becky saw it in his eyes too. She said, "Honey be nice Tommy just stopped by to say hi. And you don't have to get all mocho. And I don't get upset when I catch you having lunch with Kenny's wife. Even if she sat any closer to you she would be on your lap."

Well damn if she did have me. Kenny was one of the drivers and he wasn't mean to his wife. But he didn't show her any love. So lots of times her would come and have lunch with me and tell me her problems. I never figured out how she knew just when I took lunch or the days I had it at the company rather on the road. But she knew, so I let this Tommy's hand go after one last good squeeze.

Now Becky wasn't one to dress in real nice clothing around the house. She usually wore a dress and a blouse or a pair of shorts and a blouse, Away from the house she usually wore slacks and a blouse. But she had one pair of baggy leg shorts that was a bit to short for a plump woman to wear. Plus she had an almost see through blouse she wore with that pair of shorts. They were to tease me if I was home until we could get the kids to bed. They were almost teens now plus Billy from my first wife was a teen. I would tell her, "I guess you know when you sit or bend over I can see your pussy and we have kids here."

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