tagLoving WivesCan You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 02

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 02


This is chapter two of my story. I'm just a poor and not a highly educated man who wants to tell you about my life. There is no sex in this part of the story. I wrote it so people can read about my life and the things that have happened to me along the way. If you want a jerk off story this is not one of them.


The next day I figured I would measure the monster fake cock I had fucked my wife with. It was huge but not as huge as I had thought it was. It measured out at fourteen inches long and eight inches around using Becky's measuring tape she sued for sewing.

I had seen the box that the old one came in and it said it was ten inches by two inches. When I measured it, it turned out that it was just barely eight inches long by one and three quarter inches around, which was still bigger than my dick.

So I decided that meant I had probably got nine inches of that monster cock into my wife's pussy last night and she took it. But damn it! It was so thick. I was still in disbelief that it went into hole so easy last night. It was now Sunday and I knew I wouldn't get any more sex now until next Saturday since she worked and I worked different hours.

On Saturday I wanted to make the best of it and Becky gave me a long slow wonderful blowjob having me cum on her tits again. I was still hard after that. You know that's one good thing about me, I may of only have a six inch dick but I can stay hard for a very long time. And I did until my late fifties when my prostate went to hell.

After I came on her tits she had me to fuck her ass. It seemed her ass was as close to her

pussy as my dick got anymore.

All the next week I had a lot of things going through my mind about her and our sex life. Then, I think it was Wednesday when the dispatcher had me to stop what I was doing. It seemed the batch man had punched in the wrong code and had ten loads of concert on a job at one of the refineries but they didn't have the proper mixture. So I had to jump in into a truck and take the right mix to the job site. I was to wait while each driver put the required amount of mixture into his or her incorrect mixture. So I did what I was told and waited along with the labors and other men.

While I was waiting I was listening to a couple of young black men talking to some of the others about this chubby married white woman that worked at the motel they were drinking. They said that they were fucking her from what I could gather. These men were from out of state and staying at that hotel. I knew this could be true because there were several out-of-state workers now working at these refineries at the time.

I also heard they were staying at the hotel where my wife worked which could also be true because Mo had a few rooms reserved in the main part of the motel for my company. He rented them out as long term, to out of state, construction workers rooms. The companies got them at a real reduced rate and I think the government gave Mo a rebate for education and training.

I was going to ask the chubby white woman's name but didn't have time. Then I heard one of them say, "Yet old Bert sure likes young black cock."

Well I was pretty sure it couldn't be my wife they were talking about now since she didn't go by the name Bert. I had learned earlier that Bert was the woman my wife relieved from her job at the front desk. It was Bert with these younger black men not Becky and I was very relied. I walked back to the truck and saw that the drivers were almost finished.

A couple of local labors walked over with me and one said, "I pity that bitch's old man when them niggers get done fucking her."

The other white guy asked, "Why is that?" The black guy said, "Well I seen both those boys taking a piss and they each got a foot of cock, soft!"

The white guy said, "Man get away from me you turned gay." He looked at me and said, "Now I guess he's checking out nigger cocks."

There was some laughing and slapping on the backs and then there was some 'fuck you' and 'kiss my ass' and some more bullshit.

Well the drivers were done with the mix now and so I went back to the plant. It was during our Saturday night fuck session before I could ask Becky about it. She answered right away saying, "Sure Bert was fucking them. Her hubby likes to here the details."

Now I knew was true since I had met him at the motel bar one night when Becky had worked there the first time. He made no bones about letting me know he liked for his wife to fuck other guys and then tell him about it as he jerked off. He had the idea I was just like him since my wife worked at the same place.

I let him know right off that I didn't go for that shit. I knew for a fact Becky could look anyone right in the eye and tell a lie and not show any remorse. It was something her mother had told me one night when we first got together. She had said, "If you ever want to catch her in a lie the only fucking way is to accuse her of it or bring up the subject. If she's guilty she will tell some bullshit story about someone else and that person is the blame. But by god she will make it sound real convincing."

So now I knew I had a problem. Was my wife actually the one doing those black men or was she really telling the truth about Bert? Well that Saturday was a repeat of the last one, except after I made her cum real good with the monster vibrator and figured it had bottomed out inside her hole I figured I would really get her attention and started pumping a bit harder than usual. But it didn't seem to bother her at all. I wasn't going to hurt her so I stopped and she reached down and put her hand on mine. I figured she was going to pull it out a little because it was too deep. But she gave me a sluty grin and said, "You have to push harder baby!"

I thought no fucking way hell I could get that thing into her any further or fuck her harder with it. I couldn't believe she could take all of that nine inches I had in her hole. But I said to myself, "What the hell, her wish was my command."

Well fuck me! I pushed and it went all the fucking way into her. There wasn't any screaming or crying out or trying to move away like some women do when some thick long cock guy tries to penetrate her pussy all the way and hits her cervix like I was hitting Becky's cervix now. As I did her deeper and harder and hit hers, she just bit her lip and said, "Yes! Fuck me hard."

So I did and what came next was very different to hear. She got real vocal. All the years we had been together she never got vocal like she did that night. As I fucked that pussy she yelled at me, "You know what I like baby. Stretch that pussy with that black cock. You know it's yours. You own my pussy baby, you own it! That's it abuse that pussy make my camel toe lips sore! Ram that black cock into me. That's it baby! Yes full long slow length! Strokes me, slam that pussy."

She was telling me like I was some guy really fucking her. Well needless to say for the first time in my life I lost my hardon during the vibrator sex I was giving my wife. She wasn't talking to me she was talking to her black lover. She was thinking about her real black monster cock man not her vibrator or me. I started to stop but she said, "NO!!! No you don't you bastard you wanted to put all that in me now fuck my brains out with it."

So I did, and after what seemed like forever making her cum a great many times she finally said she had had enough. Well I never fucked her ass that night and I told her I was too tired.

Now I was very certain she was the one that the two black men were talking about. But, I knew there was no way she would admit. If she did it would be years later and again I had no proof. Somehow I had to get proof. Somehow! But how? I couldn't hire a private detective. Well for one, there wasn't really any in our area and two; the cost was more than I could afford. I wasn't rich by any means.

I started thinking all sorts of things. Was she being paid for fucking these men? Was Mo her pimp? Was he running a whorehouse in that motel? I didn't know. I could maybe try asking the people at the motel but I was sure Mo was smart enough to pay off those involved. It came to me that all those bitches were in this together. No I had to wait and find another way to get proof of her cheating and then dump her ass with nothing.

Then a friend of mine told me he was at the bar at closing time had a piece of ass lined up. She wanted him to rent a room but he said the lobby door was locked and there wasn't anyone at the front desk. I asked Becky about it and she said, "Well I was probably in the bathroom. All he had to do was ring the buzzer and I would have been there in a few minutes."

I asked why she locked the door and she told me, "Well Mo makes me do it, it's a rule. It's done to keep out the drunks and the drug addicts. They get in room and tear things up. It's locked from midnight to six AM."

I asked, "Well can't they come right out of the bar and into the lobby?"

She looked at me a minute and replied, "No we shut and lock that door too. It stays locked until the bar opens at noon the next day."

Well fuck me if she didn't have all the answers again. So over the course of the next month a few more new things happened.

I was sure there was no way I could catch her doing anything at the motel since the doors were locked. I couldn't very well rent a room without her knowing. And he private detective was out. I had contacted a couple and they were by far too expensive. There was no way I could see that could spy on her at the motel. Sure I could try to pay off one of the other desk clerks but they all had their own thing going and were most likely in this with Becky. And housekeeping, well I had heard most of them used a room now and then for a little of their own fun. Hell it seemed the whole damn staff used a room to fuck around on their husbands or boyfriends. I would have to just wait until she slipped up somehow. I figured she would one day and say his name while we were hot at it fucking but it never happened.

One may say I was just paranoid. That's what she said whenever I started to take to her about cheating. There were times when I would think that maybe I was. I mean not once did I see a hickey or any sign of a bite or suck mark or hand print or any signs she was with someone else. She wasn't trying to hide anything. She loved to get completely naked in the bedroom. So I saw all of her body almost every day. Hell, even when she and I were just siting around the house on her nights off she would put on just a teddy for me to see. I would tell her we have young teenage boys here plus you know they have friends whom sometimes come over. She would say, "Well the little perverts don't have to gawk at me do they?"

I laughed and said all boys are perverts and they are all going to gawk as you call it, at you dressed like that. Hell I'm one myself."

She laughed and said, "You're still the one that I love because you don't mind seeing a chubby bitch like me naked or almost naked. I want to make you happy Timmy. I'll wear a house coat when they're still up."

Well she did wear a housecoat but it was next to see-through and barely came pass the checks of her ass. Then came her surprise when she got her nipples pierced. But that wasn't enough so she got a tattoo on her left tit. Then she got one on each of her inner thigh up close to her pussy.

I talked to her about the piercing and the tattoos. Her reply was, "Well growing up I wasn't allowed to do anything. And my first old man never let me do anything either and you know our first few years together, I was so busy raising our kids and helping to raise yours, I never had time for anything exciting other than our bedtime fun. Now I got a chance to live a little. So I am doing it before I'm too old. I know you think I'm fucking around again. Well I'm not. You know that first time was a big mistake but it' been over for a log time."

I didn't say anything and she continued, "I also know you have asked a few questions about me at my work. And I know you have asked me a few things about my work mates but really you upset me when you asked about the hillbillies. Well think what you want just remember on my nights off your getting awesome sex and I'm thinking about quitting working for Mo and taking another job so I'll be home at night. That way we'll have more time together."

I was going to ask her about her choice of porn and the monster vibrator but I knew she would make up some story for my benefit so I never brought it up. I know I'm a dumb person but I didn't talk about it or how she acted when I used it on her.

The next surprise came when she started shaving her pussy completely. Always before she had said only porn sluts did that so their pussy could be seen better in the films. Now she said it was more sanitary if a pussy was shaved.

So it went on. She would fuck my brains out on Saturday morning, Saturday and Sunday nights and if the kids were gone long enough she would do it during the day too.

When we had a sex session now I didn't need any lube for her pussy in order to get that monstrous vibrator into her cunt. And she always wanted to use it on her pussy before I fucked her. I was damn sure the reason for the monster vibrator wasn't for any the fantasies I might have had that were for sure. It was used because I was sure she was fucking some huge cock guy and the vibrator was being used to make her think she was fucking him each night we did it. My cock I'm sure could hardly be felt inside her after we used that huge toy. I had stretched her pussy out with it.

I knew damn well that some huge cock guy was doing her. Sure call me paranoid if you want but it's like this, I had purchased a fake cock no where near as big as this new one only a year ago. When she saw it she first told me no damn way she would ever allow something that big in her pussy. It would stretch her out so much; she would be no better to anyone.

But now I was sure she was doing the two black men and she blamed the other woman with the same name as hers, she had come up with this huge thing to fuck her. It was a hell of a lot bigger than the one I had purchased and she wanted it used on her ever time we fucked. Yea, I'm the one who is paranoid.

Then one night after work I stopped at the local pub with a few guys from work to have a couple of drinks. A guy who used to work with us was there with his girlfriend they came and set at our table. The usual bullshit talk started and he said to me, "Hey Tim, my girlfriend works at the same place as your wife does."

I looked at her and said, "You do huh? What shift do you work?"

She said, "Right now it's only part time. I work at the desk at night from ten PM till two AM on Tuesday and Thursday, and ten PM till six AM on Wednesday."

I thought to myself that can't be right because my wife is working then or maybe I just got some proof she's fucking around. Well like a dumbass I asked my wife about it instead of checking it out for myself. Needless to say the shit hit the fan. She said, "It was a lie!! Come check if you want. I was thinking about quieting. Well I guess I will now because the bitches there are trying to break us up. I got a job offer to work at the truck stop and I'm going to take it."

I knew the truck stop she was talking about I stopped there often to eat after work knowing our sons had eaten at the neighbors or fixed something for themselves. A friend of mine has a wife who worked there. My wife would be working the same shift from 11AM till 7 PM and sometimes until 8 PM if they were swamped. I knew my friend's wife would keep an eye on my wife so I didn't have a problem with her changing jobs.

Her new job was really working out. It gave us more time together at night which she took advantage of and wanted a good fuck session almost ever night. She would come home, shower which I was glad of because after working eight hours in the truck stop kitchen she needed a shower. Then she would soak her feet for an hour or so while we watched TV. After the news we would go to bed and usually fucked wildly.

I had learned that the two hillbillies and most the other long-term renters at the motel had moved on to another big job in another state. It was about the same time that she desired to change jobs. I thought that was a strange but I didn't even get a reply when I mentioned it to her one night.

Then one Friday she brought one of the girls she worked with home with her. I knew her and had talked to her before Becky started working at the truck stop. Her name was Sue and I didn't like her very much. But, I bit my tongue and was pleasant as I watched them sit and play cards. They did a bit of drinking, which was rare for Becky since she didn't drink much. They talked about sex and relationships. This woman came home with Becky for a few Friday nights. Then she was staying over night and left the next day in the afternoon.

The following weekend she stayed the entire two days. This went on for a few weeks and it seemed ever weekend Sue would need to go to her house to do something or go into town and needed help. My sweet wife would have me go with Sue no matter how much I bitched about it. I always lost and went with Sue. I could and smell the set up coming.

Now the two of them had me play their silly card game with them. Our sons being young teens would usually be in bed asleep by midnight even on Friday or Saturday nights. Becky and Sue would end up getting more comfortable as Becky called it. Now the teddy wasn't wore it was just her very short see through housecoat. It didn't have but three buttons on it, one at the tits, one just above belly button area and one just below it. She would let Sue put on another housecoat similar to hers and the first couple of times Sue kept on her panties on. Then one night it became very apparent that she had stopped. I could see her almost completely shaved pussy slit when she moved or sat a certain way.

Then a couple weekends in a row just when it was decided it was bedtime for my wife, she would go take a real long bath. She would always say, "You two play a few more hands while I'm bathing."

I saw as a real danger because all of the time Becky had told me Sue was fuckable. And we always talked about sex while playing cards. Well they would talk sex like I wasn't even there.

My wife would always say, "Oh don't worry honey that was before we got together."

Then they both would laugh. So I decided that from then on I would go to bed and be asleep well before Becky said it was bath time for her. Then one Monday night I had gone into the laundry room to get something and there were a couple pairs of panties and matching bars that where washed and hung up to dry. I knew they were Sue's because all Becky wore were regular panties. They were what I call 'French cut' or 'boy style briefs'. And the bras were very skimpy and not what Becky wears. I told the wife I didn't mind Sue doing her laundry here but she didn't have to leave it hanging in the way.

Becky said, "Well what's it matter with that. You see her almost nude and I didn't know she did then here."

She went to look and came out saying, "See how much you pay attention to what I wear? These are my undies."

I told her I never saw her dressing or undressing any more. I see either nude or dressed and nothing much in between. She asked if I was upset about how she dressed around me at night and I told her 'no'. But I said, "I would like to see you in those panties and bra sometimes."

She said, "Well I don't want to put them on now but you can watch me undress after work Monday or any other night if you want."

Well needless to say Monday when by slowly. She got home and I watched her undress to take a shower. I must say those brief style panties fit her really good. They hung low with her ass cheeks hanging out. The matching bra didn't fully cover her tits coming up to just above her nipples. I could tell as tight as the panties were if she bent over or even spread her legs much with her camel toe pussy lips the crotch of the panties would slip up between her lips.

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