tagLoving WivesCan You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 04

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 04


I must have smiled or shook my head or both because all three of them broke out laughing. Then Ruth said, "He looks like he's to hot in his pants and shirt. We need to do something about that."

And with that she and Becky got up and pulled my shirt over my head and took it off. I just laughed as they slipped it over my head. Then they went for my pants. I protested. But with my dick half hard they removed my slacks. With three completely nude women around me my cock grew harder. When Sue spotted my rising hard on she said, "Damn Becky he's not bad for a white guy. He's bigger than my ex husband and he was black!"

Ruth said, "Fuck Sue he's bigger than John. But then John has got the smallest cock of any black man I have ever seemed."

Sue said, "Bull shit! I've been told all black men are hung like a horse."

Ruth said, "Well many are but I've had a few that weren't as big as Bob's cock. Look at it." Ruth said, "Well I didn't marry John for his cock. He had a great job. But look where that got him and me."

Becky laughed and said, "It got you his two hung like a horse sons. And Ruth is right Sue I've seen Johns dick and Bob's is bigger."

Then Ruth said, "How would you like to put your dick in something hot Bob?"

I said, "Un hu. I want pussy."

She said, "Well Bob baby your about to get a good fucking. You know it's like this Bob, since I started fucking John's sons I found out that he got off on it. I stopped fucking him but you see I've got a problem now. I love it in the ass and the boys' cocks are just too damn big for ass fucking. Well at least they're too thick. Once you see them you will know what I mean. It don't matter what you have seen on porn or read, all women can't take every cock up the ass hell.

Sue said, "Well Becky can't take them in the ass either. But I'm proud to say she took them in her pussy better the first time than I did. Tell you what, I'll tell you all about it while I'm getting that cock of yours up my ass. I'll tell you about how Becky got started fucking my step sons."

I didn't really comprehend all of what Sue was saying, but Ruth was stroking my cock with KY and I was happy. So she continued, "I know your dieing to hear about all of that and I'll tell you while I'm getting my much needed ass fucking."

Sue said, "Well in a few minutes Becky and I will be sucking on the boys' big black cooks getting them really hard for some good fucking which you watch. And your damn sure going to watch me get fucked."

Becky said, "I thought they would be here by now Ruth, where are they?"

Ruth said, "Well they are still a bit afraid to come to this house. They're probably waiting until I call them to let them know it's safe."

Sue said, "Now just a minute I agreed to the other plan but I never knew or agreed to this new plan. Remember you two, I have a black lover with twelve inches of real thick rock hard cock and I don't need or want anyone else. I'm leaving right after Bob here fucks me in my ass and makes me cum."

Becky said, "OK Ruth. Suit yourself but don't you want to stay and watch the show just for awhile anyway?"

"Well maybe I could stay and see Sue and you being fucked by the boys. But, I won't join in," Ruth laughed and said, "But now I'm going to get me some ass fucking."

Becky asked, "Aren't you going to call them first or do you want me too?"

Ruth said, "No let's wait I'm going to have Bob play with my pussy while I tell him a story."

There's was good reason her step sons were afraid of me. You see not long after they came to live with Ruth and John I was walking around the subdivision when I heard a cry for help. I was close to one of the houses where a young married couple lived and I heard a voice that was almost crying saying. 'No leave me alone. I don't care if you do fuck other white married women or how big your cocks are I have a husband and love him so just go away."

I went around the back of their house to where the voices were coming from and I saw the young bride in a very skimpy bathing suit and John's two sons trying to get it off. Actually she wasn't putting up much a fight just bitching. I walked right up to them. They didn't see me they were paying all their attention to her. I grabbed them both by the throat before they realized I was even there. Now I'm not a huge man but I got a hell of a grip in my hands and I'm strong and usually don't take any shit. I told the two of them they better get the hell away from her and if I caught them around any white woman in this subdivision I'd poke their eyes out and skull fuck them to death. Then I gave them a shove and they took off running home. I ask the young lady if she was OK? She said, "Yes and thank you."

Then she asked me not to tell her hubby. I told her I wouldn't say a word to him and I went home. Latter on I found out she was a huge prick teaser in the neighborhood and her hubby caught her partying with some guys not long after I had the run in with the black guys. They moved away and that was about a year ago. I wondered if they weren't still afraid of me now.

Ruth took my right hand and was using it to play with her pussy on the outside of her tiny thong. As she rubbed my hand up and down her mound she started telling me the story. "You know we got that above ground pool it's not real big but big enough for a few adults to have some fun in. It has a privacy fence around the top too" she said.

I laughed and said, "I should Ruth, Becky swims in it enough."

Now I had my fingers under her thong and two of them were in her pussy. She was grinding on them. She continued, "It was both the boys eighteenth birthday Bob and cheat John didn't get them anything. And he didn't plan a party or anything with them. So they were in the pool and I didn't have anything to do so I went to take a swim with them. I told them both I was sorry that John was such a jerk and didn't get them anything for their birthday."

Ruth said, "I had only been in the pool with them a few minutes when I'm not sure if it was James or Darren who said it was OK mom. You can be our birthday present."

Ruth said, "I laughed and said well if an old woman is what you want here I am."

She told me, "I knew it must have been some sort of a joke. They couldn't have thought of me in a sexual way. But when they both dunked me we started to play around and I dunked them. We did that back and forth a few times. Then before I knew it one of them had my top off at the same time the other one got my bottom undone and it too came off.

I laughed saying, "Oh brother you were going to had some fun now."

Ruth said, "Well I told them to give my bathing suit back to me and that John would be really pissed if he found out."

Darren said, "Well he won't find out unless you tell him mom."

James said, "You just said you would be our present Ruth and you can't go back on your word."

Ruth smiled as she felt my fingers going in her pussy hole now ands she said, "With that James got me in a bear hug from behind and I felt it his hard cock as it went up in-between my legs. I realized he was nude. I reached down to push him and his cock away and when I felt it, it was the biggest one I have had ever seen or touched. I said stop James and how long you been in here nude?"

He said, "When we heard you coming up the steps to get in the pool we both took off our shorts."

Just then Darren pressed his body to my front and his cock was up in-between my belly and his. We were in the shallow end of the pool where the water is only waist deep on me. I looked down and his cock was sticking way out of the water. I said, "Boys please stop this."

James spoke real soft in my ear saying, "We know dad isn't fucking you much any more and we hear you fighting about it. We also know we are hung one hell of a lot better than him is Ruth so why fight it? You know you want it.

Well I was afraid of them getting mad and maybe beat me up you know their not real sharp when it comes to school stuff so I said, "OK just this once but take it easy. OK?"

I was listening to Ruth describe he first time with the twin boys from her husband's first marriage. And at the same time I was so spaced out feeling really real mellow from the drugs she and my wife had given me. I was so out of it I hadn't noticed her taking off her thong until she straddled my legs and guided my cock into her ass. I hadn't even noticed my wife Becky putting KY on my dick before that. Not until my dick went into Ruth's ass hole did I realize what was happening. Becky said, "Well I guess that answers my question about was it enough KY."

Ruth started slowly easing up and down on my hard cock and then went on to tell me that she had fucked them when they were close to the steps that go into the pool. She said, "I saw James sitting down on the step and he put me in a bear hug from behind. Now his cock was up between my back and his belly. While he held me like that his brother Darren took my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. Then he put the head of his huge black cock between my pussy lips and started pushing in. Bow I had been fucked by some big cock guys before but nothing like Darren felt. It was as if I was being split in to. I started to scream but James covered my mouth and Darren finely got the thick cock head into my hole. And then he started fucking me. I had eleven inches of cock in me before. But I wasn't sure how long his was, it sure did look and feel longer and thicker than any I had ever had. He kept pushing and fucking me making me feel like I was being split in half."

As Ruth continued to ride my cock deep in her ass she said, "Finely he told me 'god damn mom you took the whole thing'. She moaned as she began to cum from rubbing her clit and telling me, "My insides were burning like hell way up in my pussy and I knew he was in my womb!"

James said, "No way bro she took the whole fifteen inches? No woman has ever taken all of your cock before."

Darren said, "See for yourself James."

And he did. He said, "My cock is just as long as yours Darren only I'm thicker."

Just then Ruth started to really bounce up and down on my dick really fast and Becky said, "Fuck him baby you're cumming aren't you Ruth?"

She moaned, "Yes!!" And she continued to sit on my cock all the way taking all of my cock up her ass as she continued to milk my cock and rub her clit ring. Then she yelled out something I didn't understand as real words weren't there any more. Finally Ruth stopped smiled and said, "Guess what Becky he came. Bob came too!"

I didn't realize it at the time. Becky said, "Good now we got proof. I got proof for what I need Ruth. Let me take a photo of you with the cum leaking around his shaft."

I was to mellow to care as Becky took a group of photos of my cock up Ruth's ass and now she was taking more of the cum as Ruth slowly lifted up and my cock came out covered with cum and drops were leaking out of Ruth's ass hole.

Then Ruth said, "Well Bob the rest of the story was that needless to say in no time I was fucking Darren back. He came and then James fucked me and after he came in me Darren's huge cock was back fucking me. They went on and on all night Bob. Finally I told them I was to sore for any more. And that's how it started Bob. And we have been fucking ever day since then. Well mostly at night because they work their jobs during the day."

Becky said, "And then John found out a couple of weeks latter Bob and he got turned on that Ruth know she could dominate him and she turned him into a sub and made him a cuckold."

Ruth smiled as she said, "So now all John gets from me is to lick the two boys cum out of my pussy and watch them fuck me as he jacks off Bob."

I saw Becky smiling like she was so happy about all of his. I didn't know what kind of shit they had put in my beer but I was feeling real mellow and I didn't have a care in the world. My dick was still rock hard and I didn't even know I had shot a load into Ruth. She had just said I did and Becky was sitting real close and took photos. I guess she wanted to watch my facial expression and see me cumming in Ruth's ass hole.

No one had noticed Sue who had let the room. Becky noticed and almost dragged her into the room where Ruth and I had fucked. She told Ruth to watch her as Ruth was trying to get dressed. Ruth said, "Oh no you don't. You were in on this too."

Sue said, "If you did what I told you it should go completely as planed. Did you give him what you should have given him? You were supposed to and remember it was your idea Becky and I'll swear to that fact."

Ruth said, "Now come over here Sue and get your ass on his dick and make him cum again, this time let him fill your ass hole so Becky will have two women on film. And I'll call my boys. Then if you still want to leave you can."

With that Ruth got up and Sue straddled me and guided my hard cock up and into her ass. We started fucking up and down and Becky took a few photos. Her ass was a lot loser than Ruth's was and I guess her black lover had fucked her ass recently. I felt myself cumming in just a few minutes. Ruth took more photos of me fucking Sue and cumming in her.

Latter Sue was just getting off my cock when Darren and James walked in. James said, "Looks like the fun has stared. Is he really safe?"

Spaced out as I was I said, "Hell boys the fun just started! Lots of ass fucking going on here care to join us/me?"

They all busted out laughing hearing me say that. I heard Becky said, "You're wrong Bob. Guys the real fun hasn't begun yet. Why don't you both undress and show my ole man what the difference is between a dick and a cock?"

With that they took off their jeans and I noticed they didn't have on shirts or were wearing underwear under them. It was then that I saw just how hung they both were. Between their legs were the two largest blackest cocks I had ever seen in real life. I had seen a few foot long ones and some real thick ones but I never saw any as long and as thick as their dicks were. Thick did I say? They were really thicker than a wrist.

Becky said, "I'll be right back."

She came back in the room with a cloth tape measure from out of her sewing kit and said, "Let's see whose the biggest cock is, Bob's or your boys."

Ruth was laughing and said, "Becky you don't need a tape measure to see that!! Hell they got Bob's hard cock beat and they aren't even hard yet."

But Becky wanted to bring me down and she had to go with her humiliation of me. She said, "I still want to measure them Ruth."

She measured me first. I was still rock hard and measured out at just under seven inches long. She wrapped the tape around my hard cock and said, "Let me see! Yes Bob it looks like you're one and three quarter inches thick. Doesn't it look like that to you Ruth?"

Ruth verified it and so now Becky moved to the first black man for comparison. "Bob", she asked me, "Don't you think it's only fair. I mean shouldn't they get hard first like you? If this is a true contest to see who is bigger dick they should be hard?"

Ruth said, "Yes Becky let's see who has got the bigger one. Even though they both look the same now maybe one is bigger when they are hard. That way we can see who comes in second and last."

Becky said, "Good idea."

Ruth said, "Boys I told him how you two and I got started fucking. And I told him I would tell him how you got started fucking Becky too but I think she wants to tell him her self."

Becky said, "No it's OK Ruth, be my guest. I'll be busy sucking these cocks getting them hard. I'll be sucking on one and Sue can suck on the other one."

Sue said, "I told you I won't do it Becky. I got a black lover."

Becky started to say something but Ruth cut her off said, "Let her be. But I bet before it's over she'll fuck them both."

Darren said, "We still would feel better if his hands were tied. I know what you gave him makes a person feel as mellow as hell but I know guys that have had it and all of a sudden it wears off real quick. They're back to their old mean self except they may feel like shit and have a bad headache. We know what he's like so tie his hands behind him."

Ruth said, "Well yes that's true but you see boys it's like this, we came over here had a little party he got us all drunk and raped us two while Becky was passed out on the couch. At least that's what our story will be. You see Sue and Ruth have his cum in their asses to prove it. And I have photos. So he'll behave if he knows what's good for him or he'll be in jail."

Both of the boys laughed at what Ruth said then I think it was James who said, "When do we get to fuck you all?"

Becky said, "Now guys we been through this a few times and have even tried you both. And you both know your lovely cocks are just too damn big to fuck our ass. Hell after all this time my pussy still gets sore and Ruth says hers does too."

By now both boys' cocks are standing out like a flag pole from Becky sucking them. She giggled and said, "Where were we? Oh yes cock measuring! Let's see my hubby had what just under 7 inches and one and one and three quarter inches across. Ok Darren, let's do you."

Becky took the cloth tape measure and held it on his hard black cock. Ruth had Sue read it off.

"Oh my! He's fifteen inches long", she said to everyone.

Then Becky held it across and Sue said, "Jesus it's a full three inches across. That's thicker than my lovers."

"OK James it's your turn", Ruth said as she held his hard cock in her hand to be measured.

Becky let Sue look at it just a little less than fourteen long and she said, "Oh my god! He's over three inches across!"

Becky said, "Sorry Bob you lose."

Then looking at Sue and Ruth she said, "Was there a bet made?"

James said, "Hell yes. The loser has to make sure that the winners cock is completely hard he had to suck it."

I was real mellow and didn't have a care in the world but when he came over and started to put his cock towards mouth I pushed it away real hard. He said, "Hold his white ass my brother so he doesn't end up hurt. I'm going to make this ole stubby white boy a real cocksucker and cuckold."

Right then I wasn't a bit mellow. I started fighting them. I heard Becky and Ruth saying, "Stop it Bob! Stop it! You're going to hurt yourself."

Then everything seemed to go dark. I could feel my arms and legs being held. Then my vision cleared and I could see a couple of men and a couple of women all in white uniforms. The two men were holding me down and one of the two women said, "That's better. But boy oh boy I've never seen anyone fight as much as you when coming out from under the antistatic."

I said, "Who the hell are you? What's going on? Where am I?"

She said, "My name is June and I'm head nurse of ICU day shift. You just had surgery."

I said, "Bullshit! There's nothing wrong with me. Let me up!"

She said, "If you don't settle down I'll have to call your doctor again. He'll have me put you under again."

I gave her a blank stare as she said, "Don't worry sweetie. It will all come back to you."

Then she said, "OK you two men can go back to your other duties. He's going to be just fine now. He's just one of the rare ones whose mind doesn't go blank while in an induced sleep. He probably was just having a bad dream."

I saw the two big male orderlies leave the room and I said, "Bad dream!! Hell if I'm in a hospital then I just had the worse nightmare of my life."

When I looked I saw both Ruth and Becky standing by the bed one on each side of me. Ruth laughed and said, "Good old nightmare. I love hearing about people who have bad nightmares. Tell us about it Bob."

Nurse Jan said, "Well you'll have to hear about it latter he still needs his rest."

She did something with the bottles connected to the tubes that were hooked to my arms and then said, "0I'll be back latter if you need anything sweetie here's the call button."

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