tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCanadian Spends Christmas with the American

Canadian Spends Christmas with the American


Rita wanted to surprise Jeff with a winter wonderland for Christmas. She had a friend that had a cabin at the lake deep in the woods. A fishing lake that froze over during the winter so it was perfect for ice fishing and skating if they wanted to do some later.

The cabin was very rustic & romantic. No electricity& no running water. There was just an outhouse and a pump for water. The lighting was candlelight or the old Coleman lanterns. Amy’s dad had been working on the cabin all summer and made some changes .He had made a loft for the master bedroom that over looked the living room and kitchen and a beautiful fireplace.

The wonderful surprise for Rita was the hot tub outside, made of a huge old oak barrel. It was just enough room for four people. It was heated with a fire under the tub. Amy’s dad was very inventive or a true romantic that’s for sure.

Rita had called Amy early in December knowing Rita would be in the area with Jeff for the Christmas holidays. Jeff had to work so Rita went along for the ride. (In more ways than one, * wink *)

Amy got the cabin ready for her good friend and the new man in Rita’s life. Rita and Amy spent hours on the phone talking about Jeff, how wonderful and YOUNG he was. You see Rita and Amy were in their mid to late forties. Jeff just turned 30.There was a good 16 year difference between them. But hell, who cares!!! He was having fun and so was Rita.

Amy got the hot tub warmed up and the cabin heated. The fireplace was cracking waiting for the arrival of Rita & Jeff. The candles were all lit for a romantic feel when you walked in.


Rita didn’t want Jeff to see where she was taking him so she blindfolded him and drove the last 150 miles. Jeff was a great sport about it .It just added to the adventure.

Rita was getting hot just thinking about all the fun they were going to have.

She had wore her favourite short skirt and her new gold glitter Christmas top. It was a very deep plunge to show off her deep cleavage. She carefully put on her stay-up nylons, no panties and her fuck me shoes. Sprayed his favourite perfume on and went his work place to pick him up. She had a long coat on to hide her yummy self from his friends.

Jeff climbed into the truck and smelt the perfume.

“ Mmmmmmmmmmm you smell yummmmmy!!He said “ and you look sexy as hell.” He complemented on her perfect makeup and hair.

“ Thank you sweetie!” Rita Smiled at him and kissed him passionately.

As he parted from her, she slipped the blindfold over his eyes.

“Just play along hun … ok??” she giggled.

“ Oooooooooooo you naughty girl what have you got planned?? I love your wicked mind, girl!!” Jeff laughed as Rita made the last adjustment on the blindfold.

“ You’ll see”

Jeff didn’t see her wink at him, but Rita was sure he felt it.

She reached over and strokes his cock thru his Jeans.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm feels great!”

“ I’m sure it does” she replied with a wickedly sexy voice.

As she drove out of town she decides that Jeff’s cock should be out of his jeans so she could stroke it, look at it, touch it. Plus she knew that Jeff would love it.

Jeff felt the car slow down and come to a stop.

“What up?” Jeff asked curiously.

“ You will be, “ she giggled

She undid the button on his Jeans, slid down the fly and freed his cock, which of course is now long and hard.

“ Ahhhhhhhh that’s better!” she said and bend down to kiss the head of Jeff’s purple head.

“ Oooooooo you wicked lady “ he sighed as he felt her lips touch his cock.

“I missed you, “ she whispered to the head of his cock and gentle kissed it again, this time pre-cum oozed from the tip. She lined her lips with it and came up to Jeff to let him taste it.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he said “ I taste good”

Rita adjusted the seat so Jeff was laying back far enough that his cock stuck out rigid and his balls could be seen by passer- bys.

“Jeff “ she whispered to him “I want you to stroke your cock till I say stop and don’t cum or you’ll be punished “

Rita placed a small amount of oil on his cock for easier stroking. Jeff laid back and stroked his cock slowly, enjoying the cool air on his freshly shaved cock and balls.

Rita Reached over him and placed her tit in his mouth. Jeff greedily sucked on it .He loved the feeling of his cock as he sucked her tit. It was if they were attached.

He twirled his tongue and gently bit her nipple, which now stuck out like a small eraser. He flicked the nipple and twirled it with his tongue until he got his reward .A tiny stream on milk squirted from her tit and into his mouth.

“See what happens when you are good?” She said .She stroked his hair as he nursed from her. She let him suckle for about 15 min then said …”Ok, hun, Stroke it for Aunty!”

Jeff giggled, “ Aunty you are so good to me!” He loved to role-play.

Jeff, still blindfolded stroked his cock for Rita. She watched and drove. This was so hot to her. Drivers could see Jeff stroking his cock and it made her wet. They finally reached the turn off to the lake. Rita was getting so hot; she didn’t think she could last any longer watching him stroke that hard cock.

They drove another couple miles when Rita spotted a farmer on his tractor. Rita got a great idea. He was fairly close to the road but far enough away that she could pretend she didn’t see him.

“Fuck, I cant stand it any longer I need you, Jeff! I need to cum all over you. I need to feel you “She begged

“Good, I was so close to cumming. I don’t think I could have lasted any longer either.” he replied.

She got out of the car and pulled out a blanket for Jeff to kneel on. She guided Jeff out of the car cock still hanging out of his pants and now on his knees. Rita lifted her skirt in front of Jeff and opened her bald lips for his hot tongue. Jeff licked and sucked on her clit. She grabbed his head and grinded her cunt into his face, moaning out loud. She looked over to see the farmer. His Tractor had stopped but the motor was still running. He wasn’t sure what to think of the sight he was watching. Then He heard her loud moans. His cock got hard as he watched and listened .He saw she was looking at him. Suddenly he pulled out his cock, stood up and stroked it as Jeff licked her. Rita was so hot, one watching while they other was stroking … yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jeff took three fingers and started to finger fuck her dripping wet cunt. The harder he stroked the louder she moaned .He was licking her and sucking her clit faster and faster at the same time pounding her cunt with his fingers. Rita finally let a loud groan and the cum squirted out all over Jeff’s face. Jeff greedily licked and sucked what he could catch in his mouth.

She thought the farmer was going to fall over when he saw her squirting on Jeff’s face.

Jeff stood up and bent her over to fuck her doggie style. She positioned herself to let the farmer watch Jeff fuck her. The farmer stayed very quiet but his fist was wet with his precum as he fist fucked his cock. He watched and kept up to Jeff’s strokes. The harder Jeff fucked Rita the faster the farmers hand fucked his cock. Then Rita let out a groan again, and again the cum squirted out. The Farmers eyes grew big as he saw what happened and let his load splash on the tractor and the ground. He was still stroking his cock when Jeff let out his grunts and moans. Then two more wads of cum came shooting out and flew thru the air. The farmer sat hard in his seat with his softened cock in his hand and She could see his chest heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. He stuffed his cock back in his pants grinned at her and blew her a kiss. Thanking her for the show, and continued on his way. He constantly looked back in disbelief.

Rita cleans her and Jeff up and went on their way. Jeff’s cock was still out as he slept for the rest of the journey.

Rita revisited the scene in her mind as she fingered herself to a wonderful warm orgasm.

They finally reached the cabin. Three chocolate labs greeted them with loud barks and waging tails. They remembered Rita and were excited to see her. Jeff was anxious to get the blindfolds off so he could see everything, but Rita said no.

She guided him up the stairs to the cabins entrance and inside. She sat him in front of the cracking fire and told him not to move .His cock& balls was still hanging out of his jeans.

Jeff felt a nice warm tongue on his balls

.”MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABY!!Lick me, you know how much I like that.”

He sat back and the warm tongue started at his balls and licked all the way to the tip of his cock. Precum dripped from the slit of his cock. The tongue licked and licked until it touched the wonderful sensitive spot. Jeff shot out a wad of cum that hit the floor with a spat.

Rita came in with the rest of the baggage to find the dogs licking up Jeff’s cum.

Rita set the luggage down and giggled.

“I see you’ve met Amy “

Rita pulled off the blindfold to let Jeff’s eyes meet Rita’s best friend Amy.

Amy was a plump lady, like Rita; with beautiful full tits, .She was as blonde as Rita was dark. She had long soft curls that ended at the middle of her back. He make up was done so beautifully, her lips pouted and glistened with mocha lipstick. She was naked.Amy seemed to be very comfortable being naked .She also shaved her pussy bald. Those lips pouted as well. She was delicious.

Jeff realized his Christmas present was going to start early.

“I was scared you would have fucked all the energy out of him on the way up!” she looked up at Jeff with a twinkle in her eye. ”But I see you left some for me “

Amy walked over to Rita and planted a passionate tongue kiss. “Glad you could make it up here hun”………………………………….

Stay tuned for part two

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