I had desperately needed this vacation. Things hadn't been going well with my girlfriend, seems like we are fighting all the time. So I decided that I needed to get away for some time to myself. I'd always wanted to go to Cancun, so I just went. Flying in over the Caribbean was amazing. The water is the most beautiful color I'd ever seen. If you haven't seen it, I can't describe it.

I'd always been fascinated with the Mayan Indian area, so I had plans to see some of the old ruins. I know for sure that I will check out Tulum. It's right on the beach and looks spectacular. When I made it into the terminal I noticed one big thing: it was all college-aged kids. OK, I'm not that old, I'm only 32, but I felt really old in this crowd. I guess when I ran away from home I should have checked if it was spring break. Well, I didn't plan on staying in town much, so it should be fine.

I took the hotel bus from the airport. The town was pretty interesting, and noticed that it caters pretty heavily to us American tourists. The check in clerk looked a little frazzled, but she got me my room without having a nervous breakdown. I ended up being on the 5th floor facing the water. Things were looking up already. I got unpacked, pretty much, and decided to go check out the Caribbean. I put on my baggy bright blue swimming trunks and grabbed a room towel.

As I was walking out they gave me a beach towel to lie on. They are much better than those little ones. They think of everything here. I'll definitely give them a good review of my stay. I'm kind of a voyeur at heart, so I stayed up from the water so I could see most of the beach, and all the people. I'd never seen so many people under 22 before. It was pretty scary. Nah, just kidding. I was enjoying the view though. There were tiny bikinis as far as the eye could see.

Eventually I decided to go for a swim, so I hid my room key under the blanket and covered it with my shoes. An old trick I learned from swimming by myself all the time. The water was great, and very clear. I bet you could see 50 feet around you in any direction. You could spot the occasional fish, but I'd assume they mostly stayed away from the giant mass of people. I felt like yelling "shark!" And running out of the water, but I was getting tired.

After drying off and rinsing my feet, I put my shoes on and headed back towards the hotel. In the lobby I noticed this group of 5 girls checking in. they were all happy and laughing at each other, except for one. This stunning brunette looked like she didn't really want to be there. I can always tell when someone feels like a 5th wheel. I smiled and nodded to her as I went passed, then took the elevator up.

I showered to clean off all the sand and opened my curtains, in case anyone wanted to see me naked. Maybe someday I'll quit doing that, but most likely not. Next I grabbed my binoculars from my carry on bag and moved the chair closer to the window. I don't normally use the binoculars for this type of sightseeing, but the temptation was too high. I found a few nice specimens to ogle, I mean study, and was soon getting quite aroused from my spying.

I was starting to feel a tiny bit guilty about watching them so I retired for the day. Tried out the TV but there was not much to watch, unless you are into the Bumblebee Man. Sorry, a "Simpsons" reference to Mexican television. I drop so many Simpsons references that I'm waiting for my friends to hire the mouse to whack me. You'd think he'd get sick of killing the cat all the time, so I watch my back.

I had supper in the hotel restaurant and then just spent the rest of the night in my room. I'm happy to report that the room was quiet enough that the partygoers did not wake me up. In the morning I checked with the guy at the desk about Tulum tours. He said there was one everyday, and that it leaves at 9am. I had about an hour so I had some breakfast and got my camera, camcorder and sunscreen into my backpack and made it just in time to get on the bus.

It didn't take long to realize that these bus drivers were insane. They made Otto look like an upright citizen. Fine, I'll stop the Simpsons references now. The roads here are very narrow, but that doesn't mean anybody slows down. We'd pass another bus coming at us and miss him by inches. When they've done this a few times you don't get as scared and you start to enjoy the scenery.

I looked around the bus and it was almost all college kids. They behaved pretty well. I'm guessing most were still hung over. I did a double take as I spotted the cutie from the hotel lobby. She recognized me too because she smiled at me. Her friends were busy hitting on the guys behind them and she was again bored. I gave her kind of a "what can you do?" expression and she chuckled.

People get restless on bus rides, so the guide started asking questions. He asked if anyone knew where we were. A bunch said Yucatan Peninsula, of course, and he said that was wrong. After nobody answered I raised my hand. He pointed at me and I said "we're actually in Quintana Roo." He had a surprised look on his face and asked how I knew that. I told him that I could be smart on occasion, which brought out some laughter.

We had a short stop in a little town called Playa Del Carmen. It's a very quaint town right on the water. It has your usual shops and tourist traps, but go another block inland and you are in a normal town with normal people. Nobody was running out trying to sell you pullovers or blankets. You have to like that. I respect these townspeople for keeping this place somewhere they live, not a dollar sign.

After we all made it on board again we headed the 40 miles or so south to Tulum. I'd read that the Mayans living in Tulum had all up and disappeared about 500 years ago. Some think it was from European visitors. I know that would make me leave too. They must not have showered back then either. Well, whatever happened to them is over, and they left a huge city built of stone behind. I could tell we were getting close because I could see the people selling their junk on the side of the road.

We all piled out and headed for the visitor center. Was that here 500 years ago? I'll have to remember to ask the guide Antonio. He seems pretty smart. I kept looking for the "I lost my head in Tulum" shirt, but didn't see one. They must be out. I knew the Mayan's sacrificed people, and I have a terrible sense of humor. You should see my Tombstone, Arizona shirt that says "how's it hanging?" with the two guys hanging from the gallows. Classic.

As we gathered by the entrance to the ruins, we were aurally attacked by some Macaws up in the trees. Those suckers are annoying. We entered thru an actual walkway thru the stone fence. Very cool. It even had an arch over it. After everyone was out of the way I took the obligatory picture. When Antonio started with his walking tour I switched to the camcorder. We looked at living quarters, the game area and the sweathouse.

The sweathouse is where they let them sweat before they sacrificed them. I asked if they used it on tourists, which caused everyone but Antonio to laugh. He said only on guys that looked like me. I like this guy already. He pointed out the carvings in the rock, which was amazing. There was even this upside down guy carved in. We were told that this was their sun god, coming down to them. That's the one they murdered, I mean sacrificed, people to.

The ball court was interesting too. I think if we played by their rules our multi millionaire athletes might try a wee bit harder. In the Mayan version of football, they kill the losing team. Pretty good incentive I would imagine. I found some Iguanas and followed them for a while until Antonio told us to come back. Guess he wasn't done with us yet. He pointed out the Castillo, which is the highest point overlooking the water. Even back then the rich got the best view of the ocean.

This concluded his official tour, and we were now free to wander the area alone. I saw a couple of topless teenagers tanning on the beach below. I thought about telling them that nudity is an insult to the Mayan people, but I'm not telling someone to cover their breasts. I'm not that mean. So I used the full 900-time zoom on the camera for a nice keepsake, and moved on to the other side of the beach, which is another high point. You'd probably recognize from the movie "Against All Odds."

I saw my new cutie friend from the hotel and bus again. She asked if I'm always a smart-ass and I told her "of course." She laughed and said she was kidding. I smiled back. I asked if she was having any fun yet, and she said she really loved this part of her trip. She wasn't very enthused about her friends, but she was glad she could see such beautiful things out here.

I blushed and told her "you are very kind, but I'm not THAT beautiful." She roared this time and hit me playfully on the arm. Her friends were coming by again so she said "guess I'll see you on the bus." I told her I'd be there, and if I wasn't, Antonio was locking me into the sweat room. She laughed again and was on her way. I turned the camcorder her way and filmed her walking away. If I don't see her again I at least want to remember her butt swaying in the midst of the ruins.

I took a bunch of still photos to remember, also. They are easier to hand around at gatherings. The Castillo was a breathtaking piece of architecture, considering it was probably 900 years old. Plus the U-shaped beach seemed to be cut right out of the cliffs, so I captured that as well.

Antonio didn't kill me after all, as I made it back to the bus. I filmed some of the banana trees in the jungle to the left of the road, since I found them very amusing. Nobody would believe me if I didn't. "Honest to God banana trees, I swear." "Sure, right" as they make the finger circling the ear gesture. We all enjoyed a 90-degree can of Coke, courtesy of the bus company. We were technically in the jungle so nobody refused it and we toughed it out.

As we passed thru Playa Del Carmen again, I gazed dreamily out the right side window and wished I could live there instead of Minnesota. Especially considering there was 3 feet of snow on the ground at the moment. I really really hate snow. A tropical destination like this would work wonders for me. I wouldn't have to wear 16 layers of clothes to go get the mail.

We made it back alive to the hotel. I tipped the bus driver five bucks for not killing us, and gave Antonio a ten spot, telling him I was sorry for being a smart-ass. He said it was fine with him, most people are boring as hell. We both laughed and I wished him a good day and took off for the hotel. I ran into my young friend again on the walk.

"Usually when I have an audience I know their name. I'm Matt, what's your name?"

"Hi Matt. My mom told me not to talk to strangers, but you look all right. You aren't a serial killer, are you?"

She had a good sense of humor. I like that. I told her I wasn't a convicted serial killer, which caused more laughter.

She said "that sounds good to me then. My name is Amy. It's nice to meet you, Matt." I asked where her friends were and she grunted and pointed backwards. "Not getting along too well, I see" I mentioned as we continued walking.

She replied "they only came here to drink and meet guys. I don't know how they talked me into coming with. I'm sure most of my touring the area will be alone, since they'll be bored with it after today. I really had fun, and I'm not a drinking type, so, yeah, I'll be on my own I think."

I told her that I was planning on seeing everything, so if she saw me she could hang with me. "That would be great, Matt. Hope to see you around then."

I said "room 504 if you're looking for me. If you don't mind hanging with some old fart, that is."

"You're not that old. How old are you?" she asked.

"I'm 32, Amy. Pretty old huh?"

"That's not old, you goofball. I'm 19 by the way. Does that bother you?"

"Hmm" I thought, then added "yeah, it bothers me that some really cute 19 year old would be seen with me."

She laughed and called me a smartass and told me she'd for sure see me again.

I watched her walk back to her gaggle of friends, then disappeared into the hotel to change clothes for supper. I had a genuine Mexican meal at a quaint little restaurant I'd seen from the hotel bus. It was very good, much better then Taco Hell. I mean Bell. Having the real deal down here was exciting. I devoured 3 soft-shell tacos since I was famished from my long day at the ruins and on the bus.

I was asleep by 10 and woke up around 8. I must have been tired to sleep that long. I was enjoying breakfast in the hotel restaurant when Amy plopped down in front of me. Having this stunning creature of dark hair, green eyes, slender body and cute butt drop in front of this old guy, it took my breath away for a second. She laughed and said "did I scare you?"

"No, just a pleasant surprise. What brings Amy into my life again?"

"Taking you up on your offer, that's what brings me. I want to see Chichén Itzá. Care to join me?"

I quickly said "yes, of course. I'd love to see that. When are we leaving?"

"Bus leaves in half an hour, we have two spots reserved. You can pay me back."

I like take charge people so I said "no problem. I need to go get my cameras. Care to escort me or do you want to meet back here?"

"Let's go, old man. I don't have all day!" Playfully grabbing my arm I dropped money for the food on the table and off we went with her still pulling my arm. When we got to my room she commented on how neat I kept the room. I just said it was easier to find things that way, so I always kept things neat, wherever I was. Home, office, vacation, always the same way.

The bus ride was about an hour this time, compared to 2 hours yesterday. Chichén Itzá is bigger and more eye pleasing then Tulum. I would have loved to have seen what everything looked like back then when it was a thriving community. Thousands of people lived in both here and Tulum. We stayed together for the tour, had lunch, and were starting to really enjoy each other's company.

When we got back I told her I'd pay her back by taking her to supper. Real supper, as in wear something other then cut off jeans and a tank top. We agreed to meet in the lobby and together we walked to a cozy little place I'd seen earlier today. It was nice and quiet, obviously the spring break crowd hadn't discovered it, which was good for us people who were lucky enough to find it.

Over candlelight dinner we got to know each other better. I asked where she went to college, and she said "you've probably never heard of it. It's called Saint Olaf College. It's in this small town called Northfield, about 40 miles south of Minneapolis."

I quickly, and not showing surprise, asked "have you gone sledding behind Old Main yet?" Her mouth dropped so far I thought she might have broken her jaw.

"How do you know that?" she got out before opening her mouth again.

"Well, Amy, have you ever walked downtown by way of 2nd street?"

"Of course I have."

"Well, you've walked thru my front yard. I live across from the hospital."

"Oh my God! You are serious, aren't you? We live in the same town and meet in southern Mexico. What are the odds? Why are you here?"

"Amy, I am serious and I'm here because I think I just left my girlfriend."

"Oh; I'm sorry Matt. What happened?"

"Don't be sorry, it was time. Plus I think she hates me. For my own sanity I needed to get away. I am assuming she'll have packed up and left by the time I get back."

"What's the restaurant under the Archer?"

"I see you are testing me, Amy, so the answer is The Tavern."

"Wow, you are for real. This is so cool. I'm glad I met you down here. Will you have me over when we get back?"

"Of course I would. I'd never turn down the company of a beautiful woman."

She blushed and we talked about things back home, and what we should do next in Cancun. She told me that last night her roommates had brought guys' home and "were having sex when I entered the room." She was visibly horrified by the behavior of her friends, so I gave her my extra room card and told her that there were two beds, and she was welcome to use one. She couldn't tell if I was joking or not, but took it anyways, adding "I just might do that."

Close to 2am that night I heard the door open and saw her come in. She had her suitcase with her, so I guessed that things weren't going well back in her room. I didn't move at all, just let her do her thing while I peeked at her. She looked to see if I was moving and then changed into what looked like running shorts. In that split second I noticed that she wore normal white cotton panties. She had a t-shirt on already and just kept that on and climbed into bed.

In the morning I woke up before she did, so I quietly put a robe on and went out onto the balcony to read a book. I had brought along "The Charm School" by Nelson DeMille, which I've read three times already, but thoroughly love the book. About an hour later she came out and said good morning. I said hi and asked if she slept well, which she did, and thanked me for letting her stay. Since she was now up I told her I was going to take a shower, and also asked if she was now staying with me. She told me she had a fight with her promiscuous friends and wasn't going back.

She showered after I did and we went downstairs to grab some breakfast. Over our bacon and eggs we discussed what we should do today. It was decided that we were going to just vegetate the day away. After paying the bill we went up to the room to change for the beach. Being the gentleman that I am, I changed in the bathroom and let her have the room to change. She let me know when she was ready, and I made my big entrance.

She liked my big baggie shorts, and she looked incredible in this microscopic pink bikini. I quickly judged her breasts to be about 34B, and she was so skinny that she looked like a model, only better. I gave her a little whistle of approval and she just smiled at me. I motioned that she should go first and I followed her out of the room. My eyes were focused on her butt, of course, and it looked fabulous in that little pink bottom. I was starting to get aroused at this wonderful view, so I thought to myself "Oprah naked. Rosie naked. Janet Reno naked." And poof, it was gone. Works every time.

We found the nice person with the beach towels and grabbed a spot to relax. We put sunscreen on and got down to do some serious tanning. The hotel person who cruises the beach was going by so I asked him if he'd take our picture for us. I didn't know if we'd see each other ever again and I wanted some sort of remembrance. She scooted over and put her arm around me and the guy took the picture. I thanked him and he smiled and went on his way.

When we flipped over it was decided that we'd put sun block on each other's back. She was very tender and focused on the job, while I made sure she was well covered, including right next to her straps and her tiny bottom. It was very nice rubbing her back and her legs. I could get used to this. We played a game I like while we just lay there. It's where whenever someone of the opposite sex walks by you tell the other person how many beers it would take to sleep with them. She was up for it so I went first. She pretty cute, but not wonderful girl went by and I gave her 3 beers. Her guy was an older guy with a beer belly, and he received a keg. We both laughed hard over that, and I paid attention to her votes. This is my way of seeing what kind of people she thinks are attractive. She has good taste.

Hours later we were pretty brown and tired of sitting there so we got up and went in the water. We splashed around some, and even swam. So many of the girls on the beach just go stand about knee deep and talk. Just to be seen. I liked the fact that Amy wasn't afraid to mess up her hair. One time she came up and I got to see the always stunning vision of pale white skin peeking from under her top.

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