This is a 2017 Nude Day Contest submission. The story is loosely based on the female lead from my "First Rites" series. But it's a reboot, and this story stands alone for the contest with the needed background.


I stood naked in front of the mirror trying to decide which swimsuit to wear. I was in Cancun at an adults only, all-expense resort, but it was on the company's dime. I wanted to flaunt it, because over the past year I had lost over 50 pounds. But I would be sunbathing with coworkers on a management retreat. I also tended to dress conservatively to fit into Indian culture. I was a mixed race American, half Indian and half white. Whatever I decided, it would be noticed. I already stood out because I was tall at just over six feet. I also had just gotten a promotion the night before and was recognized at the formal dinner in front of about a hundred coworkers, so any of them that didn't recognize me before would now.

My breasts showed the weight loss the most. Picture an amazing, perky rack with large, pierced nipples. The breasts are large and plump, easily filling out a DD bra size. Now, picture those perfect tits sagging lower with the nipples pointing down and stretch marks showing in the deflated upper breast area. That was me: big heifer jugs that looked older than my 23 years. I was much happier with the rest of my body. I did have some stretch marks from the weight loss on my belly, but they were faint, and I didn't have a lot of extra skin. I had a strong figure with low body fat. If I clenched, I had good definition in my abs. I was a little thicker in the middle from the heavy lifting. I looked more like a weight lifting athlete than a model, since Crossfit and diet got me here. I loved my skin tones from the mixed races though. I could stay out of the sun for months and still walk on a beach and not blind people.

I had a thick bush going back as long as I had pubic hair. Now I was shaved freshly bare after my shower, having been almost bare with just a patch above my crack the past few weeks. I had just shaved it all off for the first time. Everything in general was small down there in proportion to my height. My outer labia completely covered the small inner lips and left just a tiny crack up the middle.

I put on the one-piece bathing suit first. I hated it. Then I tried the normal bikini. This was a good compromise. It showcased my midsection, it wasn't too slutty, and the top supported my bust well. Then I tried the thong. I got chills. This was incredibly out of character for me. I'd ordered it online after a glass of wine one night, and it arrived the day before I left. The top was thinner, so I would need to pad my nipple piercings. It also didn't support me as well, so my breasts hung just a little further south, but then again the cleavage was spectacular. I turned to look, and I laughed at my butt. It was my best asset by far. I'd hated it my whole life, and now I loved it. My personal trainer, now my life coach and the man I was in love with, had me doing heavy squats now for quite a while. The result was a filled out, strong butt with a nice hourglass shape. Unfortunately, with every step or slight weight adjustment, there was some stubborn cellulite that rippled in random places. But I didn't sweat that stuff.

In fact I was very confident with my body and a happy person. With all its flaws, it was a giant leap over the borderline obese woman I'd been seeing in the mirror my whole adult life. I used to be the whale on the beach. Now I was the fit chick. The worse that could happen would be if someone said I was too strong. My strong shoulders and height did intimidate some men.

I had one person to thank for it. Jeremiah: the tall, dark, gorgeous, caring man I had persuaded to be my life coach a long time ago. We were nearing the end of that arrangement. I was beyond my target weight, healthy, happy, and killing it at work. I was in love with him. I knew it, and he knew it. I suspected he had feelings for me too, but he stubbornly refused to act while I was paying him to coach me. So I was in dating limbo, going out with guys that couldn't compete for my heart while the man I really wanted put me off with no promise of a future together.

The more I thought about him, the more worked up I got. My hand gravitated to my crotch subconsciously and began to rub. My first orgasm came less than a year ago. After a lifetime of no libido, getting fit was cranking up the hormones. I preferred to masturbate on my back, usually employing my Magic Wand toy, but I'd have to get there without help while in Mexico. My vagina was very generous with self-lubrication, so I decided to spare my hotel sheets and stay standing. The rubbing continued, and I took off my thong so as to not soil it. I dipped a finger into the barely-there slit, picking up some wetness, and stayed on the clit. I put a hand on the wall and bent over slightly and pressed harder, and I reached orgasm rather quickly.

After a brief cool-down and five minutes of getting pissed off trying to configure my iPhone to work with hotel WiFi, I started a Facetime video chat with Jay. After the usual small talk and some coaching, I said, "I miss you."

"I know. Me too."

"You should be here, you know. It's free. I get a plus one. You complete me," I joked.

He laughed. "I can't resist hotel sex. We'll cross a line."

"It's almost time for that anyway," I said. "I am so horny, by the way. I just rubbed one out thinking about you. I was standing up. I didn't even know I could come like that. I want to get laid properly finally."

I showed him the thong, and my coach as usual lifted me up and made me feel great about myself. "So you're very horny and now you're going out in that? I'm a little jealous," he said. "You've been there two days already, so are you still..."

"A virgin?" I said. He was so cute. My innocence, while perhaps a bit of a turn-off for some, really did it for Jay. "I suppose yes, in the most technical terms only."

I should explain this more, because without the background it does seem silly. Overweight and uninterested in sex all through college and never having had a boyfriend, I was a complete virgin. When Jay became my life coach, he insisted I avoid sex to focus on getting a career, getting in shape, and in general not being so useless. But as the weight came off, I made him coach me through dating, which became a strange game of him teaching me how to succeed with men while at the same time shelving his own affections. I was now very good at oral sex and had done it on quite a few men including Jay who taught me. I'd even done anal with a few guys. But for whatever reason we just kept the pussy off limits. It seemed so stupid for a while, but it really did remove a lot of potential stress from my life. I did a ton of dating, just no third dates. It made me very comfortable with men, which translated into more success on the job as I became a more confident leader.

"I did give you a hall pass, you know."

"Oh, is that still valid?" I said. I did attempt vaginal intercourse a few weeks before. I chose the only guy I knew with a bigger dick than Jay, and I just sort of gave up and satisfied him with my other orifices when I couldn't get it in right away. "Don't you want to go first? I know it turns you on."

"Oh God yes. But you're ready. I shouldn't have this control over you any more. Without, you know, being more than your coach."

"So be more than me Coach, and fuck me already. Let me tell you a secret. I have a mild crush on you."

He laughed. "Soon. I'm thrilled with your progress. We'll talk when you get back. Enjoy being single before we, well, you know."

It was the only time he'd openly hinted at being a couple. And that was a pretty big hint. I didn't press the issue. I just carried on with the biggest warm and fuzzy feeling you could imagine. "Well, I might save myself for you. You deserve it."

He grinned and said, "A close second is if you just tell me all about it, and I will sit here jealous as hell," he said. "Be safe. Use a condom. Lube if you have it. It's going to be a tight fit."

"Whatever," I said with a laugh. "Actually the pickings here are slim, and I shouldn't fool around with coworkers anyway." Pause. "Oh wow, Jay! I almost forgot, I got the promotion. I can't believe it. I'm at director level. There's over a hundred people under me now. This is all because of you."

"You put in the work. I never doubted."

"I can't believe over a year ago I hadn't even had a real job yet. I owe you so much," I said with genuine appreciation. "Okay well, let's talk about sex again. Can we be serious a moment? I'm 23. I've blown a lot of guys and taken it in the ass even. I'm starting to even talk and think like a guy; like you. I'm going to lose what little of my V-card is left, maybe here, maybe when I get back. I'll pick one lucky guy and just focus on being happy with him. Next time I see you, you're fired as my coach. And then you can decide if you want to be intimate with this woman who is hopelessly in love with you." He knew I felt this way. But I'd never said it. I winked at him and ended the call before he could respond.

I was riding an emotional high after my promotion announcement, so I decided on the thong bikini. I looked out my window and saw plenty of people wearing them, including a few people I worked with. I even saw a few other hotel guests topless on the beach. We were in a five star resort on the southern side of Cancun, and things got a little more "European" on the beaches here. My thong did show pretty much the entire butt cheek, but it was somewhat tasteful with a thicker waist band and good coverage of the pubic area in the front. I added a cover-up and headed out. I had one close female friend on the trip, and she was down with food poisoning supposedly, but I suspected it was really a bad hangover. So I would be more or less just going out to the beach alone to mingle.

It was mid-afternoon. Most of us had already eaten the lunch buffet and were already a few drinks in. Today was our day off after two days of meetings and work stuff. I'd already had two pina coladas pool-side with a good book in regular shorts before lunch, but I had yet to take a dip in the pool or ocean. I sat at the pool for a while sunning my front side, still a little shy to show the butt. I nursed a drink and waited to be noticed. A few coworkers talked to me, but I was bored. I got up and headed another thirty yards to the beach.

This was much better. It was a perfect spring day, sunny but not too hot. There were tons of hot men I didn't know playing soccer, volleyball, or swimming in the ocean. There were several shaded outdoor bars that belonged to the hotel to make sure we had fast service on the beach. I went to the volleyball area and hooked up with a group and started playing. The cover-up came off, and my butt was out there. I was totally relaxed and blended in well. My skills were mediocre at this sport though, so I could tell some were disappointed since I was tall and fit.

By the end of three games I had made six new friends and worked up a sweat. I headed for the nearest bar on the beach, sat on a stool, and got a strong drink and a water bottle. I talked to one girl from my team for a while, then a few guys came over and hit on me briefly. I started a second drink and was having fun and feeling sexy. Then I noticed the guy on the other side of the bar He was one of my opponents a few games ago. He gave me a warm smile and let it linger for a few seconds, then paid me no attention and talked to the bartender. I looked closer. He was definitely not my type. A few inches shorter than me, with a few tattoos, and he was smoking. He was probably in his mid-thirties and slightly out of shape, but at least I didn't see a wedding ring. He was cute I suppose. He sensed me looking, turned and smiled again. I got an obvious "bad boy" vibe from him, and I was annoyed that he wouldn't come over and talk to me. Logically, I was weirdly attracted to him.

One of my coworkers stopped by and congratulated me on the promotion while she got a drink. When she left, the man appeared by my side. "I was a little intimidated when you strolled up across the net from me," he started. "But I have to be honest, you're not great at volleyball."

He had good eye contract and a confident smile. I was surprised with the Southern accent, but then I noticed the green hat said John Deere on it. I grew up in a rural area in the South. I was interested, if only to keep boredom at bay. "My talents lie elsewhere," I joked.

He settled into the stool next to me and motioned for another drink. At first I wanted him to leave, because he was cock-blocking all the other better looking men around. He also seemed self-centered, cocky, and a bit of a jerk. But I noticed that after I finished one drink with him, he knew quite a bit about me. He was a bit high on himself, but he also squeezed in a lot of questions about me and was interested and remembered the answers. Here was the line that sold me when I was just about to get up:

"You look great, by the way. I can tell you put in a lot of hard work for that physique."

"Thanks," I replied.

"You've got great definition in the shoulders," he said and ran a finger along it, touching me for the first time, leaning in closer now. "Bodybuilding? Crossfit?"

"Crossfit. But mostly being careful in the kitchen and dropping a lot of pounds."

"Good job. I don't mean this in a hitting on you way, I just thought I'd pay you a free compliment."

"You are hitting on me," I said. "It's okay." Then I did some kind of pathetic, flirty hair toss with my long, wavy black hair that should have been in a ponytail for the beach.

"You're not really my type," he said, taking the wind right out of my sails.

I scoffed. "What? Tall? Strong? Smart?"

He laughed. "No, I love those long legs. I mean you're too proper. You're a good girl. You should be sitting by the pool reading a romance novel and sleeping alone tonight. How much courage did it take for you to put on that thong?"

I grinned. He wasn't insulting me. He was playing the game, having fun and keeping me on my toes. He had been throwing me lots of compliments, so I knew he was interested. But the game was working. I was now thinking about sex and trying to impress this guy that I didn't even want to talk to earlier.

"Well you aren't my type either."


I had a feeling nothing I could say would deter this man, so I was honest. "We're from different sides of the tracks." And you're a little shorter than me, and I feel like a bitch for not looking past that.

He nodded. "I know."

"But I'm not saying I want you to go," I said. "Listen, I need to visit the girls' room," I said as the drinks worked their way though me. The hotel had bathrooms just off the beach up a small set of stairs. I left the cover-up on my stool to save the seat, and I have to admit, I hoped he was checking out my butt. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him. He was.

I ended up having a great time talking with him. It wasn't a date, there were zero expectations, and we had a great view and good drinks. He was a good listener. I knew a man that had those skills often employed them solely to get the panties off, but I appreciated his interest. I could tell he was physically attracted to me, because he kept staring at my tits, although he seemed to feel the same way about several other women prancing around, especially the occasional topless one.

I couldn't get past the smoking though as he had another in front of me. I was a health nut now, and I couldn't stand the smell. Every now and then I'd get a whiff of some foul breath. But he was fun to talk to, and another hour and several drinks went by. I wasn't drunk yet, but definitely tipsy. I made two more trips to the ladies' room. The second time, he was gone when I came back, so I went for a stroll down the beach.

I was getting horny again. The alcohol and testosterone-fueled atmosphere had me worked up. The stool had a coarse surface that reminded me that my butt cheeks were exposed on top of the thin cover-up I sat on. My crotch was shaved bare for the first time in my life, and my swimsuit fabric melted against all my most intimate parts. I could definitely feel the new haircut with every step I took, constantly reminding me that my pussy craved attention. I looked around and people watched. I saw some of my coworkers among the crowd, so I still had to watch my behavior. Our workforce was skewed toward a younger demographic, and all of the people I recognized on the beach appeared well on their way to a long, drunken night. More tops were off now, including two girls playing volleyball. I took in that eye candy for a few minutes. One of the girls looked to be a perfect bust size. Not too big, very perky, and drawing tons of attention. Thirty yards away in the beach chairs, I saw some ladies sunning their breasts, some of them a lot older than me.

I spotted my new friend talking with a few guy friends down the beach. Then he talked to some girls that seemed to enjoy the attention. He had mentioned he was part of a large wedding party. I was jealous of course, even though initially I didn't even want to talk to him. The hormones were definitely affecting my brain. A new guy approached me as I mingled nearby and faked interest in the volleyball match. I did a pathetic job of flirting and keeping New Guy's interest while keeping my butt facing Old Guy to try to win his attention again. Sure enough, Old Guy came over a few minutes later, offering to have another drink. So we settled back in to the same bar.

But things were not the same now. He leaned in closer. "I was looking at you out of the corner of my eye, hoping you might, you know, take the top off while you walked. I'd like to see," he whispered.

I scoffed at him, but I was grinning. It was good to have an admirer. "I want to, but I have coworkers here. It's a risk. That's my CEO over there," I said with a nod towards a lawn chair 50 yards away.

"You're nipping out a little. Do you have piercings? I dig it."

"Oh my God!" I said. "So embarrassing. They didn't show before. Shit." In the good light, I could easily see the shape of the nipple and the two sides of the barbell style nipple piercings. I should have used some kind of bandage or other improvised padding on the nipples with this top.

"It's all good, you can nip out since lots of girls aren't even wearing a top. I like it more. It's sexy as hell but leaves a bit of mystery since they're covered."

"Good point, thanks. Hey. You smell good now."

He laughed. "It's a disgusting habit, I know." My friend had taken care of some hygiene issues in his absence and had fresh breath. This had to have been done for me. He knew the bad boy persona had me interested, but the smoking was keeping him from getting the pussy.

When he leaned in for the kiss, I didn't deny him. Two soft pecks, then in came the tongue. It was a welcomed turn of events. After a couple minutes of making out while sitting on bar stools, I remembered where I was and broke off the kiss. I felt a little self-conscious, even though everyone was drinking, and other people were kissing and cuddling or whatever.

"That was pleasant," I said. He was a surprisingly good kisser. "I just, I don't know, out here..." I said.

Then he got really bold. "Let's go to my room. I'd love to have those tall, strong legs wrapped around me."

"Wow, okay. I don't know about that!" I said. I loved his confidence and the compliment. I would have been disappointed if he didn't at least try to score, even though I knew he had zero chance. When you combined my height with my now athletic physique, most men shorter than me lost all their confidence. This guy's cocky attitude was a bit refreshing. But even if I wanted to go to his room and do anything sexual, he was going to have to put in more work than that.

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