tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCancun Vacation Rape Ch. 02

Cancun Vacation Rape Ch. 02


Toni felt ill the rest of the day. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her. She wracked her brain over and over trying to recall what she had done, what had happened, and she could not remember. All she was certain of what she had slept with that terrible young man.

The next morning after her breakfast, her sons wanted to head to the beach. Toni was afraid she would run into Gary, so she told the boys to go without her. She thought if she just avoided him, she could get through the rest of the week and get home.

Gary noticed Toni’s kids at the beach alone. He asked where their mother was, and was told she was back in her room. He smiled and knew she was hiding out, but she was exactly where he wanted her.

Toni sat in her room, picking up her boys clothes when there was a knock on the door. She looked through the peephole and saw it was Gary. She panicked and decided to not answer the door. Gary knocked again and again Toni ignored it hoping he would go away.

He didn’t.

“Come on. I know you’re in there.” Yelled Gary through the door.

Toni thought she could still ignore him and refused to open the door.

“Listen lady. I know you’re in there. You can’t hide from me. Either open this door now, or your husband is going to get a hell of a surprise when he sees what I show him.” Yelled Gary.

Toni’s stomach suddenly tightened up. “What is he talking about?” She thought. She slowly opened the door.

Gary was standing there smiling holding an envelope. “I knew I could get you to open the door.” He said.

“What are you talking about? What are you going to show my husband? Whatever happened was a mistake. I’m sorry it happened and it’s never going to happen again.” Said Toni.

“Aw babe. We had such fun. Here look.” Said Gary as he handed Toni the envelope.

Toni took the envelope from his hand and trembled as she opened it. Her heart almost stopped as she saw the pictures. It was pictures of Toni having sex in various positions with him! Her face was clearly visible. Her stomach was now fully in knots as she looked at picture after picture.

She looked up at Gary who was smiling.

“You took pictures? You took pictures of this?” She yelled at him.

Gary kept smiling. “Sure babe.” Was his reply.

Toni ripped and crushed the pictures and threw them at Gary. “You pig.” She muttered.

“That’s fine babe. I got plenty others.” He said smiling.

“What are you going to do? Blackmail me? You want money?” She asked.

Gary smiled. “No babe. I want you.” He replied.

Toni looked at the smiling Gary and lost control. She slapped him hard and tried to push him out the door. This upset Gary who suddenly got angry. He pushed Toni back into the room and shut the door. His face was suddenly filled with anger. Toni became scared.

“Listen you stupid cunt. Don’t ever lay a fucking hand on me! This is the fucking deal. I got pictures of you and I fucking. I got pictures of you cumming like a whore on my cock. If you don’t want anyone like your loving husband or kids seeing you like that, you’ll fucking do as you’re told the rest of the week. It’s either that, or the fucking world gets to see you for the whore you are.” Sneered Gary.

Toni began to sob. “What do you want of me?” She sobbed.

“Fucking simple. You’re my little fuck toy the rest of the week. What I say you do. Refuse me one thing and I spill the pictures. At the end of the week, you and your family go back home, and you never hear from me again. Deal?” He asked.

“I can’t do that.” Sobbed Toni.

“No problem then babe. I’ll leave right now. You’ll have to deal with your husband and kids after they see what I got to show them.” Said Gary as he turned towards the door.

“You can’t do that. Please! There must be something else I can do.” Pleaded Toni.

Gary turned and faced the pleading housewife and said. “Listen, I told you cunt. You do what I say or I share the pictures. It’s your fucking choice and I am walking out the door right now.”

“Please stop! I can’t do that. I’m married. I have children.” Said Toni sobbing and holding on to his arm.

“Look bitch. I’m walking out this door in two fucking seconds. You either agree to my terms, or your husband and kids see what a whore you are. Bye!” Said Gary as he pulled away from Toni and walked slowly towards the door.

Toni thought as she fought back the tears. She struggled, but knew she had no choice. She could not let anyone see her like she was in the photos. She couldn’t live with that. She knew he had her helpless.

“Yes. All right.” She said softly. “Just promise me you won’t show anyone if I do what you want.”

“I give you my word babe.” Said a smiling Gary as he turned back towards the housewife. “So let’s get busy babe. Right now.”

“Here? Now?” Asked Toni.

“Yes now. We can go to my room if you want. But we’re starting now.” Said Gary sternly.

“Your room.” Said Toni quietly.

“Come on then.” Said Gary as he grabbed her arm and led her next door. He quickly unlocked the door and showed her in. Toni’s stomach was in knots. She felt helpless and frightened, but could think of nothing else she could do right now.

Gary led her into his bedroom and turned towards her. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and then took off his bathing suit. He stood there nude in front of Toni and began stroking his cock to hardness.

Toni looked away, her mind reeling. “Take your fucking clothes off.” He commanded.

Toni froze for a moment, her mind still full of thoughts, trying to figure a way out of the dilemma she was facing, but knowing she really had no choice.

Gary moved right in front of her. “I told you to strip cunt. This is the deal. I tell you what to do, and you fucking do it. Refuse me once. Delay once. And I spill the pictures. You fucking got that now?” Said Gary.

Toni turned her tear-stained face towards him and weekly said. “Yes.”

“Good. Now fucking take off those clothes.” Said Gary.

Toni slowly reached for the front of her shorts and undid them. She reached in and pulled the blouse she had tucked in and pulled it slowly over her head. Tears ran down her face as she slid her shorts off and stood in front of Gary in her bra and panties.

Gary smiled as he admired Toni. “She’s got a nice fucking body for an old bitch.” He thought.

Toni looked away as she reached behind her and undid her bra. She let it slowly fall away from her body and then looked at Gary as she removed her panties. She was now nude in front of this young man, and she felt totally humiliated.

Gary sat down on the side of the bed. His cock was now hard, standing up straight thick and long. He looked at Toni and smiled.

“Get on your fucking knees and give me some head babe.” He commanded.

Toni rolled her eyes slightly and moved towards Gary and dropped to her knees. She’d never felt worse in her life. She had to do whatever this horrible young man told her or her life would be ruined. She reached forward with her right hand and gripped his hard young shaft.

“Come on babe. Get busy on it.” He told her.

Toni closed her eyes and leaned forward. She opened her mouth slightly and took some of the head in as she stroked it slowly. She was now doing something she had only done for one other man, her husband, and she felt ill.

Gary felt the warm wet mouth encircle his hard cock and he moaned. “Yeah baby. That’s it.”

Toni kept her eyes closed as she sucked Gary’s cock. She began to stroke the shaft faster and firmer as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. She had trouble taking too much of it in. Gary was larger than her husband Don and her hand barely encircled his shaft as she stroked it.

“MMMM babe. You know how to suck a cock. Do it babe. Suck my cock.” Moaned Gary.

Toni hated what she was doing and she hated that this young man was making her do it. She thought if she went a bit faster and did more with her mouth, he would finish and it would be over for her. So she did.

Gary saw and felt what Toni was doing. He felt so full of himself. He had this woman at his command. She had no idea of the things he had planned for her before the week was out.

Toni felt Gary begin to pump up into her mouth. She heard his breathing increase and his rhythmic moans. She also felt his young cock stiffen and stir to her attentions. That pushed her to stroke and suck him even faster. She opened her eyes and saw Gary’s eyes were closed and his head was leaning back as he moaned while Toni sucked his cock. She knew it wouldn’t be long.

Gary began to moan deeper as his young cock began to jump in Toni’s hand and mouth. He was pumping up into her. Toni fought to keep from gagging as she felt him pump harder into her mouth. Toni increased her efforts trying to get the young man off.

Toni felt Gary’s cock shudder to her touch. She laughed a bit inside knowing she now had the power. She began to stroke him firmer and faster and saw how Gary reacted. It had been so long since she’d had this effect on a man.

“Oh fucking shit!” Screamed Gary as the first shot of cum sprayed into Toni’s mouth. Toni sucked and stroked and swallowed as Gary pumped her mouth full of his young cum. Toni couldn’t believe how much was coming out and she also couldn’t believe she was now sucking his cock with increased enthusiasm.

It had been so long since she felt such passion in a man she was with. Her and Don barely now had sex once a month. Don almost seemed bored with her at times and she felt unattractive and old. And now she had a hard young cock and she was making it explode in her mouth. She sucked him until he softened.

Gary reached down and pulled Toni up on top of him. He kissed her quickly and with a passion she hadn’t experienced in years. Before she was aware of what she was really doing, she had opened her mouth and allowed Gary’s tongue deep into hers. For a moment, she got lost in the passion and kissed him back deeply.

Gary’s hand slid down to her pussy and he inserted a finger inside her. Toni quickly came back to her senses and stopped kissing Gary. He looked at her and smiled and she became overwhelmed with guilt. Tears formed in her eyes.

Gary ignored the tears as he flipped the housewife onto her back. His finger was now in her pussy and he looked at Toni as he finger fucked her. She turned away feeling ashamed for what had just happened.

Gary kept slowly bringing his finger in and out of Toni’s pussy. It was slightly wet, but was not ready to be fucked yet. He leaned over and kissed each of her nipples, sucking each one gently and then tonguing them while he played with her pussy. Toni still feeling ashamed kept staring at the wall refusing to look at Gary or react to him.

Gary kept up his attentions on Toni’s pussy and nipples. He felt her nipples grow involuntarily in his mouth. And he felt her married pussy begin to moisten. He took some of the moistness and gently rubbed it around her clit and then went back to slowly fingered fucking her. He felt her body slowly surrendering.

Gary stopped sucking her nipples and slid down to her pussy. He took his other hand and spread out her pussy and began to gently flick his tongue on her clit while he fingered her. Toni tried to not react, but she could not stop her body.

Don had not gone down on her in years and this terrible young man was now doing things Don never did when he would go down on her. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt herself get moister and moister.

She began to feel utterly humiliated now. Gary’s tongue was flicking so fast over her clit. It began to felt so good, she had to fight deep within herself not to react more than she already was. His finger was now sliding quickly in and out her pussy and she could feel how wet she was getting and she felt terrible.

She began to get angry with Don. If only Don had paid more attention to her, she wouldn’t be feeling life this. Why couldn’t he be like this young man? Why couldn’t he make her body feel like this?

She slowly began to get overwhelmed by what was happening. Her eyes turned from the wall to this young man. She could hear him moaning as he licked and played with her pussy. She began to smell the aroma of arousal and knew it was she. She shook her head and thought. “No! No! NO! Don’t let this happen!”

She looked to her right and saw Gary’s cock was now fully erect and engorged and it stirred something primal deep inside her. Don rarely got hard twice in one night and here was this young man already hard again for her. She closed her eyes and tried to look away. But she could not.

She opened her eyes and looked again at his strong young hard cock. She looked at the large head. The veins swollen with blood. His balls full and heavy with semen just for her.

And she began to lose control.

She began to pump softly against Gary’s attentions. Her pussy now began to ooze wetness as she stared as his young strong cock. Gary felt her surrender and shifted slightly to play with her pussy at a different angle. This brought his cock within inches of Toni’s mouth.

The feeling in Toni’s pussy began to overtake her. She’d never felt so aroused. Never so desired. She kept staring at Gary’s young strong cock. It was now inches away from her. Gary stopped flicking his tongue quickly over her clit and began a slow regular motion of firm licks.

Toni’s body now began to react without her being able to control it. Gary feeling this began to lick her harder and a bit faster. The reaction was immediate and Gary knew she was lost.

Toni fought and fought deep inside herself, but was losing the battle. Gary now had her at the edge she’d never been to before. And his big beautiful cock was inches away. She couldn’t stop looking at it and wanting it.

Toni lost all control and she reached for Gary’s cock. She stroked it and pulled it into her mouth and she sucked it greedily. She now was humping actively against Gary’s tongue and finger and she began to feel something she had never felt before.

She was going to cum while someone licked her pussy.

Gary felt Toni bore down against his finger and push up against his tongue. He also felt the housewife and mother suck his cock deeply into her mouth. He heard her moan deeply from her cock filled mouth. Her whole body then started to shudder.

Toni screamed as her orgasm wracked her body. At that moment all she could focus on was the intense feeling radiating from her pussy throughout her body. She’d never felt anything like it and she screamed and screamed as her pussy spasmed again and again.

She released Gary’s cock as the spasms subsided. Gary stopped licking her and flipped around, positioning himself between her legs. He looked down at her married pussy. It was red and swollen. He pushed his cock towards the opening. Toni did not have the energy or the inclination to stop him.

Gary pushed deep into the hottest wettest pussy he’d ever felt. He leaned down and kissed her deeply and she glad accepted his tongue into her mouth. He pumped hard and quickly into her.

Toni was lost in passion and fucked back against Gary. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling him deeply into her. Her arms went around his shoulders as she kissed him deeply.

Gary pumped harder and harder and felt his own orgasm approaching. His cock grew stiffer as he pounded her married inferno of a pussy. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

“AAAAAGGGGGGG! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” Gary screamed as he came deep into Toni’s pussy. She pumped back against him drawing out all his young potent sperm. She moaned deeply as she felt her pussy flutter as Gary pumped in and out of her until he softened. They kissed deeply and caressed one another as they felt the heat subside.

Tears welled up in Toni’s eyes again. She’d never felt such passion, but also such guilt. She’d just fucked a young man almost half her age and loved it. She could not deny it. She felt satisfied for the first time in a long time. But she also felt very dirty.

Gary rolled off of her and said. “I need a shower babe. How about you?”

Toni looked at him and said. “No, you go ahead.”

She watched as he got out and headed into the bathroom.

“What a I going to do?” She thought. She’d never felt worse in her entire life.

Gary felt the water cascading off of him. “Shit. That one was one hot bitch. I never thought she’d fucking get off like that.” He thought.

Toni lay there wiping away the tears. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” She thought over and over again.

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