tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCancun Vacation Rape Ch. 03

Cancun Vacation Rape Ch. 03


Gary quickly showered and dried himself off. He returned to the bedroom to find Toni, lying on the bed in the fetal position sobbing lightly. He almost felt a bit sorry for her.

Toni felt so horrible inside. She’d just been with that terrible boy again, and this time she had orgasmed with him. She thought of her husband and her children and felt incredible shame and guilt. She had actually enjoyed what had just happened.

Gary was about to say something to her when the phone rang. Toni heard Gary laugh and mutter something else. She really did not care at that point. But she should have.

She was about to have company. Gary had told his buddies to give him one hour alone with Toni, and then call. They were now on their way up to the room.

Gary lay down next to the sobbing housewife. He stroked her hair and wiped away her tears. Toni wrapped herself around him and began to sob. Gary said some comforting words hoping she would stop before his buddies got there. A minute or so went by and just about the time Toni stopped crying, Gary heard the door open.

Gary’s friends Matt, Steve, and Dale entered the room quietly; unsure of what might be going on. They were surprised to see Gary holding the sobbing housewife. He smiled and signaled for them to get undressed and they did quickly.

Gary held Toni for a few more seconds and then pulled her head back and said. “You’ve got to get yourself together babe.”

He wiped away her tears with the towel he brought from the bathroom and looked Toni in the eyes and then he kissed her deeply. She resisted at first and then kissed him back. He pushed her gently onto her back as he continued to kiss her deeply. He lay on top of her and grasped her hands and pulled them slowly over her head as he put his full weight on to her.

He pulled back from the kiss and whispered in her ear. “Time for more play babe.”

For a second, Toni thought Gary was going to make love to her again. But she quickly heard a sound to her right and opened her eyes to see three horny young men watching her.

“Hey!” She screamed as she tried to push Gary off of her. “Someone’s here!”

“I know babe. They’re my friends. And I told them they could join us for some fun.” Said Gary as he held down the struggling housewife.

“Let me go. Now!” Yelled the screaming Toni as she bucked and bucked, trying to get Gary off of her.

“Help me hold her down assholes!” Yelled Gary to his buddies.

The buddies froze for a second and Gary yelled again. “Get the fuck over here and hold down her legs!”

Toni struggled, but could not match the strong young men. She felt her legs being grabbed and held apart. Gary quickly jumped on top of her chest, straddling it while pinning down her arms. She quickly knew she was overmatched.

“Please, don’t do this. Please!” She began to beg.

Gary looked down at her with a demented smile and said. “Relax cunt. The way you fucked me just a few minutes ago, you need some more cock. And my buddies are going to give it to you.”

Toni got suddenly angry.

“You mother fucker. Get off me you sick piece of trash.” Said the snarling Toni.

“Shut the fuck up bitch.” Gary said to Toni.

Gary turned to his buddies. Steve and Dale were holding her legs and Matt was staring at her pussy like a hungry man does to a steak dinner.

“Matt, you saw the tape. You saw this bitch fuck me like the whore she is. Pay no fucking attention to what she says. Just get between those legs and fuck her hard.” Gary said to his friend.

Toni felt the bed sag and felt Matt fumbling with the outside of her pussy. She tried to fight, to kick her legs free, but three strong young men were holding her in place. Tears formed in her eyes as she looked up at Gary and softly said. “Please don’t do this to me. Please.”

Gary just looked down and smiled at her. “Shut the fuck up bitch. You’re going to get fucked and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Matt positioned his hard young cock at Toni’s opening and pushed it in. Toni felt it enter her and pushed hard to get Gary off of her, but she could not. She tried to get her legs back together, but Steve and Dale were holding them in place.

“Please stop him. Please don’t let them do this to me!” Toni began to beg in a soft voice.

Gary just looked down at her and smiled. Toni’s eyes filled up with tears as she felt the young stiff cock pump in and out of her.

Matt pounded Toni quickly for close to two minutes. Toni closed her eyes and quit begging Gary. She knew she could not stop them. She felt Matt’s stiff young cock get even harder as he pumped and pumped. She knew he’d be cumming inside her soon. Suddenly she heard him groan and felt him push deep inside her. She felt the pulsations of his orgasm deep inside her and a flood of warmth filled her pussy. Toni turned her head to the side and kept her eyes closed. She wanted this humiliation to end as quickly as possible.

Matt groaned as he busted his nut deep inside the helpless housewife. He pumped several more times before he withdrew and moved away to grab her left leg that was being held by Steve.

Steve moved between Toni’s spread legs. He looked down at her pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and unfurled like a rose. Her opening was oozing cum and juice from her aroused pussy. Steve stroked his cock as he moved in closer and positioned himself at her opening.

Steve pushed gently and began to enter Toni’s well-fucked pussy. His cock was larger than the other boys and he was used to giving women time to adjust to his larger girth and length.

He began to slowly pump inside her. Toni’s pussy now full of two loads of young cum quickly began to stretch and accommodate Steve much larger cock. Steve fucked her slowly at first and then began to fuck her with long deep slow strokes. Inch by inch he worked more and more of his huge young hard cock into Toni’s married pussy.

Toni felt utterly humiliated and helpless. She had been forced by the pictures to submit to Gary. Now he was letting his friends used her also. The first boy had finished quickly and she was hoping the others would too. But this boy was different.

Toni never felt so full in her life. Don had been her first until Gary had forced himself on her. Gary was slightly larger than her husband Don, but this boy was much larger and he was hitting areas no man had ever done on her, and she hated herself for what she was feeling.

She kept her eyes closed and let her body relax. She lifted her ass slightly as Steve pumped forward into her and she felt him hit even deeper inside her. Steve felt her begin to move against him and began to pump a bit faster and harder. Each stroke he went deeper and deeper in the helpless housewife.

Toni bit her lip to keep from crying out. This kids cock was pushing her over the edge and she was losing the will to control her body. Steve could feel the reaction of her body and pushed her even more.

Matt and Dale noticed Toni had stopped struggling and was letting Steve fuck her. Gary noticed it too. Her eyes were still closed and her head was still turned to the side. He slowly moved off her chest and moved to her side, still holding her arm in case.

Steve grabbed Toni’s legs and pushed them up high onto his shoulders. That lifted Toni’s ass slightly off the bed as Steve began to pound deep and hard into the housewife’s pussy. Steve was real sexual athlete. He had a big cock and could fuck for a long long time. And he had just that intention with Toni.

Steve pounded Toni’s’ pussy hard for several minutes. The boys watched as she flexed her ass upwards to take all of Steve’s cock as he pushed it in. She kept her eyes closed, but they could see how her body was reacting. She loved every fucking second of it!

Gary leaned in and began to nurse on Toni’s left nipple. Matt began to do the same to her right. They heard her softly moan and her breathing was now coming in short soft puffs.

Toni was now lost in a sea of passion. She’d never been fucked for so long with a cock so big. She found herself waiting for every quick hard thrust, waiting for it to hit bottom, feeling it withdraw, and then longing for it’s return a split second later. She lost all pretense of resistance when the boys began to suck on her sensitive nipples.

She would let them fuck her all day if they wanted.

Steve now began to fuck her with a pace and intensity she’d never known. She felt it building in her and felt it building in him. She opened her eyes and looked straight into his. He looked down at her, his face all covered with sweat. He was ready and knew she was too.

“Let it go lover. Give it all to me.” Toni whispered softly up at him.

Steve groaned and lifted his head back as he thrust deeply into Toni and released his first shot of young potent sperm. Toni groaned loudly as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. Steve continued to thrust while he shot more and more cum into her waiting pussy.

“Oh my God!” Toni moaned over and over again as she came harder that she had ever in her life.

Gary looked as her eyes rolled back in her head as she came and came. “Holy fucking shit.” Whispered Gary. He’d never seen a woman cum like that.

Steve finally collapsed on top of Toni. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him deeply. They kissed for minutes until Steve finally rolled off of her. She lay there open for the boys to see, cum oozing out of her pussy.

Dale finally moved next to her, his hard young cock pressing against her side. He pulled Toni on top of him and she did not resist. She felt drained and empty. She lay on top of him and felt him push his hard young cock into her.

Dale thrust up into her in quick hard thrusts. Toni barely had the strength to push back, but she did slightly. She had here eyes closed as was just letting this young boy use her body.

Matt was hard again from witnessing the hottest sex scene he’s ever seen. He moved to Toni’s left and began to stroke his cock, just inches from her face. Toni felt the movement on the bed and opened her eyes to see Matt’s cock. With only a primal reaction available to her, she opened her mouth and invited his cock in.

Matt grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth as Dale fucked her pussy. Toni began to moan rhythmically as the young boys fucked her pussy and mouth at the same time.

Gary and Steve watched in amazement. Gary knew she was a hot bitch, but never thought she’d react like this. He felt his own cock stir again.

Toni was overloaded on passion. She felt the young strong cock pumping into her and was fucking back against it as much energy as she could. Her pussy was now oozing juice. It was a mixture of the three loads already there and her incredible arousal. She felt it running down her thighs as the young man fucked up into her.

She wrapped her hand around Matt’s cock and stroked it as she sucked it. She’d never felt so aroused, so alive in passion. She wanted it to never stop,

Gary looked at Toni’s humping ass and saw her asshole. It was wet and coated with the cum and pussy juice that was leaking from Toni. He stroked his young cock several times as he watched.

He climbed slowly onto the bed. He reached out and grabbed some of the juice now oozing from Toni’s pussy. He coated the head of his cock and stroked it up and down. He also ran his finger up and down the crack of her ass, and then slowly circled her puckered asshole.

Toni was so lost in passion, she was barely aware of what was going on. All she could focus on was the hard young cock in her mouth and the hard young cock thrusting up into her inferno of a pussy.

Gary positioned his cock at Toni’s asshole and pushed it slowly in. Toni suddenly felt a searing pain. She screamed, but her mouth was full of cock and Matt was holding her head in place as he fucked her face.

Gary slowly began to fuck her ass as the two other young men continued their assaults on her pussy and mouth. The pain slowly left and was replaced by a feeling of incredible fullness. She began to slowly hump back against the two cocks fucking her as Gary pushed more and more cock into her ass.

Gary could feel Dale’s cock pressing up into her pussy and Dale could feel Gary’s cock pressing deeper into Toni’s asshole. He slowed his pace to match Gary. The scene was too much for Matt and he unloaded into Toni’s mouth. Toni swallowed and drank his cum purely on instinct. As Matt released her head, she laid it on Dale’s shoulder.

The boys slowly fucked in and out on Toni’s ass and pussy at the same time. Toni had never felt anything like it. At first, it hurt. Then another feeling overwhelmed her. She’d never felt so full. She felt like she was riding the most monstrous cock and it was slowly fucking her into oblivion.

Gary and Dale began to fuck her a bit faster and harder and Toni just let them. She was not in control of her body any longer. She was letting the boys use her and she liked it. Gary grabbed her hips and began to thrust hard and deep into her ass, as Dale pushed up hard into her pussy.

Toni began to make guttural type moans. She was their fuck toy, their whore, their cum receptacle, and she could not get enough.

Dale heard her begin to whisper softly. “Oh God. Don’t ever stop fucking me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Toni felt Dale’s cock stiffen and begin to shoot its load deep within her. She grunted and pumped against him, sucking out all the cum she could from his young cock. Gary felt Dale cumming and shoved deep and shot his load deep up her ass.

In Dale’s ear she whispered. “Yes. Yes Yes! Give it to me. All of it.”

The boys pumped until they were spent. They rolled away from the well-fucked housewife leaving her on her back, a sweaty cum filled mess.

Steve fucked her one more time that afternoon, but she barely has any recollection of it. The boys let her leave after fucking her continuously for more than two hours.

The rest of the week, she did as she was told without resistance. Three more of Gary’s friends had their way with her. She lost count of the number of times she was fucked and how many times she came. It took more than a week for her pussy to heal once she got home. And at night, when her husband Don would make love to her, she’d close her eyes, and picture Cancun, and it always brought a flood of juices to her pussy.

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