tagBDSMCandace's New Years Eve

Candace's New Years Eve


Chastity had worn her locking heels out quite often and no one ever mentioned them. Normally she would hide the locking portion under a pair of jeans. All anyone ever saw was another pair of black heels, which she owns a lot of.

This is until New Years Eve.

Aiden asked her to wear them out to the club that night. He liked them and wanted her in them tonight.

She complied to his request even though she was skeptical about the club they were going to for New Years. It wasn't a lifestyle club, just a normal open to the public bar that was hosting a party. There is going to be all kinds of friends there, both in and out of the lifestyle, and she's planning on wearing a cute, tight little black dress she just got from Nordstroms.

When they arrived, they went straight over to the table they had previously reserved. It was in the back corner of a raised section that had enough room for 6 tables. You could sit comfortably while being able to see overtop of everyone else to see what was going on. Their friends and them had reserved all of the tables for the night.

That's how the night started - everyone started to arrive slowly on their own. The 9pm deadline to keep a reserved table wasn't to hard to make and everyone had three hours to just chill, drink, and talk with each other. Most didn't drink to heavily because they wanted to remember the ball dropping.

Later that night, closer to ten, Aiden noticed Candace walking around in the crowd, apparently lost. Candace is a old friend of theirs that they haven't seen in a while. Her and her boyfriend lived a pretty quiet life, she rarely was seen out.

Aiden walked to the end of the raised platform and leaned across the half wall that surrounded the section.

"Candace!" he shouted across the crowd

She looked towards his voice and smiled and waved when she saw him. He motioned her to come over which she gladly did. She wasn't there with anyone and just wanted some friends to spend new years with. As he invited her into their section, he asked where was her boyfriend was, Aiden didn't hang out with them a lot but considered them both friends. Candace told him that they broke up and she didn't want to spend the night alone. He paused for a moment in surprise,

"I'm sorry to hear that, but you're free to sit with us tonight, we have room." He told her while walking her back to their table. All the seat were already taken so Aiden offered Candace his seat next to Chastity. He was raised to be a gentlemen and always give up his seat to a standing women. He was content standing behind them and chatting with them. He bought the three of them a round of shots, and then soon after another round.

It wasn't long after that they became more comfortable and started to relax more. Aiden was leaning up against the wall, Chastity was sitting there with her legs crossed, and Candace was leaned back in her seat. That's when she noticed Chastity's heels.

"Oh my god, are your heels locked on you, oh my god those are so cute, you have to let me try them on." Candace tells Chastity.

In her mind the two of them wear the same size shoes, it's normal to try on each others heels.

"I can't, I don't have the key." Chastity answers back starting to blush, Aiden just smiling while still leaning on the wall.

"Why not?" Candace asks while looking back and forth between Chastity and Aiden, starting to smile along with Aiden.

"Do you have the key?" She asked Aiden.

Aiden simply nodded his head yes.

"You two are to freaky, I love it." "You don't know the half of it." Aiden tells her with a smile.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small little key, it was one of 3 matching keys in his pocket. He placed the key down on the table in front of Candace and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"There's the key to her heels, if you want to try them on, you have to unlock them first, she's not allowed." looking towards Chastity "Or you could just put it in your purse and know she can't get free without it." he added

Candace immediately became devilish, and picked up the key.

"You can't get out of those without this" she asked Chastity smirking in delight.

"Nope." Chastity answered still blushing.

Candace then placed the key into her purse. She smiled and told them how much she liked that. Aiden was just smiling cause tonight had taken a completely unexpected turn.

"On that note, I'm going to get us another round." He tells the girls as he's about to get off the wall and walk towards the bar.

Candace grabs his arm, "No I'll get this round, I haven't bought a round yet, it's my turn."

"No tonight you're on our tab, just relax I'll be back" as he starts to head off.

Right before walking past Chastity, he leans in and tells her loud enough for both of the girls to hear, "Now behave and do as she says while I'm away Baby." with a smirk and a wink towards Candace, and off he goes.

"Wait, did he just tell you to do whatever I tell you to do while he's gone?" Candace asked her with shock in her voice.

Chastity now fully blushing, as red as a firetruck, places her fists in front of her face, as if to hide her face, "Uh huh." she answers shaking her head yes while staring down at the table refusing to look directly at Candace

"Are you his submissive?"

Chastity still looking down at table with her fist covering half of her face, "Uh Huh." again shaking her head up and down.

Candace then reached into her purse and pulled out the key Aiden gave her. She reached over to Chastity's leg that was still crossed and placed the key into one of the locks. When she turned it, the lock unlocked. This shocked her, She thought it was just a junk key Aiden just happened to have in his pocket. She thought it was just a joke, but it's not.

She pulled the key back out and relocked her lock back in place. She leaned back to take it all in.

"So if I tell you to do something, you'll do it?"

"Uh Huh." Chastity answers, still blushing and acting all shy

"Stand up!"

Chastity without pause slides off of her stool and stands between it and Candace. Candace clapped her hand in front of herself in delight, "This is fantastic I love it."

"Put you hands down."

Chastity lowers her hands down to her sides slowly. Showing Candace a bright red smiling face.

"Oh my god you really like this don't you?" she asks in delight.

"Yes, I like to be the submissive one." Chastity answered with more comfort in her voice

"Sit." Candace orders her as she sees Aiden approaching with their shots. "Did you guys miss me?" Aiden asks as he places a shot down for each of them.

"Nope." Candace answered with a smile

"No body ever does."

He raised his glass into the air, "To a fun new year." Aiden cheers, as the girls raise their glasses to cheers him. They all three tap their glass on the table and shoot them down.

"So, Chastity showed me how kinky you two really are." Candace tells Aiden with a smirk on her face.

"Oh did she now? And how exactly did she SHOW you?" Smiling because this has to be good.

"She did what I told her to do, just like you told her to."

"Did you now?" Aiden asks Chastity

"Yup." While sipping on her Sprite, smiling like a little school girl.

"What exactly did she have you do?"

"Stand up and keep my hands down."

"Oh really now." looking at Candace with a devilish grin.

"That's some pretty kinky stuff to do with a submissive." As if to make fun of her lack of skill within the dynamic.

"You were only gone for a couple minutes." She tells him as if to create a defense worthy enough to waive off the oncoming embarrassment.

"Baby you're going to do whatever she tells you to do until I say otherwise, got it?" Aiden tells Chastity loud enough for only the three of them to hear.

"Yes Sir!" Again catching Candace off guard, she just called him Sir, not Aiden. "Now Kneel!" He orders Chastity while looking Candace dead in the eyes.

Chastity slides back off of her seat, gets down on her knees, places her hands on top of her thighs with her palms facing upward, her head looking straight ahead.

He then assumed her place in her seat. Aiden and Candace are sitting there and Chastity is kneeling in between them, no one notices them in the corner, but Candace is in complete shock, but she's loving it.

"She'll do ANYTHING you tell her?" Candace asks Aiden

"She'll do anything YOU tell her to do, give it a try!"

"I don't know what to tell her to do."

Aiden takes notice of Candace's legs, her left leg is crossed over her right, her foot dangling in the air.

"Turn your body so that you legs are in front of her and tell her you want a massage." He tells Candace as if to give her a hint of something she might enjoy.

Candace does, and looks down at Chastity. "I want a massage."

Chastity immediately begins massaging on her calf. Rubbing with both hands.

Candace is ecstatic. This is not how she pictured her New Years Eve going, but here she is sitting in the corner and getting a massage because she ordered a girl too. Way to cool.

"She'll answer to your every whim, no matter what it is." Aiden tells Candace with pride in his voice.

"What do you mean?"

"Baby, show her a proper massage."

Chastity then begins to add kisses to Candace's leg massage. Softly kissing around the area she's massaging.

"I mean she'll do ANYTHING you tell her to!" Smirking back at her.

Candace just sat there smiling, staring down at Chastity kissing and rubbing on her. She started to get a little wet, which she did not expect, but it was the most action she had felt in a while.

"Go a little higher!" She ordered to see what would happen.

Chastity then began kissing and rubbing her way higher to her thigh.

"Hey guys I'm going to go get us a bottle of champagne before they run out again." Aiden tells them as he excuses himself to get a bottle from the owner. Last year they had to do a vodka toast at midnight, this year they wanted their own bottle.

"Stop!" Candace orders Chastity.

Chastity stops and assumes her position kneeling on the floor

"Do you really like this, like being told what to do?" As if to protect her from some evil spirit.

Chastity breaks her position, looks Candace in the eyes and tells her, "I'm soaking wet right now!"

"Oh my god I'm wet too, I felt so bad because you weren't trying to turn me on, just doing as your told."

"This is me, my exhibitionist side, my submissive side, and my bisexual side all in one. I'm loving this!" Starting to rub again on Candace's thigh. "You don't have to tell me I was making you wet, I could taste it when I started kissing on your thigh." Chastity added smiling up to her.

Candace begins blushing and turns back towards the table as if to hide.

"Get back to what you were doing before Aiden gets back and we both in trouble." As if to change topic immediately. This went on for quite a bit, Aiden was gone for over ten minutes, Chastity kept kissing and rubbing on Candace. No more words were said between the two of them until Aiden returned. Just an awkward scene they both were enjoying.

"I would have though you'd have her full face in your crouch by the time I got back, as long as it took to get this bottle." Aiden tells Candace as he returns and places a bottle of champagne in a chiller on the table with three plastic flutes.

Candace takes the hint and uncrosses her legs in front of Chastity, staring Aiden in the eyes, wanting to see what Chastity will do. Chastity just kept at it, kissing and massaging on both of her thighs, but now not only can she feel, taste, and smell how wet Candace is, she can see up her skirt, she can see how wet her panties are.

Candace leaned down over Chastity still staring back at Aiden "Higher!" With a smile as if to show Aiden she's got the balls to do it.

He just smiled and went to blow her a kiss, surprised when she leaned in for the real thing. He did it, he kissed her in front of everyone while his wife was going down on her. No one noticed a thing

"Are you having fun?" He asked her.

"Oh yeah." While enjoying what Chastity was doing in between her legs.

"Would you like to feel her tongue?"

"Yes." She answers with an evil but wanting grin.

"Then tell her, tell her you want to feel her tongue and not her hands." Aiden adds as to see how far will she go.

"Chastity want to feel your tongue not your hands."

Chastity immediately lowers her hands down to rest them on her thighs while starting to lick on Candace's clit and labia through her soaking wet panties. She's making long strokes all over, not just centered in one position like all of Candace's previous boyfriends. "Now place your hand on the back of her head and guide her around however you like." Aiden tells Candace.

"Women don't like that!" She answers back as if to do otherwise would break a women's law or something.

"Baby stop!"

She stops immediately and returns to her kneeling position, Candace is stunned.

"Do you want to cum tonight?" He asked Candace.

"Yes I do." With a look that she was just about to, had he not rudely interrupted.

"Then realize she's not a women, she's a submissive, and for you, right this moment, she's a sex toy, so use it or lose it." He sternly tells her as if to force her to accept that she's got a submissive making her wet and not a girlfriend whose feelings she has to worry about.

"Now if you want to cum, take your panties off, place them here on the table, and tell her to make you cum."

Candace sitting there in shock at how stern Aiden had become with her and still wanting to feel more of Chastity's tongue, slowly slid to the end of her stool, and began to lower her panties. She took them all the way off and tossed them on the table in front of Aiden as if to show him she's not some chicken shit.

Aiden simply smiled and grabbed the bottle out of the chiller to start pouring their new years toast. The soaking wet pink cotton panties in front of him were mostly ignored.

"Make me cum!" Candace orders Chastity as she grabs the back of her head and guides her back in slowly. Chastity follows direction and finds herself in Candace's bare pussy.

"Now lean back, put your leg on her back and enjoy!" Aiden tells Candace, again catching her off guard. She would never want someone to put their leg on her back while she was going down on them, but she had learned not to fight and just go with it, so she does. She's surprised how perfect it feels. She's sitting there stretched out getting the best head job she's ever received.

Aiden just sat there and watched them, Candace was making cute faces and moaning softly, softly guiding Chastity's head around between her legs.

In his eye's she was loving every moment of this, he introduced her to his world and she's loving it.

After about ten minutes you could start to see Candace starting to press harder on Chastity's head and get more into it. You could tell that if she wasn't there she was really close. Her body is starting to arch and her muscles are tightening.

Just then fully unexpected by everyone at the table, who had all but forgot they're out in public, hear the crowd erupt.



Candace can't believe it, she's about to cum at any moment and they're counting down. She begins to moan a lot louder, easily heard if they weren't yelling all around her.



She's there she's ready to release.



4... Three more seconds is all she has to hold it, she squeeze even harder on Chastity's head and squeezes her entire body closer with her leg on her back.




"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The crowd shouts while blowing into their horns and making a ton of noise.

Candace screams in delight, she completely releases all over Chastity. She squirts for the first time in her life. She can't stop it either, she's just thrusting Chastity's face in and out and all over, constantly releasing more and more with every motion. Candace can't believe it, it feels almost like she's peeing all over Chastity but it's the best feeling she has ever had before. No one notices why she's screaming, everyone else is too.

Then just as sudden as it happened, she stopped, she just sat there still, shaking. She couldn't walk right now if she wanted to. She softly pulled Chastity out from in between her legs and said, "Thank You." She just leaned back in her seat to regain her composure.

Aiden simply smiled, looked down at Chastity, "Good girl, now come take your seat back." While offering her his hand to help her up. He get's out of her seat and helps her back into it. She's soaking wet, all of her face, a lot of her hair, and a large stain on the front of her dress.

He then picked up the three flutes he had already filled with champagne, and gives each of the girls one.

"To a hell of a good year with hell of good friends." he offers as a cheer.

They all clink their cheap plastic flutes, tap them on the bar, giggle because you're only supposed to do that with shots, and they take a sip from their drink. It's not the best champagne but it's free so no one complains.

He then leans over to kiss Chastity and tells her happy new year, then over to Candace for the same kiss.

"I'd like you to kiss Chastity and thank her for that moment you just had."

Candace smiled, leaned towards Chastity and kissed her on the lips, "Thank you so much for that, I've never felt it like that before." she added as she leaned back in her seat.

Aiden smiled, and took notice of Chastity's discomfort from her hair and clothes being wet.

"Well we must go, need to hit the road before the amateurs get out." He tells Candace as he places Chastity's leather coat on her. He then put his leather jacket on and reached into his pocket and removed his beanie. He placed it on Chastity's head covering up the wet hair, only showing her longer hair hanging below. Chastity smiled because now no one could tell.

"Thank You, Sir."

Candace understood that if they were leaving she might as well too.

"Are you sober enough to drive?" Aiden asked Candace.

"Oh Yeah, I've only had a few drinks tonight."

So Aiden went to the bar, waited his turn, and paid their tab. The three of them left at the same time. Aiden and Chastity walked Candace to her car, she unlocked it with her key fob but he opened the door for her. She got in and Aiden leaned in to give her a kiss good night. She kissed him back.

"Be around more, don't be such a stranger." Aiden added.

She smiled, "I can do that."

He smiled back and closed the door softly for her.

Chastity placed her arm around him as they walked away.

"Well that was fun." Aiden tells Chastity

"Yes it was, unexpected, but fun."

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