Candi's online profile said she was thirty-something, we met in a lesbian chat room. I was curious about what ladies in same sex relationships talked about, so I entered a room to hang out for a minute or two and was about to leave when Candi whispered me.

She said she was married to man, but was bi sexual. I didn't know what to say so I didn't respond.

She asked if I was lesbian, Bi or curious. I told her I'm straight and explained my reason for being in the room. I told her I was room surfing and stopped in to say hello to the room, something I do a lot in other rooms.

She said no problem and explained she was lonely because her husband worked long hours out of town. She needed a little company tonight and asked if I could chat with her for awhile.

I told her that I did not cyber and wasn't "into" women at all. She told me that it was fine and was only looking for someone to chat with.

"Sure." I said.

She asked if I was seeing anyone, and I told her I was married.

She asked me intimate questions about my relationship, like if I had sex that evening.

I swallowed hard before giving her my answer, and told her "No."

What in the hell was I doing? Chatting with a woman, who said she found my conversation with her very exciting.

"Thank you." I replied; seeing this as a good time to head for the exit.

Then she asked me if I'd ever had a threesome.

I told her "No."

Candi asked if I would consider a threesome with my husband.

Being honest I told her only if he allowed the third party to be male.

Candi hit me back with an "Mmmmmmmm." This was follow by characters :) which is the emoticon symbol for a smile online.

She slowly peeled away my inhibitions about speaking so openly online. She probed me with questions working up to her "coup de grau".

Candi asked if I would ever consider letting her "taste me" if she was the other party in our bedroom.

I had truly primal fight or flight emotions about answering that question. I wondered if I should run or answer the question. I told myself this is totally safe, she doesn't know me and never will.

I told Candi that I was not into cybering with men and surely I wasn't doing women.

Then I remembered this was the reason for me being here. To find out what women talked about in rooms like this.

I replied "No.", but I would consider letting her "play with my husband" if she liked.

Candi said she had one herself and wasn't interested in another penis. What she wanted to play with was something soft, moist, and pink like hers.

I told her I wasn't sure but, maybe if I was drunk and passed out I might.

Her reply to that was, "LOL".

I had to laugh as well. I hated sounding like some prude, one who wasn't yet ready to experiment with adult pleasures.

I decided to sip on a glass of wine; a little liquid courage might be needed. I poured a glass of wine and sat down to enjoy my online night with the girls.

She asked if we could role play.

The wine was starting to relax me and I said "Yes."

The following is an excerpt of our conversation.

Candi: Can I kiss you?

I almost choked on the glass of wine. I slammed it back fast and poured myself another, vowing from here on out I would follow her lead. I could always blame it on the wine.

Lola: Yes.

Candi: [ ;) Places her hand on Lola's knee] How does it feel?

Lola: [I'm shaking a little bit].

I wasn't sure what to say, to be honest.

Candi: Relax. Can I move my hand up your thigh?

Lola: Yes.

Damn...I typed it too fast.

Candi: Mmmmmm

Lola: Ohhhhhh

Candi: [kisses Lola's neck]

Lola: You're moving too fast now.

Candi: Mmmmm

Lola: Ohhhhhh

Candi: [slides her hand between legs brushes fingers against Lola]

Lola: Mmmmmmm

Candi: How does my hand feel between your legs?

I quickly sipped my glass of wine and began seriously visualizing this bizarre game of slap and tickle with Candi.

Lola: Your hands feel warm and soft on my skin.

Candi: Can I rub your clit through your panties?

Lola: Yes

Candi: Mmmmmmm

Lola: Feeling weird herrrreee

Candi: Mmmmmmm. I'm typing with one hand ;)

I started to relax and allow myself to be taken by Candi. She soothed my fears and gently coaxed me to reveal how she could make me cum.

Lola: I like the sensation of your soft mouth exploring me. I love to have my nipples pinched as your tongue pleasures me.

Actual waves of pleasure did flow over my body; I thought I might really have an orgasm describing what I liked so openly with a virtual stranger.

Candi: [Flicking my tongue in and out of you quickly]

Lola: Oooooooooh... [Spreading legs wide]

Candi: [Kissing clit, then sucking it softly while pinching nipples]

Lola: [Starting to shake. About to cum]

Candi: Mmmmmmmmmm... OMG Lola, you have me so hot I have my fingers buried deep in my pussy! Really... Mmmmmmmmm

I closed my eyes and visualized myself squirting onto her face, teasing her nose with my clit as I rolled my hips around enjoying her tongue dancing on my pussy.

This was feeling weird. I released a big gush of "something" warm in my panties. I couldn't stop shaking from the pleasure that she was wringing out of my body.

Lola: I am really cumming. Omg I just soaked my panties.

Candi: So did I!

We exchanged email addresses. That was my first Internet cyber experience with a woman.

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