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Candi Takes A Bath


Like most Mondays, this one started out quite well. Up at 6:00 am to get the kids off to school and my husband off to work. Just making lunches for my crew is a job in itself. My kitchen counter looks like a production line, as I get their sandwiches, drinks and snacks packed away. My boys are able to get themselves ready and out the door, but my daughter, who is only 6, needs a little more help. Finally, by 8:00 am, I am surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family and enjoy spending time with my husband and my children, but this weekend had been a very busy one and I was glad to finally get a little time to myself.

I turn on my computer to read my email and go through the motions like I do every Monday morning. This morning though, my heart wasn’t into it.

All weekend I had thought about you and how much I wanted, NEEDED, to feel your strong arms around me, holding me close to your warm body. I needed to feel your strength and your weakness, combined, as they both make up the person I know as you.

I carry those thoughts with me as I decide to take a break from my online activities, and take a hot bath. I gather all I need for my bath and turn on the water. Making it as hot as I can stand it, I pour in some bubble bath and baby oil, and untie my heavy pink bath robe that you bought me this past Christmas.

I am wearing nothing underneath, and when the cool air of the bathroom assaults my warm skin, my nipples immediately become hard and erect. I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom vanity and smile at how hard my nipples are. I run my hands over my smooth skin, stopping just to lightly pinch the nipples, watching them get even harder under my touch.

A small moan escapes my lips and my eyes close, oblivious even to the sound of the running water. The bathroom fills with the smells of the wild cherry bubble bath and I am reminded of the filling tub, which is now close to spilling over. I snap back to reality and turn the faucets off, laughing at myself in the process.

I let a little water out of the tub, as its almost filled to the brim, and stop when I think its low enough not to spill over when I get inside.

I gingerly put one foot in the tub. Damn that’s hot! After giving my skin time to adjust to the heat of the water, I place my other foot in the tub. After a few moments, I begin to lower myself into the hot water, inch by inch, watching my submerged skin begin to redden as it hits the water. Once I am sitting in the tub and the water is covering the lower half of my body, I lay back and relish in the heat and weightlessness that the water brings.

I have always enjoyed taking baths, really hot baths, and take them most nights before bed. It not only assures that my body is as clean as possible, but it is also relaxing and helps me to sleep afterwards.

I take my body sponge and squirt a little body wash onto it. Then, I slowly wash myself, starting with my arms, then my torso, then my legs. I have avoided washing my pussy until now, because it usually takes the longest so I save it for last.

I squirt a little more body wash onto the sponge, and holding the wall for support, I stand up in the tub. I put one foot up on the edge of the bath, spreading my pussy lips open for easier access. With the sponge in hand, I start washing my breasts, again marveling at how fast my nipples harden, and how erect they are.

Then, I trace a line down between my breasts to my stomach, and finally down to my pussy. Just the mere IDEA of touching myself makes me hot, and wet. I run the sponge over the small triangle of hair that I keep well trimmed, and finally down the smooth shaven slit. The sponge barely touches my erect clit, and yet I feel as if I had been playing for hours. I was SO ready to cum.

After thoroughly washing myself, it was time to rinse off. I take the shower massage off of its base and turn the water on, once it is to my satisfaction (not NEARLY as hot as the bath was), I pull the lever which sends water shooting from the shower massage head.

I let the warm water rinse off the soap left on my breasts. As the strong flow of water hits my nipples, they again harden, and this time I can feel it all the way down to my aching pussy. Oh God. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. I watch the water drip down off my body, over the swell of my breasts, and finally dripping off my hard nipples.

The water then drips a path down my stomach, and ultimately washes over my pussy, erasing any traces of soap there. I take the shower head and bring it down, so that the water jets are going directly onto my pussy. Mmmmm, what a wonderful feeling that is! I adjust the flow of water with the dial around the shower head, until I find a gentle pulsing spray.

I again lower the shower head so that it is aimed at my pussy. With my free hand, I open my pussy lips, making sure that the pulsing water is aimed at my hard clit. I have found heaven. Every muscle in my body has tensed and the heat from the water is making me feel weak.

I close my eyes and think of you. How I wish you were here, with your strong arms around me, holding me up, supporting my weight. How I longed to feel your hard cock pressed between the smooth skin of my ass cheeks, begging entry. I wish that I could feel your hot tongue in my mouth, setting my pussy on fire with your touch.

My hips slowly begin their dance, involuntarily moving back and fourth. I have pressed the massage head right against my clit, relishing in the feeling that the warm, pulsing water is creating. My whole body is aflame and I can think of nothing else but what I am feeling at that present moment.

A louder moan escapes my lips, as I throw my head back and think about what’s to come. I turn the regulator dial just a little more, making the pulsing jets a little harder. Oh yes…..that’s exactly right.

With my eyes still closed, I imagine you standing behind me, hard cock pressed against my ass cheeks, strong hands massaging my tits, pinching at my nipples.

My hips are moving faster now, as I feel your hands spread my ass cheeks apart, and feel the head of your hard cock entering my pussy from behind. God that feels so good. As you start to thrust your hard cock into me, I swear that I can hear the sound of our wet bodies slamming together, as I thrust backwards to meet your hard strokes.

As I feel myself getting closer and closer, I wait for a sign from you. I feel your hands grabbing firm hold of my hips, pushing me onto you as hard as possible and I know that you are almost ready. Once more I reach over and turn the dial on the massage head, making the pulsing jets even harder. Oh God, that was all that it took.

As you lean into me, I can hear you whisper that you are cumming, and my body, as if waiting for your signal, finally releases all of the days tensions with one mind blowing explosion. I can feel every single nerve and muscle in my body, as it is set afire in the throws of ecstasy, and my hips continue to thrust until the orgasm has run its course through my body.

I turn off the shower head and replace it. My legs are weak and trembling, my nipples slightly sore, and I lay back down in the tub, thoroughly enjoying what was left of my bath time.


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