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Candle Magic

byLady Firewalker©

She arranged the candles she had made for this occasion around the living room. Many, many candles arranged on cloth which draped all the furniture. She arranged them at different heights so they seemed to cascade from fixture to fixture. As she lit them, the room began to smell of honey as the bees wax melted.

She knew he would be home any minute and she wanted this night to be special. In the kitchen, dinner only needed to be plated to be ready to serve. In the living room, everything was ready right down to the cushion on the floor by the couch.

She was dressed in her favorite pair of jeans. The ones with the holes for air-conditioning she told everyone. Her long soft leather shirt over them hanging un-tucked practically to her knees. Her hair pulled back in a single pony tail away from her face.

She took a seat on the couch and waited for him to come home. She made one last check under the seats to make sure that everything was in place. Feeling the soft silk in her fingers, she smiled.

The door opened and she rose to greet him.

“Mmmmm something smells good.” he said as he kissed her gently. She took his hand and lead him to the couch, watching his reaction as he moved into the room. Tired eyes coming alive, his palms becoming hot and his breathing quickening.

“Sit here.” she motioned the cushion on the floor. She took her place on the couch in front of him as he knelt down. Loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. “I hope you are not too tired tonight. Please remove your belt sweetie.” He did so quickly and with out question handed it to her.

She took the tie and the belt with her to the kitchen where she plated their dinner. A large well seasoned rib eye steak, baked potatoes slathered in butter and sour cream and a large salad. She took the plate into the living room and settled herself in front of him.

Delicately she cut the steak and fed him a bite. “Tell me about your day.” she said as she took a slice of steak. “Now really dear, palms up and hands on your knees”

They exchanged stories of their day as she fed him and herself. She could see the anticipation on his face. The way he shifted his weight from time to time. The candle light enhancing the tell tale hardness beneath his pants.

She moved a bare foot out and stroked his swollen member through his pants and watched him catch his breath and his eyes flutter. She gave him a quick kiss and permission to take the plate back into the kitchen. “You are to be undressed when you return.”

He stood, took the plate and went to the kitchen. She could hear him putting the dishes in the dishwasher and then the silence, broken by the clatter of change as it fell on the floor, while he undressed. He returned and took his place on the cushion. Eyes lowered, kneeling, with his palms up and hands on his wide spread knees, sitting back on his heels, he waited for her next order.

She looked at him. She never got tired of looking at him. His strong arms and broad shoulders. She loved the lines of his body. Taking a toe, she began tracing the lines on his chest, down his belly and around his cock. Teasing him. Watching is breathing increase, the subtle loosening of his muscles as he alternately tensed and relaxed. His expression as it changed. His eyes closing, his mouth parting ever so slightly to allow more air into his lungs.

She loved this transformation. Each time she watched it, he became a little more hers. She owned another small part of him. Another piece of his soul he laid down for her to take and add to her collection.

She bent down and with a single finger on his left shoulder, she turned him to face away from her. She pushed him face down onto the large square coffee table. It was large enough so that when she pulled his arms from under him and tied them to the legs at one end, his shoulders had to stretch to keep his knees on the floor. She shackled his thighs and tied them to the legs at the other end. Reaching between the seat cushions, she pulled the silk scarves out and began blindfolding him.

His breathing became more shallow. He swallowed attempting to hide his fear. She never had blinded him before. His mind raced and he started to panic. He began to tremble with fear and excitement.

Noticing this, she pushed a finger in through one of the holes in her jeans and coated her fingers with her slick fluids. She placed her finger on his lips as though to tell him to be quiet, leaving a trail of her scent. He moaned his need for her as he licked his lips searching for the finger.

He belonged to her and he knew it. She had always held him with her eyes. From the moment they met, her eyes had pierced his soul claiming it for her own. Then she had taken everything else from him as well starting with his balls and then his heart succumbed as well. He was bound to her more strongly than any chain or bit of leather could hold him.

He heard her moving around him. He smelled her on his lips. He felt her hand sliding down his back. Calming him with her touch. Reassuring him that she was here.

She kept her hand on him as she opened the drawer in the table with the other. She felt him tense as he heard and felt the movement. She pulled his collar out and put it on him. She also pulled out her toys.

He felt the cold first on his ass as she invaded him with the lubricant. First pushing one finger in, allowing him to get use to the feeling, then another and another. He tried to relax for her as she pulled her fingers out and replaced them with the strap on she used on him.

She covered the strap on with lubricant and pushed it firmly into his tight hole. She watched as he struggled to relax. Moving it in a little at a time and pulling back slightly to get another push into him. Deeper each time. Once it was in, she held still allowing him a moment to accept her gift to him.

Slowly she began to move. Thrusting firmly in and out of him. Taking him the way she wanted. Listening to his moans of pleasure and pain mingling, sending confused signals to his brain. Making love to him.

She turned on the vibrator sending pulses of sensation through him. She massaged his back as she continued her steady movements in and out of him watching him as he rode on wave after wave of pain and pleasure. Feeling for him to try pushing back into her. Feeling as his muscles tensed indicating his excitement. His need to cum.

She would stop moving when he would get close. Rubbing his back to help him relax. Listen to his pleas his need to be touched. His need to cum for her.

She reached over and took a large cylinder bees wax candle in her hand and tipped it looking at the wax. Testing it on herself for temperature.

She began her movements again. He moaned his need, his pleasure, his frustration to her. She began to move more quickly into him watching him pull on the ropes as he moaned in time with her rhythm. Faster and faster she moved. His moans practically screams of frustration.

She carefully picked up the candle again and drizzled some of the wax onto his back. He screamed in pain, twisting to get away from the heat of the wax. His movements pushing the dildo back onto her clit. Rubbing it.

She peeled the wax from his back and poured more onto him. He desperately moved into her. Knowing that it would stop as soon as she would cum. Trying to move into her. Trying to force the dildo over her clit. Moving up and down to stimulate the button that would turn the pain off.

She poured more wax on him. Loving the way he jumped and moved when she did. Feeling the dildo grinding into her clit. Peeling the next layer of wax off him, she applied the unexpected ingredient…. Ice.

The quick cooling of his burnt skin startled him. He didn’t move for a moment. He didn’t dare breath.

Her movements had stopped. She had pulled almost the entire dildo out and waited for his next reaction. Only the head of the invading monster was left in. Moving only with their breathing.

She put the candle down and placed her hands on either side of his ass. Rubbing it. Moving her fingers around and grasping his hips, she pulled herself into him with a single motion imbedding the dildo completely in his ass. Fucking him quickly and hard. His gasps undoing her self control as she screamed her orgasm into every corner of his being.

Shuttering helplessly on his back as she collapsed. Her breathing ragged. Her cool skin against his back.

They lay like that for a while as she regained her breath. Pulling the dildo out of him, she unshackled his thighs and untied his hands from the coffee table. Massaging his shoulders, she moved his arms behind him, tied them again at his back and helped him sit, then stand. She walked him backwards a couple of steps to the couch where she laid him down on his back.

She straddled him, and lowered herself until his hard cock could feel her heat. It twitched as it tried to reach the hot wet opening. She steadied him as she lowered herself over him. Slowly. Pushing him all the way into her. Listening to him trying to breath as her hot pussy eased down.

She sat on him, not moving for the longest time. Placing her feet over his thighs so she could ride any movement he might try to make with out moving him inside her. Slowly she raised up on him. His breath catching in his throat as she eased down again. Moving a little faster each time. Picking her rhythm.

She leaned down and took the blind fold off. He blinked adjusting to the lack of pressure and adjusting his focus. He found her eyes. Those eyes that had captured him in the beginning, piercing his soul again. He couldn’t help but to pick the same rhythmic breathing as she moved against him.

Looking deeply into his eyes, she pulled his need out of him. Felt him tense, felt his breathing break it’s pattern. “Cum for me. Now.”

He screamed just as she had as wave after wave washed over him. He never took his eyes off hers, giving her every chance to see his heart and soul through his eyes. He came with every cell, with ever fiber of his being he came for her. Giving her every drop of fluid he had, every bit of energy he could muster and lost himself in her eyes and arms.

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