Charlotte slipped into her pale pink satin chemise and started to line the candles up around the bedroom on all the shelves and tops of the furniture. It seemed almost ritual, as she had done this for the past four years now. She sprayed the perfume into the air as the room began to warm in the soft flickering glow.

She then turned to the bed and eased all the creases out. Charlotte lingered over the hollow his head had made in the pillow the night before, before plumping it up. These little things are the most important she thought as she then sat down at her dressing table and took out her hair brush from the drawer and started to brush her long chestnut hair before tying it up with a pink satin ribbon.

It was then that Chris walked into the room carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. He saw her sitting there and smiled as he breathed her in. He eased out the cork and poured her a glass of wine then one for himself as Charlotte stood up and wrapped her arms around his waist. He felt so warm and smelled of the stuffy office with a hint of gym. The heavy mixture always made her go weak at the knees, and he knew it.

She sipped the wine as he eased one of the straps over her shoulder and started to nibble at her shoulder. Charlotte placed the glass down turned to face him wrapping her arms around his neck so she could kiss him deeply so he could taste the wine on her lips and tongue.

This was too much for him as he felt her body against him, making him grow against her. He tugged at the buttons on his shirt and threw it to the floor before returning to her embrace where he took her into his arms and with passion and hunger kissed and teased her neck until she was limp in his strong arms and breathless.

Chris laid her on the bed as he took off his remaining clothing and then climbed onto the bed as his hand slowly caressed from her ankle all the way up to her hips, easing the chemise up as he went and softly kissed her belly. She wriggled underneath him as his tongue trailed its path down towards her sweet and sensitive lips. He flicked wildly on her clit as he eased one and then two fingers deeply inside, making circular motions as she moaned out. He loved turning her on like this and bringing her so much pleasure.

Soon Charlotte was in heaven and knew she wanted him inside her so badly that she lifted herself off him and kissed him on his lips so forcefully then kissed a path down to his rock hard cock. She knew just how to please him. Her tongue encircled just the head before flicking wildly over it making him gasp and close his eyes in pleasure. She gazed at his face as she slowly eased the whole of his length into her mouth and started to suck slowly and lovingly.

Chris felt the tingles building up inside and pulled her up to kiss her mouth, then grabbing her hip slowly slide her down onto his cock making her quiver as he filled her. When she was fully down he slowly lifted the chemise up over her head and cupped her breasts in his hands as she slowly started to bounce. He bit his lip before sitting up and taking each nipple in turn into his mouth and nibbling, flicking and sucking it with such delight.

Charlotte loved the feeling that she hummed with delight going faster and increasing the speed until he fell back onto the bed and hung onto her hips whilst gazing at her in wonderment. She smiled back before he threw her off and climbed on top. Now he was in control again.

Chris ran the head of his cock over her lips making her thrust to try and get him to enter that after the fourth attempt he thrust it fully in as he grabbed her legs and opened them wild going as deep as he could. He loved to hold her legs like that and slowly pump into her and watching them work together, like a perfectly oiled machine.

Charlotte could feel the pressure building up with each thrust as her muscles slowly tightened around his cock. She knew he could make this lovely feeling last for hours, this exquisite torture before pure explosions of ecstasy.

Chris felt her tighten and tried to hold back but has she began to cry out as wave upon wave hit her he exploded deep inside her and pumped his creamy load into her before falling onto her as they cuddled.

They laid there in each other’s arms until the early hours of the morning, the candles going out slowly one after the other. As the last candle gave up its flame it was over.

Chris and Charlotte’s arms went through each other’s bodies. The jolt making him wake up and see that he was lying alone. His hand caressed the pillow where her head had been and he whispered “Thank you sweetheart for coming back again, it means the world to me that I can share Halloween with you like this.”

Chris collected the candles and placed them in the box in the top drawer of the dressing table and placed her hairbrush in there too. He collected the ribbon from the bed and her chemise off the floor and slowly breathed in the scent of her, which remained engrained in them as a tear fell down his cheek.

As he drank his morning coffee in the kitchen he wrapped a bunch of roses in the previous days newspaper to take them to the grave, the lead story reading…..

Fourth Anniversary of the Halloween Accident finally brings a conclusion to how 14 people died including wife of one of the leading town’s folk died in a tragedy waiting to happen.

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